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Philip Taft Papers, 1836-1981
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Taft, Philip
16.7 linear ft.
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Papers (documents).
Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
Subject files and research notes, which Philip Taft gathered in preparation of his book manuscripts. Included are numerous original documents, which are interspersed throughout the research notes. Particularly well documented subjects are: organized labor abroad; the AFL-CIO's position on foreign affairs; maritime unions; labor and the National Industrial Recovery Act; labor and the National Labor Relations Board; racketeering; labor and the steel industry; teachers' unions; and the two World Wars.
Collection material in English, French, German, Italian, Russian


Philip Taft was one of the nation's foremost historians of the American labor movement, especially the American Federation of Labor. He wrote 14 books and more than 82 articles and was recognized by scholars and trade union leaders as a chief source on the growth of American labor.
Born March 22, 1902 in Syracuse, NY, Taft dropped out of school in the sixth grade and worked as an errand boy, a field and factory worker, a coal passer on ore boats in the Great Lakes and a pipe liner in the oil fields of Kansas. He completed high school at night and entered the University of Wisconsin at the age of 26 in 1928. He was co-author with his teacher, Selig Perlman, of the fourth volume of "History of Labor in the United States," which appeared in 1935 when he received his doctorate. He worked for the Wisconsin Industrial Commission, the Resettlement Administration and the Social Security Administration before joining the Brown faculty in 1937. He was chairman of the economics department in 1949-1953 while writing such volumes as "Economics and Problems of Labor" (1942), the chapter on the growth of union membership under the New Deal in the Twentieth Century Fund's "How Collective Bargaining Works" and "Movements for Economic Reform" (1950). A member of the Brown University faculty for 31 years, Dr. Taft retired in 1968. He did not give up his research and in 1975 was awarded a Guggenheim fellowship to continue studying the history of the labor movement in Alabama.
Among many renowned works, Philip Taft is the author of "The A.F. Of L. in the Time of Gompers" (New York, Harper [1957]); "Corruption and Racketeering in the Labor Movement" (Ithaca [New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, 1970]); "Economics and Problems of Labor" (Harrisburg, Pa., Stackpole sons [c1942]); "History of Labour in the United States" (New York, Macmillan, 1918-35), with John Commons and others; and "United They Teach; The Story of the United Federation of Teachers" (Los Angeles, Nash Pub. [1974]).
Philip Taft died in Providence, RI on November 17, 1976 at the age of 74.


The Philip Taft Papers span the years 1840-1976 and occupy 16 linear feet. The collection consists mainly of subject files and research notes, which Philip Taft gathered in preparation of his book manuscripts. Of note are the numerous original documents, which are interspersed throughout the research notes. Among the particularly well documented subjects are: organized labor abroad; the AFL-CIO's position on foreign affairs; maritime unions; labor and the National Industrial Recovery Act; labor and the National Labor Relations Board; racketeering; labor and the steel industry; teachers' unions; and the two World Wars. The files are organized in alphabetical order.

Acheson, Dean. 1893-1971.
Beddoe, Noel
Bierne, Joseph
Brown, Irving, 1911-
Cogen, Charles, 1903-
Curran, Joseph Edwin, 1906-1981
Davis, John P. (John Preston), 1905-1973
Dewey, Thomas E. (Thomas Edmund), 1902-1971.
Dubinsky, David, 1892-1982
Fulbright, J. William (James William), 1905-1995
Gompers, Samuel, 1850-1924
Green, William, 1870-1952
Harriman, W. Averell (William Averell), 1891-1986
La Guardia, Fiorello H. (Fiorello Henry), 1882-1947
Linville, Henry R. (Henry Richardson), 1866-1941
Lovestone, Jay
Lye, Trygvie
Meany, George, 1894-1980
Murray, Philip, 1886-1952
Pressman, Lee, 1906-1969
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
Rutz, Henry J.
Shanker, Albert
Simonson, Rebecca
Taft, Philip, 1902-
Taft, William Howard, 1857-1930
Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972
Watt, Robert
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924
Woll, Matthew, 1880-1956
African-American Labor Center.
Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel, and Tin Workers
American Federation of Labor. Executive Council.
American Institute for Free Labor Development
American Merchant Marine Institute
Asian-American Free Labor Institute
Association of American Shipowners
Communist Party of the United States of America
Conference of Maritime Unions
Council on Foreign Relations
Food, Tobacco, Agricultural and Allied Workers Union of America
International Fur and Leather Workers Union of the United States and Canada
International Labour Organisation
International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union
International Longshoremen's Association
International Longshoremen's Association. Pacific Coast District.
International Trade Union Conference
International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers
International Union, United Automobile Aircraft, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America
National Maritime Union of America
National Union of Marine Cooks and Stewards
New York (N.Y.). Board of Education.
ORIT (Organization)
United Federation of Teachers
United Office and Professional Workers of America
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries.
United States. National Labor Relations Board.
Boston Naval Shipyard (Boston, Mass.)
United Steelworkers of America

Industrial relations--United States--History--Sources.
Labor unions -- United States-- History -- Sources.

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Papers (documents)


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Series I. Correspondence
Series II. Research/Subject Files


Box 1 Folder 1 1949-1976
Box 1 Folder 1a 1969
Box 1 Folder 2-4 1958-1968
Re activities as member of AAUP Council and routine
Box 1 Folder 5 1954-1962
Re Penrose Foundation Grant resulting in research for the books The Structure and Government of Labor Unions by Taft and The American Federation of Labor from the Death of Gompers to the Merger by Taft. Abstract and galleys for manuscript "Labor History and the Labor Issues of Today," 1 page, and routine
Box 1 Folder 6 1966
Re conference of American Society of Real Estate Counselors and routine
Box 1 Folder 7 1965-1975
Re abstract of manuscript entitled "Violence in American Labor Disputes" by Taft, 2 pages. Re research done for Arno Press, Inc. and routine
Box 1 Folder 8 1961-1975
Box 1 Folder 9
Re activities of Board of Directors
Box 1 Folder 10 1965-1976
Box 1 Folder 11 1960-1969
Includes personal letters from Brazier (1967-1969) to and Theresa Taft of Providence, Rhode Island and Amherst, New York, which express his thoughts on the following: rebellion in Nigeria, wobblies, Montreal, death of Edith Chaplin, Ben Fletcher (black organizer), Medicare and Medicaid, Mao/Maoism, Gurlet Flynn, Spokane Free Speech Fight, Scottish history, Joe Hill, Little Red Songbook (wobbly songbook), students, blacks and Puerto Ricans, Bill Haywood, John Panzner (charter member of the I.W.W.), the "Twelve Apostles", Communism, Louis Moreau and others. Includes typed manuscripts of poems by Brazier, some written while a prisoner at Leavenworth. Some subjects reflected in the poems are prisons, the Spokane Free Speech Fight, doom, wobblies, Joe Hill, the Centralia case (Armistice Day tragedy at Centralia, Washington, 1919), and Bill Haywood. Includes an article reprinted from Labor History, Volume 7, Number 2, Spring 1966, entitled "The Mass I.W.W. Trial of 1918: A Retrospect" by Brazier, only surviving member of the General Executive Board of the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.) who served with William D. Haywood at the time of the whole-sale arrests of World War I. The following figures and topics appear in the article: charge of conspiracy, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, prosecuting attorneys Frank K. Nebeker and Claude R. Porter, I.W.W. chief counsel George Vanderveer, "The Report of the Industrial Relations Commission", prison conditions, and I.W.W. members Jim Thompson, Ralph Chaplin, John Foss, and Bill Haywood
Box 1 Folder 12 1957-1966
Box 1 Folder 13 1968-1971
Re Taft's time spent at the University of Buffalo, and routine
Box 1 Folder 14 1955-1972
Re time spent at University of California in both Berkeley and Davis; pages 20-155 plus of untitled manuscript by Taft, and routine
Box 1 Folder 15 1961-1973
Re essay contribution to volume compiled by U.S. Small Business Administration entitled The Vital Majority: Small Business in the American Economy. Manuscript for essay "Labor Management Problems and Relations in Small Business" by Taft, 28 pages. Draft of essay, "The Social Responsibility of Banks: A Minority Report" by Deane Carson, 36 pages; and routine
Box 1 Folder 16 1958-1971
Box 1 Folder 17 1948-1976
Review of book, Jewish Labor in the USA (by Melech Epstein) by Taft; letter from Committee for Democratic Unionism (Charles Rodrigues); correspondence with Charles Cogen, President AFT re Taft manuscript; and routine
Box 1 Folder 18 1971-1972
Includes some student term papers and routine
Box 1 Folder 19 1962-1975
Box 1 Folder 20 1957-1970
Box 1 Folder 21 1965-1975
Includes State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Purchase Orders for Taft re Solvency Study of Employment Security Fund, and routine
Box 1 Folder 22 1960-1975
Includes untitled manuscript about James Hudson Maurer by Taft, 2 copies, 3 pages each; untitled manuscript about Philip Murray by Taft, 8 pages; list of Philip Murray records with CIO in Washington, D.C.
Box 1 Folder 23 1963-1975
Box 1 Folder 24 1963-1973
Box 1 Folder 25 1956-1975
Box 1 Folder 26 1972-1976
Re donation of various papers to the Cornell University Library System and routine
Box 1 Folder 27-28 1965-1969
Including 2 grant proposals re the effect of federal labor legislation upon union administration and collective bargaining, 13 pages and 18 pages, by Taft and Philip Ross; a grant proposal re the effect of the National Labor Relations and the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Acts upon the administration and management of labor unions and of collective bargaining, 6 pages, by Taft and Philip Ross; and routine
Box 1 Folder 29 1952-1962
Box 1 Folder 30 1963-1968
Includes brief biography entitled "Labor History's Phil Taft" by Nelson Frank, 7 pages, and routine
Box 1 Folder 31 1958-1960
Box 1 Folder 32 1961-1975
Includes research proposal by Stanley B. Greenberg entitled "Race and Modernization," 15 pages and routine
Box 1 Folder 33 1969-1978
Manuscript - Introduction for reprint of Party Organizer, 1968, by Taft, 8 pages; index from Right of Union Members and the Government by Taft, 20 pages, and routine
Box 1 Folder 34 1957-1976
Includes Taft's application for a Guggenheim Grant with related correspondence and routine
Box 1 Folder 35 1963-1974
Box 1 Folder 36 1965-1972
Includes royalty statements and routine
Box 1 Folder 37 1956-1964
Box 1 Folder 38-40 1956-1966
Includes preface and dedication to The AFL in the Time of Gompers by Taft, 6 pages; various commentary on Taft's books; introduction to Organized Labor in American History by Taft, 13 pages, 2 copies; abstract of The American Federation of Labor in the Time of Gompers by Taft, 2 pages; and routine
Box 1 Folder 40a 1949
Box 1 Folder 41-43 1949-1968
Re research for study on appellate procedure in union organizations; jacket, front and back flap copy for Labor Politics American Style by Philip Taft; readers report on Studies in the Structure and Government of Labor Union by Philip Taft, and routine
Box 1 Folder 44 1962
Re summer 1962 Guest Faculty Position and routine
Box 1 Folder 45 1961-1974
Includes reprint of a summary of a doctoral dissertation, John Sidney: The Pioneer in American Industrial Unionism and Industrial Government by Charles Edward Killeen, 4 pages, and routine
Box 1 Folder 46 1965-1973
Untitled essay about union mergers by Taft, 12 pages, done for the 25th Anniversary of the Industrial Relations Research Association (IRRA) (1973), entitled "The Next 25 Years of Industrial Relations" and routine
Box 1 Folder 47 1963-1967
Preliminary "Table of Contents and Directory of Contributors" for the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, published by the Macmillan Company, 36 pages, and an untitled booklet describing the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 40 pages
Box 1 Folder 48 1962-1976
Box 1 Folder 49 1961-1975
Box 1 Folder 50 1957-1973
Personal and routine
Box 2 Folder 1 1964-1975
Box 2 Folder 2-3 1965-1976
Box 2 Folder 4 1965-1968
Re data collection for study of Landrum-Griffin by Taft, and routine
Box 2 Folder 5 1962-1967
Box 2 Folder 6 1965-1969
Box 2 Folder 7 1964-1965
Box 2 Folder 8-11 1972-1976
Correspondence re publication of Defending Freedom: American Labor and Foreign Affairs by Taft; November 1, 1973 letter from George Meany, 1 page; copy of the AIFLD Report, December 1973, 6 pages; introduction to Defending Freedom ... by Robert Murphy, 3 pages; brief untitled essay about George Meany's impact on foreign affairs, no author given, 4 pages; and routine
Box 2 Folder 12 1965-1970
Letter to Taft from Frank Licht, former Governor of Rhode Island, and routine
Box 2 Folder 13 1965-1975
Letter from George Meany, dated November 1, 1971, 1 page, and routine
Box 2 Folder 14 1940-1972
Box 2 Folder 15 1973-1974
Box 2 Folder 16 1974
Re studies of various unions and routine
Box 2 Folder 17 1964-1966
Box 2 Folder 18 1961-1964
Box 2 Folder 19 1973-1976
Includes description of Defending Freedom by Taft in German, 3 pages; some correspondence in German; and routine
Box 2 Folder 20 1949-1971
Essay on political situation in Rhode Island by Taft, untitled, 4 pages; letter submitted by Taft to the editor of the New York Times, dated December 17, 1964 and routine
Box 2 Folder 21 1966-1967
Box 2 Folder 22-24 1960-1964
Re study of employment of older workers, includes index of films by location that gives name, address, U.P. and number of employees, 72 pages
Box 2 Folder 25 1960-1972
Letter to Christopher Evans from Terence Powderly re Order of Knights of Labor, dated February 3, 1892, and routine
Box 2 Folder 26 1963-1974
Letter to Taft from U.S. Senator John O. Pastore (R.I.) dated March 18, 1974; letters to Taft from U.S. Senator Clairborne Pell (R.I.) dated September 29, 1965 and July 21, 1965 and routine
Box 2 Folder 27 1975
Essay entitled "Professor Selig Perlman, An Appreciation" by William Haber, 8 pages, and routine
Box 2 Folder 28 1962-1973
Box 2 Folder 29 1951
Box 2 Folder 30 1962-1970
Box 2 Folder 31 1948-1965
Box 2 Folder 32 1971
Table of contents from Defending Freedom by Taft, 1 page; introduction to Defending Freedom, 8 pages, 4 copies and routine
Box 2 Folder 33 1947-1960
Box 2 Folder 34 1961-1972
Letter to Taft from Walter H. Reynolds, then Mayor of Providence, dated October 10, 1962
Box 2 Folder 35 1947-1971
Letters to Taft from John O. Pasture, former Governor of Rhode Island, dated January 27, 1947 and May 9. 1949; letters to Taft from Dennis J. Roberts, former Governor of Rhode Island, dated 1/9/52, 1/15/82, and 1/9/57; letter from John A. Notte, Jr., former Governor of Rhode Island dated February 9.1961; copy of statement made by Taft before the Rhode Island Senate Subcommittee on Employment and Manpower, March 3 (no year), 5 pages; letters to Taft from John H. Chafee, former Governor of Rhode Island, dated February 11, 1964 and May 16, 1964; report and recommendations by Taft re the R.F. State Employees Association prepared May 10, 1971, 29 pages
Box 2 Folder 36 1948-1960
Includes reports and comments on manuscript by Taft, "Movements for Economic Reform"; requests for permission to quote, and routine
Box 2 Folder 37 1964-1976
routine correspondence
Box 2 Folder 38 1946-1973
routine correspondence
Box 2 Folder 39 1952-1976
Includes letters of recommendation by Taft; correspondence from George P. Schultz, U.S. Secretary of Labor; correspondence with Professor Sumner H. Slichter re "Seventy Years of Life and Labor"; and routine
Box 2 Folder 40 1948-1965
Correspondence with Paul Webbink, President SSRC re conference, publication; with Elbridge Sibley, Executive Association SSRC re grant application
Box 2 Folder 41 1965-1975
Correspondence with Lawrence N. Spitz re article on Phil Murray, includes "Outline for an Institute for Continuing Education of Local and Other Leaders of the United Steelworkers of America," 3 pages, and routine
Box 2 Folder 42 1942-1965
Includes publication agreement, and correspondence re "Economics and Problems of Labor."
Box 2 Folder 43 1956-1975
Correspondence with Leon Stein, editor of ILGWU Justice re recommendation for a Guggenheim Fellowship for Stein; includes statement of purpose of "American Labor II," 8 pages; correspondence with Emanuel Stein re publications; correspondence with David Sullivan, President, Building Service Employees International Union, and routine
Box 2 Folder 44 1950-1976
Correspondence with Tamiment Institute re donating Taft's pamphlet collection; correspondence with Teamsters Local 251, Providence, Rhode Island, re Taft supervising election; correspondence with International Brotherhood of Teamsters Fred Englert and Frank Tobin re new structure of the Teamsters Union, and routine
Box 2 Folder 45 1972-1973
Correspondence re Taft's appointment as Visiting Professor and routine
Box 2 Folder 46 1954-1968
Correspondence with Penelope H. Thunberg, President's Council of Economic Advisers; correspondence with Twentieth Century Fund re conference and a copy of "Memorandum" on collective Bargaining issues, 1961, 9 pages; correspondence with Gus Tyler, Assistant President, ILGWU
Box 2 Folder 47 1969-1974
Correspondence, bills, notes re study and publication of "United They Teach"; includes a letter, 1/28/74, to Ms. Sylvia Cross, Vice-President, Nash Publications re unauthorized censoring of chapter 9
Box 2 Folder 48 1951-1971
Correspondence with Lawrence R. Klein and Henry Lowenstern, Editor, Monthly Labor Review re articles for publication; includes "The Past and Present in the Labor Movement," 14 pages; correspondence with Herbert J. Lahne and Leonard J. Lurie, Office of Labor-Management Policy Development re Taft's manuscript on the evaluation of LMRDA, and routine
Box 2 Folder 49 1975
Correspondence re Taft writing a chapter for the Labor Department's Bicentennial illustrated history of the American Worker
Box 2 Folder 50-52 1961-1970
Correspondence with Arthur J. Goldberg, Secretary of Labor; correspondence re "Voice of America" lecture on "American Labor"; re invitations to speak; correspondence with Ivan Sinclair, Assistant to President Johnson; correspondence with Frank W. McCulloch, Chairman, NLRB; correspondence with W. Willard Wirtz, Secretary of Labor; manuscript (untitled), 11 pages re philosophy of American Labor movement
Box 2 Folder 52a 1940
Letter and attachments re Labor costs in maritime industry
Box 2 Folder 53 1952-1953
Correspondence with Senator Hubert Humphrey asking Taft to testify on Communist domination of certain unions; correspondence with Senator Winston L. Prouty re labor laws; routine correspondence with Representative John E. Fogarty, Senator Claiborne Pell, Senator John O. Pastore
Box 2 Folder 54 1964-1970
Correspondence re proposed study on U.S. Steel labor policies by Taft; correspondence and comments on Taft's "Regulating Union Affairs".
Box 2 Folder 55 1966-1971
Correspondence with various University Presses re publication of Taft's works; includes reader's reports, and publisher's critiques
Box 2 Folder 56 1969-1973
routine correspondence
Box 2 Folder 57 1959-1971
Correspondence with Hedwig Wachenheim and Taft's review of B. J. Widick's "Detroit: City of Violence" manuscript for Wayne State University Press
Box 2 Folder 58 1971-1974
Correspondence re Taft's depositing material in the Archives
Box 2 Folder 59 1950-1975
routine correspondence
Box 2 Folder 60 1974-1976
Correspondence re series of television programs on American labor history for which Taft served as an historical consultant; includes the agreement between WGBH and Taft, "Draft Report on the Planning Conferences of the American Labor History Series," 26 pages; 30 page untitled manuscript
Box 2 Folder 61 1960-1976
routine correspondence
Box 2 Folder 62 1971-1973
Correspondence with Irwin Yellowitz re Yellowitz's promotion and fellowship application
Box 3 Folder 1 1896-1940
Box 3 Folder 2 1933-1946
Box 3 Folder 3 1931-1945
Six page statement by Edward F. McGrady, representing the American Federation of Labor (AFL), before Congressional committee, opposing award of mail carrier contract to Century Air Line. Includes table comparing pilots' hours and wages among air mail carriers (c. 1931). "Freedom of Air," 4 page statement, adopted May 4, 1945, by AFL Executive Council and sent to Senate Foreign Relations Committee, opposing executive agreements re foreign airlines
Box 3 Folder 4 1955
Box 3 Folder 5 1934-1942
Includes vituperative correspondence between officials of Aluminum Workers Union and AFL
Box 3 Folder 6 1917-1919
List of Officers and Executive Council, including Samuel Gompers, President; 4 page manuscript re formation of Alliance (C. 1917); "Outline of Plans of the American Alliance for Labor and Democracy," 6 page document, pages 3 and 4 missing; 3 page minutes of conference, July 27, 1917; 7 page account of a meeting with unemployed Cloakmakers, December 12, 1917; form letter; miscellaneous notes re the Alliance
Box 3 Folder 7 1880-1937
Notes; form letters
Box 3 Folder 8 1891-1925
"An Introduction and Over All View," n.d., 16 pages; "Journal of Proceedings," 1901, 14 pages; letter to Central Federated Union (from Gompers?), December 31, 1902, 2 pages
Box 3 Folder 9 1911-1957
Manuscript "Labor in the Construction Industry," n.d., 26 pages; defense agreement between Building and Construction Trades Department and U.S. government, July 22, 1941, 4 pages
Box 3 Folder 10 1900-1941
"Building Trades," fragmented rough draft of manuscript, probably by Taft.
Box 3 Folder 11 1956-1963
AFL-CIO Platform Statement, in Daily Labor Report, August 10, 1956, 10 pages; "Fact Sheet for AFL-CIO Fifth Constitutional Convention," November 11, 1963, 4 pages; AFL-CIO press releases re Convention statements, November 12, 13 and 14, 1963
Box 3 Folder 12 1872-1937
Copious typed and handwritten notes, mostly from 1881-1891, on meetings and correspondence re Knights of Labor, Gompers
Box 3 Folder 13 1874-1955
Box 3 Folder 14 1898-1938
Box 3 Folder 14
Box 3 Folder 15 1909-1949
Eight page Policy Statement, 7/15/49; correspondence and miscellaneous notes
Box 3 Folder 16 1919-1948
"Federal Labor Union Brief As Approved by the Federal Labor Union Conference of the Wisconsin State Federation of Labor," May 1, 1948, 7 pages; notes
Box 3 Folder 17 1955-1959
Taft's cancelled checks and receipts
Box 3 Folder 18 1879-1961
Form letter, May 4, 1937, 2 pages; miscellaneous notes
Box 3 Folder 19 1903-1923
Box 3 Folder 19
See also: Committee for Industrial Organization, Box 4.
Box 3 Folder 20 1919-1957
"A Brief History of the Maritime Trades Department, AFL-CIO," 1957, 16 pages; statement by AFL representative to House Committee of Merchant Marine and Fisheries, opposing the creation of a Merchant Marine Service for training in war, June 23, 1949, 2 pages. See also: Maritime folders, Box 8
Box 3 Folder 21 1882-1902
Box 3 Folder 22 1885-1942
Box 3 Folder 23 1900-1950
Box 3 Folder 24 1942-1954
Correspondence, notes
Box 3 Folder 25 1884-1953
"The Organization Plan of the AFL," 9 page address by Frank P. Fenton, Director of Organization, AFL, to the National Broadcasting Company, February 5, 1940; form letter, January 2, 1936, 4 pages; miscellaneous notes
Box 3 Folder 26 1937-1948
"A Public Relations and Advertising Program for the AFL: Tentative Suggestions and Recommendations," by Owen and Chappell, Inc., n.d. 13 pages; public relations budget, n.d.; form letter; notes
Box 3 Folder 27 1892-1958
Statement by George M. Harrison, Grand President of the Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees, and also representing 20 other railway unions, before a Senate Committee hearing, opposing a proposed amendment to the Railway Labor Act which would outlaw strikes, June 5, 1950, 24 pages; statement by Michael Fox, President of the Railway Employees' Department, AFL-CIO, and also Vice-Chairman of the Railway Labor Executives' Association, before a Senate sub-committee, urging that any federal financial relief to rail carriers be tied to the curtailment of contracting-out for equipment maintenance, April 2, 1958, 16 pages; correspondence; notes
Box 3 Folder 28 1918-1919
"AFL Reconstruction Program," 1918, 16 pages; "Report of the Committee on Reconstruction of the AFL," January 1, 1919, 6 pages; notes
Box 3 Folder 29 1864-1924
Reprint, incomplete "History of the NYS Federation of Labor," n.d., 8 pages; reprint re Illinois State Federation of Labor, n.d., 6 pages; note chiefly re Illinois State Federation of Labor; reprint, Digest of Labor Laws re New York State Federation of Labor, n.d., 9 pages
Box 3 Folder 30
Vote books 3-28, January 1, 1898-October 14, 1924; report of AFL Executive Council votes, August 20, 1919-December 28, 1920, 41 pages; reprint (incomplete) re early history of AFL-Knights of Labor resolutions
Box 3 Folder 31 1898
Box 3 Folder 32 1840-1921
Box 3 Folder 33-33a 1933-1952
Statements before Congress, form letters, correspondence, press releases, and notes re various bills, especially "Case", "Hobbs", and "Smith".
