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Arthur Meyer Papers, 1918-1950
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Meyer, Arthur
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Articles, case files, proceedings, speeches (documents) .
Kheel Center for Labor- Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
Include speeches and articles by Meyer (1941-1950); his correspondence while on the U.S. National War Labor Board (1942-1945); and excerpts from letters written by Meyer (1942-1955). Also materials on the Fact-Finding Committee of the Board of Education, City of New York (1951); transcripts and accompanying documentation regarding the National War Labor Board case of the Electrical Transcription Manufacturing Company vs. the American Federation of Musicians (1942-1943); and miscellaneous arbitration case files (1942-1946).
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Arthur S. Meyer was a member of the New York State Board of Mediation from its inception in 1937. In 1940, he was appointed as its chairman, a position in which he served until his retirement in 1950. Before becoming a mediator, Meyer was a successful businessman, rising to the posts of president and director of the Schulte Real Estate Company and vice-president of the Schulte Retail Stores Corporation. In 1942, Meyer was named chairman of a U.S. War Labor Board panel to rule on the demands of the Steel Workers Organizing Committee for a raise of one dollar per day and union security. The recommendation of Meyer and his committee formed the basis for a subsequent Board ruling known as the "Little Steel Formula".


Include speeches and articles by Meyer (1941-1950); his correspondence while on the U.S. National War Labor Board (1942-1945); and excerpts from letters written by Meyer (1942-1955). Also materials on the Fact-Finding Committee of the Board of Education, City of New York (1951); transcripts and accompanying documentation regarding the National War Labor Board case of the Electrical Transcription Manufacturing Company vs. the American Federation of Musicians (1942-1943); and miscellaneous arbitration case files (1942-1946).

Davis, William H.
Ellickson, Katherine Pollak, 1905-1996.
Feinsinger, Nathan Paul, 1902-1983.
Fly, James Lawrence
Frumesman, Harry
Gellhorn, Walter, 1906-1995
Herzog, Paul M., 1906-1986
Hilger, William S.
Jacobs, Arthur
Latimer, Murray Webb
McManus, Thomas P.
Meyer, Arthur S. (Arthur Simon), 1880-1955.
Miller, Max J.
Rubin, Milton.
Petrillo, James C. (James Caesar), 1892-1984
Podway, Joseph A.
Rubin, W. (George William), 1901-1972.
Thompson, Samuel H.
Waldron, William A.
Warren, Edgar F.
American Cloak and Suit Manufacturers Association, inc.
American Communications Association
American Federation of Musicians
Congress of Industrial Organizations (U.S.)
Electrical Transcription Manufacturers
General Electric Company
International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen, and Helpers of America
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union
International Union of Operating Engineers
Laborers' International Union of North America
New York (N.Y.). Board of Education. Fact-Finding Committee.
New York (State). Board of Mediation.
New York Telephone Company
Press Wireless, Inc.
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Lines Corporation
United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry
United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America
United States. National War Labor Board (1942-1945)
United Telephone Organizations
Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Arbitration, Industrial--Teachers--New York (State)--New York.
Arbitration, Industrial--United States--Cases.
Collective bargaining -- United States.
Employment stabilization -- United States.
Guaranteed annual income -- United States.
Industrial productivity-- United States.
Industrial relations -- United States.
Manpower planning -- United States.
Mediation and conciliation, Industrial--United States--Cases.
Open and closed shop --United States.
Strikes and lockouts -- United States -- Public opinion.
Labor unions --United States -- Political activity.
Wages and labor productivity -- United States.
War and emergency powers--United States.
Arbitration, Industrial. Clothing industry. United States.
Arbitration, Industrial. Construction industry. United States.
Arbitration, Industrial. Electric industries. United States.
Arbitration, Industrial. Musicians. United States.
Arbitration, Industrial. Telecommunication. United States.
Collective bargaining. Charities. United States.
Contracting out. Arbitration, Industrial. United States.
Employees, Transfer of. Arbitration, Industrial. United States.
Industry wide bargaining. United States.
Layoffs. Arbitration, Industrial. United States.
Management rights. Arbitration, Industrial. United States.
Open and closed shop. Arbitration, Industrial. United States.
Position classification. Arbitration, Industrial. United States.
Strikes and lockouts. Coal mining industry. United States.