Box 3 Folder 34 1901-1915
Box 3 Folder 35 1865-1947
Box 3 Folder 36 1882-1941
"Statement on Compulsory Arbitration by President Gompers, December 13, 1921," 6 pages; "Compulsory Arbitration," by Samuel Gompers, 5 pages, n.d.; form letter to U.S. Representatives opposing compulsory arbitration, from AFL President Green and Secretary-Treasurer George Meany, June 20, 1941; notes
Box 3 Folder 37 1887-1963
"The Impact of Technological Change," Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, September 1963; Letter to AFL President Green from AFL legislative representative re providing for workers displaced by machinery; notes
Box 3 Folder 37 1921
Letter from State Department to Samuel Gompers appointing him to Advisory Committee of U.S. representatives to the conference; Cablegram; notes
Box 3 Folder 38 1911-1964
"The United Automobile Workers: Past, Present and Future," by Walter Reuther, President, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, Virginia Law Review, 1964, 45 pages; "The United Auto Workers Union," n.d., 9 pages; "Organization of the Automobile Workers," n.d., 2 pages; "Wage Rates Prevailing as of January 1934, on Various Operations in the Automobile Industry," showing difference between rates for men and women, 5 pages; "Wage Chronology #5: Chrysler Corp., 1939048," 3 pages; correspondence between President Roosevelt and AFL President Green, re industrial code of fair practice for the auto industry, November 1934; correspondence and form letters re strikes and disputes with CIO
Box 3 Folder 39 1967
General Motors National Conference, emergency session re wildcat strike at Mansfield Fisher Body plant, March 9, 1967, 134 pages; "Proceedings of Special Session, International Executive Board, UAW: Show Cause Hearing," February 22, 1967, 69 pages; press releases; clippings
Box 3 Folder 40 1938-1939
Box 3 Folder 41-42 1920-1955
"The United Automobile Workers of America," n.d., 2 pages; "Confidential" internal memo of United Mine Workers (Vice-President Philip Murray to John L. Lewis) re dissention within the Auto Workers' Union, December 13, 1938, 3 pages
Box 3 Folder 43 1935
"Strictly Confidential" Final Report of the Automobile Labor Board, 45 pages
Box 3 Folder 44 1880-1959
Box 3 Folder 45 1957-1959
"Report of the Ethical Practices Committee to the AFL-CIO Executive Council" re charges of corruption within the Bakery union, September 16, 1957, 53 pages; form letters from the Committee to Preserve Integrity in the Bakery and Confectionery Workers International Union, and from the General Executive Board of the union; resolutions by the AFL-CIO Executive Council re the Bakery union; copy of legal injunction, n.d. 12 pages
Box 3 Folder 46 1922-1932
Box 3 Folder 47 1887-1938
Correspondence between Barbers' union President and AFL President re revocation of charter arising from jurisdictional dispute with CIO and United Mine Workers
Box 3 Folder 48 1900-1918
Notes include comment by Gompers, opposing placement of baseball as non-essential industry in wartime
Box 3 Folder 49 1906-1920
Box 3 Folder 50 1889-1894
Box 3 Folder 51 1881-1936
Letter from AFL President re CIO, December 3, 1936, 2 pages; notes
Box 3 Folder 52 1887-1952
9 page manuscript re history of bootmakers, n.d.; letter from AFL President re CIO raiding, November 1, 1941, 1 page; notes
Box 3 Folder 53 1887-1937
Form letter form AFL President, January 18, 1937, 2 pages; notes
Box 3 Folder 54 1888-1941
9 page manuscript re history of brewery workers, n.d.; reprint, "National Union of the United Brewery Workmen of the U.S.," n.d., 2 pages; notes
Box 3 Folder 55 1871-1953
11 page manuscript re history of bricklayers, 1953; notes
Box 3 Folder 56 1946
Three booklets by National Association of Broadcasters ("Confidential: For Use of Station Management Only"): "When You First Face Unionization," 22 pages; "Working With Unions," 8 pages; "Labor Relations in Small Stations," 11 pages
Box 3 Folder 57 1928-1929
Several letters from various affiliated union officials, protesting AFL Executive Council's directive, made without a hearing, to withhold financial support of Brookwood following charges of Communist and anti-AFL leanings; printed reply by AFL President Green, 6 pages; notes
Box 4 Folder 1 1919-1949
Correspondence; financial statement, 1920-21; notes
Box 4 Folder 2 1888
Box 4 Folder 3 1888-1953
Eight page manuscript re history of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, c. 1951; notes; correspondence. See also: Landis Award, Box 7, File Folder 44-46
Box 4 Folder 4 1891-1912
Box 4 Folder 5 1904-1912
Box 4 Folder 6 1889-1951
Status report of state-by-state ratification of Child Labor Amendment, January 29, 1934; correspondence; press releases; notes
Box 4 Folder 7 1872-1951
Issues of The Labor Leader, October 31, 1941 and September 15, 1951; Information Service of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, November 23, 1946; notes
Box 4 Folder 8 1864-1884
Box 4 Folder 9 1937-1962
AFL resolution, sent to Senators and Congressmen, supporting Civil Service Commission, November 15, 1937; Executive Order by President John F. Kennedy authorizing an appeals procedure within the Civil Service System
Box 4 Folder 10 1933-1942
Original bill, plus attached amendments, setting up CCC, March 21, 1933; notes and correspondence re AFL opposition to CCC; statement by AFL representative before Senate subcommittee supporting continuation of CCC, 1942
Box 4 Folder 11
n.d. routine
Box 4 Folder 12 1907
Box 4 Folder 13 1887-1951
Fourteen page manuscript re "Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America," c. 1951; notes
Box 4 Folder 14-14a 1933-1935
"The Origin and Program of the Committee for Industrial Organization," 6 page manuscript, n.d.; "National and International Unions Voting for the Minority Report on Industrial Unionism at the 1935 AF of L Convention," 2 page list; "Minutes of Meeting of Committee for Industrial Organization," November 9, 1935, 3 pages; correspondence between AFL President William Green and CIO Chairman John L. Lewis; other routine correspondence; notes. See also: AFL -Industrial/Dual Unionism, Box 3, File Folder 19.
Box 4 Folder 15 1936
"Declaration and Resolution on Committee for Industrial Organization," 10 page statement by the United Hatters, Cap and Millinery Workers Calling for representation of CIO-affiliated unions at AFL convention and for unity, October 8, 1936; "Resolution" by AFL Executive Council, ordering CIO-affiliated unions to choose between the CIO and the AFL, August 5, 1936; notes
Box 4 Folder 16 1936
"Extract From Minutes of Executive Council Meeting," January 15-29, 1936, 3 pages, AFL calls for dissolution of CIO (also sent as press release and form letter); "Summary of Meeting Between CIO and Sub-Committee of the AFL Executive Council," May 19, 1936, 2 pages; "Study of Recently-Organized Locals" from CIO (pencil notation: June 1936 CIO under signature of Brojchy sent this questionnaire to Federal and recently organized unions), 2 pages; fifteen page legal opinion re AFL suspension of CIO-affiliated unions, addressed to AFL President Green, May 1, 1936; notes
Box 4 Folder 17 1936
Letters between AFL and CIO-affiliated unions
Box 4 Folder 18
"Communications Workers," 7 page manuscript, n.d.; letter to Gompers from Commercial Telegraphers' Union of America, 3 pages, July 28, 1917; notes
Box 4 Folder 19 1936-1937
Also includes membership list with "C.I.O. Connection," n.d., 4 pages
Box 4 Folder 20 1933-1953
Sex reports by CIO Executive Board Committee recommending that the CIO Executive Board revoke the certificate of affiliation with the following unions whose policies and activities were judged to be "directed toward the achievement of the program ... of the Communist Party rather than ... the CIO Constitution" [c. 1950]: the International Fur and Leather Workers Union; The National Union of Marine Cooks and Stewards; the United Office and Professional Workers of America; the Food, Tobacco, Agricultural and Allied Workers of America; the International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers; and the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union (ILWU)
Box 4 Folder 21 1925-1950
"Confidential Report on Communists and Communist Activities Within the Trade Union Movement, submitted to President Green, February 11, 1935," 24 pages; statement by AFL representative before Senate Judiciary Committee, opposing Mundt-Nixon Bill, May 28, 1948, 14 pages; statement by AFL President Green before the House Committee on Un-American Activities opposing Sheppard and Raskin bills, outlawing Communist Party, March 25, 1947, 5 pages; correspondence, resolution re Bookkeepers and Stenographers Union, May 1937; statement by AFL representative before House Committee on Un-American Activities, opposing Mundt-Nixon Bill, March 24, 1950, 5 pages; "Special Report: Communists in Labor Unions," prepared for members of the Research Institute of America, April 4, 1946, 16 pages; form letters
Box 4 Folder 22 1928-1951
Box 4 Folder 23 1946-1956
Box 4 Folder 24 1936-1942
"Report of Director" to CIO meeting, January 9, 1936, 4 pages and March 9, 1937, 5 pages; notes
Box 4 Folder 25 1917-1955
Several letters from AFL President to CIO President re CIO raiding on AFL unions, 1942-45; press release and form letter stating CIO position on various anti-labor bills, 1940; press release stating CIO opposition to third party in U.S. Presidential election of 1948; telegram reporting decision by United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Jointers to remain affiliated with AFL, September 8, 1955; notes. See also: Machinists, Box 8; Newspaper Guild, Box 9, File Folder 26; Steel, Box 10; and Teamsters, Box 13.
Box 4 Folder 26 1936-1949
Correspondence; notes; press release announcing AFL President Green's resignation from United Mine Workers, 1938
Box 4 Folder 27 1937
"Memorandum on Essential Conditions for Unity," unsigned, probably by AFL, with hand notation "1937", 6 pages; form letters; correspondence; notes
Box 4 Folder 28 1937
Form letters, correspondence, notes
Box 4 Folder 29 1938-1939
Correspondence from AFL President Green to various union officials; correspondence between AFL President Green and various officials re CIO participation and AFL's refusal to participate in the National Labor Congress in Cuba, January 1939; notes
Box 4 Folder 30 1936-1943
Press clippings; correspondence; form letters; notes
Box 4 Folder 31 1938-1955
"Memorandum on the Basis for Peace Negotiations between the AFL and the CIO," March 1939, 23 pages; letter to AFL President Green from AFL Vice-President David Dubinsky, advising that unity overture from CIO was a Communist plot, December 10, 1946; telegram (copy) to President Roosevelt from AFL President Green, expressing willingness to negotiate with CIO, n.d., 2 pages; "Statement by the Executive Council of the AFL," calling on President Roosevelt to publicly blame CIO President John L. Lewis as solely responsible for holding up the peace negotiations, February 8, 1940; correspondence between AFL President Green and CIO President Murray, 1942; "Report and Recommendations of the Joint AFL-CIO Unity Committee," February 9, 1955, 8 pages; miscellaneous correspondence, press releases, form letters, and notes
Box 4 Folder 32 1925-1950
"AFL Supports Voluntary Manpower Control," 4 page excerpt from Executive Council minutes, February 5, 1945; statement by AFL representative before Senate committee, opposing peacetime military conscription, June 5, 1950, 4 pages; form letters; notes
Box 4 Folder 33 1885-1946
"Convict Labor," by AFL President Green, n.d., 3 pages; "Convict Labor," December 31, 1930, 4 pages; "Convict Labor Legislation in the States," n.d. 3 pages; "Labelling Prison-Made Goods," August 5, 1927, 2 pages; "Action Taken by AFL on Paying of Compensation to Inmates of Penal Institutions," covering AFL positions on convict labor 1893-1922, 2 pages; "Annual Report, Board of Directors, Federal Prison Industries, Inc., Fiscal Year 1946," 10 pages; ten page manuscript re convict labor, November 7, 1929; form letters; correspondence; notes
Box 4 Folder 34 1872-1899
Box 4 Folder 35 1893
Box 4 Folder 36 1863-1864
Box 4 Folder 37 1951
Box 4 Folder 38 1946
Box 4 Folder 39 1894-1895
Box 4 Folder 40 1961
Box 4 Folder 41 1962-1971
"Statement on the President's Economic Report ... by Walter P. Reuther, Vice- President, AFL-CIO; Chairman of the AFL-CIO Economic Policy Committee, and President, UAW," February 7, 1962, re technological change, 3 pages (incomplete); "Report of the Economic Policy Committee to the AFL-CIO on The National Economy ... on The Wage Guideline," February 27, 1966, 3 pages; transcript of address by AFL-CIO President George Meany at the International Longshoremen's Association, re state of the national economy, July 19, 1971; brochure, "Labor Looks at Capitalism," by George Meany, December 1966, address to the National Industrial Conference Board
Box 4 Folder 42 1888-1952
"Vocational Education," 5 page manuscript, c. 1943; "Labor's Emergency Educational Program," 2 page statement by AFL President Green, January 5, 1933; "Resolution #47, Adopted by the American Federation of Teachers at their Annual Convention ... June 26-30, 1933," opposing federal cuts in aid to vocational education, 3 pages; report by the AFL Committee on Education, January 26, 1939, 3 pages; statements by AFL representative before House Committee supporting bill to authorize federal grants and loans to states for school construction, April 5, 1950, 6 pages and again on April 24, 1952, 4 pages; notes; correspondence; form letters
Box 4 Folder 43 1907-1955
See also: Landrum Griffin Material, Box 8, File Folder 2
Box 4 Folder 44 1893-1965
"Interim Report on Election of National President of International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (IUE)," by U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Labor-Management and Welfare-Pension Reports re violations in election of national President, April 1965, 13 pages; ballot count of IUE Presidential election, 1964; affidavit by Office of Labor- Management and Welfare-Pension official re witnessing counting of ballots in IUE election, March 29, 1965; cover letter re above, from U.S. Secretary of Labor to AFL-CIO President George Meany and IUE President Carey
Box 4 Folder 45 1894-1952
"The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of America," 7 pages, January 19, 1952
Box 4 Folder 45a 1962-1970
Manuscript, probably by Taft, beginning with p. 8, "Number of Individuals Indicted, Convicted, Acquitted or Whose Indictments Were Dismissed, by years," through p. 25, c. 1969
Box 4 Folder 45b
no date - 3 page manuscript by Taft.
Box 4 Folder 46 1946
Box 4 Folder 47 1948-1973
Box 4 Folder 47a 1894-1946
Box 4 Folder 48 1899-1911
Box 4 Folder 49 1939
Two page memo to AFL President Green re Fair Labor Standards Act amendments and other labor legislation, April 14, 1939; "Fair Labor Standards Act As Amended Act of June 25, 1938 As Amended 1949," text
Box 4 Folder 50 1907-1953
AFL Executive Council minutes, authorizing creation of a committee to study farm-labor relations, particularly with respect to farm-bloc support of anti-labor legislation, August 8, 1951, 2 pages; notes
Box 4 Folder 51 1925-1950
AFL form letter opposing fascism, December 21, 1925, 3 pages; letter from AFL President from National Chairman of the Spanish Refugee Appeal, stating AFL opposition to the Franco government, February 15, 1950; notes
Box 4 Folder 52 1885-1963
"A Chronological History of the Reclassification of Federal Employees," including resolutions adopted at AFL annual conventions 1925 and 1927, 8 pages; correspondence between AFL President Green and President of the National Federation of Federal Employees re withdrawal of the Federal Employees from the AFL, November 1931; memo from White House re new Civil Service regulations, May 21, 1963, 13 pages; "Report of Committee on Law of Government Employee Relations of the Section of Labor Relations Law of the American Bar Association," August 17, 1964, 6 pages
Box 4 Folder 53 1930-1935
Reports of proceedings of conferences held in the Executive Council chamber of the AFL building re reduction in wages of federal employees, March 24, 1931, 3 pages, and April 11, 1932, 3 pages; letters from AFL President Green opposing reduction in wages of federal employees, sent to Congressmen March 22 and April 12, 1932, sent to Senators June 7, 1932, and sent to U.S. President March 10, 1933, sent to affiliated unions, urging members to write Congress, January 12 and March 22, 1932; "Chronology of Wage Restoration Activities in the 74th Congress," October 8, 1934-February 13, 1935
Box 4 Folder 54 1946-1953
Ten statements by AFL representative before Congressional committees re legislation affecting federal employees
Box 4 Folder 55 1947
Box 4 Folder 56
no date - routine
Box 4 Folder 57 1897-1960
Box 4 Folder 58 1945-1969
Correspondence and clippings re strike of Gary, Indiana firefighters, August 1969
Box 4 Folder 59 1948
Box 4 Folder 60 1914-1971
"Executive Council Report" re African-American Labor Center Projects, May 17, 1971, 8 pages; "African-American Labor Center Summary of Impact Projects," May 12, 1966 - March 15, 1970, 130 pages; minutes of AALC Board of Directors, December 13, 1967 and September 16, 1968; notes
Box 4 Folder 61 1958-1969
Photocopies of clippings from the International Free Trade Union News
Box 4 Folder 62 1969-1973
AIFLD Report, monthly newsletter, April 1969-December 1970; June, 1973; "AIFLD Annual Progress Report," 1969, 4 pages; "The American Institute for Free Labor Development," unsigned, n.d., 5 pages
Box 4 Folder 63 1966-1970
Report on AIFLD [? "An Appraisal of Program Effectiveness and Management of the American Institute of Free Labor Development" by the American Technical Assistance Corp., July 1970], 31 pages; Auditor's report on AIFLD reimbursements for AID contracts for 1966-1967, completed 1969, 5 pages; "Statement by Mr. Joseph Beirne, Vice-President, AFL-CIO," before the Second Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor, May 1966, 6 pages, and photocopy of article from The New York Times, reporting statement was altered; photocopy of article "Survey of the Alliance For Progress," n.d. 62 pages, probably the "Dockery Report" re AIFLd, by the General Accounting Office for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, May 1968; notes
Box 5 Folder 1 1965-1970
Photocopy of article "American Labor's Own Alliance for Progress," by AIFLD Director of Social Projects William C. Dougherty, from the International Tree Trade Union News, March 1965, 1 page; photocopy of article "AIFLD and Latin Labor Building in a Modern Society," by Dougherty, July 1966, 2 pages; Statement by AIFLD Executive Director Dougherty before House Subcommittee on Inter-American Affairs: "AIFLD Strengthens Free Labor In Latin America," May 6, 1969, 2 pages; statement by AFL-CIO President George Meany before Senate Foreign Relations Committee, defending AIFLD, August 1, 1969, 10 pages (plus 2 page insert); "Statement by the Executive Council of the AFL," in support of U.S. assistance to Vietnam, May 19, 1954, plus insert 3 pages, "AIFLD Corporate, Foundation and Individual Contributions - 1962-1968"; statement by Senator J. W. Fulbright, Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "Concerning a Report by the GAO on AIFLD," May 3, 1970, 3 pages; correspondence between Senator Fulbright and AIFLD Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Beirne, June-July 1970; Correspondence re Philip Taft's chapter on AIFLD, 1970-71
Box 5 Folder 2 1934-1971
"Far Eastern Social Information," published by Naigai Shakai Monday Chosasho (Research Institute for Social Problems), Tokyo, re "Asiatic Labor Congress", "Food Question in China", and "Prevention of Floods - Famine in China", September 11, 1934, 12 pages; "Unite for Freedom and Peace: Declaration on the International Crisis by the Executive Council of the AFL," May 11, 1950, 2 pages; letter from AFL foreign representative Irving Brown re Asian Regional Conference, June 13, 1951, 2 pages; "Asian-American Free Labor Institute (AAFLI)," 1971 AFL-CIO Report, 5 pages; issues of AAFLI News: Volume 1, Number 1-3, October-December 1970; Volume 2, Number 1-2, January-February 1971
Box 5 Folder 3 1943-1957
"Regulation of Union Elections In Australia," by Leroy S. Merrifield (signed "With kind regards, L.S.M.") reprinted from Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Volume 10, Number 2, January 1957, 18 pages; "Social Progress in New Zealand," by the Hon. Walter Nash, M.P., Minister of Finance (Labor Party), 1944, 19 pages; "Labor in Australia," by Lloyd Ross, State Secretary, NSW Branch, Australia Railways Union, 1943, 48 pages
Box 5 Folder 4 1945-1955
"Post-War Trade Unionism In Austria," n.d., 32 pages, (stamped U.S. Forces in Austria - U.S. Army); "Austria Under the Occupation", and "Defense of a Fortress: Austria's Resistance to Communist Infiltration", 3 pages each, 1951, sent to unions affiliated with the International Federation of Building and Woodworkers; "Statement by the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor," May 4, 1955, re peace treaty with Austria; correspondence; notes
Box 5 Folder 5 1946-1949
Booklets published by the Bulgarian government: "Georgi Dimitrov", 1946, 24 pages; "Bulgaria Before the General Assembly of the U.N.," 1948, 18 pages; "Results of 1947 Plan and Targets For 1948," 1948, 15 pages; "Bulgarian Roses," 1948, 15 pages; "La Culture de Roses en Bulgaria," 1948, 16 pages; miscellaneous booklets and pamphlets: "The Bulgarian Professional Movement Under the Government of the Fatherland Front," by President of the Central Committee of the General Workers' Professional Union, 1946, 24 pages; "The Jews In Bulgaria Before and After the 9th of September, 1944," by N. Mevorah, Assistant Professor, University of Sofia, 1946, 16 pages; "The Republic of Bulgaria," published by Diplomatic Publicity Service, Washington, D.C., n.d., 3 pages; Free Bulgaria, A Fortnightly Review, May 1, 1949 and June 1, 1949 (Volume IV, Numbers 9 and 11), 16 pages each, apparently published by the Bulgarian government; "Bulgarian Cooperatives Today and Their Part in the Economic Reconstruction of the Country," n.d., 3 pages; "Le Movement Des Brigades de Travail et de Culture en Bulgaria," n.d., 3 pages; "Bulgarian Wines," n.d., 2 pages; "Bulgarian National Economy," n.d., by Professor Ivan Georgiev, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, 4 pages; "The Bulgarian Workers After Nationalization of Industry," n.d., 2 pages
Box 5 Folder 6 1945-1963
Two page manuscript "Copy of Clipping From the London, Ontario `Advertiser' - Quebec's Labor Movement," n.d.; "Canada's New Labor College," from June 1963, AFL-CIO Federationist, 2 pages; notes
Box 5 Folder 7 1927-1970
Two "Memo[s] for Mr. Green: China," re nationalist factions, one, March 12, 1927, 3 pages, the other, n.d. 2 pages; photocopies of articles, August 1949 and n.d.; booklet "Mao Tse-Tung: Liberator or Destroyer of Chinese Peasants?" published by AFL, 1955, 22 pages; notes
Box 5 Folder 8 1882-1954
Two page manuscript re employment of foreign workers in Europe, n.d.; notes
Box 5 Folder 9 1968-1969
Photocopies of articles
Box 5 Folder 10 1910-1951
"Interview with Ernest Bevan - Transport and General Workers' Union," June 30, 1938, 8 pages; "Private and Confidential, For the Use of the Lodges Only," Annual Report of the Durham County Mining Federation Board, February 1, 1947, 19 pages; "Declaration by Free Trade Union Committee, AFL: Strengthen the Economic and Political Foundation of Anglo-American Cooperation; Preserve and Protect World Reconstruction, Freedom and Peace," September 9, 1949, 4 pages; "The British Experiment: The First Two Years of the National Health Insurance (NHI)," paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association, December 29, 1950, 20 pages; "Confidential - Report From England," for AFL Free Trade Union Committee, July 15, 1951, 2 pages; booklets published by Labour Party, British Information Service; notes
Box 5 Folder 11-13 1948-1953
Copies of Labour Press Service, newspaper of Labour Party
Box 5 Folder 14 1947-1949
Letter to President Truman from AFL President Green offering 10 recommendations re administration of Marshall Plan, November 17, 1947, 4 pages; press release with statement by AFL President Green supporting the Marshall Plan, in address over the American Broadcasting Company, November 19, 1947, 3 pages; "The Marshall Plan and American Labor," address of George Meany, Secretary-Treasurer, AFL, over the Mutual Broadcasting System, December 5, 1947, with 1 page press release summary, 3 pages; "U.S. Labor Backs the E.R.P.," excerpts of official labor documents on the Marshall Plan, 22 p. booklet, Office of the Special Representative, Paris [1948]; "Statement by the Executive Council of AFL," recommending appointment of advisory council to help administer ERP, January 26, 1948, 2 pages; "Statement of William Green, President of the AFL, on the European Recovery Program, Before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, February 17, 1948," 8 pages; press statement of AFL President Green supporting the Marshall Plan, February 28, 1948, 4 pages; notes
Box 5 Folder 15 1948-1949
Substantial correspondence between AFL President Green and officials of Trades Union Congress, London, re date of Conference, February 1948; "Personal and Confidential" letter from Trades Union Congress to AFL Vice-President David Dubinsky re Conference European trade union activity, February 22, 1948, 4 pages; "European Recovery Programme," report of the International Trade Union Conference, London, March 9 and 10, 1948, 48 pages; "European Recovery Program - International Trade Union Conference: Declaration," March 10, 1948, 9 pages; "International Trade Union Conference on the ERP," report by AFL representatives, 9 pages; "London Labor Conference, March 9-10, 1948," unsigned, 9 pages; "Report by Jay Lovestone, Secretary, In Behalf of AFL Delegation to ERP Conference," London, July 19-30, 1948, 6 pages plus 12 pages of appendices; "ERP Trade Union Advisory Committee Meeting," minutes, by AFL representative Irving Brown, Berne, Switzerland, January 22, 1949, 4 pages; "Private and Confidential - Summarized Report of Fifth Meeting of ERP Trade Union Advisory Committee held on 22 January 1949, at Berne," 4 pages; "Statement by International Labor Relations Committee, AFL," opposing appointment of WFTU official to ERP advisory committee, February 2, 1949, 2 pages (second copy, "Declaration on the Sheverels Case by the International Committee of the AF of L"); notes
Box 5 Folder 16 1887-1922
Letter from AFL President Gompers to the delegates to the International Labor Congress, Brussels, Belgium, August 4th [pencil notation "1891"]; "From Report of Executive Council to Baltimore Convention, AFL, November 13, 1916," re proposed World Labor Congress, 2 pages; letters from European labor leaders, 1916-19; letters from AFL President Gompers to AFL Executive Council re labor missions to and from Europe, 1916-19; letter (copy) from President Woodrow Wilson to AFL President Gompers, congratulating him on his work on Stockholm conference and indicating willingness to meet with European labor representatives, January 19, 1918; "The Position of American Labor" re European labor conferences, n.d., 6 pages; "Report of Proceedings of Labor Conference and Socialists of the Inter-allied Countries, September 17-18, 1918, London, England," published by the AFL, 2 pages; "Resolution on Socialization of the Land and the Means of Production Adopted by the Special Congress of the International Federation of Trade Unions Held in London, England, on November 22, 1920," 3 pages; notes
Box 5 Folder 17 1944-1956
"Report No. 2 from Irving Brown," Paris, France, to AFL re activities of World Federation of Trade Unions (W.F.T.U.) and general labor conditions in France, Germany and England, December 23, 1946, 2 pages; "Report to the Executive Council by International Labor Relations Department," two reports, one May 1948, 7 pages, the other n.d., 3 pages; confidential form letters (2) to all International Presidents of the AFL, May and June 1948, 3 and 4 pages, re Soviet Communist-controlled union activity in various countries; "Manpower Personnel, Staff Sections," including "Labor Division, Economic and Scientific Section, SCAP (Japan)", "Manpower Division - OMGUS (Germany)", and "Social Administration Division, USACA Section, HQ, USFA (Austria), list of personnel, n.d., 2 pages; memo from Chairman, Citizens Committee on Displaced Persons, critically analyzing Senate legislation, June 2, 1948; memorandum to the Secretary of State, Dean Acheson, by the International Labor Relations Committee, AFL, supporting military aid to friendly nations, urging opposition to all forms of totalitarian governments, and urging the appointment of an international labor advisor to the Department of State, March 9, 1949, 3 pages; "Ratify the Atlantic Pact," declaration by Matthew Woll, Chairman, International Labor Relations Committee, AFL, 1949, 2 pages; statement by the Executive Council of the AFL urging Senate ratification of the Genocide Convention, denouncing Soviet oppression of Jews, February 1950; letter to Averill Harriman, Director, Mutual Security Agency, from George Meany, Secretary Treasurer, AFL re U.S. off-shore procurement contracts in Europe, December 27, 1951, 4 pages; "Speech by George Meany, Secretary-Treasurer, AFL," to the Catholic Labor Alliance, Chicago re AFL vs. international Communism, March 13, 1951, 8 pages; press release, "Statement by the Executive Council of the AFL," recommending a 10-point program for U.S. foreign policy to combat international Communism, January 26, 1951, 2 pages; reports to AFL Free Trade Union Committee, February 1953:
Box 5 Folder 17cont. 1944-1956
from AFL representative Irving Brown re conditions in Germany, Italy, Greece and Turkey, 5 pages; from Secretary of Italian Federation of Labor, 4 pages; form Italy (2), 4 pages each; from England; six from Japan; "American Labor and the World Crisis," by Jay Lovestone, Executive Secretary, Free Trade Union Committee, AFL-CIO, [1956], 17 pages, letter to Trygve Lye, U.N. Secretary-General, from AFL Free Trade Union Committee President Matthew Woll, opposing admission of Red China to the U.N., March 24, 1950, 3 pages; press release, "Statement by the International Labor Relations Committee of the AFL," calling for establishment of an international labor federation of non-Communist trade union, April 7, 1949, 2 pages; resolutions from the 65th and 66th conventions of the AFL, 1946 and 1947 ("Labor Attaches", calling for the creation of an Under-Secretariat of Labor within State Department, and "The U.N. and Slave Labor", calling for a U.N. investigation of forced labor in member nations); "Report on the Work of the Commission of Human Rights," n.d., 2 pages; "Minutes of the International Relations Committee of the AFL," January 31, 1949, 5 pages; "The Stockholm Congress Press Conference," translation from Il Globo of speech by AFL President George Meany, July 17, 1953, 1 page; "Report on England and France," by AFL representative Irving Brown, with "Report on Germany," by Henry Rutz, 4 pages, [c. 1945]; "The AFL and World Labor Unity" by William Green, President, AFL, August 1945 re impossibility of working with Soviet "labor unions", 6 pages; letter to Secretary of State Marshall from Matthew Woll, Chairman, International Labor Relations Department, and Free Trade Union Committee, AFL, re various grievances, June 22, 1948, 3 pages; "Confidential Report on Greece, France and England" by AFL representative Irving Brown, July 7, 1947, 4 pages; five statements by the AFL Executive Council re Summit Conference, U.S. foreign policy recommendations to check Soviet expansion, 1954-55; 9 page speech re AFL and world affairs, May 17, 1954 by Matthew Woll
Box 5 Folder 18 1947-1973
"Stop Piracy in the Air," statement by AFL-CIO Executive Council, February 24, 1969; "Policy Resolutions on International Affairs," adopted by AFL-CIO Third Constitutional Convention, September 1959, 22 pages; by Fifth Constitution Convention, November 1963, 15 pages; "AFL-CIO Convention and Executive Council International Resolutions, December 1955-August 1966," 13 pages; "Statement by the AFL-CIO Executive Council on U.S. Strength and World Responsibility--Best Guarantee for World Peace," February 19, 1971, 4 pages; "Soviet Comment on AFL-CIO: But Where is the Logic?" from the September 1970 issue of Soviet Profsiousy, 3 pages; "Labor and U.S. Foreign Policy: A House Divided," reprint from War/Peace Report, Oceana Publications, February 1970, 4 pages; resolutions adopted at the AFL-CIO Tenth Constitutional Convention, October 18-23, 1973 ("Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights," 2 pages; "For Detente With Freedom," 2 pages; "War in the Middle East," 2 pages; "No Free Trade Union Exchanges With Totalitarian Labor Fronts, 2 pages; "Restore Democracy in Chile," 2 pages; "Strong America and NATO - Pillars of World Peace," 2 pages); articles 1947-68; copies of the French, Italian, and German editions of the February 1974 issue of the AFL-CIO Free Trade Union News.
Box 5 Folder 19 1949-1959
Booklet "Military Cooperation with Western Europe: A Report on the Views of Leading Citizens in 22 Cities" by the Council on Foreign Relations, New York, 1949, 49 pages; Booklet "EFTA: European Free Trade Association," published by the governments of Austria, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, [1959], 32 pages
Box 5 Folder 20 1948-1967
"Confidential Report Received from Irving Brown," February 18, 1948, 1 page; " Correspondence with AFL President Green re AFL financial and material assistance to free trade union movement in France, 1948-49; letter from Leo Werts, Director, Manpower Division; Office of Military Government for Germany, to CIO Secretary-Treasurer James Carey, re "Trizonal Trade Unions - French Position," February 9, 1949; related correspondence from French High Command in Germany; unsigned report (possibly from AFL representative Irving Brown) re labor conditions in France (some Spain), April 18, 1951, 9 pages; "Report on French Morocco," unsigned, possibly from Irving Brown, July 1, 1952, 8 pages; attached report, in French re salary discrepancy based on race at American bases in Morocco; "Economic Conditions in France," n.d. [1953], 12 pages; French booklets, 1948-50; articles
Box 5 Folder 21 1970-1973
Copies of the AFL-CIO Free Trade Union News
Box 5 Folder 22 1933-1960
Letter from Leo Werts, Director, Manpower Division, Office of Military Government for Germany, to CIO Director of Department for International Affairs re political maneuvering with Soviet delegate over foreign trade union contacts in Germany, September 19, 1947, 3 pages; "The Crisis in Europe: Program For Germany - Declaration of the Executive Council, AFL, May11, 1950," a 10-point plan, 2 pages; "Report on Germany" by Jay Lovestone, Secretary AFL Delegation in behalf of George Harrison and David Dubinsky, AFL Delegates to London E.R.P. Trade Union Conference re conditions in Berlin under Soviet authority, conference with General Clay, 5 pages, n.d.; confidential letter from Secretary of Labor to Secretary of National Defense re "Recommendations for Immediate Action to Strengthen Democratic Elements in German Trade Unions," by Trade Union Advisory Committee on International Affairs, with comments by General Clay, March 3, 1948, 7 pages; booklets: 6 German-language publications, 5 English; notes
Box 5 Folder 23
Letters to President Truman opposing dismantling of industry in Germany: from AFL President Green, November 24, 1947, 3 pages; from UAW President Walter Reuther, May 10, 1949, 2 pages, with attached 5 page analysis, "Dismantlement Program in Western Germany"; similar letter to Secretary of State Dean Acheson from Matthew Woll, Chairman, International Labor Relations Committee and Free Trade Union Committee, AFL, April 29, 1949, 3 pages; letters from AFL Special European representative Henry Rutz to various AFL officials and to U.S. Military Governor for Germany, 1947-48; two page "Memorandum ueber einen Plan eines Kongresses in Berlin," July 27, 1949; pamphlet "Institute of Industrial Relations - Collective Bargaining in Postwar Germany, University of California, 1952, 20 pages; notes
Box 5 Folder 24 1923-1948
Correspondence between AFL International Labor Relations Committee and Free Trade Union Committee Chairman Matthew Woll and Secretary of the Army re paper supply to Germany, April 1948; letter to AFL President Green from German Social Democratic Party official thanking AFL for support of Marshall Plan, January 2, 1948; numerous reports form AFL representative Henry Rutz; notes
Box 5 Folder 25 1949-1950
Letter to General Clay, Commander-in-chief, European Command, from AFL executive Matthew Eoll, re American policy in Germany, February 14, 1949, 9 pages; letter to High Commissioner McCloy from Matthew Eoll, urging administration of German coal industry by representatives of German labor, July 25, 1949, 3 pages; numerous reports from AFL representative Henry Rutz, 1949-1950; "Declaration of German Trade Union Federation on Radical Elements Threatening Democracy," March 6, 1950, 2 pages; notes
Box 5 Folder 26 1950-1954
Correspondence between AFL executive Matthew Woll and Department of State officials re American policy in Germany, October-November 1951 (3 letters, 25 pages total); "Policy Governing Relations between HQ, U.S. Army, Europe and German Trade Unions," by command of Lieutenant General Eddy, October 16, 1952, 3 pages; notes
Box 5 Folder 27 1947-1967
"Report on Greece," by AFL representative Irving Brown, n.d., 8 pages; articles, 1948 and 1967; notes
Box 5 Folder 28 1948-1956
Five booklets; notes.
Box 5 Folder 29 1949
"Report on India," by AFL representative Irving Brown, April 1949, 8 pages
Box 5 Folder 30 1949-1970
Articles; notes
Box 6 Folder 1 1949
"Free Trade Unions Form the I.C.F.T.U.," [c. December 1949], 22 pages; "Private and Confidential," ICFTU Executive Board minutes, first meeting, December 8-10, 1949, 14 pages; papers of Preparatory International Trade Union Committee; correspondence; notes
Box 6 Folder 2 1950-1968
Correspondence between AFL executives George Meany and Matthew Woll re seeking intercession of the Pope on behalf of ICFTU, January 1950; "ICFTU Report of Meeting of Interim Finance Committee," January 17 and 18, 1950, 5 pages; "Report on Emergency Committee Meeting, March 16 to 18, 1950," by AFL representative Irving Brown, 5 pages; "ICFTU Emergency Committee, February 20-23, 1951," report by Irving Brown, 9 pages; AFL Executive Council minutes describing ICFTU meeting, January 26, 1951; "Statement by the Executive Council of the AFL," re Second World Congress of the ICFTU, May 18, 1951; report re Second World Congress of the ICFTU, by Irving Brown, August 2, 1951, 5 pages; "The Aims of Free Trade Unionism in the Struggle Against the Totalitarian Menace," report submitted by AFL Secretary-Treasurer George Meany to ICFTU Second World Congress, July 4-12, 1951, 6 pages; other statements by Congress delegates; correspondence re resignation of AFL officials Matthew Woll and David Dubinsky as U.N. consultants for ICFTU, April 1951);
Box 6 Folder 2cont. 1950-1968
letter from AFL President Green to ICFTU General Secretary Oldenbroek, protesting ICFTU appointment of representative for Singapore office, February 10, 1951; summary report by Irving Brown re ICFTU Executive Board session, December 2, 1951, 4 pages; "Notes on International Committee Meeting of the AFL," re difficulties with ICFTU, June 18, 1952, 16 pages; "From Irving Brown to George Meany," October 21, 1952, re upcoming ICFTU Executive Board Meeting, 4 pages; "Report by Irving Brown: Emergency Committee Meeting ICFTU," March 1-3, [1940s], 15 pages plus 2 page resolution on Latin America; "ICFTU European Regional Organization Conference," November 3-5, 1954, 5 pages plus 16 pages of appendices of resolutions and delegate lists; several ICFTU press releases, 1959; reprint from June 12, 1965 issue of AFL-CIO News: "The ICFTU: Estimate and Perspective," by George Meany; form letter "Relations between free trade union and Communist-controlled trade union organizations," from General Secretary of ICFTU, October 24, 1967, 2 pages plus 2 page appendix of Executive Board decisions; photocopies of articles from Free Trade Union News, 1965-68
Box 6 Folder 3 1888-1945
Letter from AFL Executive Council to Federational Trade Union Congress in London re working conditions, October 27, 1888, 3 pages; correspondence, proceedings, proposals re Inter-Allied Labor Conference, London, September 17-19, 1918; letter to President Roosevelt from AFL President Green re World Economic Conference, May 1, 1933, 3 pages; "Interview with H. V. Tewson and Sir Walter Citrine," July 1, 1938, 8 pages; cablegrams and correspondence between Green, Citrine and AFL Executive Council re Anglo-Soviet Trade Union Committee, February-March 1942; "Anglo-Soviet Committee," 5 page manuscript, n.d., c. 1942; AFL Executive Council minutes re British Trades Union Congress, 1942-43; minutes of the IFTU, February 1 and 2, 1945, 17 pages; three page manuscript (possibly speech), unsigned, by AFL spokesperson re AFL refusal to participate in World Trade Union Conference, March 16, 1945; address by AFL representative Robert J. Watt to IFTU, January-February 1945, 15 pages; "What Happened at the London World Labor Conference," unsigned typescript with hand notation: "Statement issued by AFL on December 10, 1945," 9 pages; correspondence; notes.
Box 6 Folder 4 1925-1953
Five unsigned typescripts: four entitled "International Federation of Trade Unions," 3, 4, 5, and 6 pages, n.d., n.d., n.d., and 1942; one entitled "Effects of the War on Free Trade Unions in Europe," 1940, 6 pages; six issues of Trade Union World, monthly journal of the IFTU, 1943-44; June-July 1939 issue of The International Trade Union Movement, official organ of IFTU reporting on Eighth International Trade Union Congress; bulletins of the IFTU (August 12, 1941, 12 pages; July 1, 1942, 8 pages; December 1, 1944, 8 pages); "IFTU Report on Activities, 1943-1944," 13 pages, with unsigned typescript, n.d., based on the report, 7 pages; "IFTU Report on Activities 1944," 12 pages
Box 6 Folder 5 1914-1971
Five unsigned typescripts, "International Labor Organization" (one, "--and the AFL-CIO"), 1942, 1943, c. 1944, c. 1971, c. 1971; addresses by Rudolph Faupl, U.S. Worker Delegate to ILO conventions, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971; statement by AFL-CIO Executive Council on 50th Anniversary of the ILO, February 23, 1968; address by AFL-CIO President George Meany "at an International Conference in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the ILO," May 8, 1969, 5 pages; address by Meany to ILO Conference "on the Occasion of Its 50th Anniversary," June 12, 1969, 3 pages; transcripts of press conferences by Meany, 1971, 16 pages; notes
Box 6 Folder 6 1944-1949
Letter to President Roosevelt from AFL President Green refusing to share ILO representation with the CIO, March 13, 1944, 3 pages; "Our Expanding International Relations," address by Assistant Secretary of Labor over CBS radio, August 3, 1946 re U.S. in ILO, 5 pages; articles; correspondence; notes
Box 6 Folder 7 1935-1949
Press release, AFL President Green protests purchase of German steel for construction of New York Triborough Bridge, November 1, 1935, 2 pages, with 2 page letter to WPA administrator attached; form letters (1938, calling for labor boycott of German goods and services; 1940, supporting German Labor Delegation to U.S.); letter from AFL official Matthew Woll announcing appointments to International Labor Relations Committee, February 18, 1944; letter from Woll re activities and finances of Free Trade Union Committee, March 24, 1949; "Report on Free Trade Union Committee," n.d., 4 page overview of the committee's history and ongoing activities; "Meeting for the Organization of the Trade Union Advisory Committee on International Affairs of the U.S. Department of Labor Confidential," 4 pages of minutes, December 12, 1946; audit of books of AFL Labor League for Human Rights, May 31, 1949, 5 pages plus cover letters; "Labor League Extends AFL Help Throughout the World," March 1949, 2 pages; notes
Box 6 Folder 8 1921
Box 6 Folder 9 1944-1956
Correspondence between AFL President William Green and Italian labor leaders, 1948-50; manuscripts containing: ("Members of the U.I.L. Governing Committee," 3 pages; translation of article from Il Popolo, official organ of the Christian Democratic Party, July 4, 1950; "Results of the Election of Shop Committees in the Past Few Months," 7 pages; "The Trade Unions Situation in Italy," signed by Italian labor leaders, May 1951, 7 pages; "Unione Italiana Larbro - Memorandum," c. 1950, 3 pages); "Draft Statement on the Italian Trade Union Situation," unsigned, April 15, 1952, 3 pages; "Report from Italy," from AFL representative Harry Goldberg, February 14, 1953, 7 pages; "Appendix to the Statement by Giulio Pastore, General Secretary, Italian Confederation of Labor Unions (CISL) - Submitted to the Executive Council of the AFL, February 4, 1954," 6 pages; photocopies of articles; notes; Italian booklets (3)
Box 6 Folder 10 1937-1952
Telegram from AFL International Labor Relations Department Chairman Matthew Woll to U.S. Secretary of War Robert Patterson and Acting Secretary of State Dean Acheson and General Douglas MacArthur, protesting affiliation of Japanese trade unions with World Federation of Trade Unions, March 1947; confidential letter "to all International Presidents of the AFL" from AFL Free Trade Union Committee re "Growing Threat to Free Labor in Japan," July 1948, 2 pages; letter to Meany recommending strategy for countering WFTU activity in Japan, March 29, 1947, 3 pages; photocopies of articles; notes; AFL booklet,, "Japan's Soviet-held Prisoners of War," 1951, 33 pages
Box 6 Folder 11 1948-1950
Letter from Labor Advisor to Seoul City Labor Bureau to AFL President Green re "get me out of here," July 1, 1948, 2 pages; statement by the Executive Council AFL re Soviet invasion of South Korea, recommending five-point program, August 10, 1950, 2 pages; AFL press release re military preparedness, July 17, 1950, 3 pages; clippings, notes
Box 6 Folder 12 1915-1963
Letters from AFL President Samuel Gompers, 1916 and 1919; "Report on Mexican Labor Relations and Affairs," by Matthew Woll, n.d. 6 pages; correspondence re "The Mexican Federation of Labor and Communist Propaganda," 1926-27, 5 pages; "Confidential Memorandum" to AFL President Green from AFL representative Robert Watt re Meeting with South American labor representatives in Santiago, Chile, September 11, 1942, 4 pages; "The Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs," unsigned, 1943, 5 pages; letter to U.S. Secretary of State from AFL representative Watt re improving conditions in Bolivian tin mines under U.S. contract, August 17, 1945, 2 pages; press release re AFL endorsement of Inter-American Conference, Mexico City, March 11, 1947; "Report on the International Labor Committee Meeting," January 6, 1948, re Lima Conference, 1 page; "Report of the U.S. Delegation" to Lima Conference, January 10-13, 1948, 9 pages; Hemispherica, bulletin of the U.S. Committee of the Inter-American Association for Democracy and Freedom, February 1963; "Romulo Betancourt, President of Venezuela: A Tribute On His Visit to the United States, February 19-23, 1963," by the Inter-American Association for Democracy and Freedom, 62 pages; clippings; notes
Box 6 Folder 13 1948-1970
"U.S. Labor Policy in Peru - Past and Future," by William A. Douglas, official (on leave) with AIFLD, c. 1970, 33 pages; "U.S. Labor Policy and Peru," prepared by William J. McIntire for the Adlai Stevenson Institute Conference on U.S.-Peruvian Relations, May 24-26, 1970, 36 pages; clippings
Box 6 Folder 14 1955-1970
"International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions: An Informational Note," translated from Sovietskie Prfsoyovsy, June 1970, 2 pages; clippings; notes
Box 6 Folder 15 1953-1970
Clippings; booklet, "NATO: Its Development and Significance," by U.S. State Department, 1953, 50 pages
Box 6 Folder 16 1947
Box 6 Folder 17 1942-1948
Several booklets published by Soviet government; notes
Box 6 Folder 18 1893-1955
Form letter to "trade and labor unions of America" from Samuel Gompers, opposing U.S.-Russian Extradition Treaty and supporting Russian patriots, March 15, 1893, 3 pages; cablegrams from Gompers and AFL Executive Council congratulating Russian patriots on victory over the Czar, opposing socialist, anti-democratic forces, April-September 1917; correspondence between Gompers and Secretary of State re U.S. recognition of Soviet government, July 1923, 7 pages; press release by Chicago Trade Union Committee for a Delegation to Soviet Russia, December 8, 1925, 2 pages; statement by AFL Executive Council opposing unauthorized labor delegation to Soviet Union, June 1926, 3 pages; "Memorandum for Mr. Green" re meeting with House steering committee on restriction of imports of Soviet commodities produced by forced labor, February 2, 1931; "The American Trade Union Delegation to Russia," [c. 1942], 3 pages; reports to "all International Presidents of the AFL," from the AFL Free Trade Union Committee, including "Confidential: What Moscow Thinks of Us," text of Soviet Overseas Service broadcast re AFL convention, December 1948, 3 pages; "Statement by the Executive Council of the AFL" opposing Stockholm peace appeal, August 1950, 2 pages; similar statement re Soviet peace proposal, August 7, 1951, 2 pages; "Sklavenarbeit in Russland," 8 page typescript in German: letters commenting on AFL pamphlet re slave labor in Russia, n.d.; "Statement by the Executive Council of the AFL" rejecting Soviet bid for U.S. labor delegation visit, August 10, 1955, 3 pages; notes; clippings.
Box 6 Folder 19-20 1943-1952
Russian-language booklets, some English-language, published by Soviet government
Box 6 Folder 21 1909-1953
Booklets and contract agreements published in Denmark, Sweden, Finland; notes
Box 6 Folder 22 1946-1970
Press release: statement by AFL-CIO President Meany condemning the Franco regime, December 18, 1970; clippings, notes, booklet published in France re the Second Congress of Spanish Workers in exile (1946).
Box 6 Folder 23 1951
"A Trade Union Mission to Turkey" by AFL representative Irving Brown, April 17, 1951, 21 pages
Box 6 Folder 24 1954-1970
Reprint of study for House Subcommittee on Foreign Operations and Government Information by Dr. Paul Taylor (signed: "For Phil Taft/Sincerely, Paul Taylor"): "Communist Strategy and Tactics of Employing Peasant Dissatisfaction Over Conditions of Land Tenure for Revolutionary Ends in Vietnam," 1970, 28 pages; two pages of tables hand-marked: "AFL-CIO Tet Relief," 1968; clippings; notes
Box 6 Folder 25 1945-1948
Unsigned 3 page manuscript, probably speech, by CIO-associated author, March 1, 1945; "Trade Unions and Communism," issued by the Trades Union Congress Publicity Department, October 27, 1948, 3 pages; "World Federation of Trade Unions: Brief History," by Trades Union Congress, October 27, 1948, 3 pages; "TUC Expects No New Federation for Months" prepared by the American Embassy in London, February 9. 1949. 5 pages, ("secret"); press release by Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, countering protest by AFL re affiliation of German trade unions with WFTU, January 20, 1947, 5 pages; "Resolution on the Situation in Germany" adopted by the Executive Council of the WFTU on June &, 1947, 4 pages; "Report of the Commission of the WFTU to Investigate Conditions in Germany, c. 1946, 9 pages; "The WFTU Should and Will Live!" by D. Monin and M. Lazarev, from Trud, November 4, 1948, 4 pages; correspondence; notes; clippings
Box 6 Folder 26 1944-1954
"Emergency International Trade Union Council - Summary of the Meeting held in London ... 14 September 1944," 12 pages; press release, AFL President Green criticizes World Trade Union Conference, the CIO, "and their Russian friends," February 19, 1945, 2 pages; statement adopted by the Executive Council of the AFL opposing World Trade Union Congress as Soviet-controlled, May 4, 1945, 7 pages; AFL Executive Council minutes re International Federation of Trade Unions, World Federation of Trade Unions, 1945-46; press release, "Declaration by Matthew Woll, Chairman, International Labor Relations Committee, AFL, on the breakup of the WFTU," January 21, 1949, 1 page; similar press statement, "Addenda," February 6, 1949, 2 pages; "Developments Since the WFTU Executive Bureau Meeting January 1949," Executive Board, May 17, 18, 1949, unsigned, possibly by CIO representative, 3 pages; "Report on WFTU, 1945-1949," Executive Board, May 17, 18, 1949, unsigned, possibly by CIO representative, 20 pages; three page manuscript "Copied From ... World Trade Union Movement July 1949 / The Fight Between Trade Union Imperialisms: T.U.C. Versus A.F.L."; "The WFTU's Third World Congress," by USRO representatives Diana Josselson and Morris Weisz, 1953, 10 pages; "The WFTU and the ILO," 2 page memo by Diana Josselson, with cover letter to State and Labor Departments, January 14, 1954; notes; clippings; publications.
Box 6 Folder 27 1947-1950
Several booklets published by Yugoslav government, including two re Greece, 1947-50; "The Tito Regime: Declaration by the Executive Council of the AFL, May 11, 1950," 1 page
Box 7 Folder 1 1901-1943
Box 7 Folder 2 1876-1937
"Membership of Furniture Workers' Local Industrial Unions Chartered by CIO," October 9, 1937, 2 pages; notes
Box 7 Folder 3 1935-1942
Form letter from AFL President Green; notes
Box 7 Folder 4 1887-1942
Booklet, The Bottle Maker, official journal of the Glass Bottle Blowers' Association, Volume 4, Number 2, August 1924; notes
Box 7 Folder 5-7 1888-1968
"Government Employees," unsigned manuscript, n.d., 42 pages; "Speech Before Convention of Teachers' Union, Chicago, August 22, 1957," unsigned, 14 pages; excerpts from reports of the Committee on Law of Government Employee Relations, American Bar Association, 1955, 1959, 1961 and 1963; "Agreement Between the City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia District Council 33, AFSCME," 1968, 18 pages; notes; photocopies of articles. See also: Strikes - Government Employees, Box 11, File Folder 5.