Strikes and lockouts. Merchant marine. United States.
Strikes and lockouts. Trucking industry. United States.
Teachers. New York (N.Y.). Salaries, pensions, etc.
Trade-union security. Arbitration, Industrial. United States.
Trade-union security. United States.
Unemployment. Arbitration, Industrial. United States.
Wages. Arbitration, Industrial. United States.
Wages. Electric industries. United States.
Wages. Metal-workers. United States.

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Case files.
Speeches (documents)


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Box 1 Folder 1 1943
Members: Vleyer, Chr. Representing the public; Gilbert E. Fuller-Industry Rep; Max Zaritsky-Labor Rep; Paul R. Hays-Counsel to the Panel; N.P. Feinsinger-Special Assistant to Panel
Box 1 Folder 1 1943
Septmeber 7, 1943. pp.1-148
Box 1 Folder 2 1943
Septmeber 8, 1943. pp.149-252
Box 1 Folder 3 1943
Septmeber 9, 1943. pp.253-419
Box 1 Folder 4 1943
Septmeber 20, 1943. pp.420-434
Box 1 Folder 5 1943
Septmeber 21, 1943. pp.434-448
Box 1 Folder 6 1943
Septmeber 27, 1943. pp.449-467
Box 1 Folder 7 1943
Septmeber 28, 1943. pp.468-605
Box 1 Folder 8 1943
October 20, 1943. pp.606-616
Box 1 Folder 9 1943
November 3, 1943. pp.617-819
Box 1 Folder 10 1943
November 4, 1943. pp.820-915
Box 1 Folder 11 1943
November 5, 1943. pp.916-1137
Box 1 Folder 12 1943
November 9, 1943. pp.1138-1345
Box 1 Folder 13 1943
November 19, 1943. pp.1346-1560
Box 1 Folder 14 1943
November 20, 1943. pp.1561-1663
Box 1 Folder 15 1943
November 22, 1943. pp.1664-1900
Box 1 Folder 16 1942-1943
Box 1 Folder 17 1942-1943
Silver Anniversary Souvenir (1943) St. Louis Municipal Opera; Questionnaire concerning phonograph records, electrical transcriptions and musicians, put out by USA- Federal Communications Commissions; Statement of Joseph A. Podway (Counsel for AFM) at Senate Committee Hearing; Statement of James Lawrence Fly (Chairman, FCC) before the sub-committee on Interstate Commerce on 5 Res. 286, 77th Congress, 2nd session, Fly is Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and the Board of War Communications i.e. the impact of the recording ban on the radio broadcast industry; Photostats of abstracts of court cases from various legal-reporting services (published) RCA Mfg. Co. Inc. v. Whiteman et. al. #357 Circuit Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit, from the 114 Federal Reporter, 2d (series) 1940. Waring v. WDAS Broadcasting Station, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (1937). US v. AF of M, District Court (N.D.) Illinois E.b. (1942); Petition for intervention in the AFM case by RCA Victor Division, Radio Corp. of America; Copy of Coll. Agreement Contract for Symphony Orchestra, Columbia Recording Corp.; List of companies that have signed DECCA agreements with AFM; Letter from James C. Petrillo (PRES. AFM) to Davis (Ch. NWLB); Clippings regarding: the Petrillo case
Box 2 Folder 1 1943
"Draft Opinion for the Petrillo Case" (1943) Regarding: Board decision that case may indeed lead to a substantial intelligence with the war effort. This refers to the above case by William A. Waldron. Petrillo is the name of the Pres. of the AFM. "Memo to Mr. William H. Davis regarding: Petrillo Case" (1943) By William A. Waldron. Regarding: position of the parties as to the appropriateness of the Board decision to take jurisdiction over the case; Index of abstract regarding: Electrical Transcriptions (refers to case), Whereas RCA is also engaged in the mfg. and sale of phonograph records, the AFM ban has also affected its members from sewraing RCA thus RCA desires to intervene and become a formal party to the proceedings; "A Committee of the N.A.B." (National Association of Broadcasters 1943, no author). Statement questioning the responsibility of NAB for a press statement released by the Music Sterring Committee, NAB. - "(Unemployment)" (labeled Paul's [Hays] Original Draft) (N.D.) Regarding: unemployment of musicians mechanical reproduction of music as depriving musicians of employment (2 drafts) (N.D.) - 8 pgs. Part of a larger paper, "Small Station Finarices" (ND) (no author) Regarding: financial problems faced by radit co. -"History of Controversy" handwritten in [Paul Hay's] (ND) Regarding: the history of the controversy (2 drafts). -"Jurisdiction of NWLB" handwritten in Paul's 2nd draft discarded- regarding: the jurisdiction of the NWLB - Draft/ Regarding: the employment fund (no date) (no author). - "Memorandum of Conference with Employer Group 10/1/1943" (no author, ND) Regarding: conference request by er after they analyzed the Decca and the Union contract- & list of their objections to the contract.