Box 7 Folder 8 1954-1967
Unsigned typescript re history of municipal employee relations in New York City, [1967], 3 pages; "Interim Order on the Conduct of Relations Between the City of New York and Its Employees," by New York City Mayor Robert F. Wagner, July 21, 1954, 8 pages; Executive Order #49, "on the Conduct of Labor Relations Between the City of New York and its Employees," [the Little Wagner Act] by New York City Mayor Wagner, [March 31, 1958], 5 pages; "Announcement of Procedures for Handling Requests for Certificates Under Executive Order on City Employee Relations," by New York City Department of Labor, June 23, 1958, 7 pages; "The City's Labor Relations Policies," by the Citizens Budget Commission, Inc. February 23, 1961, 8 pages
Box 7 Folder 9 1883-1952
Form letter; notes
Box 7 Folder 10 1888
Box 7 Folder 11 1907-1952
"The United Hatters, Cap and Millinery Workers," unsigned typescript, c. 1952, 11 pages; correspondence between officials of AFL and Hatters re CIO affiliation, May-October 1936; U.S. Supreme Court opinion against Hatters, 1907, 21 pages
Box 7 Folder 12 1886-1890
Box 7 Folder 13 1902
Box 7 Folder 14 1889
Box 7 Folder 15 1874-1921
Box 7 Folder 16 1933-1961
Box 7 Folder 17 1896-1943
Letter from President Green re jurisdictional dispute with CIO, 1943; notes
Box 7 Folder 18 1882-1963
Letter from International Association of Machinists President A. J. Hayes to arbitrator Theodore Kheel criticizing report prepared at Cornell, "The Shorter Work Week," February 18, 1963; "Memorandum for Mr. Green" from AFL representative re efforts to obtain support for 30 hour week legislation in Congress, January 15, 1935; form letter to all labor representatives in Washington from AFL President Green, announcing meeting re 30 hour week legislation in Congress, April 3, 1935; notes. See also: Wages and Hours, Box 13, File Folder 27-28.
Box 7 Folder 19 1947-1963
"Oral Statement of William Green, President AFL, Before the Committee on Un-American Activities of the House of Representatives on HR 1884 and HR 2122," against outlawing the Communist Party, March 25, 1947, 5 pages; booklet "House Un-American Activities Committee: Bulwark of Segregation," by National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee, c. 1963, 49 pages
Box 7 Folder 20 1936-1954
Letter from AFL President Green to Congressman Steagall in support of low-income housing legislation, May 4, 1938, 3 pages; memoranda from AFL National Legislative representative W. C. Cushing re various housing bills, 1937-40; "Rom Report of the Executive Council to the Boston, 1943, Convention, AFL," re need for a post-war housing program, 2 pages; "Statement by William Green, President, AFL, on the General Housing Bill, S 1592, before Senate Banking and Currency Committee, December 4, 1945," 5 pages; typescript, "Housing Legislation" with handwritten note: "This was written for meeting before 1945 convention which was not held and this was not used. WCH 8/13/46," 5 pages; "Amendment to 1592: Extending Prevailing Wage Requirement to ALL FHA-insured Housing," 4 page manuscript by Housing Committee, AFL, April 13, 1946; statements by AFL Building and Construction Trades Department Chairman Richard Gray before Senate Banking and Currency Committee: (February 18, 1949, 9 pages plus 5 pages of attachments; January 17, 1950 re middle-income housing, 12 pages); "AFL Statement on Housing Legislation," January 31, 1949, 3 pages; "Statement of Defense Housing Policy," January 29, 1951, 4 pages; press releases; form letters; notes
Box 7 Folder 21 1840-1953
"Statement Presented to the [House] Committee on Immigration and Naturalization ... by Jewish G. Hines, National Legislative Representative, AFL," opposing reduction in immigration quotas, March 20, 1946, 2 pages; "Statement of Mr. William Green, President of the AFL, Before the [House] Judiciary Committee," supporting emergency legislation to allow entry of displaced persons from Europe, 4 pages with 3 pages of charts and text, June 13, 1947; "Statement of Walter J. Mason, member National Legislative Committee, AFL, Before the [House] Subcommittee on Immigration" supporting Special Migration Act of 1952 (basically as above) June 3, 1952, 6 pages, before Senate subcommittee, May 28, 1953, 8 pages; "Statement of Boris Shishkin on behalf of the AFL Before the President's Commission on Immigration and Naturalization," October 28, 1952, 8 pages; "Summary of Contents of Emergency Migration Act of 1953," unsigned 5 page typescript, May 14, 1953; many notes re AFL's early position against immigration
Box 7 Folder 22 1922-1946
"Why Trade Unions Should Not Incorporate," by Samuel Gompers, January 16, 1922, 3 pages; "Incorporation of Trade Unions," unsigned typescript, October 12, 1936, 4 pages; "Memorandum of Effect of Incorporation by a Union," by Joseph A. Padway, General Counsel, AFL, November 15, 1946
Box 7 Folder 23 1921-1934
"Confidential: Industrial Relations Boards," unsigned typescript, May 9, 1934, 3 pages; notes
Box 7 Folder 24 1910
Resolutions adopted at a conference, January 17-19, 1910, calling for "Uniform Laws to Protect Human Life" in industrial jobs
Box 7 Folder 25 1942
Box 7 Folder 26 1891-1942
Unsigned typescript "The Use of Injunctions in Labor Disputes," marked "Confidential" possibly scholarly paper, [1928], 42 pages; "The Clayton Anti-Trust Law" report of the Executive Council, AFL, to the AFL Annual Convention, November 1914, 12 pages; letter from Gompers to AFL Executive Council re growing use of court injunctions, February 8, 1922, 7 pages; memos from AFL legislative representatives, 1930 and 1939; "Text of the Anti-Injunction Bill," approved by the AFL Executive Council, August 14, 1931, 4 printed pages; "The Inequity of Injunctions," an address by Illinois State Federation of Labor Secretary-Treasurer OLander at the Institute of Public Affairs, University of Virginia, August 4, 1930, 17 pages; statement adopted by AFL Executive Council, "Analysis of Thurman Arnold's Statement Made Before T.N.E.C. on February 13, 1941," 7 pages; form letters; notes
Box 7 Folder 27 1878
Box 7 Folder 28 1951-1954
Unsigned typescript, "The International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers," 1953, 11 pages; booklets (re Group Insurance and Annual Report, 1954) of Structural Iron Workers Local Number 1
Box 7 Folder 29 1943
Box 7 Folder 30-32 1887-1965
"Recent Jurisdictional Developments in Organized Labor," 31 page manuscript from reprint series 8, Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, University of Michigan - Wayne State University, prepared by Mark L. Kahn, Professor of Economics, n.d., c. 1957; "Appeals Board Plan for the Settlement of Jurisdictional Disputes," August 25, 1965, 17 pages; legal documents re Carpenters' dispute in Maine, 1968; mediation cases, 1962-65; copious handwritten notes
Box 7 Folder 32a-b 1916-1950
R outline. See also: CIO folders, Box 4
Box 7 Folder 33 1950-1953
"Statement by the Executive Council, AFL" re defense mobilization, August 10, 1950, 2 pages, sent to Senators; Executive Council minutes, adopting press statement re housing policy during Korean mobilization, August 8, 1950, 3 pages; notes
Box 7 Folder 34 1925
Form letter to AFL affiliates announcing conference on insurance, with attached letter from the AFL Insurance Committee and results of conference endorsing report, June 1925; minutes of insurance conference, with list of delegates attending, July 21, 1925, 3 pages; letter from Union Cooperative Insurance Association to AFL official, July 24, 1925; "Did You Hear About Jones? A True Story" pamphlet by the Union Cooperative Insurance Association, urging union members to take out insurance policies with the Association, 3 pages, c. 1924-25.
Box 7 Folder 35 1913-1962
"A Bill, An Act - Proposed by Secretary Doak-Draft," n.d., to provide for the establishment of a national employment system, 2 pages; "Oral Statement of William Green, President AFL, Before the Senate Appropriations Committee ... re Labor Department Budget," April 14, 1947, 11 pages; "The Labor Secretary and Labor Questions," printed 7 page booklet by William Barr, President, National Founders' Association, criticizing the new Labor Secretary Wilson as a partisan of organized labor, 1913; "Proclamation by the President of the United States Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the U.S. Department of Labor, May 2, 1962."
Box 7 Folder 36 1919-1945
Letter from President Gompers to AFL Executive Council asking for advice re Presidential Industrial Conference, September 26, 1919, 3 pages; form letter to AFL affiliates, urging participation in Labor-Management Committees in war production plants, with "Outline for Labor-Management Committees," attached, 4 pages, June 21, 1943; Executive Committee minutes re Labor-Management Conference, August 9, 1945, 7 pages, and October 23, 1945, 3 pages; notes
Box 7 Folder 37 1836-1940
Box 7 Folder 38 1886-1936
"The Failure of an American Labor Party. The Politics of the CIO in the New Deal," n.d., outline for lecture or article, possibly by Taft, 5 pages; notes; form letters
Box 7 Folder 39 1947
Fact sheet and chronological summary re formation of LLPE with list of officers; "Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Executive Council, AFL," December 4, 1947, to discuss formation of LLPE, 6 pages; "Conference of Officers of National and International Unions," to set up LLPE, December 5, 1947, 22 pages; "Recommendations of the Executive Council, AFL, to the Conference of International Presidents," December 5, 1947, 10 pages; press release announcing formation of LLPE, December 10, 1947, 3 pages; LLPE Directory of State Affiliates, 7 pages; notes; form letters
Box 7 Folder 40 1948
Minutes of Meeting of Administrative Committee of LLPE, January 6, 1948, 4 pages and February 4 and 5, 1948, 21 pages; reports (Department of Political Direction, July 22, 12 pages, September 21, 3 pages, November 15, 4 pages, and December 14, 3 pages; Department of Public Relations, July 22, 9 pages, August 25, 6 pages, and September 21, 1 page; Department of Finance, August 25, 6 pages, September 21, 7 pages, November 12, 9 pages, and December 14, 20 pages; Department of Organization, August 25, 2 pages and September 21, 1 page); recommendations of the Administrative Committee to the National Committee of LLPE, November 17, 1948, 1 page; letter from AFL President Green to LLPE Director Keenan, presenting $20,583.40 check from AFL to LLPE, December 4, 1948; press releases, many form letters
Box 7 Folder 41 1949-1954
Memo to all U.S. Senators and Representatives from LLPE: "Peoria Manufacturers' Propaganda Backfires!" re repeal of Taft-Hartley law, June 9, 1949, 3 pages; LLPE Department of Finance Report on the Educational Fund, July 29, 1949, 8 pages, January 1950, 7 pages, and August 11, 1954, 5 pages; on the Political Fund, May 13, 1949, 12 pages; LLPE Department of Public Relations Report, May 7, 1949, 1 page; LLPE Department of Political Direction Report, May 7, 1949, 2 pages; LLPE Radio Department Report, May 7, 1949, 2 pages; Report on LLPE Newspaper, May 7, 1949, 2 pages; partial minutes, LLPE Tri-Cities Chapter, October 22, 1949, 2 pages; numerous newsletters and publications, including "Minutes of the National Committee of LLPE," October 5, 1949 and September 24, 1951 and LLPE Senate Voting Record - 1947-52," 5 pages
Box 7 Folder 42 1938-1944
Letters and form letters from AFL President Green to AFL affiliated unions, etc., condemning Labor's Non-Partisan League as CIO agency, 1938-39; form letter from Labor's Non-Partisan League to members of the House of Representatives, opposing further funding of the Dies Committee, January 31, 1939, 3 pages; letter to green from AFL Vice-President George Harrison re non-involvement with Labor's Non-Partisan Political League, March 22, 1944; miscellaneous correspondence
Box 7 Folder 43 1925-1963
"The International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union," unsigned typescript, November 25, 1952, 13 pages; numerous clippings, notes and brochures
Box 7 Folder 44-46 1921-1926
Notes; photocopies of articles; brochures
Box 8 Folder 1 1958-1970
"Government Regulation of Internal Union Affairs Affecting the Rights of Members," 102 page manuscript prepared by the Library of Congress Legislative Reference Service, May 1, 1958; brochures
Box 8 Folder 2 1965-1970
Court cases, correspondence, notes, esp. re elections
Box 8 Folder 3 1923-1938
Correspondence; notes
Box 8 Folder 4 1882-1935
"Legislative Committee," 7 page manuscript by W. C. Roberts, December 1922; "Memo: for President Green," 7 page outline of pending Congressional legislation, February 18, 1926; "Instructions as to Legislation," 5 page summary of resolutions passed at AFL convention re pending Congressional legislation forwarded to AFL Legislative Committee for action, 1926; "Bills in Which Labor Was Interested that Became Law During 70th Congress," 1 page, c. 1927; letter to Chicago Tribune reporter from AFL Legislative Committee Chairman, objecting to representation of AFL legislative expenditure in news article, 3 pages, September 2, 1927; report re "Legislative Situation" to Executive Council meeting, 9 pages, January 17, 1928 and 9 pages, January 13, 1931; "List of Bills in Which Labor is Vitally Interested," 2 pages, April 10, 1928; "Memo for Mr. Green" re state legislation on Small and Chattel Loans, 4 pages, January 29, 1934; report of legislative Committee to AFL convention detailing 101 actions of the Committee, 38 pages, with cover letter to John L. Lewis, November 8, 1935; numerous telegrams from AFL President Green to state labor leaders urging them to wire their legislators in support of Walsh government contract bill, August 21, 1935; notes
Box 8 Folder 5 1936-1955
Letter to Speaker of the House from AFL President Green, opposing Frazier- Lemke Act as inflationary, May 13, 1936; meeting of the Legislative Conference of the AFL, minutes, 4 pages, November 17, 1937, and 3 pages, February 17, 1938; minutes of meeting on Wages and Hours Conference, November 20, 1937, 4 pages; "Memo for Mr. Green: Republican Assignments for House Committee on Rules," 2 pages, January 19, 1939, re laws passed of interest to labor, 2 pages, June 28, 1939; minutes of the meeting of National Joint Legislative Conference, AFL and the Railroad Brotherhoods, 8 pages, January 19, 1945, 3 pages, May 27, 1946, and 3 pages, January 14, 1948; "Statement by the Executive Council, AFL," denouncing 79th Congress, 2 pages, August 12, 1946; memo to President Green listing 136 subjects referred to AFL Legislative Committee, 3 pages, January 21, 1948; "Statement by William Green, President, AFL" re collective bargaining legislation, 5 pages, n.d.; "Tentative list of Record Notes for Basis of Judging Congressional Candidates," 2 pages, May 26, 1948; AFL Press release re Taft-Hartley watchdog committee, March 15, 1948; resolution establishing AFL National Legislative Council, adopted at 1948 Convention, 2 pages; statement by AFL executive Matthew Woll, denouncing 80th Congress, 2 pages, July 19, 1948; memo to President Green from chairman of Legislative Committee, recommending improvements for Committee, 3 pages, March 10, 1949; list of bills supported by AFL in 80th Congress, September 9, 1949, 3 pages; "Analysis of `Your Congressional Scorecard, First Session, 81st Congress, 1949,'" unsigned, 4 pages; "Minutes of the Meeting of the National Legislative Council, AFL," March 21, 1950, 6 pages; booklet "Legislative Achievements of the AFL," January 1, 1953, 42 pages; copies of the American Federationist; form letters; notes.
Box 8 Folder 6 1961
Box 8 Folder 7 1917-1950
"Loggers and Lumbermen," unsigned typescript, c. 1950, 13 pages
Box 8 Folder 8 1917-1951
"The Machinists," 8 page typescript with hand notation "Paid 12/29/51 Taft"; letter from AFL President Gompers to U.S. Secretary of War re manufacturers' use of military exemption status to force workers to accept lower wages, November 16, 1917; correspondence between AFL President Green and Hamilton (Canada) Trades and Labor Council re refusal to recognize IAM delegates, March and July 1938; correspondence re various jurisdictional disputes, especially with CIO Maritime Federation of the Pacific, 1938-50; non-raiding agreement between IAM (AFL) and UAW (CIO), January 7, 1944 for duration of World War II; minutes of the AFL Executive Council, August 9, 1950 re re-affiliation of IAM with AFL, 8 pages, May 19, 1952 re jurisdictional dispute with Carpenters
Box 8 Folder 9 1898-1968
IAM publications: Speed Facts, April 3, 15, 22 and 29, 1968; Aero Facts, March 22, April 12 and 26, 1968; Machinists Monthly Journal, "Machinists on the March, 1888-1950," May 1950; many notes
Box 8 Folder 10-11 1939-1961
Mostly from 1939
Box 8 Folder 12 1863-1963
"Seamen vs. Longshoremen - Arbitrator's Decision and Award," 3 strips of galley proofs, October 21, 1907; advisory opinion by Taft re appropriate bargaining unit for the Boston Naval Shipyard, July 13, 1963, 24 pages; notes. See also: Waterfront Employers, Box 13, File Folder 29-31. See also: Subsidies - Ship, Box 11, File Folder 11.
Box 8 Folder 13 1945-1966
"The Longshoremen," unsigned typescript, hand dated: "Paid 11/10/51," 7 pages; "[Overtime] In the Longshore Industry," 74 pages, [1945]; "The Response of Waterfront Union to Technological Change - the Experience with Containerization," with hand notation "P. Ross 1966," 139 pages; "Cry Baby Dewey," broadside by ILA (Independent), n.d.; "Report and Recommendations of AFL-CIO Executive Council Committee Respecting Application of International Longshoremen's Association (Independent) For Affiliation with the AFL-CIO," 15 pages, August 17, 1959; notes
Box 8 Folder 14 1919-1952
Clippings and notes
Box 8 Folder 15 1949
New York Southern District Court civil action between ILA members and Huron Stevedoring Corporation, Bay Ridge Operating Co., Inc., "Finding of Fact and Conclusions of Law Suggested by Defendants", "Defendants' Comments of Plaintiffs' `Summary of Evidence and Proposed Findings'", "Defendants' Reply Brief", c. 1949
Box 8 Folder 16 1889-1948
"The Longshore Slow-Down," by F. P. Fosie, before Association of Pacific Coast Port Authorities re International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union (ILWU) as vicious spoilers who "crucified" Pacific industry, September 9. 1940, 22 pages; "Seven Years - Foresight vs. Hindsight," by F. P. Fosie, before mixed labor-management audience at Industrial Relations Conference re working together in a spirit of trust as one big family, March 27, 1941, 21 pages; "Longshore Contract Proposal," adopted by Caucus of ILWU, August 31, 1945, 7 pages; notes re 1934 strike; miscellaneous notes. See also: Communists - CIO Infiltration, Box 4, File Folder 20.
Box 8 Folder 17 1950-1954
Reports of the Mayor's Joint Committee on Port Industry: (by Subcommittee on Pier Rentals and Insurance, January 18, 1951, 7 pages; by Subcommittee on the Perishable Foods Industry, n.d., 8 pages; by Subcommittee on Availability of Waterfront Facilities For Stevedores or Terminal Operations, August 6, 1951, 9 pages; by Subcommittee #5 on Labor Conditions Affecting Waterfront Commerce, August 9, 1951, 39 pages; by one member of Subcommittee #5, on New York Shipping Association letterhead, September 10, 1951, 8 pages); Report by Chairman of New York State Board of Mediation to New York Governor Dewey re dispute between ILA (AFL), ILA (Independent) and New York Shipping Association, December 28, 1953, 15 pages plus 4 page appendix; "Interim Report on Current Work Stoppage," by Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor, March 25, 1954, 12 pages plus 4 page appendix. See also: Racketeering - International Longshoremen's Association, Box 10, File Folder 9
Box 8 Folder 17a 1952
"Final Report to the Industrial Commissioner, State of New York, from Board of Inquiry on Longshore Industry Work Stoppage, October-November 1951, Port of New York," January 22, 1952, 97 pages; "Statement of the ILA (AFL) on the Report, dated January 22, 1952, of Industrial Commissioner Corsi's Board of Inquiry," n.d., 114 pages.
Box 8 Folder 18 1937-1938
Letter from AFL President Green to Chairman of U.S. Maritime Commission re AFL as upholder of agreements, opponent of sit-down strikes, urging Commission to abandon its neutral stance, August 19, 1937; memorandum for President Green re legislation sponsored by the Maritime Commission, April 19, 1938, 3 pages
Box 8 Folder 19 1935-1941
Reprint "The Rise and Fall of the Maritime Federation of the Pacific, 1935-1941" by R. J. Lampman, University of Washington, n.d., 4 pages; copy "The Voice of the Federation - Federation Moves to Secure Labor Rights for Pacific," mostly copies of letters to Secretary of Labor from Maritime Federation of Pacific, December 5, 1935, 7 pages
Box 8 Folder 20 1938-1940
Box 8 Folder 21 1941-1960
American Seaman, by the American Seamen's Friend Society, Volume 1, Number 1, Winter-Spring 1941 and Volume IV, Number 1, Winter 1944; "American Merchant Marine Policy After the War," confidential, for limited circulation, by the Council on Foreign Relations, June 1944, 26 pages; "Unionism and Democracy in the Merchant Marine," book review reprinted from Labor History, July 1960
Box 8 Folder 22-23 1940-1966
We Accuse (from the record), printed book by leaders of non-Communist faction of NMU, n.d. 192 pages; agreement between NMU and unnamed company, January 20, 1940 with Addenda 1-4, 5/1/1940, 2/10/1941, 5/3 and 16/1941; "Hiring Halls In the Maritime Industry - A Summary Including Excerpts From Decision by an N.L.R.B. Trial Examiner In a Case Involving Great Lakes Carriers and the NMU, CIO," c. 1948, 18 pages; letter to NMU President Joseph Curran from Harry Bridges, President, International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union, inviting NMU to a preliminary Conference of Maritime Union, December 29, 1945; letter from Committee for Democratic Unionism (CDU) re NMU expulsions, President Curran's conduct, July 21, 1950; publications: (CDU Bulletin, March, May, July, August 1950; Pilot, January 24, 1941; NMU Rank and File Pilot, July 1, 1950; NMU Independent Caucus Newsletter, December 23, 1949;
Box 8 Folder 22-23 cont 1940-1966
booklets "Hold That Meeting!" September 1943, "Pork Chops and Politics" by Joseph Curran, 1952); form letters: (outlining NMU revised National Shipping rules, May 28, 1940, 6 pages; outlining NMU activities, pending legislation, apparently sent to non-union prominent citizens, March 28, 1949, 3 pages; "NMU Independent Caucus - What is the NMU Independent Caucus?" n.d., 6 pages; "A Statement to NMU Members by the Committee for Democratic Unionism," n.d. 4 pages; "Call for an Emergency Rank and File Conference of the NMU in New York on Sunday, February 19, 1950," with Spanish translation on verso; flyer by Maritime May Day Committee calling for May Day March, n.d.); "Statement on NMU Situation from Norman Thomas," on behalf of anti-Curran anti-Communists, January 20, 1950, 14 pages; NMU sample ballot, 1949; notes.
Box 8 Folder 24 1891-1961
"Proposed General Shipping Rules for the Seafarers International Union, Atlantic District," n.d. 2 pages; booklet "Sailors Union of the Pacific, 1885-1950," souvenir booklet of dedication of new Union Hall in San Francisco, June 16, 1950, 14 pages; correspondence between AFL President Green, the San Francisco Office of the AFL and the President of the International Association of Machinists re union rivalry on the West Coast, intransigence among AFL-affiliated Inter-nations, lack of AFL financial support, October 1940; notes
Box 8 Folder 25 1896-1952
"The East and West Coast Seamen's Unions," 9 page typescript with hand notation "Paid 5/17/52 Taft"; "The Unlicensed Seafaring Unions," by Philip Taft, reprinted from the ILR Review, Volume 3, Number 2, January 1950, 25 pages; "A Sick Industry" by an anonymous shipmaster re deleterious effects of union slow up aboard his ship, November 27, 1939, 5 pages; "Additional Data on the Maritime Labor Market," January 18, 1940, 29 pages with "Supplement to `The Maritime Industry and Employment Compensation,'" 7 pages; confidential report, "Sea-Going Personnel" prepared for Chairman of House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries," August 5, 1940, 13 pages; Shipping Survey, newsletter of Association of American Ship Owners: ("Wage Trends in the Maritime Industry," November 1951, Volume 7, Number 4; "Relative Earning Power of American Seamen," March 1952, Volume 8, Number 2, comparing earnings of licensed seamen with those of production workers such as textile mill laborers, to support claim that seamen are "virtually the top wage earners in America"); notes
Box 8 Folder 26-27 1836-1955
Copious notes
Box 9 Folder 1 1887-1959
Letter from AFL President to Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America supporting classification of undulant fever as an occupational disease in the meat packing industry, November 7, 1952; letter from Matthew Woll to AFL President Meany re procedural problems of proposed merger of Meat Cutters with Fur and Leather Workers, March 29, 1955; form letter; notes
Box 9 Folder 2 1887-1893
"Bituminous Coal Mining," rough draft of manuscript, probably by Taft
Box 9 Folder 3 1890
Box 9 Folder 4 1863-1962
Box 9 Folder 5 1917-1935
Box 9 Folder 6 1933-1946
"Memorandum for Mr. Green" from AFL legislative representative re block booking and blind selling bill, July 13, 1939; "Report on Status of Work Jurisdiction in Hollywood Motion Picture Industry, by AFL Western Director, August 15, 1946, 7 pages; correspondence re jurisdictional dispute with CIO, 1941; notes re job discrimination between "junior" and "senior" members; clippings
Box 9 Folder 7 1887-1950
Special Edition, The Musical and Theatrical News, October 15, 1928, headline: "Demand Human Music!"; "Eventful Decade - Cartoonists' Versions of James C. Petrillo and the AFM over the last 10 years," n.d., c. 1950; notes
Box 9 Folder 8 1894-1935
Letter to AFL President Samuel Gompers from Secretary, National Civic Federation re averted coal strike, attitude of J. Pierrepont Morgan toward organized labor in steel and railroad industries, significance for industrial welfare in the U.S. as a whole, April 1, 1901
Box 9 Folder 9-10 1933-1936
NRA press releases: (clarification of Section 7(a) of NIRA by President Roosevelt, October 19, 1933; statement by Roosevelt that industry must continue to comply with NIRA, March 25, 1935); opinion by Attorney General that non-union veterans are not "qualified", even if "technically qualified" for a job in a unionized workplace, since their presence would have an obstructive effect, and so must be given second preference in hiring to union non-veterans, October 30, 1933, 4 pages; memo from NRA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy to NRA Assistant Administrator for Policy, requesting that a definitive statement be obtained from the NRA Administrator re "the agreement which he is alleged to have reached with the Labor Advisory Board with respect to the appointment of employee representatives on Industrial Labor Boards," July 7, 1934; announcement by NRA of public hearing to revise NIRA codes to benefit labor, January 4, 1935; letter from AFL President Green to all members of Congress up for re-election, polling them on NRA, 1934; letters from President Green to President Roosevelt: (favoring extension of NRA, December 13, 1934; opposing extension of NRA as amended, May 3, 1935); letter from President Green to all U.S. Senators, opposing extension of NRA (Senate Finance Committee version), supporting Roosevelt version, May 6, 1935; form letters from President Green: (to affiliated unions, urging them to conduct organizing campaigns, with separate flyer of AFL letterhead quoting NIRA section 7(a), directed at unorganized workers, June 17, 1933; to affiliated union, requesting representatives to special hearing by NRA re revising codes, January 14, 1935; to affiliated unions, enclosing statement of AFL Executive Council decrying Supreme Court invalidation of NRA, June 10, 1935, 7 pages; to all Special Organizers, asking to report specific cases of employer interference with workers' right to organize, to be brought before Senate hearing, September 15, 1936); minutes of special meeting of AFL Executive Council re wages, hours and unemployment since decision with lengthy opinion by AFL attorney, June 6, 1935, 20 pages; issues of AFL Weekly News Service, September 12, 1933 and July 6, 1935; "Confidential" draft of bill prepared for AFL, apparently revision of NRA, January 30, 1935, 22 pages; analysis by President Green of proposed Interstate Licensing Act, July 3, 1935, 13 pages; photocopy of journal article; notes
Box 9 Folder 11 1933-1935
"Statement by William Green, President AFL, at the Hearing on the Code of the Iron and Steel Industry Before the National Recovery Administration," July 31, 1933, 22 pages; "Negotiating the Construction Code - History of Participation by Building Trades Organizations in Code Making Under NRA," AFL booklet, n.d., 26 pages; "Statement on Behalf of the Workers in the Manufactured Gas Industry Affiliated with the AFL, Presented at the Public Hearing on the Code of Fair Competition ... Before the NRA, April 11, 1934," 11 pages; "Hours, Wages and Code Administration Under the NRA," prepared by AFL research division for Executive Council, May 15, 1934, 19 pages plus 3 pages of charts; "Codification of Labor Policy" from NRA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy to the chairman of the Advisory Council, August 28, 1934, 5 pages; form letter "to be sent to every trade union local in America" advising workers of employers' obligation to post codes, urging workers to report violations, October 12, 1934, 2 pages; "Memorandum for Mr. Green," form AFL legislative representative re proceedings of House Labor Committee hearing on establishment of boards under NRA, enforcement of codes, February 19, 1935, 3 pages; notes
Box 9 Folder 12 1933-1935
"Labor Proposals for Revision of Code for Auto Manufacturing Industry," submitted by William Green as President of AFL and as Acting Chairman, Labor Advisory Board, January 24, 1935, 39 pages; "The Code Proposed by Labor," n.d., 41 pages; "Final Report of the Auto Labor Board," October 22, 1935 ("strictly confidential"), 45 pages; note.
Box 9 Folder 13 1933-1935
Photocopy of journal article "The Rise and Decline of the NLB," n.d.; "The Cleveland Worsted Mills Case," 1934, 3 pages; notes
Box 9 Folder 14 1934-1940
"Statement of William Green, President AFL, on the Connery Labor Disputes Bill, Before the Committee on Labor, House of Representatives march 20, 1935" re need for law to guarantee right of labor to organize, 10 pages; four memoranda from AFL legislative representative re status of various amendments to Wagner-Connery Labor Disputes Bill, 1935; letter to AFL Vice-President Daniel Tobin from Senator Wagner re provision of bill, assuring him that Board will protect craft unions (i.e., AFL), June 14, 1935; form letters from AFL President Green, supporting Wagner Act, later amendments, 1934-40; letter from AFL Metal Trades Department President John Frey to NLRB Chairman, urging that skilled (craft) workers be allowed to express their preferences for union representation separately from semi-skilled/production workers, March 25, 1937, and the reply, giving no answer, April 1, 1937; "Labor Board Upholds Majority Representation As the Only Basis for Collective Bargaining," photocopy of article, United Mine Workers Journal, n.d., Volume XLV, Number 18; "Memorandum for Mr. Frey," from AFL legislative representatives re amendments to NLRA, February 7, 1938; AFL press releases hailing Supreme Court decision upholding NLRA, April 12, 1937; supporting amendments, April 4, 1940; "Analysis of Bill to Establish a Court of Labor Appeals Being Considered for Introduction by Hon. Usher L. Burdick," unsigned, n.d., 3 pages; "General Comments on Present Bill," amendment to NLRA, unsigned, n.d. 2 pages; notes.
Box 9 Folder 15 1939-1948
"The Wagner Act, July 5, 1935," photocopy of text of NLRA, with statement by Senator Wagner, 46 pages; three memoranda for President Green from AFL legislative representatives re amendments to NRLA, hearing on NLRA, 1940; "Analysis Prepared by William Green, President, AFL, of Amendments to NLRA, Proposed by the Smith Committee," 1940, 8 pages; lengthy correspondence between CIO President John L. Lewis and President Roosevelt re possible legal means of requiring compliance with draft of proposed Executive Order by Lewis, internal CIO memos, January 18, 1939-July21, 1940, 21 pages
Box 9 Folder 16 1934-1967
"Report of the NLRB on an Inquiry Into Industrial Relations Boards," Herman K. Brunk, February 26, 1935, 84 pages; resolution adopted at AFL annual convention "Protesting Re-Appointment of Donald Wakefield Smith as Member of the National Labor Relations Board," sent to all U.S. Senate candidates, October 25, 1938; "Statement of William Green, President, AFL, Testifying Before the Committee on Labor of the House of Representatives, June 13, 1939," criticizing the NLRB for favoring the CIO, 50 pages; "AFL Charges Against NLRB Clearly Set Forth," AFL Weekly News Service, excerpts of address by AFL President Green to National Republican Club, condemning NLRB personnel as biased, inefficient, March 2, 1940, 7 pages; letter to NLRB Chairman from AFL Metal Trades Department President Frey and Building and Construction Trades Department President Gray, re situation at Las Vegas magnesium plant, urging that existing collective bargaining arrangements be maintained for duration of war, February 26, 1943; memo from Frey opposing re- appropriation of funds to NLRB, calling for limitation on Board's discretionary authority, March 15, 1944, 2 pages; memo to President Green from AFL legislative representative re "Frey Rider," disagreeing with position of Executive Council, May 5, 1944, 4 pages; press release, text of President Green's letter to Senate Subcommittee on Labor- Management Relations, calling for investigation of NLRB actions against International Typographers Union, n.d.; NLRB press release, "NLRB Rules on Compliance with Registration and Affidavit Requirements," October 7, 1947, 5 pages; issue of Pacific Coast Maritime Report re NLRB action on hiring halls, August 2, 1948, Volume II, Number 13; "The Role of Government in Industrial Relations, Address to the Personnel Association of Pittsburgh" by Edwin E. Witte, Department of Economy, University of Wisconsin, March 13, 1952, 10 pages; "Statement by the [AFL] Executive Council - NLRB," decrying NLRB action, calling for appointment of unbiased member, February 21, 1955; "Organization and Procedure of the NLRB - Report to the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare," by the Advisory Panel on Labor-Management Relations Law, February 2, 1960, 26 pages; "Guide on Force vs. Law in Labor Disputes," July 27, 1960, 72 pages, "This Guide is Issued By, and Remains the Property of, the Office of General Counsel, NLRB. It shall not be publicly release or made available outside the agency"; "Legal Handsprings for Labor," editorial, Wall Street Journal, March 30, 1967, re GM dispute; form letters; notes.
Box 9 Folder 17-18 1960-1965
Legal brief re election dispute before NLRB between ILA-AFL, ILA-Independent, and the New York Shipping Association, n.d., 16 pages; several "Charges Against Labor Organization or Its Agents," 1965; reports; decisions; many notes
Box 9 Folder 19-20 1964-1966
Briefs, motions, responses, decisions, minority opinions and other legal documents and correspondence re dispute between Millwrights, Teamsters and the Don Cartage Company, including petitions with Circuit Court of Appeals to force NLRB to act expeditiously
Box 9 Folder 21 1966-1967
"Charging Party's Brief to the Board," UAW vs. Ex-Cell-o Corporation, June 27, 1967, 61 pages; U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, decision on Retail Clerks International Association petition to set aside decision of NLRB, August 16, 1966, 13 pages; correspondence
Box 9 Folder 22 1939
Box 9 Folder 23 1950
Box 9 Folder 24 1922-1952
Letter from AFL President Gompers to San Francisco Labor Council, quoting resolution adopted at AFL Convention urging strict government regulation of private development of natural resources, halting of further transfer of public to private ownership, March 14, 1922; "Declaration Made by the AFL Convention," opposing government subsidy to private power systems, 1923; "The Employee Relationship Policy of the Tennessee Valley Authority As of August 28, 1935," 11 pages, with cover letter to AFL President Green; Press release, President Green urges Senate to appoint TVA Director Lilienthal as Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission, March 19, 1947; resolution by consolidated building trades, Metal Trades, Central Labor Council of Solano County, endorsing the Monticello Reservoir Dam Site, Solano County, California, July 11, 1947; "Statement from Solano County Trades and Labor Council, AFL, In Favor of Construction of Monticello Dam," c. 1947, 4 pages, with related correspondence; statement of AFL legislative representative opposing Senate Bill 912, c. 1947, 4 pages; statement of AFL legislative representative supporting creation of Columbia Valley Administration, c. 1949, 8 pages; "Background Information on the St. Lawrence Seaway Project" with hand notation: "Hushing [AFL legislative representative], January 21, 1948," 6 pages; statement by Secretary of California State Federation of Labor to the Senate Subcommittee on appropriations to the Department of the Interior, opposing riders, with cover letter to AFL legislative representative, 4 pages; statement of AFL legislative representative before the Senate Public Works Committee, opposing legislation to amend the Tennessee Valley Authority Act, March 23, 1948, 3 pages; Statement of AFL legislative representative before the Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs supporting bill enabling the Supreme Court settlement of Colorado River system dispute, March 21, 1949, 2 pages; statement of AFL legislative representative before Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Deficiencies and Army Civil Functions, supporting Ice Harbor Lock and Dam Project, April 14, 1949, 3 pages; letter from President Green to George Harrison, President, Brotherhood of Railway Clerks re position of Executive Council on St. Lawrence Seaway project, January 3, 1951; memo for President Green from AFL legislative representative re Executive Council position on establishment of Missouri Valley Authority, January 14, 1952
Box 9 Folder 25 1944-1970
Memos to President Green re AFL position on anti-poll tax and anti-lynching legislation, September 11, 1940, 3 pages, and re status of anti-poll tax legislation, January 29, 1941, 2 pages; letter from AFL National Legislative Committee Chairman Hushing to Senator Chavez, Senate Subcommittee on Education and Labor Chairman, re AFL stand on President's Committee on Fair Employment Practices Committee (FEPC), September 7, 1944, 4 pages; memo re three bills patterned after FEPC, February 28, 1944; form letters to affiliated union from President Green supporting FEPC legislation, November 14, 1945, and outlining resolutions passed at AFL convention condemning racial discrimination in trade unions and calling for outlawing of KKK, November 19, 1946; statement by President Green before the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, in support of S 984, the Ives-Chavez Anti-Discrimination Bill, June 20, 1947, 3 pages; letter from Hushing to AFL Secretary-Treasurer Meany re President Green's erroneous statement in support of S 984, with analysis of the bill attached, January 23, 1948, 5 pages; statement by AFL national legislative representative before House subcommittees on Labor and Public Welfare, supporting anti-employment discrimination bill, May 19, 1949, 4 pages; memo "Draft of State FEPC Model Bill," November 14, 1950; three letters from Alabama: (from Selma, Brotherhood of Railway Carmen local financial secretary, to Deputy Treasurer of Railway Labor's Political League, deploring CIO contribution to NAACP, "dedicated to the destruction of our civilization," February 25, 1956; from Mobile, Brotherhood of Railway Clerks President, to AFL President Meany, supporting segregation and denouncing AFL-CIO News as a "propaganda sheet for the Communist conceived, inspired and dominated NAACP," October 10, 1957; from Birmingham, "the wife of a good union member," supporting AFL-CIO organizing in the South, and describing activities of the White Citizens' Council, February 24, 1956); "United States Government Memorandum," from the General Counsel to the Director of some unnamed government commission, summarizing testimony at hearing re "Federal Contract Compliance in the Building and Construction Industry in the San Franciso Bay Area," September 1, 1967, 31 pages; "Meeting of Sub-Committee on Compliance - EEOC Cases Recommended for Closing as of April 30, 1969," 6 page list of complaints filed against AFL-CIO affiliates; photocopy of article by Booker T. Washington, "The Negro and the Labor Unions," n.d., 12 pages; AFL-CIO brochure re civil rights, 1970; clippings; notes.
Box 9 Folder 26 1900-1942
Material relating to strike of [CIO] Newspaper Guild against Chicago Herald- American: "Statement by Frank Morrison, Secretary, AFL" re strike as CIO/Communist attack on AFL, December 5, 1938, 3 pages; several press releases by the Chicago Newspaper Guild Hearst Strike Committee, claiming AFL support, describing violence by Hearst "hoodlums" against women and elderly Catholic strikers, n.d.; form letter to Chicago-area businesses from AFL representative, urging advertising support for Herald-American against strikers of Newspaper Guild, December 4, 1939; resolution by American Federation of Reporters, Writers and Editorial Workers (AFL), Federal Local 21432, urging AFL President Green to initiate legal action to enjoin Newspaper Guild from using the name or initials of the AFL in its strike literature against Hearst newspapers, n.d.; "An Open Letter to William Green, President, AFL, and John Fitzpatrick, President, Chicago Federation of Labor, from the AFL Committee to Aid the Guild Strikers," [1939]; resolution by Allied Printing Trades at Port Huron, calling upon Hearst management to negotiate in good faith with Chicago Newspaper Guild, [1940]; correspondence; and notes
Box 9 Folder 27 1941-1943
Box 9 Folder 28 1910-1932
Box 9 Folder 29 1940-1941
Box 9 Folder 30 1937-1939
Box 9 Folder 31 1937-1955
Letter from AFL President Green informing Oil Field, Gas Well and Refinery Workers of America that charter has been revoked, due to affiliation of union with CIO, May 16, 1938; notes
Box 9 Folder 32 1929-1961
Survey sent to all AFL Central Bodies re situation of older workers; March 8, 1929; summary of retirement/alternative assignment policies of several industrial plants, April 5, 1961
Box 9 Folder 33 1920
Letter from AFL President Gompers to Executive Council with resolution of special conference re formation of publicity bureau in support of open shop, December 30, 1920
Box 9 Folder 34 1913-1952
"Operating Engineers," unsigned typescript, c. 1950, n.d., 8 pages; letter from President, International Union of Operating Engineers to all affiliated local unions, exhorting them to stand firm in support of AFL against CIO, April 6, 1936; affirmative replies; notes
Box 9 Folder 35 1886-1953
"Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers," unsigned typescript with hand notation "paid 4/28/53," 10 pages; notes
Box 9 Folder 36 1902-1939
Letter from International Brotherhood of Papermakers President to AFL President Green, affirming loyalty of union to AFL, December 5, 1939; notes
Box 9 Folder 37 1887-1942
Two page panegyric to AFL President William Green from President, Pattern Makers League of North America, apparently released as a press statement, with oblique reference to CIO, January 20, 1942; notes
Box 9 Folder 38 1915-1946
Box 9 Folder 39 1906-1950
Box 9 Folder 40 1888
Box 9 Folder 41 1919-1921
Minutes of AFL Executive Council re Plumb Plan with lengthy analysis by Vice- President Matthew Woll, 46 pages, and statement by Vice-President Morrison, 8 pages, August 30, 1919; form letter; notes
Box 9 Folder 42 1888-1912
Box 9 Folder 43 1902-1945
Minutes of Executive Council, August 9, 1945; notes
Box 9 Folder 44 1898-1952
Copy of telegram to President-elect Harding from AFL President Gompers re appointment of Secretary of Labor, February 7, 1921, 2 pages; miscellaneous correspondence; notes
Box 9 Folder 45 1920-1946
Letter from AFL President Gompers to Executive Council re establishment of non-partisan political action committee, January 15, 1920; "Supplemental Report of the Executive Council - Non-Partisan Political Policy" with hand notation "1937", 4 pages; "Report of the National Non-Partisan Political Campaign Committee of the AFL," [1937], 3 pages; form letters; correspondence
Box 9 Folder 46 1886-1952
Box 9 Folder 47 1894-1948
Several "Memoranda for Mr. Green" from AFL legislative representatives Roberts and Hushing re AFL support of various legislators, 1936-40; letter from AFL President Green to Secretary-Treasurer, Pennsylvania Federation of Labor, exhorting that support for a CIO-backed candidate was treason against the AFL, September 28, 1938; memorandum re Minnesota legislative and congressional campaigns, outlining strategy, budget, 4 pages, October 24, 1947; form letters; notes
Box 9 Folder 48 1897-1948
"Excerpts from the Declarations of AFL Conventions on Political Action," 1897-1935, 6 pages; numerous AFL recommendations submitted to the platform committees of national Democratic and Republican conventions, 1928-48; form letters; correspondence; notes
Box 10 Folder 1 1941-1952
Memorandum to AFL Labor Defense Committee, recommending support of Emergency Price Control Act of 1941; press release, AFL, opposing lifting of price ceilings on restaurant prices, June 17, 1946; statement by AFL Executive Council opposing lifting of price controls generally, June 22, 1946; statements by AFL President Green before Senate Committee on Banking and Currency, March 8, 1945 and April 29, 1946, 4 pages each; statement by AFL legislative representative George D. Riley before House subcommittee on Consumer Price Index, May 21, 1951, 4 pages; form letter; notes
Box 10 Folder 2 1950-1956
"Printing Industry of America," reprint from American Printer, May, June, July 1951, 11 pages; notes
Box 10 Folder 3 1917-1934
Letters from AFL President Gompers to President Wilson opposing the Prohibition Act and Volstead Act, December 14, 1917 and October 20, 1919; AFL press release calling for modification of the Volstead Act to allow beer and wine, February 25, 1922, 3 pages; letter to New York Governor Al Smith from AFL President Gompers, urging repeal of state law enforcing Volstead Act, May 29, 1923; letter from AFL President Green to President urging manufacture and sale of beer, December 22, 1925; statements by AFL legislative representative W. C. Roberts before legislative committees, describing Volstead Act as cause of crime, blindness and insanity, likening it to Soviet program of institutionalizing atheism by thought-control of the young, urging sale of beer and wine, 1926, 8 pages and c. 1929, 9 pages; correspondence
Box 10 Folder 4 1888-1938
Memoranda to AFL President Green from AFL legislative committee or legislative representative re public works projects, 1926 and 1938; minutes of AFL Executive Council re proposed legislation requiring payment of prevailing wages on government construction projects, with letter from President, Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers' International Union and copy of bill attached, January 9, 1930, 5 pages; form letter from AFL Building Trades Department re agreement by federal government to pay prevailing wages on construction, August 25, 1933; notes
Box 10 Folder 5 1901-1949
"Legislation Demanded by the Workers of Puerto Rico," 3 page unsigned report, probably by AFL legislative committee or representative, n.d., c. 1910; Resolution by Puerto Rican Free Federation of Workingmen delegate re minimum wages in Puerto Rico, especially in textile industry, recommending extension of mainland U.S. wage-hour law to Puerto Rico, 1949; notes
Box 10 Folder 6 1937
Box 10 Folder 7 1898-1959
Correspondence between AFL President Green and various officials of the Iron Workers' Local, Newark, New Jersey, and with President, International Association of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers, re charges of racketeering, July-August 1932, 20 pages; memorandum from AFL legislative representative re anti-racketeering bill, November 12, 1934, 5 pages; letter to AFL President Green re anti-racketeer bill and suggested amendments, May 15, 1934; letter to AFL President Green from United Mine Workers official re anti-racketeering bill as threat to bona fide labor, April 21, 1934; "Report on Certain Aspects of Labor Union Responsibility and Control," prepared by a subcommittee of the Committee on Legislation of the City Club of New York City, June 8, 1937, 23 pages; "Analysis of ... Hobbs Bill" amending Anti-Racketeering Act of 1934, by AFL General Council, recommending opposition, May 20, 1942, 4 pages; "Report on Trade Union Courier," 10 page report by AFL Executive Council re unethical practices of Trade Union Courier, c. 1948; letter from Editor of Trade Union Courier to AFL Vice-President Matthew Woll, praising and defending the paper, June 22, 1948, 8 pages; "In the Matter of ..." finding of New York State Labor Relations Board against sham labor union, outlines criteria for determining legitimacy of labor unions under law, July 16, 1959; "AFL-CIO Codes of Ethical Practices," printed booklet, February 1957; "Building Service Employees' International Union In the Bronx: A History of Corruption," 29 page report covering period from 1912-64 re Mafia control of local 32E; letter to AFL President Green, printed in Chicago Daily News, 1940 re corruption in local, with attached letter from CIO President John L. Lewis' secretary; three page manuscript, numbered 3-5, probably by Taft re extortion case Postman vs. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 1964; several from letters re AFL position on racketeering; notes. See also: Bakery and Confectionery Workers - Corruption, Box 3, File Folder 45. See also: Teamsters - Publications, Box 13, File Folder 3-5
Box 10 Folder 8 1941-1954
Box 10 Folder 9 1952-1953
Report to President Green by AFL committee appointed to evaluate report of New York State Board of Inquiry re labor troubles in the Port of New York, August 7, 1952, 9 pages; letter to President Meany from AFL Vice-President David Dubinsky calling for more action on part of Executive Council in dealing with troubles in International unions, December 20, 1952, and reply, January 15, 1953; four long, detailed press statements by ILA Executive Council, January 7, 8, 9, and 11, 1953; minutes of AFL Executive Council, with communication delivered to ILA, February 3, 1953, 3 pages, reply, May 15, 1953, 13 pages, reply to reply, stating that it was inadequate, May 26, 1953, 5 pages; "Excerpts from the Record of the Public Hearings Held by Governor Thomas E. Dewey on the Recommendations of the New York State Crime Commission For Remedying Condition on the Waterfront of the Port of New York," June 8 and 9, 1953; testimony of AFL President Meany, 12 pages; letter from AFL President Meany to ILA Executive Council notifying of intent to suspend affiliation until ILA implements reforms, August 11, 1953; notes. See also: Maritime - Longshoremen - New York City/New York State Reports, Box 8, File Folder 17-17a
Box 10 Folder 10 1933-1936
Box 10 Folder 11 1917-1950
"Labor Relations in the Railroad Industry in the United States," unsigned manuscript, 3/27/53, 12 pages; minutes of meeting with AFL legislative committee and Congressman re repeal of Esch-Cummings Law, February 27, 1924, 6 pages; "Extract from Minutes of Executive Council Meeting ... January 8-17, 1930"; "Preliminary Analysis and Statement Respecting S 3463 - the Donnell Bill Prohibiting Strikes and Providing For Compulsory Arbitration in the Railroad Industry," AFL statement, n.d., 4 pages; statement of AFL President Green before Senate Committee on Education and Labor, against Donnell Bill, June 10, 1950, 3 pages; notes
Box 10 Folder 12
"The Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen," unsigned typescript ("paid 10-7-53"), 5 pages; two page description by black employee of the Panama Canal / Panama Railroad Co. re efforts of "two white organizers" from the United Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way and Railway Shop Laborers to organize black workers; includes description of resistance by white labor unions, response of AFL, and successful result, unsigned, May 22, 1919; much correspondence between AFL President Gompers and officials of various rail unions, 1918-21; "Remarks of Samuel Gompers Before Conference of the Executives of the Railroad Organizations Affiliated with the AFL and the Four Brotherhoods," February 10, 1920, 17 pages; notes
Box 10 Folder 13 1924-1952
"The Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees," unsigned typescript ("paid, 4-5-52"), 9 pages; correspondence re reaffiliation/jurisdictional dispute between Teamsters and Railway and Steamship Clerks, May 1928; Notes
Box 10 Folder 14 1887-1946
Box 10 Folder 15 1932-1940
Box 10 Folder 16 1943
Box 10 Folder 17 1944-1946
Memos from AFL legislative representative re various bills July 1944; summary of bill for national reconversion, August 24, 1944, 6 pages; "Joint Letter from AFL, CIO and Railway Labor Executives Association," supporting Kilgore Bill, sent to all Senators, May 1, 1944, 2 pages; statements by AFL Vice-President Matthew Woll: ("Machinery For Reconversion," before Subcommittee of the U.S. Senate Military Affairs Committee, April 4, 1944, 16 pages; "Remobilizing For Peace," before U.S. Senate Post-War Economic Policy and Planning Committee, May 15, 1944, 21 pages); statement by AFL President Green in support of bill re disposal of government surplus with proposed amendments, August 9, 1944, 5 pages; "Statement re George Bill ... as Referred to House Committee on Ways and Means," August 17, 1944, by unnamed AFL representative; AFL Weekly News Service, excerpted articles, February 1945, and whole issue, April 3, 1945; minutes of AFL Executive Council with letter from FDR commanding formation of committee of industry and labor, March 28, 1945; "Statement by Lewis G. Hines, National Legislative Representative, AFL, Presented to the Committee on Post-War Military Policy," June 13, 1945, against compulsory military training, 8 pages; excerpts of address by AFL President Green at annual dinner of Carbondale Central Labor Union, against government regulation of the economy, March 14, 1946, 3 pages; statement by AFL President Green before the Special Subcommittee of the House Labor Committee, July 1, 1946 re strikes July 1, 1946, 9 pages; notes
Box 10 Folder 18 1902-1921
Letter from the American Federation of Catholic Societies, calling for closer, formal relations with AFL, January 12, 1915, 3 pages; notes
Box 10 Folder 19 1949-1950
Letter "to all Central Labor Unions" with "Major Provisions in the 1949 Rent Control Law" attached, April 14, 1949; press release, statement by AFL President Green opposing increase in "fair net operating income" standard for landlords, May 4, 1949; "Statement by William Green, President, AFL, Before the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency on the Extension of Rent Control," April 26, 1950.