Box 2 Folder 2 1950
Box 2 Folder 3 1944
of case before the NWLB; Western Union Telegraph Co. (NY, NY) vs. American Communications Association, CIO.
Box 2 Folder 4 1922
History of its formation and activities, together with its awards and the documentation of importance in the record of its development
Box 2 Folder 5 1945-1947
regarding: travel arrangements expense reimbursement. Also, 2 receipt booklets "Gov't Requests for Transportation" put out by the Office for Emergency Management NWLB & Office of War Mobilization & Reconversion (OWMR)
Box 2 Folder 6 1945-1946
Correspondence between: Meyer & Edgar F. Warren (Director, US Conciliation Service US-DOL), also a few from Meyer's admin. Assistant & Meyers. Regarding: Meyer appointment to Special Advisory Committee Conciliation Service setup, purposes, function; Meyers acceptance to special advisory committee: Maritime disputes (NMU & American Merchant Marine Institute) payment for care work; Case US Steel Corp v. Steelworkers. Attachments regarding: labor-management advisory committee, US Conciliation Service Statement of Labor Policy; Summary of comments by various persons on "Nathan P. Feinsinger Clark Kerr-John E. Roe- Report on the Fact Finding Process;" "Recap of Positions in the Conciliation Service by grade under the present, proposed, and 1947 Budget Organization Plan;" "Minutes of the Advisory Committee to the Director of the US Conciliation Service 1945," Agenda USCS (1945, "Proposed Organization Bureau of Mediation and Arbitration US-DOL; Report of the Committee on Industrial Relations- Resolutional- Conciliation Services."
Box 2 Folder 7 1946
Includes: press release 1946 regarding office move of Reg. Wage Stab. Bd; letter from Meyer to NWSB (1946) requesting payment for all.
Box 2 Folder 8 1945-1946
routine correspondence of requests for copies of reports and appointments including telegrams. Also letters regarding study of the steel industry: guaranteed wage plan in the electrical industry, guaranteed wage study organization (such as which industries should be selected for the purpose of reorganization and stabilization studies) aspects; "A proposal for gov't guarantee of er who adopted the annual wage plan;" and as an attachment a copy of the "Guaranteed Wage Plan Study" (ND) (prepared by Latimer). (Official directive emphasizes the connection between guaranteed wage plans and the stabilization of employment and the regularization of production). News Release Form OWMR date, regarding the first installment of the guaranteed wage study.
Box 2 Folder 9 1945-1946
Report: "Justification of Budget for study of G.W. plans (1945)," "Application of Income Taxes to Funds Implementing Wage Guarantees (1946)." Correspondence between Meyers and Mat Heineman (VP Franklin Buick Advertising Corp); Paul Joerzog (NWLB); Arthur Jacobs; (Exec. Labor Letter); Thomas McManus (Assistant Counsel Joint Reg. Committee on Industrial and Labor Conditions); NP Feinsinger (Law Professor, U. of Wisconsin); Samuel H. Thompson (Assistant Director, National Planning Assoc.); William H. Davis (Director of Eco. Stab.); Katherine Pollak Fllickson (Assistant Director of Research, CIO) regarding chiefly routine (requesting copies of complements, critiques on articles in magazines, addresses), setting up appointments. Arguments used in the maritime and trucking strikes; industry investigation in respect to the annual wage; study of the steel industry; gov't interest payments: Proctor & Gamble plan. Nunn-Busch Plan- Unites three factors: 1. Payment to worker of a fixed % of volume of business done, 2. Guaranteed min. annual wage, fluctuating with skill level, 3. Overtime work at straight pay to balance hours not worked during the slack period. Also, clippings, bibliography of union agreements guaranteeing employment on annual wage plans
Box 2 Folder 10 1945-1946
Correspondent: Meyer and various job applicants regarding positions and salary structure.