Box 10 Folder 20 1942-1968
Box 10 Folder 21 1946
Box 10 Folder 22 1935-1942
Box 10 Folder 23 1926-1927
Box 10 Folder 24 1936
Box 10 Folder 25 1916-1955
Box 10 Folder 26 1940
Box 10 Folder 27 1907-1955
Three "memos for Mr. Green" from AFL legislative representatives re status of old age pension legislation in various states, January 29, 1933, status of workmen's compensation legislation in various states, January 29, 1934, and analysis of unemployment insurance bill, December 6, 1935; statement by AFL President Green before the Senate Committee on Finance, in support of supplementary unemployment compensation, August 29, 1945, 14 pages; statement by AFL representative before House Ways and Means Committee in support of expanded unemployment compensation, June 5, 1946, 7 pages; summary of National Health Insurance and Public Health Act, May 31, 1949, 6 pages; "The Need for a Federal Unemployment Compensation Standards Bill," with summary of Act, 13 pages, [1954]; many form letter and notes
Box 10 Folder 28 1935-1957
Letter from AFL President Green to Senator LaFollette, opposing amendment to Social Security bill exempting contribution by employers offering private retirement plans; letter from AFL President Green to U.S. Civil Service Commission, urging that labor representatives be allowed to serve on Social Security Board, January 16, 1937, reply clarifying regulations, January 29, 1937, 4 pages; report of the AFL Committee on Social Security, January 26, 1939, 3 pages; testimony by AFL Vice-President Matthew Woll before the House Ways and Means Committee re revisions in social security, March 7, 1939, 8 pages, and by AFL legislative representative, March 9, 1939, 3 pages (both sent as package with cover letter from AFL President Green to all State Federations and Central Labor Unions); letter from AFL President Green to Chairman House Ways and Means Committee re need for federally-administrated unemployment compensation, January 26, 1942; letter from AFL legislative representative to Congressman re federalization of unemployment compensation, February 6, 1942; letter to AFL President Green from AFL legislative representative re payroll deduction increase for social security, November 27, 1944; letter from AFL President Green to member of Senate finance Committee opposing freeze on payroll deductions for social security, December 6, 1944; statement adopted by the AFL Executive Council protesting reorganization plan of Federal Security Agency, May 22, 1946; statement by AFL to House Ways and Means Committee re public assistance aspects of social security, March 18, 1949, 7 pages; statement by AFL representative before House Ways and Means Committee in support of revisions in social security system, April 20, 1949, 7 pages; report of AFL Committee on Social Security, February 7, 1950; statement by AFL representative before Senate Finance Committee in support of revisions in social security system, March 1, 1950, 6 pages; letter from AFL Vice-President Matthew Woll to Senator Herbert H. Lehman clarifying position of AFL re coverage of state and local government employees under social security, March 20, 1950; statement of AFL position re revisions in social security, May 26, 1950, 5 pages; report of Committee on Social Security to AFL Executive Council, February 1953; "The Conception, Gestation and Birth of the Social Security Department [AFL]," July 12, 1957, 7 pages, (frank discussion by AFL Director, Department of Social Security, prepared for P. Taft, re personalities involved in AFL activities).
Box 10 Folder 29 1881-1920
Box 10 Folder 30 1896-1933
Box 10 Folder 31 1928-1948
Letter to AFL President Green from AFL organizer George L. Googe, describing extensive activities in organizing textile mills in Georgia, May 27, 1929, 7 pages; report of AFL Southern Organizing Campaign Committee meeting of November 16, 1930; report on the Southern Campaign by Chairman George L. Googe, May 11-12, 1946, 7 pages; "Memorandum for the Press - Re: CIO Organizing Campaign in the South," May 3, 1946, 3 pages; "Report of CIO Southern Campaign Staff," prepared by AFL Southern representative George L. Googe, n.d.; "Report to the AFL Executive Council on the Southern Campaign - George L. Googe, Chairman," July 31, 1947, 13 pages; "Confidential to Members of the Executive Council: Expenditures Since Report to April 1947 Meeting of the Executive Council" and "Financial Report of Total Campaign Expenditures of Southern Organizing Campaign May 1, 1946 to August 1, 1947," by George L. Googe; "Who Are These Dixiecrats?" 7 page manuscript adopted by the annual convention of the Alabama State CIO Political Action Committee, October 17, 1948; notes
Box 10 Folder 32 1879-1902
Box 10 Folder 33 1898
Box 10 Folder 34 1914
Box 10 Folder 35 1918-1943
Handbills: ("Colored Steel Workers", "CIO Steel Workers Mass Meeting", "Steel Workers - Are You Satisfied?" by Steel Workers Organizing Committee, "What's the Score? On Negotiations" by United Steelworkers); "General Report on Steel Strike Relief Fund," by William Z. Foster, Secretary-Treasurer, National Committee for Organizing Iron and Steel Workers, January 31, 1920 and report on newly organized steel workers by location and trade from August 1, 1918 to January 31, 1920, by William Z. Foster; letter from John P. Davis, National Secretary, National Negro Congress, to William Mitch, United Mine Workers re organizing black steel workers, October 12, 1936; numerous memoranda by V.R. Tompkins (most unsigned), some addressed to AFL Metal Trades Department Director John Frey, re Communist party activity within Steel Workers Organizing Committee, 1936-1937; miscellaneous memoranda re SWOC activities, 1936; miscellaneous papers
Box 10 Folder 36 1910-1936
"Status of Iron, Steel and Tin Workers' Struggle with the U.S. Steel Corporation," c. 1910, 9 pages; letter from AFL President Samuel Gompers to President Taft re charges against U.S. Steel, January 6, 1910, and reply from the U.S. Attorney General March 28, 1910; resolution sent to AFL President Gompers and U.S. Secretary of Labor by convention of Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel and Tin Workers asking for investigation of conditions at striking California plant, c. 1917; "Memorandum for Mr. Green" from AFL legislative representative W. C. Roberts re open shop provision for steel industry in the National Industrial Recovery Bill, July 28, 1933; letter to William Green re radical elements at 60th convention of the Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel and Tin Workers, April 24, 1935; list of AAISTW locals suspended for non-payment of per capita tax, May 4, 1935; correspondence between AFL President Green, AAISTW President Tighe and members of expelled locals re reinstatement, August 1935; correspondence re agreement reached at conference for reinstatement and payment of back taxes, September-October 1935; minutes of the AFL Executive Council re Amalgamated per capita tax, organizing problems, October 1935; "Suggested Plan to Organize the Steel Industry submitted to Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor by the International Executive Board, AAISTW of North America," October 20, 1935, 11 pages; "Summary of Situation in Steel, January 13, 1936," unsigned, 8 pages; letter to AFL President Green from John L. Lewis proposing plan for organizing steel workers, offering financial assistance, February 22, 1936, and reply, that letter was being referred to Executive Council, February 25, 1936; "Replies to letter of March 2, 1936, to Presidents of National and International Unions," soliciting contributions to AFL steel organizing drive: union-by-union breakdown of replies, with comments, 6 pages; letter to Af President of AAISTW from John L. Lewis, repeating offer of assistance, April 15, 1936; "Iron, Steel and Tin Workers Organizing Campaign," excerpts from minutes of AFL Executive Council, rejecting "Suggested Plan" (above) submitted by AAISTW for organizing steel industry, May 5, 1936; letter to AAISTW convention from AFL President Green that AFL Executive Council would organize steelworkers without "interference" from any other organization, May 8, 1936; telegram to AAISTW convention from John L. Lewis, in reply to letter from President Green, criticizing AFL position as futile and malicious, reiterating offer of support, May 8, 1936; telegram to AAISTW convention from AFL President Green, replying to Lewis' reply to Green's first letter, denying malice, May 11, 1936; letter to AAISTW from John L. Lewis, urging speed in carrying out decision of convention in favor of CIO, May 21, 1936; statement by AAISTW Executive Board announcing upcoming meeting with John L. Lewis, unsatisfactory response from other unions, June 4, 1936; statement by AFL President Green (as press release), decrying decision by AAISTW to accept CIO plan, June 5, 1936, and similar statement, denouncing CIO's "thwarting" of AFL's organizing effort, July 8, 1936; correspondence between AAISTW President Tighe and President, International Association of Bridge and Structural Workers (AFL), that CIO was doing virtually all organizing of steel workers, July 30-31, 1936; letter from AAISTW President Tighe to AFL President Green re revocation of AAISTW charter by AFL, May 30, 1938, 3 pages.
Box 10 Folder 37 1936-1943
List of SWOC personnel, July 19, 1939, 12 pages; "Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Co. Agreement," March 17, 1937, 7 pages; letter to AFL President Green from United Mine Workers President Van Bittner, excoriating Green's "treachery to labor" in opposing CIO organization of steel industry, July 22, 1937; "Officers' Report to the First Constitutional Convention," 12 page report of history and activities of SWOC's Southern District, May 9, 1942, with 3 page list of Meetings of Steel Lodges; list of new lodges and SWOC membership, 10 pages, January 1, 1937; correspondence by SWOC Executive Director Noel Beddow, thanking for financial support of strikers, inviting employee representatives of company unions to SWOC meeting, 1936-38; "Minutes of Meeting Held in the Office of Acting Manager of Industrial Relations," re terms of 1941 agreement between SWOC and Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Co., May 13, 1941, 3 pages; "Memorandum of Meeting Held in Office of Acting Manager of Industrial Relations, April 7, 1942" with agreement between SWOC and Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Co., 3 pages; "Minutes of Meeting with Grievance Committee of the SWOC" re request for pay increase at Tennessee Coal, Iron, and Railroad Co., April 10, 1942; "Plan of Employee Representation in Plants of Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Co.," n.d., 8 pages; letter from SWOC Executive Director re stripper incident at Gadsden, Alabama steel mill, with clipping of newspaper account, March 2, 1940; letter from SWOC Executive Director to Lee Pressman, General Counsel, CIO, re situation at Republic Steel plant, May 13, 1941; "Secretaries of Steel Lodges in Birmingham," 1936; "Statement by Philip Murray, November 8, 1936: The Problem Before the SWOC on June 17, 1936," 7 pages; "Minutes of a Meeting of the SWOC Held in Pittsburgh, PA, September 29, 1936," 4 pages, with "Philip Murray, Chairman, report to the SWOC," 6 pages, and summary, 3 pages; letter to SWOC Chairman Philip Murray from Regional Director William Mitch re situation at Gadsden, Alabama plant with legal opinion attached, May 18, 1937; "Report of Southern Region of the SWOC Organizing Committee for the CIO Conference, October 11, 1937, 7 pages; "First Wage and Policy Convention of the SWOC," December 14-16, 1937, 5 pages; "Proceedings of the Second International Wage and Policy Convention of the SWOC, May 14-17, 1940, 8 pages; letter to CIO President Philip Murray from Regional Director Noel Beddow re racial trouble at Southern steel plant, July 12, 1943; telegram to Beddow from Secretary-Treasurer urging caution by lodge officers in dealing with U.S. Steel plant managers, August 8, 1939; SWOC pamphlet, "The U.S. Supreme Court's Decision in the Republic Steel Case," directed at employees, 1937; form letters. See also: Steel - Communists, etc., Box 10, File Folder 35.
Box 10 Folder 38 1942-1947
Two unsigned typescripts: ("The United Steelworkers of America," n.d., 2 pages; "The United States Steel Corporation," c. 1961, 4 pages; memorandum from [CIO] General Counsel Lee Pressman to staff re "Securing Data Relevant to Discharges for Union Activities," n.d.; "Brief Report of the Progress of the United Steelworkers of America, District #36, since Jun3 1942," n.d.; minutes of AFL Executive Council, February 4, 1945, 4 pages; "International Officers and District Directors of the United Steelworkers of America," June 1, 1947, 3 pages
Box 10 Folder 39 1965-1967
"The Steelworkers Election," unattributed 78 page manuscript, August 1965; numerous commission reports and election appeal briefs, 1967
Box 10 Folder 40 1901-1942
Very numerous notes
Box 10 Folder 41 1903-1947
Numerous (apparently incomplete) photocopies of articles from the AAISTW Amalgamated Journal and other journals, including the Jones and Laughlin decision
Box 10 Folder 42 1887
Box 10 Folder 43 1892-1937
Box 10 Folder 44 1950-1960
Several typed manuscripts by Philip Taft, some unsigned, some fragmented, mostly re strikes in general, some re arbitration
Box 10 Folder 45 1875-1967
Mostly typed notes from various sources
Box 11 Folder 1 1912-1968
"Comparison of Outstanding Labor Disputes in the U.S. in Three Periods," prepared by the Office of the Executive Secretary, NLRB, April 1968, 17 pages; statement by AFL President William Green before Special Subcommittee of the House Labor Committee, July 1, 1946, opposing anti-strike legislation, outlining causes of postwar strikes, 9 pages; form letters; reprints of articles; notes
Box 11 Folder 2 1870-1946
Box 11 Folder 3 1960-1969
Various legal briefs, affidavits, opinions, etc.
Box 11 Folder 4 1910
Six page letter from Samuel Gompers to the President of the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union re strike by cloak and suit workers, August 3, 1910
Box 11 Folder 5 1911-1981
"Three Strikes," unsigned typescript re the Bethpage, Long Island teachers' strike, the PATCO strike and the Gary, Indiana firefighters' strike, [c. 1981], 9 pages; "The Problem," re strikes by public employees, by the Twentieth Century Fund with Philip Taft, n.d., 21 pages; "Public Collective Bargaining and Social Change," address by Chairman, New York City Office of Collective Bargaining before the American Bar Association, August 6, 1968, 6 pages; notes and photocopies of articles. See also: Government Employees, Box 7, File Folders 5-7. See also: Government Employees - New York City, Box 7, File Folder 8. See also: Teachers - Bethpage Strike, Box 11, File Folder 20. See also: Teachers - UFT, Box 12
Box 11 Folder 6 1885-1929
Notes and photocopies of articles; form letters
Box 11 Folder 7 1922
Box 11 Folder 8 1925-1941
Box 11 Folder 9 1877-1966
"Violence in Labor Disputes, 1877-1946," 7 page table showing name of dispute, year, numbers killed and injured, major issues; "Number of deaths by violence in work stoppages, 1937-1964," by U.S. Department of Labor, 1 page; 61 page manuscript, "Violence in Labor Disputes," beginning with p. 22, Table III; 12 page manuscript, "National Guard," list of citations in journals; four page draft, untitled, unsigned, n.d.; notes; reprint of journal article
Box 11 Folder 10 1937-1963
Many photocopies of newspaper clippings
Box 11 Folder 11 1899-1922
"Ship Subsidy" by Samuel Gompers, stating opposition, copied from the January 1907 Federationist, 5 pages; "Conference Held Tuesday, April 6, 1922 in the Executive Council Chamber, AFL ... to Consider the Ship Subsidy Bill," minutes, 5 pages; notes; clipping from May 20, 1922 International Labor News Service, AFL
Box 11 Folder 12
Unsigned typescript, "Sweatshops," n.d., 2 pages
Box 11 Folder 13 1885
Box 11 Folder 14 1946-1954
Telegram to AFL affiliates from AFL President Green, urging them to wire Senators protesting anti-Labor legislation, May 28, 1946; statement by AFL Executive Council against anti-labor legislation pending in the Senate, May 15, 1946; "AFL National Union Heads Pledge Vigorous Fight to Repeal Labor Act and Vote Out Its Supporters," text of policy statement adopted at special conference of national and international officers, 1947 (hand notation), 4 pages (incomplete); AFL Executive Council press statement (taken from minutes) calling for repeal of Taft-Hartley, n.d. (c. 1947); letter to AFL President Green from CIO President Murray, requesting meeting to formulate a joint program, July 2, 1947; confidential report by AFL counsel J. Albert Woll, "Section 313 of the Federal Corrupt Practices Act and Its Effect on Contributions and Expenditures by Labor Organizations in Political Campaigns," December 3, 1947, 26 pages; press release by AFL President Green, commenting on report of Joint Congressional Committee on Labor-Management Relations, March 15, 1948; "Statement by Richard J. Gray, President Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL, Before the Joint Committee on Labor Management Relations of the Congress of the U.S., May 25, 1948," condemning Taft-Hartley, 12 pages; letter from AFL President Green to Acting President, International Molders and Foundry Workers, urging him to prepare a radio program against Taft-Hartley, September 30, 1948; report of the first meeting of the AFL National Legislative Council's Administrative Committee re efforts of repeal Taft-Hartley, January 11, 1949; "Statement by William Green, President, AFL before the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare ... February 15, 1949, re repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act ..." 5 pages; statement of AFL President Green before the Committee on Education and Labor, U.S. House of Representatives, March 16, 1949, 5 pages plus proposed amendments; "The Taft-Hartley Act," unsigned, probably by AFL representative or legislative committee, re legislative efforts to repeal Taft-Hartley, [1949], 5 pages; "Minutes, Joint Meeting of Labor's League for Political Education and the National Legislative Council of the AFL," July 19-20, 1949; "Memo for files" by AFL legislative representatives W. C. Hushing and George Riley re "Talk With Senator Taft on reported proposed Amendments to the Taft-Hartley Act," December 15, 1950; form letter from AFL President Green with attached Building and Construction Trades Bulletin, November 29, 1951; "Statement of George D. Riley" before the Senate Subcommittee on Labor and Public Welfare, May 21, 1952, 4 pages; minutes of AFL Executive Council meeting with statement by President George Meany re President's recommendation to Congress for amendment of Taft-Hartley, January 13, 1954, 6 pages; reprint from Journal of Political Economy, Volume LVI, Number 3, June 1948: "The Closed Shop and the Taft Act."
Box 11 Folder 15 1947-1949
Includes printed checklist of Congressional voting record on Taft- Hartley and other key issues, published by AFL Labor's League for Political Education
Box 11 Folder 16 1881-1883
Box 11 Folder 17 1916
Box 11 Folder 18 1921-1953
"From the Proceedings of the AFL Convention ..." 1921-25, '29, '31: statements against sales tax; "Memo for Mr. Green," unsigned re AFL position against reduction in income tax, imposition of sales tax, July 13, 1925; "Statement by [AFL representative] W. C. Roberts before the Finance Committee of the U.S. Senate on the Estate Tax," in support, with pencil notation "1927?", 9 pages; "The Sales Tax, Otherwise the Nuisance Tax," unsigned, September 18, 1931, 4 pages; untitled, unsigned, undated manuscript with pencil notation "sales tax", apparently by AFL representative or committee, c. 1931, 6 pages; list of platform proposals submitted to Republican and Democratic Conventions by AFL, 1924 and 1928, with platforms adopted by Democrats re sales and income taxes, March 11, 1932; copy of International Labor News Service with article "Labor Says, `No Sales Tax!'" November 26, 1932; memos for Mr. Green, listing status of income tax and sales tax legislation by state, January 29, 1934; excerpts from AFL Executive Council minutes: "Legislation-Taxes, Undivided Profits," January 24-February 8, 1938, 5 pages; letter from AFL President Green to House Ways and Means Committee Chairman, supporting expansion of Social Security coverage and taxes to help finance the war, January 23, 1942; "The Revenue Act of 1942 - Recommendations of the AFL to the Finance Committee of the U.S. Senate," August 11, 1942, 12 pages; letter to AFL Vice-President Matthew Woll from AFL representative W. C. Hushing, re new tax legislation, October 30, 1942; form letters explaining Victory Tax and exemptions, February 15, 1943; letter from AFL President Green to Senate Ways and Means Committee Chairman favoring a withholding system for income tax payments, March 11, 1943, and urging consideration of AFL's social security tax proposals, November 1, 1943; resolution adopted by Executive Council calling for reduction in Cabaret Tax, May 8, 1944; press statement by AFL Committee on Taxation calling for reduction in taxes for low-income groups, November 14, 1946; statement by President Green before the Senate Finance Committee re tax reduction bills, May 2, 1947, 5 pages; "Statement of Arthur A. Elder representing the AFL before the House Ways and Means Committee on General Tax Revision," July 10, 1947, 5 pages; "Revenue Revision 1948 to remove tax injustices to permit full employment and production: Minority Report of the Special Tax Study Committee to the House Ways and Means Committee, submitted by AFL Vice-President Matthew Eoll, November 3, 1947, 32 pages and press releases re report, November 5, 1947, 5 pages, and re favorable majority reaction to report, November 6, 1947; Statement by AFL representative Lewis G. Hines before Senate Finance Committee, in support of proposed elimination of margarine tax, May 18, 1948, 3 pages; "Statement of AFL Before House Ways and Means Committee on Proposed Amendments to Federal Tax Laws," February 28, 1950; "Statement on Proposed Amendments to Revenue Act of 1950 ... In Light of Proposed Increase in Federal Expenditures by AFL," July 31, 1950, 5 pages, plus supplementary statement to Senate Finance Committee, 3 pages; minutes of AFL Executive Council re taxes, January 25, 1951; correspondence re tax bill requiring labor organizations to report income and disbursements annually, 1943-1953; form letters; notes
Box 11 Folder 19 1938-1972
Letter from AFL President Green to President, New York College Teachers' Union, responding to peace overture: burden of peacemaking rests with teachers' union and depends on its rejection of CIO, October 17, 1938; letter to AFL Vice-President David Dubinsky from New York City Superintendent of Schools re Board of Education's position on six issues, January 6, 1961; "Work Stoppages Involving Teachers, 1940-62," summary release by U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, November 1963, 8 pages; "Forth Annual Gallup Poll of Public Attitudes Toward Education," by George H. Gallup, reprint from Phi Delta Kappa, September 1972, 4 pages
Box 11 Folder 20 1968
Board brief and decision "In the Matter of Bethpage Federation of Teachers," April 11, 1969.
Box 11 Folder 21 1912-1920
Photocopied clippings from various professional and legal journals re unionization, equal pay for women, childbirth as ground for dismissal ("neglect of duty"), general issues
Box 11 Folder 22 1925-1962
"Public Schools of the City of New York - History of Teachers' Salaries under control of the Board of Estimate and Apportionment," reprinted by the Joint Committee of Teachers Organizations, April 1938, from a report prepared by a committee in 1917, 9 pages; "Statement of the Rank and File: Why Reorganize the Joint Salary Committee," c. 1933; many newspaper clippings, mostly from the Bulletin of the New York Teachers Guild, 1926-62
Box 11 Folder 23 1925-1935
"Report on Continuation Schools" by the Sub-Committee on Continuation Schools, Committee on Experimental Education of the Teachers Union, May 3, 1929, 3 pages; press release, "Teachers Union States Its Position on the `Loyalty' Questionnaire," by TU President Henry Linville, December 21, 1934; photocopies of articles from professional journals, especially the Union Teacher, publication of the Teachers Union
Box 11 Folder 24 1932-1938
Notice of special meeting, with attached report of the Joint Committee re charges against activities of left-wing members, October 20, 1932, 7 pages; "Report of the Special Grievance Committee" re specific charges against named left-wing members, April 18, 1933, 13 pages; "Notes on the Trial Meeting, April 29, 1933," 4 pages; "The Report of the Special Grievance Committee of the Teachers Union," April 29, 1933, 8 pages; "Resolutions and Amendments Approved by the Executive Board of the Teachers Union ..." April 29, 1933, 4 pages; "Reply to the Grievance Committee Report," by the Joint Defense Committee, n.d., c. 1933, 5 pages; "Statement by [Dr.] Abe Lefkowitz," against leftist factions in TU, n.d., with hand notation "1934?", 6 pages; "In Defense of Militant Trade Unionism: the Rank and File Reply to Dr. Linville's Statement `What Price Factionalism,'" February 27, 1935; "A Letter on the Union Investigation," by TU officers, June 7, 1935; "The Case of Local Five," criticizing TU leaders Linville and Lefkowitz, AFL investigation, signed "Teachers Union - New York City. Local Five: American Federation of Teachers," c. 1936, 3 pages; "Statement of Local 5 of the AFT to the AFL Committee," criticizing AFL investigation, etc., as above, c. 1936, 4 pages; Bulletin, Joint Committee of Teachers Organizations re expulsion of Teachers Union, with "Answer to the Joint Committee Bulletin" by Teachers Union, April 25, 1938; notes.
Box 11 Folder 25 1935-1940
Flyer, "The Aims and Objectives of the New York Teachers Guild, adopted at the organization meeting," October 1, 1935; "Summary and Additional Comment," 6 page unsigned manuscript with 2 page additional fragment, n.d., re events leading to founding of Teachers Guild, apparently for organizers; press release and form letter opposing McNaboe anti-subversion investigation of New York State schools, September 16, 1936; letter to members of Guild Executive Board from Guild Executive Director Linville, calling special meeting "to perform certain necessary acts which for us will involve no factional disturbance," September 8, 1936; "Proposals For Changes In Regulations Governing Sabbatical Leave," unsigned, February 3, 1937, 3 pages; cover letter to "questionnaire on morale," not attached with other items, to Executive Board, March 1, 1937; promotional piece by Teachers Guild, May 1, 1937, 2 pages; "News Letter From New York - Sent Personally to a Limited Number," 7 page communique from Guild Executive Director Henry Linville re factional/Communist power struggles within Teachers Union, June 12, 1937; press releases (12), some re Teachers Union (responses to attacks), some re pending legislation, some in form of letters to public officials (Governor, Mayor, President of Board of Education), all 1937; "Legislative Report For 1937-1938," November 1938, 2 pages; minutes of Guild Executive Board and Delegate Assembly, 1935-39; various photocopies of Teachers Guild Bulletin and the Guild Teacher, 1937-39.
Box 11 Folder 26 1942-1960
Press releases: (re juvenile delinquency, October 4, 1943, 4 pages; re Committee on Human Relations, supporting protest resignation of chairmen, criticizing mayor, Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools, October 17 and 29, 1945; opposing Teachers Council, November 2, 1945; re uncovered classes at one school, October 31, 1945; decrying "lack of discussion between teachers and school officials" (copies of letters to mayor and President, Board of Education), June 1954; opposing requirement for teachers to reveal names of subversives, February 21, 1955; decrying teacher shortage, January 7, 1958; favoring unity plan to create United Federation of Teachers, March 16, 1960); memorandum to Guild Executive Board from Guild Special representative re merger policy, January 25, 1960, 2 pages; "McNaboe Resolution for Inquiry" creating join committee of state legislature to investigate subversive activities in schools, n.d., 2 pages; "Resolution adopted Unanimously by the Executive Board of the New York Teachers Guild (AFL) on Wednesday, April 20, 1955 - [In the Matter] of Charges Preferred by the Board of Higher Education Against V. McGill, Louis Weisner and Charles W. Hughes," deploring requirement to disclose names of Communist Party members by ex-affiliates; notice of meeting to prepare for meeting with school Superintendent and other officials re "Democratization of the School Administration," January 11, 1946; "Towards Democratization of School Administration," resume of statements by Guild representatives at meeting held at Board of Education, February 6, 1946, 6 pages; "Restore Teacher Morale and End the Boycott," statement by Guild legislative representative before the Meyer fact-finding committee of the New York City Board of Education, December 5, 1950, 7 pages; "Needed Salary Adjustments in the NYC Schools," statement by Guild President before the Meyer fact-finding committee of the New York City Board of Education, December 5, 1950, 5 pages; "Statement Before the NYC Board of Education, Thursday, March 1, 1951 on the Meyer Committee Report"; several press releases re "Minimum Service Program" (i.e., work slowdown) by Guild, May-June 1954; guidelines for "Minimum Service Program" re extracurricular activities, class trips and other non-mandated services, c. 1954, 2 sheets; statement by Guild Educational Policy Committee re "difficult schools", 4 pages, with pencil notation "1956 or 1957"; "Report of a Special Committee of the New York Teachers Guild" opposing forced transfers, January 30, 1957, 2 pages; "Guild Action in the Case of Alma Fabricus," June 30, 1942-January 4, 1943, 2 pages; correspondence.
Box 11 Folder 27 1940-1960
"School Crisis Fact Book," 9 pages, 1947; the "Mid-Summer Letter" to Guild Executive Board, July 20, 1954, 2 pages; photocopies of articles from the Guild Teacher: "The 1941 AF of T Convention", "Developments in School Laws, 1940-41", "Local 2 Launches Challenging Legislative Campaign for 1941"; "The 1958 Legislative Program," 2 pages plus one page 26-point "complete" program of Guild; "Amendments to the By-Laws of the Board of Education Recommended by the Teachers' Guild of NYC In Order to Improve Procedural Practices," n.d., 2 pages; "How the Clancy Law Works," aids in computing pension reserves and rates, by Guild, n.d., c. 1951; Guild Executive Board minutes, 1960 (plus one 1949 and 1959); Guild Delegate Assembly minutes, 1940-41; D. A. Reporter, February 14, 1951, number 34 and number 21, n.d.; form letter; routine letter, 1945 and 1946
Box 11 Folder 28 1941-1960
Photocopies of Guild publications, mostly the Guild Teacher and the Guild Bulletin
Box 11 Folder 29 1945-1962
Letter from Guild President to New York City Board of Education President re staff shortages in the Bureau of Child Guidance, non-competitive, newly reduced, starting salary, comparing with salary and requirements of building attendants, December 14, 1945; "Bureau of Child Guidance," statement of Guild representative at Budget Hearing, New York City Board of Education, November 30, 1945, criticizing unrealistic starting salary and requirements as cause of shortage of school social workers, 3 pages; letter from Guild President to New York City Board of Education President, re salary schedule of substitute school social workers and psychologists, November 7, 1951; form letter to Bureau of Child Guidance (BCG) members supporting the Staff Relations Plan, March 28, 1952; "Brief in Support of Teacher Status for School Social Worker and Psychologists as Provided by the Cuite and Bubin Bills Before the 1956 State Legislature," 13 page report by New York City Teachers Guild, January 26, 1956; "Teachers Status For Psychologists and Social Workers in the Bureau of Child Guidance," Prepared by Guild representative, January 17, 1956, 2 pages; letter from Guild President to New York City Board of Education President protesting salary schedules for social workers and psychologists, May 31, 1956; letter from President, Guild Bureau of Child Guidance Chapter to Chairman of Board of Examiners, New York City Board of Education, protesting delay in announcing appointment lists for school social workers, psychologists and supervisors, September 18, 1956; "Brief Opposing the Proposed Qualifying Examination for the Position of Assistant Administrative Director in the Bureau of Child Guidance and Asking for Such a Delineation of the Functions of this New Position So That There is No Danger Of Intrusion On the Professional Prestige and Integrity of the Clinical Leadership," c. 1956, 2 pages; "Brief in Support of Increased Budgetary Provisions for the Bureau of Child Guidance," presented to the Board of Education at the Budget Hearing on January 27, 1958, by the Bureau of Child Guidance Chapter of the New York Teachers Guild, 4 pages; press releases, copies of the Bureau Guild Reporter, (one later issue, 1963, called Child Guidance Chapter, UFT Reporter)
Box 11 Folder 30 1941-1965
Guild press releases (1941-60), correspondence with Superintendent of Schools, Mayor (1954-59) re false class registers, misleading publication of "average" class size figures, and need for conferences; "Why Have You Asked That the Members Board of Education be Removed From Office?" statement recorded for John Wingate Program, WOR radio (New York City), n.d., c. 1952; unsigned 3 page manuscript, apparently by Guild, re evasion of class size limitations as mandated by "Regulations of the Commissioner of Education of the State of New York," and administrative appeal by Guild to compel conformity, c. 1952; brief of appeal by United Federation of Teachers (UFT), "In the Matter of the Appeal of Franklin Smith," 1960, incorporating by reference Guild appeal "In the Matter of Simon," 1956; One UFT press release, October 24, 1961, clippings
Box 11 Folder 31 1956-1957
"Corrected Statement of Facts Regarding `Difficult' Schools", report of the Educational Policies Committee to the Executive Board, 20-point analysis of `difficult' children, with proposed remedies, December 1956, 5 pages; minutes of Educational Policies Committee meeting, May 10, 1957 and form letter invitation to meeting, April 30, 1957
Box 11 Folder 32 1941-1959
"Should a Teachers Guild Affiliate With Labor?" answering "yes", May 22, 1941; "23 Reasons Why You Should Join the NY Teachers Guild, AFL," n.d., 2 pages; two form letters to Guild members, urging participation in membership campaign, October 15 and November 18, 1941; letter to teachers, criticizing indifference to professional issues, organization, urging membership in Guild, with pencil notation: "Membership Drive, Eastern District High School, May 14, 1948, 2 pages; "A Personal Letter to Our Fellow Teachers," by Benjamin Franklin chapter of Guild, urging joining, November 1947; "You're Stronger in the Guild," photocopy of printed brochure by Guild, n.d., 1947; "Reuther Asks CIO Teachers to Enter AFL," copied from World Telegram-Sun, April 27, 1954; "Confidential" analysis by Guild officials: "Big Guild or Little Guild?" re reasons for slow growth of membership, suggested remedies, with hand notation 1956, 4 pages; letter from Guild officials explaining advantages of labor affiliation, "alliances" with other groups, with marginal notations, October 24, 1957, 2 pages; form letter to Guild members with questionnaire re reasons for non-payment of dues, October 1959
Box 11 Folder 33 1949-1957
"Interim Report and Suggested Plan for Staff Relations Procedures in the New York School System," n.d., 11 pages; "Statement of the New York Teachers Guild on the Interim Report of the Special Committee on Staff Relations of the Board of Education," endorsing report with suggested modifications, December 12, 1951, 2 pages; "Committee to Study Staff Relations in the NYC schools," report, February 21, 1952, 14 pages; "Statement of the NY Teachers Guild on the Report of the Committee on Staff Relations of the Board of Education of New York City," endorsing Report, March 12, 1952, 2 pages; photocopies of Guild pamphlets: ("The Staff Relations Plan," urging "yes" vote, n.d., 2 pages; "The Case for Teacher Councils," n.d. 2 pages); "Report of the Special Committee Appointed by the President of the Board of Education to Study the Teachers Council," n.d., 8 pages; "Constitution of the Associated Teachers Interest Committee, March 19, 1949; letter to the editor of the School Page, the New York Sun, re article on Teachers Council, December 10, 1949; clipping of Sun article, May 28, 1951; "Draft" of letter to Editor, School Page, unsigned, apparently by Guild spokesperson, supporting Staff Relations Plan, March 27, 1952, 2 pages; letter from Superintendent of Schools to Guild President acknowledging conflict between Teachers Council and Staff Relations plan, with memo by Guild instructing members to ignore request to send representatives to Teachers Council, December 12 and 17, 1952; letter from Guild President to New York City Board of Education requesting abolition of Teachers Council, April 2, 1953 and reply, that matter would be considered seriously, April 14, 1953; letter from Guild to public Education Association objecting to citation in the Citizens Guide to New York City Schools, listing Teachers Council as representative of Teachers, January 5, 1954; "Statement Prepared by the Democratization Committee of the Teachers Guild Giving Their Views on the Staff Relations Plan and Its Relation to the City-Wide Teachers Council," November 16, 1953; "The Staff Relations Committee and Grievances," January 20, 1954; eight page analysis of Teachers' Council, unsigned, n.d.; "Proposed Constitution of Teachers' Council or Staff Relations Committee," by Guild, n.d. 2 pages; "Handling Grievances Under the Staff Relations Plan," by Guild, December 7, 1954, 2 pages; "Policy Consultation Committee of the Professional Staff, Board of Education of the City of New York," roster of attendance at meeting, December 13, 1954; photocopies of articles from Guild Bulletin, etc.
Box 11 Folder 34 1935-1946
Correspondence: (to substitutes, from Guild chair of Substitutes Committee, outlines achievements, October 21, 1942; to Secretary, New York Central Trades and Labor Council, from Guild President, asking support for efforts to eliminate category "permanent substitutes," November 8, 1943; to Governor Dewey from Guild legislative representative, urging signature of bill granting annual salaries, pension and tenure rights to term substitutes, March 24, 1944; to Governor Dewey from Guild President urging signature of bill requiring appointment of regular teachers to fill vacancies, March 17, 1947; to Guild President from Secretary, Board of Education, replying to request on behalf of substitutes, that Board action depends on budget limitations, June 29, 1944; two prior letters from Guild President attached; copies of telegrams to New York State legislators, supporting bills, from Guild President, February 1, 1945; letters re loss of day's pay by substitutes, May-June 1946); press releases:(re "treachery" of Board of Education counsel's move to invalidate extended teacher-eligible lists, n.d., 3 pages; "Teachers Guild Accepts Challenge of Committee on Works Projects Identifying Schools Where WPA Workers Have Regular Class Thus Displacing Regular Teachers," letter to President, Board of Education protesting assignment of WPA workers to regular teaching position, February 22, 1935; "Shall the Substitute's Welfare Be Sacrificed to Propaganda Purposes?" April 5, 1937, 3 pages; "Guild Insists that the Feld-Holly Law Be Carries Out," letter to New York City Mayor La Guardia, calling for restoration of $30,000 cut from examiners budget, needed for enforcement of new law, October 9, 1937; "Teachers Guild Asks `What Price Economy?'" October 31, 1939; copy of letter to Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools from Guild President, urging regular appointment of dismissed substitutes to fill vacancies in handicapped classes, September 20, 1941; objecting to regular appointment of newly-licensed teachers before regular appointment of Long-time "permanent substitutes" October 22, 1945; urging pay for substitutes forced out of work by emergency school closing, February 13, 1946); Taft's discussion notes, class outline; Brief of the Vandewoude Decision, January 15, 1935; "A Joint Memorandum to the City Council of New York," opposing invalidation of extended teacher-eligible lists, n.d., c. 1944; pamphlets and publication of the Teachers Guild: "The New York Teachers Guild - 1941", "A Program for 1945-45", and several copies of the Guild Teacher and Guild Bulletin, 1937-45
Box 11 Folder 35 1954-1958
Correspondence: (to Superintendent of Schools from Guild President re effects of no-sick-pay policy for subs during Asian Influenza epidemic, October 14, 1957, and form reply, that matter has been referred for consideration, October 16, 1957; to substitute re legal proceedings, begun in 1954, won by Guild, appealed by Board of Education, upheld, re-appealed and still pending, re sick pay for substitutes, March 17, 1958); flyers for posting, by Guild: ("What the Board of Education Still Does Not Know: Regular Substitutes Are Full-Time Teachers," the By-Law Amendments of May 1, 1958; "Guild Grievance Committee Interim Report-- Absence Refunds for Substitutes - the Board Record and the Guild Record," 1958); minutes of the Ad Hoc Committee on Bill to Grant Regular Licenses to Substitutes Who Have Served for 10 Years, December 6, 1958; press releases: ("Commissioner Upholds Substitute Sick Pay In Guild Appeal," July 18, 1956; "An Open Letter to Dr. William Jansen, Superintendent of Schools and to All Members of the Board of Education" re delay in complying with court-ordered refund of sick pay to substitutes, October 8, 1956; "Statement Protesting a Proposal By the Board of Education to Pay Refunds For Only Certain Absences of Regular Substitute Teachers," June 26, 1958; "Guild Wins Double Victory For Substitutes," February 25, 1958; "Guild Warns Board Against Discrimination Against Subs," May 5, 1958, with copy of letter to Board of Education President from Guild President); flyer by United Federation of Teachers (UFT) "UFT Fights For Equal Rights For Substitutes!" n.d.; clippings from Guild Bulletin and other newspapers, 1954-58; notes
Box 11 Folder 36 1960-1972
Photocopy of feature on UFT President Albert Shanker from New York Post, May 18, 1964; reprint from the United Teacher: "Is It Still OK to Hate Albert Shanker?" January 30, 1972; reprint from the New York Post magazine: "Armed Truce In the Schools" re UFT strike, November 13, 1960; flyer by AFT re various referendum proposals by New York Board of Education, urging "no" vote on all, n.d.; "CB - The New York Way," fragmented manuscript, pp. 5-11, possibly Taft lecture, April 30, 1963
Box 11 Folder 37 1965-1967
Box 11 Folder 38 1964-1972
"Report on JHS 98, Bronx" re disciplinary plan, March 17, 1967; "Safety Kit," outlining negotiated School Safety Plan, October 3, 1972, 8 pages; photocopies of newspaper clippings, notes
Box 11 Folder 39 1961-1968
Press release by New York City Board of Education re interim report on school decentralization plan, November 21, 1961; special supplement, The Public Schools of New York City Staff Bulletin: "PCC Decentralization Report Asks Change at Main Levels," December 14, 1962; printed article, 13 pages with hand notation: "UFT Reaction to Bundy Report," with UFT counter-proposals, c. December 20, 1967; "Decentralization," 5 page printed article, c. 1967; numerous photocopied newspaper clippings; notes.
Box 11 Folder 40 1964-1966
See also: Teachers - UFT - Assaults and Teachers - UFT - Decentralization, above. See also: Teachers - UFT - 1966-1967 (IS 201), Box 12, File Folder 6.
Box 11 Folder 41 1961-1965
Press release From the AFL-CIO" with message from President George Meany, urging New York City Teacher to vote for UFT, December 7, 1961; flyer "8 Big Reasons to Join UFT," September 23, 1965
Box 12 Folder 1 1962
Letter from AFT to AFT re strike, April 30, 1962; UFT memorandum to Board of Education re several items at impasse in discussion on sub-committee level, with request to resolve at Board level, June 11, 1962; many photocopied newspaper clippings, many notes
Box 12 Folder 2 1963
New York Times editorial, January 16, 1963; "Non-Budgetary Items for Negotiations," 3 page list of 57 items, by UFT, January 21, 1963; memorandum from Board of Education to Elementary School Principals, Assistant Superintendents re implementation of pertinent provisions of agreement with UFT, January 29, 1963, 3 pages, with 2 page Questions and Answers, with examples of policy implementation; "An Important Message About Your Schools" re objectives of negotiations, by UFT, February 8, 1963; News for junior high school teachers, by UFT, re "Implementation of Contract Provisions on Programming," with 13-point list of items to be negotiated for next contract, February 21, 1963; "To All Those Interested In Good Schools for New York City's More Than One Million School Children," by UFT, re current negotiations, February 21, 1963; News for Elementary School Teachers, by UFT, re "What Every Elementary School Teacher Should Know," March 7, 1963; "Rotation of Class Assignments," proposal, March 13, 1963; "How to Make the Best Use of School Aides In Elementary Schools," by UFT, March 29, 1963; memorandum from UFT Vice-President for Elementary Schools re clarification of negotiating items, March 29, 1963; News for junior high school teachers, by UFT, re rotation plan, April 3, 1963; "Appeal to Superintendent of Schools on Grievance at J-142-K" by teacher re principal's refusal to suspend recalcitrant students, May 1, 1963; minutes of Elementary School Committee, May 14, 1963; memorandum of understanding between UFT Vice-President for Vocational High School and Assistant Superintendent re recruitment of vocational teachers, May 28, 1963; "Report on Negotiations," by UFT, June 7, 1963; UFT Attendance Teachers, newsletter (3) re progress of negotiations, May-June 1963; copy of UFT telegram denouncing position of Secretary of Central Labor Council as member of Board of Education, August 14, 1963; "Statement Issued by Dr. Gross Following a 2 Hour Negotiating Session with the UFT," outlining proposals and accusing UFT of "jeopardizing" negotiations, c. August 1963; "Negotiated Items" by UFT, September 8, 1963, 9 pages; letter to mediator from UFT President, thanking for negotiating contract, September 10, 1963; UFT press release praising mediation panel for negotiating contract, detailing provisions of contract, September 17, 1963, 3 pages; press release by New York City Board of Education re Superintendent of Schools' proposal to UFT President that UFT should sign agreement specifying no administrative control by union of schools, September 27, 1963, with letter by Superintendent of Schools attached; notes
Box 12 Folder 3 1964
Clippings, flyers, routine letter
Box 12 Folder 4 1965
Box 12 Folder 5 1965
Box 12 Folder 6 1966-1967
Clippings. See also: Teachers - UFT - Decentralization, Box 11, File Folder 39 and Teachers - UFT - Ghetto Schools, Box 11, File Folder 40.
Box 12 Folder 7-9 1967
Letter to UFT President Albert Shanker from New York City Superintendent of Schools Bernard Donovan, outlining proposals for new contract, June 30, 1967, 6 pages plus two charts; "Analysis of the Proposed 1967-1968 Executive Budget As It Pertains to Education" by the New York City Peoples Board of Education, prepared for use by community groups, 10 pages; clippings
Box 12 Folder 10 1968
UFT leaflet for rally against Ocean Hill-Brownsville Governing Board, n.d.; "Report to the Governing Board, Ocean Hill School District From Personnel Committee," with hand notation "probably April 1968," 2 pages; "Statement of William D. Fireman," press release by State trustee ordering resignation of Ocean Hill-Brownsville administrator Rhode McCoy, December 11, 1968; clippings
Box 12 Folder 11-21 1968
Box 12 Folder 22 1969
"A Response in part to the Martin Mayer Article in the February 2, 1969 Magazine Section of the New York Times - By Rev. C. Herbert Oliver," 8 page manuscript; clippings
Box 12 Folder 23 1970-1972
Box 12 Folder 24 1968-1969
Legal briefs: "J. Lee Rankin, Corporation Counsel, etc., Plaintiff, against Albert Shanker, etc., et al., Defendants," Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York, November 12, 1968; "Rev. C. Herbert Oliver, et al., Plaintiffs, against Bernard E. Donovan, Superintendent of Schools for the City of New York, et al., Defendants," for temporary restraining order, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, November 26, 1968; "In the Matter of Bethpage Federation of Teachers Upon the Charge of Violation ... of the Civil Service Law," New York State Public Employment Relations Board, February 5, 1969
Box 12 Folder 25 1962-1967
Letters to and from Albert Shanker with AFT rank and file, re some praise and much criticism of internal union affairs (dues, election procedures, assistance with grievances, support for TWU President Mike Quill), school policy (teacher transfers, teaching conditions in ghetto schools, effects on morale).
Box 12 Folder 26 1966
As above, also re interpretations of contract agreement, substitute placements, health benefits for married couples, seniority issues. Includes some personal attacks on Shanker.
Box 12 Folder 27 1932-1968
Notes and incomplete manuscripts, probably by Taft, re history of teachers unions, investigations of subversives
Box 12 Folder 28 1857-1921
Box 12 Folder 29 1930-1949
Box 12 Folder 30-31 1950-1959
Box 12 Folder 32 1960-1964
Box 12 Folder 33 1965-1970
Box 12 Folder 34 1970
UFT Handbook For Chapter Chairmen, April 1970, 110 pages plus index
Box 12 Folder 35 1967-1968
"A Community School System for New York City - VI. Draft Legislation," c. 1968, 45 pages; The United Teacher by AFT, "Special Supplement - the Complete Bandy Report," November 9, 1967
Box 12 Folder 36 1959-1974
Issues of the Guild Bulletin, The New York Teacher, and The United Teacher Magazine
Box 12 Folder 37 1972
September 15, 1972 issue of New York Law Journal with "Proposed Agreement between the Board of Education of the City School District of the City of New York ... and UFT ... September 9, 1972-September 9, 1975."
Box 12 Folder 38 1972
Two sample issues of the United Teacher
Box 13 Folder 1 1899-1908
Letter from AFL President Samuel Gompers to Secretary, Team Drivers International Union, re the necessity for high dues affiliating with an International union, October 24, 1901, 4 pages; notes
Box 13 Folder 2 1904-1953
"The Teamsters," unsigned typescript, 15 pages, c. 1951; letters to President, Hotel and Restaurant Employees International Alliance and Bartenders League, from Secretary, Minnesota State Federation of Labor, and AFL President Green, urging investigation of subversive union officials in Minneapolis, June 30 and July 8, 1941; "Memorandum Re: Teamsters V. Railway Clerks-Railway Express Agency Matter," unsigned, c. 1953, 12 pages; correspondence between President Green and Teamsters President Daniel Tobin and other union leaders re CIO trouble, affiliation with Trades Councils, 1937-39; notes. See also: Racketeering, Box 10, File Folder 7.
Box 13 Folder 3-6 1951-1965
"Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit: James R. Hoffa, Petitioner, v. United States of America, Respondent," in the Supreme Court of the U.S., October Term, 1965, 82 pages; "In Defense of ... St. Louis Teamsters' Local 688 (A Statement in Response to the Interim Report of the Federal Grand Jury, Eastern District of Missouri, Empaneled to Investigate Racketeering on the Part of Labor Unions and Labor Union Officers In the Area)," issued by Warehouse and Distribution Workers Union, Teamsters Local 688, 1954, 14 pages; "14th Annual City Wide Shop Conference - Officers Report," Warehouse and District Workers Union, Teamsters' Local 688, January 27, 1957, 34 pages; "The People Must Act - A Report to Community Stewards Assembly, Teamsters Local 688," c. 1955; "Community Action Program - AFL Teamsters Local 688," n.d., 2 pages; "Missouri-Kansas Teamsters Potential Membership Series," survey of the maximum potential membership of the Teamsters Union in the 18 counties included in the Sedalia, Missouri, area of Teamsters Local 534, October 1, 1954, 44 pages; Labor's Daily, February 23, 1957; "Summary - Local Cartage Agreements, Central States Conference of Teamsters, December 1954"; "The Nature and Structure of the Collective Bargaining Agreement," Joint Council of Teamsters Number 13, St. Louis, Missouri, January 1, 1956, 28 pages; St. Louis Teamsters Research Bulletin, February 15, 1957, 13 pages; "Some Notes for Trade Union Organizers," St. Louis Teamsters, April 1, 1955, 21 pages; "The Teamsters Union on the West Coast," by Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California, Berkeley, 1956, 90 pages; "Wages and Working Conditions Among St. Louis Warehousemen, Food Processing and Clerical Employees As Represented by Teamsters Local 688," January 1, 1957, 40 pages; "10 Years of Trade Union Democracy In Action," commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Warehouse and Distribution Workers Union, 1941-1951 (Local 688, St. Louis, Missouri), 66 pages.
Box 13 Folder 7 1937-1967
"The Textile Workers Union of America," unsigned typescript, n.d., c. 1950, 7 pages; copy of agreement between United Textile Workers of America and the CIO, March 9, 1937, with letter from AFL President Green to AFL representative, thanking for copy, September 29, 1937; "Conspiracy in Southern Textiles," printed booklet of testimony before House Select Sub-Committee on Labor by President, Textile Workers Union, August 10, 1967, 23 pages; notes
Box 13 Folder 8-9 1939-1976
Various contracts between Textile Workers' Union and companies, 1945-50; "A Report to the Membership on the State of the Union," newspaper publication, c. 1951; reprint from Textile Labor, June 6, 1953; "Half a Million Forgotten People - the Story of the Cotton Textile Workers," booklet, 1944; issues of Textile Labor, March 8, May 10, June 7, April 5, 1952; April 1976; numerous clippings from Providence Sunday Journal, Evening Bulletin, New York Times, mostly re split in TWUA
Box 13 Folder 10 1935
Box 13 Folder 11 1948
Issue of Transport Voice, October 20, 1948, and TWU Express, Volume 1, Number 1, December 1948; booklet "By Their Deeds ... A Guide to the 1948 Elections"; form letter
Box 13 Folder 12 1850-1938
"The International Typographical Union," unsigned typescript with hand notation "Paid 12/15/51," 12 pages; unsigned 3 page typescript re Charles P. Howard, President, International Typographical Union, n.d.; correspondence between Howard and AFL President Green re industrial organization, Howard's involvement in the CIO, 1935-36; related correspondence between officials of ITU and AFL, 1936-37; notes.