Box 2 Folder 11 1947
Meyer; letters regarding guaranteed wage reports routine- chiefly about receival of report (thank you notes)
Box 2 Folder 12 1943
Correspondents: Meyers, George Taylor (NWLB), William A. Waldron (NWLB). Correspondence regarding decision to sign affidavit (affidavit says that if Meyer faces unnecessary pressure to divulge or to procure information in connection with the US War Program- that I'll inform my immediate supervisors of this and notify the investigations office of the Office for Emergency Management). Coal dispute and relationship to the Wage Stab. Program (possible claim under Fair Labor Standards Act under which the dispute can be settled and possible modification of the Little Steel ----- ); Illinois Coal Operators Assoc. v. UMWA agreement and their possible attempt to circumvent the Wage Stab. Policy; Publishers Assoc. of NY regarding Bds. NWLB authority with appointing the arbitrators.
Box 2 Folder 13 1943
Letters and telegrams- correspondents: Lloyd Garrison and Meyer Davis, Taylor (1942-43). Correspondence routine regarding personal appointments of Meters to various positions, data, thank you notes informational requests. Also, recommendation of Sidney Cohn as arbitrator to a case Meyer couldn't handle, resignation of position as Assoc. Mb. of the NWLB and appointment as Mb. of the NY Regional War Labor Board; NWLB Decentralization Program; Acceptance letter Meyer (Assoc. Mb. NWLB). Also attached to letters: Resolution on the Title Employees Case before the War Labor Board. Statement regarding Wage Stab. By Industry Relations Committee; Illinois Reg. Assoc. (1943), -Report-NWLB Decentralization Plan (1943). Correspondents include: F.D. Roosevelt, William Davis Ch. NWLB.
Box 2 Folder 14 1945
Correspondents include: William Brody (Personnel Director NWLB) (1945) and Meyer, Lloyd K. Garrison (Acting Ch. NWLB). Correspondence regarding Official Record of Personnel Action covering appointments with the NWLB; position as Ch. of committee to study the subject of guaranteed wages for the War Mobilization Advisory Bd.; continuation of appointment with NWLB as ad-hoc Panel Ch. with National as opposed to regional.
Box 2 Folder 15 1943
Correspondence concerning routine (bills), receipt of check proposals for --- panel members, NWLB, request for compensation for per diem; Moving Picture Machine Operators Union v. Kingsbridge Theater. Also, rough draft of Hoffman Beverage Company and Drivers and Helper U Inc. reports and recommendation of Hearing Offices and memo of appeals regarding methods of pay.
Box 2 Folder 16
Including routine correspondence of Meyer with various staff of travel authorization Office for Emergency Management vouchers (per diem and subsistence items) and letter stating amount of reimbursements of expenses (treasury checks at one time included with this letter 1943).
Box 2 Folder 17 1944-1945
Forms: record of official travel; travel authorization (OEM); request for compensation for per diem personnel; vouchers for per diem and/or reimbursement of expenses incident to official travel; vouchers; telegrams; letters regarding claims for reimbursement
Box 2 Folder 18 1944-1945
Correspondents include Harry Frumenman (Committee Ch. NWLB); Milton Rubin (Committee Mb. NWLB); William S. Hilger (Sub-Regional Director #9 UAW, CIO); Walter Gellhorn (Regional Vice Ch. NWLB); Maw J. Miller (Assignment Officer, NWLB). Correspondence concerns: investigation of personnel needs of private individual; metal trade rates, City of Lockport; retroactive date in first contract cases, proposed public mbs. (NWLB). Memo release of NWLB moving of offices, also mss. Notes of letter (ND) (no author).
Box 2 Folder 19 1945
letters regarding Waterfront Er's Assoc. of California and International Longshores and Warehouses Union- regarding Board decline of jurisdiction over case to Leonard Berliner, Director, Disputes Division NWLB, from Meyer
Box 2 Folder 20 1941-1943
Report of the Hearing Commission, Collective Bargaining Contract, and memo on behalf of CE of NY with Appendix A Report and findings of Meyer, Hearing Commissioner issues. "Mbs. should receive construction work undertaken by the Co. (a) when the equipment moowed is dead or not connected with an electrical outlet (b) when other building trades are employed," (miss. notes regarding the case).