Box 13 Folder 13 1937-1967
"Supplemental Report Committee on Credentials" printed account re seating of Typographical Delegate, October 12, 1937; "The International Typographical Union presents the Record of the Formation of the AFL," printed booklet, January 1951; The Bulletin, April 1967 and May 1967; form letters; brochures; notes
Box 13 Folder 14 1940-1963
"Report of the President" to the Officers and Members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Machine Operators of the U.S. and Canada, c. 1952, 52 pages; copy of the American Federationist, June 1963; clippings; notes
Box 13 Folder 14a 1921-1955
"President Gompers' Report to Meeting of Executive Council, November 14-19, 1921 ... on President's Unemployment Conference ..." 26 pages; form letter and questionnaire for nationwide census on unemployment, from AFL President Green, March 12, 1930; "Unemployment: A Practical Program," booklet by League for Independent Political Action, stamped "received June 10, 1930," 12 pages; memo to President Green from AFL legislative representative W. C. Roberts, suggesting he sign attached form letter to all members at the House, objecting to statement that AFL supported certain unemployment legislation, June 26, 1930; Two from letters re part-time employment survey, August 27 and September 24, 1930; five "Unemployment Report[s] of the AFL," showing unemployment rates in major cities, by trade with percentage increase/decrease over previous month April 1930-31; minutes of AFL Executive Council, opposing wage cutting, May 13, 1931; calling for establishment of relief agencies, August 12, 1931; letter from AFL President Green to Chairman, Committee on Unemployment Relief, suggesting that available work be divided up evenly among all working people, so that all might be employed, September 22, 1931, 3 pages; memo for President Green from AFL representative W. C. Hushing, reporting on meeting of President's Committee [on Unemployment Plans and Suggestions] re public works projects for unemployment relief, survey of 25 economists, consensus that "large appropriations by the Federal Government for immediate use would be futile," December 2, 1931; telegrams between President Green and AFL official re bills for federal public works appropriations, December 28, 1931; minutes of the AFL Executive Council calling for shorter work hours, July 20, 1932; "Recommendations Submitted by the Representatives of the American Federation of Labor and Railroad Brotherhoods," March 30, 1933, 4 pages; memo for President Green re complaints about 5/hr., 10 hr./day work-relief wages, June 28, 1933; resolution adopted at AFL convention, urging increased public work relief, January 25, 1937; memo for President Green from AFL legislative representative W. C. Hushing, reiterating request for definition of policy on Relief Bill; reply noted, May 17, 1937; "Confidential" memo for files re Administration proposal for annual wage for building tradesmen, AFL opposition, November 24, 1937; "Statement Upon the Business and Economic Conditions of the Nation Issued by the Executive Council of the AFL," calling on government and private industry to cooperate in relieving unemployment, February 14, 1939; "Memorandum for Mr. Green" from AFL legislative representative W. C. Roberts re Work Relief Bill and opposition in House to Amendment for prevailing wage, July 11, 1939; "Statement by William Green, President, AFL, In Support of Senate Bill 1274, Submitted to the Committee on Finance, U.S. Senate," supporting amendment to War Mobilization and Reconversion Act of 1944 providing supplementary unemployment compensation, August 29, 1945, 14 pages; minutes of AFL Executive Council re unemployment May 10, 1950; "On the Economic Outlook," May 13, 1954; "Statement by the Executive Council of the AFL: The Economic Situation" February 1, 1955 and August 9, 1955; notes.
Box 13 Folder 15-16 1900-1955
Box 13 Folder 17 1898-1954
Box 13 Folder 18
Box 13 Folder 19 1915-1918
Box 13 Folder 20 1950-1951
Manu minutes of meetings, 1951; "Union Representatives in Government Agencies," a report on labor participation in defense agencies since last spring, indicating problems and accomplishments, December 19, 1951; "Equal Sacrifice for the Defense of America," report of the United Labor Conference, March 21, 1951; Statements and press releases by Committee: (announcing the establishment of the Committee, December 15, 1951; to the National Wage Stabilization Board, January 11, 1951, 20 pages; announcing resignation of all labor representatives from defense mobilization agencies in protest of wage and price controls, February 28, 1951, 5 pages; announcing the return of all labor representatives to the defense mobilization agencies due to changes in government policy, April 30, 1951, 3 pages; by CIO President Murray on United Labor Policy Committee, regretting withdrawal of AFL, August 28, 1951, 2 pages; correspondence between Director, Defense Mobilization Committee and United Labor Policy Committee, January 19 and February 20, 1951; statement of cash receipts and expenditures, May 26, 1951 to October 15, 1951, inclusive; notes.
Box 13 Folder 21 1945-1953
American Federation of Labor Views and Suggestions to the San Francisco Conference for Amending the Dumbarton Oaks Proposals, May 2, 1945, 7 pages; minutes of AFL Executive Council meeting re Dumbarton Oaks conference, May 8, 1945; memorandum to AFL Executives Woll and Dubinsky from AFL U.N. representative re difficulties of passing a U.N. resolution against forced labor, 1948, 3 pages; letter to U.S. Secretary of State from AFL Executive Matthew Woll protesting U.S. delegates action on U.N. Economic and Social Council re forced labor issue, March 2, 1948; "Report on Activities of the AFL's Consultants in the U.N." May 12, 1949, 6 pages (with original signatures of Matthew Woll and David Dubinsky); "Statement by George P. Delaney, International Representative, AFL, before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations," February 9, 1950 re Soviet genocide, supporting proposed U.N. genocide convention, 6 pages; letter to U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold from AFL Vice-President Matthew Woll re Soviet indoctrination of P.O.W.'s, forced repatriation in Korean Armistice, September 30, 1953; notes
Box 13 Folder 22 1900-1933
Box 13 Folder 23 1956
Box 13 Folder 23 1936-1956
Box 13 Folder 24 1934-1935
Box 13 Folder 25 1945-1952
Recommendations by AFL representatives to Congressional and government advisory committees in support of various retraining programs, 1945-52; notes
Box 13 Folder 26 1946-1952
"Dissenting Opinion of Labor Members of Wage Stabilization Board Concerning Regulation No. 6," 13 pages, c. 1950-51; "Summary of Arguments Against Adoption of the Dirkson Amendment (Reorganizing the Wage Stabilization Board) by the Banking and Currency Committee," c. 1952, 3 pages; "Summary of the Wage Stabilization Board Policies Governing Health and Welfare Plans," prepared for the Research Council for Economic Security, January 1952; "Research Report - AFL - The Wage Stabilization Situation," May-June 1951; Building and Construction Trades Bulletin: "The Wage Freeze," February 1951; "Remarks of George D. Riley, Member, National Legislative Committee, AFL, Before the Lucas Subcommittee of the House Committee of Education and Labor," June 15, 1951, 3 pages; "Statement of Joseph Keenan, representing the AFL, at a Wage Stabilization Board Hearing on Contractual Agreements Providing for Deferred Wage Increases," May 24, 1951, 4 pages; "Statement of Walter J. Mason, Member, National Legislative Committee AFL Before the Subcommittee on Labor and Labor-Management Relations of the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare," May 31, 1951, 8 pages; "Disputes and Wage Stabilization Functions," 4 page unsigned transcript of address, apparently by legislator, May 27, 1952; "Statement of President Green in Respect to S 2594 (the Maybank Bill)," opposing, June 5, 1952, 6 pages; "Statement of Walter J. Mason, ... AFL ... Before the House Education and Labor Committee on Investigation of the National Wage Stabilization Board," 14 pages; "Why I Am Opposed to Sec. 106 of the Amendments to the Defense Production Act (the Dirksen-Bricker Amendment)," unsigned 3 page manuscript, probably by legislator, n.d.; notes.
Box 13 Folder 27 1880-1938
Letter to chairman, House Appropriation Committee from Secretary, AFL, opposing Economy Act and 11 percent wage cut, December 9, 1932, 4 pages with attached resolution; memo for AFL President Green re status of minimum wage legislation in states, 4 pages, January 29, 1934; Conference Board Service Letter, publication of the National Industrial Conference Board, Inc., with chart re "Wages and the Cost of Living," February 28, 1935; press release by AFL Metal Trades and Building Trades Departments urging Black-Connery minimum wage bill to be referred back to committee, July 30, 1937, with attached memo from AFL legislative representative to Building and Construction Trades Department, recommending support for bill, May 13, 1936; "Minutes of Meeting on Wages and Hours Conference ... November 20, 1937, In Mr. Green's Office," 4 pages; memo to President Green from AFL legislative representative re enforcement of minimum wage rates, November 22, 1937; Letter to House Labor Committee Chair Mary Norton from AFL President Green stating AFL position on Fair Labor Standards Bill, November 22, 1937, 4 pages; Draft of press release re above communication, 4 pages; letter to Senator Walsh and Representative Healey, authors of the Walsh-Healey Government Purchase Act, from President, Boot and Shoe Workers' Union, urging establishment of minimum wage for shoe manufacturers under government contract, November 30, 1937, 2 pages; "Analysis of S 2475," unsigned, December 1937, 8 pages; letter to U.S. legislator from AFL legislative representative clarifying AFL position on wage and hour legislation, December 15, 1937, 3 pages; letter to Secretary-Treasurer, Oklahoma Trades and Labor Council stating AFL support of uniform minimum wage and maximum hour legislation, February 23, 1938; letter to House Labor Committee Chair Mary Norton from AFL President Green stating "unalterable opposition" to S 2475, the Wages and Hours Bill, April 11, 1938, 5 pages; report to AFL President Green from AFL Counsel Padway, analyzing proposed Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and comparing with proposed AFL wage and hour bill, April 13, 1938, 4 pages; memo for President Green from AFL legislative representative re amendments to Government Contract Act (Walsh-Healey Act) with full text of amendments attached, May 9, 1938; letter to President Green from President, International Printing Pressman and Assistants' Union of North America, warning that federal establishment of minimum wage will lower wages in many cases, becoming the maximum wage, and discourage unionization, May 16, 1938, and reply, may 19, 1938; similar letter to Secretary, International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite and Paper Mill Workers Local 100, May 25, 1938; memos from AFL legislative representative re appointment of conferences on Wage and Hour Bill, May 31, 1938; re "AFL Policy Toward Congressmen Who Vote Against Wage and Hour Bill--Particularly, Senator Connally," June 1, 1938; "Statement by Attorney Thatcher in reference to telegram from Judge Padway" re proposed amendment to Walsh-Healy Act and potential damage to AFL vis--vis CIO, June 4, 1938, 3 pages; memorandum for file re Wage and Hour Bill, likelihood of support by various members of Congress, particularly House Labor Committee Chair Mary Norton, June 8, 1938; form letters; notes.
Box 13 Folder 28 1948-1966
"Statement by William Green, President, AFL, Before Senate Committee on Banking and Currency on Anti-Inflation Legislation, January 22, 1948," 8 pages plus 4 pages of charts; "Statement Presented by [AFL representative] Before the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare on the Fair Labor Standards Act, April 20, 1948," calling for improvements, i.e. higher minimum wage, broader occupational coverage, child labor coverage, 8 pages plus 9 pages of appendices; "Statement Presented by [AFL representative] Before House Committee on Education and Labor on Revision of Fair Labor Standards Act, February 1, 1949," 8 pages plus 4; minutes of the AFL Executive Council, recommending economic measures in light of outbreak of Korean War: wage and price controls, increased taxes, rationing, August 8-11, 1950; "Statement by the Executive Council, AFL," against abolition of price controls, criticizing Congress, May 19, 1952; copy of Labor Relations Reporter special issue: "The Fair Labor Standards Act Amendments of 1966" with explanation of changes and text of act as amended by Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.; notes.
Box 13 Folder 29-31 1940-1948
Box 14 Folder 1 1888
Box 14 Folder 2 1898-1935
"Employed Women Under N.R.A. Codes," bulletin of the U.S. Department of Labor, Women's Bureau, 1935; notes
Box 14 Folder 3 1955-1971
Bureau of Labor Statistics reports re work stoppages: "Basic Steel Industry, 1901-60", Government Employees, 1942-61", "Bituminous-Coal Mining Industry, 1927-54"; "Report to the President - The Labor Dispute in the Bituminous Coal Industry" submitted by the Board of Inquiry Under Executive Order 10106, February 11, 1950; "An Analysis of West Virginia Work Stoppages," Institute for Labor Studies, West Virginia University, 1971
Box 14 Folder 4 1881-1963
Box 14 Folder 5 1921-1963
"An American Adventure in Workers' Education" by Charles A. Beard, and "The Workers' Education Bureau - An Arm of the Labor Movement," by Fannia M. Cohn, reprinted from Workers' Education, 15th Anniversary Issue, October 1936; "Vocational Education and Federal Policy" by the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, May 1963; notes.
Box 14 Folder 6 1925-1953
Letter from AFL President Gompers to individual, against suggestion to limit freedom of the press by constitutional amendment, February 20, 1925; "Free Speech, Free Press for Civil Service Employees," n.d., unsigned, apparently report by AFL legislative representative; "Memo for Mr. Green" re garnishment and attachment of wages, state-by-state legislation, January 29, 1934; "Memorandum for Mr. Roberts [AFL legislative representative]" re lobbying efforts with Senator LaFollette re resolution providing for investigations for violations of rights of free speech/ assembly and of labor unions to bargain collectively, March 27, 1936; "Loyalty and Private Employment: The Right of Employers to Discharge Suspected Subversives," reprinted from the Yale Law Journal, Volume 62, Number 6, May, 1953; notes.
Box 14 Folder 7 1938-1939
Correspondence between President, United Garment Workers, AFL President Green, AFL legislative representative W. C. Roberts and Director, WPA Section of Labor Relations re effect of WPA sewing project on regular garment workers, with suggestion that WPA workers not be taught skills on modern equipment, June-August 1938; letter to Chairman, Senate Subcommittee on Defense Appropriations, from Secretary -Treasurers of AFL Building and Construction Trades and Metal Trades Departments re AFL opposition to amendment lowering wage rates under WPA, January 18, 1939; "Report of Special Committee to the Conference of Representatives of National and International Unions on the WPA Situation" re strikes in WPA jobs following wage reductions, calling for maintenance of "prevailing wage" provisions, July 12, 1939, 5 pages; form letters; notes.
Box 14 Folder 8 1916-1919
Letter from Secretary of War, informing AFL President Gompers of his appointment as member of Advisory Commission to Council of National Defense, October 30, 1916 and reply from Gompers, accepting, October 31, 1916; "Advisory Commission, Council of National Defense. The Labor Committee. Plan of Administration," detailing Gompers' powers as Chairman, procedures in his absence, 9 pages, n.d.; one page statement of purpose of Labor Committee, n.d.; "Invitation for Membership on Committee on Labor," 8 page list of union officials, with 2 form letters by Gompers, inviting membership, March 22, 1917; list of Labor Committee Executive Committee members; form letter from Gompers to AFL union officials re labor conference, importance of maintaining labor's voice in national emergency measures, March 2, 1917, 4 pages; minutes of the Committee on Labor re groups represented on the Committee, April 2, 1917, 3 pages; annual report of Labor Committee re visiting labor delegation from England, policy that wages and working conditions should not be lowered during the war, with detailed committee recommendations re sanitation, housing, etc., policy re women in industry, industrial training, military dependents, 1917, 52 pages; "Resolution Adopted at Meeting of Executive Committee, Labor Committee - Conservation of Health and Welfare of Workers," April 5, 1917, "Amplification" of above to correct public misinterpretation, April 16, 1917; letter from Gompers to Teamsters President Daniel Tobin, clarifying position re striking, April 17, 1917; letter from Gompers to Chairman, Council of National Defense, re attempts to lower standards of working conditions, April 26, 1917; letter from Gompers to members of Labor Committee, asking them to come to a meeting with British delegates, May 9, 1917; Gompers' remarks at the meeting of the Labor Committee, May 15, 1917, 17 pages; statement of United Mine Workers, unsigned, protesting policy of Committee on Coal Production and lack of mine worker representation on the committee, May 21, 1917, 4 pages; letter to Gompers from the Metal Polishers, Platers, Brass and Silver Workers Union, asking for investigation of increase in hours, without compensation, at Remington gun plant, May 24, 1917; letter from Gompers to Advisory Commission, Council of National Defense re resolution by Executive Committee, Committee on Labor, urging government adoption of safety standards for government suppliers during the war, June 8, 1917; letter from Gompers to Bernard Baruch, Advisory Commission of Council of National Defense, nominating various union officials for Council committees, June 16, 1917; letter, unsigned, probably from Gompers, from Labor Committee to Chairman, Advisory Committee re resolution for establishment of War Labor Board, August 27, 1917; letter to Gompers from Director, Council of National Defense, excerpting minutes of meeting between Council and Advisory Commission re conditions and procedures for suspension of labor laws in individual factories due to declared "war emergency", December 4, 1917; material re attempt to exempt farmers from draft, noting opposition by Labor Committee, October 1917; remarks of Gompers at Joint Meeting of the Council of National Defense and the Advisory Committee re slowness in implementing recommendations on housing and wages, and re allegations that Labor is unpatriotic, February 7, 1918, 7 pages; letter from Gompers to President Woodrow Wilson, urging that the Council of National Defense be continued after the war to assist in National readjustment and beyond, November 27, 1918, and reply from Wilson, in general agreement, November 27, 1918; letter from Gompers to AFL Executive Council re representation at the Presidential Industrial Conference, September 26, 1919, 3 pages; notes.
Box 14 Folder 9 1916-1918
Resolution for creation of National Board of Labor Adjustment, sent to Gompers for approval, April 24, 1917; brochure "American Labor's Position In Peace or In War," March 12, 1917; flyer by International Association of Machinists, "A Protest Against Gompers," denouncing Gompers' assistance in war effort, n.d.; memoranda of understanding between Gompers, Secretary of War and Secretary of Navy re military construction and wages and hours, June-July 1917; letters between President, United Brotherhood of Leatherworkers and Secretary of War official Walter Lippman re policy of not changing existing contract conditions on government projects, August 3, 1917; letter to President, Building Trades Council, St. Louis, Missouri from ex- employee of construction company, who quit due to bad conditions, with description of conditions, August 3, 1917; letter from Gompers to Cantonment Adjustment Board, protesting conditions at construction projects in Puerto Rico, warning of damage to U.S. credibility internationally, May 6, 1918; notes.
Box 14 Folder 10 1918-1919
Correspondence between Gompers and American Commission to Negotiate Peace, thanking Gompers for work on Commission, September-October 1919; notes.
Box 14 Folder 11 1918
Memorandum re appointment of Felix Frankfurter to head Board with list of other appointments, May 23, 1918; notes.
Box 14 Folder 12 1936-1942
Minutes of AFL Executive Council endorsing statements re necessity to uphold labor standards in defense production, May 5-8, 1940; similar minutes, February 19, 1941; copy of letter "which was never sent" (pencil notation) from AFL President Green to President Roosevelt calling for labor participation in defense production plans, May 17, 1940; "Metal Trades Department, AF of L," report of national conference re apprenticeship training, calling for placement of unemployed skilled metalworkers as first priority, June 20, 1940, 3 pages; letter to Secretary of Labor Perkins outlining proposals for defense mobilization from AFL officials Frank Fenton and Robert Watt, August 15, 1940, 5 pages; "Monthly Survey of Business of the AFL," September- November 1940, with "Wage increases recently reported by Affiliated Unions"; report of national conference of Building and Construction Trades Department, noting number of skilled workers, satisfaction of military and other government agencies with building trades contribution to defense mobilization, January 7, 1941, 2 pages; nine page list of labor advisors on various government defense related agencies, pencil notation "7/30/41",; "Defense" statement from AFL Weekly News Service, May 29, 1941, 3 pages; "New Planning Board Named On Defense Production," from Congressional Daily, February 21, 1941; press release announcing Executive Order establishing National Defense Mediation Board, with list of membership, March 19, 1941, 3 pages; Labor's Monthly Survey, "Wage Policy In Defense" and "Labor Prepares for Great Defense Effort," April and May 1941, by AFL, with comparisons of productivity, wages, profits, and cost of living ("wages should not be tied to cost of living") between the two World Wars; memorandum to AFL President Green from AFL legislative representative W. C. Hushing re demand of Senate Special Sub-Committee on National Defense that Green appear to make statement on West Coast shipyard strike, May 23, 1941; letter from Green to AFL legislative representative Robert Watt re creation of AFL Committee for National Defense with list of membership and outline of problems for consideration, 7 pages; letter to AFL Vice-President Matthew Woll, as Chairman of the Defense Committee, from Committee Assistant Secretary Florence Thorne re discussion agenda with President Green, July 17, 1941;
Box 14 Folder 12cont. 1936-1942
letter from President, AFL Building and Construction Trades Department to all affiliated unions with confidential letter of agreement between the Department and government agencies engaged in defense construction re no strikes, minimum wage and overtime, apprentices, Board of Review, July 23, 1941; minutes of the Fourth Meeting of AFL National Defense Committee, July 30, 1941, 3 pages; correspondence between Office of Production Management, War Department and AFL Building and Construction Trades Department re labor policy, August 1, 1941, 11 pages; "Organization and Executive Personnel, Office of Production Management, August 1941 (Showing Previous Affiliation)" by Research and Information Service, AFL, 15 pages; "Agenda of the 5th Meeting of the AFL National Defense Committee, August 27, 1941"; "National Defense Mediation Board," list of public, management and labor representatives, n.d.; "Failure to Spread Defense Contracts" with map, "Distribution of Prime National Defense Contract Awards by Industrial Areas," April 30, 1941, AFL Research and Information Service; "Agenda, Sixth Meeting of the AFL National Defense Committee, September 17, 1941," with attached minutes of fifth meeting, description of "Supply, Priorities and Allocations Board", orders of "Office of Production Management from August 25 to September 14, 1941", "Office of Price Administration", "Office of Civilian Defense", and "A Comprehensive Program of Social Insurance"; "The Buffalo Plan," brief description of compensation plan for displaced workers at Chevrolet plant, with analysis of broader applications, September 17, 1941; "War Production Board Management-Labor Council," 6 page manuscript re organization, establishment of labor-management committees, n.d.; "Minutes of the Seventh Meeting of the AFL National Defense Committee ... November 12, 1941" re price controls, agricultural exemption, 3 pages, and press release, November 15, 1941; minutes of the AFL Executive Council re no-strike pledge, December 15, 1941; re resolutions proposed by CIO, AFL, Employers and Joint AFL-CIO committee at Employers-Labor Conference, December 18, 1941, 8 pages; AFL Defense Committee Agenda, December 31, 1941; "Advisory Committee," 10 page manuscript alleging pro-CIO bias of Office of Production Management's Labor Division, C. December 31, 1941; form letters; notes.
Box 14 Folder 13 1942
Two page statement by communications workers' unions, approved for submission to the Defense Communications Board by the Board's Labor Advisory Committee, n.d.; "Confidential Minutes of the Joint Meeting of the Industry Advisory Committee and the Labor Advisory Committee of the Defense Committee Board," January 7, 1942, 11 pages; "Board of War Communications," 5 page description with list of committee members, c. 1942.
Box 14 Folder 14 1944
Form letters, statement by AFL President Green, opposing Act.
Box 14 Folder 15 1942
"Office of Civilian Defense," 4 page manuscript, 1942.
Box 14 Folder 16 1942-1945
Two unsigned typescripts, "National War Labor Board," one with pencil notation "1943", the other n.d., 9 pages and 6 pages, respectively; "The Anti-Inflation Program," AFL statement re wages and inflation in war production, copied from AFL Weekly News Service, July 12, 1942; press release announcing Executive Order fixing ceilings on rents and formerly exempt agricultural commodities, October 3, 1942, 6 pages; "Text of AFL Members' Statement on Wage Squeeze," demanding modification of President Roosevelt's Executive Order freezing wages, April 1943, 5 pages; press release, "Statement of Mr. George Meany, Secretary-Treasurer, AFL, to the Special Panel of the National War Labor Board, on the Little Steel Formula," urging higher cost-of-living wage raises, April 4, 1944, 16 pages; minutes of AFL Executive Council re War Labor Board, August 14, 1943 and July 27, 1945; "National War Labor Board Wage Stabilization General Orders and Interpretations - Under Executive Order 9250, Executive Order 9328 and the Regulations of the Director of Economic Stabilization," November 1944, 88 pages; two issues of the AFL Weekly News Service, 1943 and 1944; many notes.
Box 14 Folder 17 1941-1944
Letters, mainly to AFL President Green from various State Federations of Labor, September 1942.
Box 14 Folder 18 1942-1945
"Protests Received Regarding Nominations for Appointment of AFL Representatives to Serve on Regional War Labor Boards," July and August 1944, 7 pages; correspondence between AFL President Green and Chairman, National War Labor Board, re AFL representatives for regional councils, October-November 1942; related correspondence between AFL President Green and other AFL regional officials, June-July 1944; letter from President Green instructing withdrawal of AFL organizers from regional War Labor Boards because of adverse decisions of Boards, constraints on organizers' time, August 11, 1944; letters from President to labor members of New York and Dallas Regional War Labor Boards re new Stabilization Division nominations, November 20-21, 1945.
Box 14 Folder 19 1935
Box 15 Folder 1-2
Box 15 Folder 3-4
Box 15 Folder 5
Box 15 Folder 6-7
Box 15 Folder 8
Box 15 Folder 9
Box 15 Folder 10
Box 15 Folder 11
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Box 15 Folder 15-27
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Box 15 Folder 38
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Box 15 Folder 40
Box 15 Folder 41-47
Box 16 Folder 1-14
Box 16 Folder 15
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Box 16 Folder 17-33
Includes completed forms re labor organizations and several issues of Office of Labor- Management and Welfare Pension Reports Bulletins
Box 16 Folder 34
Box 16 Folder 35
Box 16 Folder 36-37
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