Box 2 Folder 21 1943-1944
Transcontinental pipe lines (nic. The George Bolz Dredging Co., International Hod Carriers, Cominon Laborers Union, International Union of Operating Engineers, United Association of Journeymen Plumbers and Pipe Fitters, Teamsters Preliminary Facts, Dissenting Opinion by Ind. Mb. Issue- G. Bolz Dredging was a sub-contractor employed specifically to construct the Miss. River Crossing (operated strictly on a strictly u basis) (open-shop basis, result picketed and struck creating a conflict during war years)- adjoining Missouri Section was being constructed by Oil States Construction Co. on letters regarding Missouri River Pipeline Crossing, routine matters correspondence between panel mbs. relating to the case. Also, telegrams. Correspondents include: NP Feinsinger (NWLB); Robert H. Zetzman (Colgate-Palmolive Pest Co.); James A. Wilson (International Labor Office); Meyer (1943-1944).
Box 2 Folder 22 1943
Includes telegrams and letters (chiefly routine). Also concerns: thoughts underlying primary draft of opinion, elimination of difference in wage rates in fourteen plants, North-South differential continued but not increased, treatment accorded to Memphis regarding u security and right differentials should be the same as other plant. Correspondents include: Lipscomb Davis (Davis Cabinet Co.); Graham H. Anthony (Veeder Root Inc.); Morton Barrisch Vleyer (Mediation Assistant NWLB); Martin Polin (Panel Assistant NWLB). Also, miss. notes referring to the case
Box 2 Folder 23 1941-1942
forms and cover letter- voucher for per diem and/or reimbursement of expenses incident to travel; request for compensation for per diem personnel. Routine correspondence regarding travel expenses/reimbursement and "standardized gov't travel regulations" 1941 pamphlet chiefly Meyer and various travel clerks and administrative assistants
Box 2 Folder 24 1943
Correspondents include: Theodore Kheel (Regional WLB); Peter K. Hawley (CIO Labor Mb.); Meyer; Jules S. Fruind Esq. (Exec. Soc.); New York State Board of Mediation; Eric W. Doebler (UP Long Island Lighting Company); Robert Abelow (Exec. Dir. NWLB). Correspondence regarding William A. White and sons acting as agents for the Park-Lexington Co. regarding wages. S & S Corrugated Machinery Co. regarding divergence of opinions and manners of resolving problems of inflation; Public Panel Mbs. (approved) and (proposed) referrals for certification; approval of wage increase - Long Island Lighting Co., Queens Borough Gas & Electric Co. and Nassau & Suffolk Lighting Co; also contains a case in front of the NWLB between IBEW and above named companies regarding wage rate adjustment (Little Steel Formula). Memo- screening of public panel mbs; outlining of rules for processing of wage applications where in have intervened. Also, S&S Corrugated Paper Machinery to include dissenting opinion of labor mbs.
Box 2 Folder 25 1946
(Materials in 1 FF-2 FF pertain to following case, arbitrated by Meyer 1946). Press Wireless Inc. vs. American Communications Association, CIO 1946 on the issues of management rights and unilateral action of employer regarding layoffs, position reclassification, wages, back pay. Includes: award, and final award of arbitrator (Aug, 1946), miss. notes (no author) regarding issues, exhibits on Press Wireless case, correspondence and telegrams of Meyer, chiefly with J.A. Payne (National Pres., Commercial Telegraphers Union); Dean Dinwooday (Editor-in-chief, Bur. of National Affairs); Alfred Colby (Arbitrator); NYS Bd. Mediation; Joseph Selly (Pres. American Communications Assn.). Correspondence regarding arbitration decision, publication of arbitration decision, routine business of handling case, request for bills and information (1946)
Box 2 Folder 26 1946
consists of additional materials pertaining to the above case of Press Wireless Inc. vs. American Communications Assn., 1946). Includes: 2 volumes of minutes of arbitration hearings (Aug. 19, 26, 1946) before A.S. Meyer; notes and a graph comparing average and actual volume of wordage output for non-supervisory employees vs. supervisory employees (ND) (company not mentioned).
Box 2 Folder 27 1944-1946
United Electric Radio and Machine workers of Am. (UE) and General Elective Co. (1945). Issues include: wages (elimination of sex differentials and minority hiring in rate. Included in FF are summary and conclusions, copies of correspondence between UE and GE regarding $2 per day wage increase, Papers regarding GE Decentralization Program, Agreed Statement of Facts and Requests for Order, Supplementary Recommendations, New Releases NWLB, Recommendations, Opinions (the above is contained in a folder called "Summary and Pertinent Appendices General Elections- Westinghouse"). Also, a new case docket Westinghouse and UE- Agreed Statement dates of Facts and Requests for Order. (Does material following pertain to UE or W-house?) Correspondence include: E.D. Spicer (U.P.) (G.E. Co.); Joseph Dermody (International Rep. UE); CE Wilson (Pres. G.E.); James J. Matles (Dir. Of Org. UE); WG Marshall (UP-Westinghouse Electric Corp.); Edward Matthews (International Rep.); Meyer. Also includes: Agreements- Westinghouse and UE Agreement, strike settlement agreement (Appendix and Supplement V), Agreement between Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. and others and UE and others and Local Supplements Sharon Wks, 1945, Agreement between Westinghouse and UE Supplement IV- supplement to 1944 agreement. Also includes: clippings, New Releases "Trends in Urban Wage Rates (NWLB) 10-1945" and put out by UE, telegrams, miss. notes relating to the case. Special report (USCS) John R. Murray- Commissioner of Conciliation, i.e. details of the case. Statements: Statement of Provision Covering the Lamp Department (regarding wages and incentives); Gwilym A. Price, Pres. of Westinghouse Electric Corp., regarding wage offer. Demands: Westinghouse; UE, Westinghouse local's comment on Co. demands. Letters: Mediators presentation of Westinghouse position in the current wage center, union response to co. proposals, mediators (Davis and Meyer) report of dispute between Westinghouse and UE; co. response to mediator's proposals. Also, info requested regarding hourly paid employees of the Westinghouse Electric Corp. and subsidiaries. Correspondents: Honorable Lewis B. Schwellenbach (Sec. Of Labor); Gwilym A. Price (Pres. of Westinghouse Electric Corp); Julius Emspak (Gen. Sec. Treas.); Edward Matthews (International Rep.); William H. Davis (arbitrator) and Meyers. Also, mediator's summary of case and miss. notes of his, miss. notes and type written notes relating to the case.
Box 2 Folder 28 1946
News release: NW Stab. Bd. G.E. wage raises. Letters regarding wage increases, information requests, co. and u demands. Correspondents include: William H. Davis, Meyer, James Matles (UE), G. Price (Westinghouse).
Box 3 Folder 1 1944
U claims transfer of employees constitutes a violation of those patrons of the Agreement which refer to occupational classifications. Also includes: "Submission" in the matter or Arb. Proceedings pursuant to contract between NY Tel. Co. and U.T.O.; miss. notes relating to case; routine letters regarding bills, information requests; information needed for case number of transfers, wages, summary of scheduled jobs requiring replacements of males or females; bill intro in NYS Assembly an act- "to prohibit discrimination in notes of --- because of sex and make up an appropriation to the DOL to pay expenses" i.e. pay for WK. Penciled in "Union Ex 4" transcript of Joint Conference Memo Equal pay for equal work 1 page. Penciled in Union Ex 2 Appendix C Top Basic Weekly Rates of Pay and Wage Progression. "Pencil," Ex 1 % of female clerks to total clerks Plant Departments down state areas and other such exhibits. Letters regarding position regarding transfer. Charles H. Parsons (Gen. Pres.) to OM Taylor (VP NY Telephone Co.).
Box 3 Folder 2 1944
Award of Arbitrator and Submission, brief on behalf of the newspaper and Mail Deliverers Union of NY and vicinity, issues- wages. Also includes: miss. notes and minutes of hearing (1944). Correspondents: Louis Waldman Esq. (attn.), Harry E. Schultz Attn
Box 3 Folder 3 1945-1946
1). American Coat and Suit Manufacturing Assoc. Fnc. and ILGWU (1945-46) before the impartial ch. of the coat and suit industry, union demand for a wage readjustment. Memo- Am. Cloak and Suit Manufacturing Assoc. 2). Memo- ILGWU and Jt. Bd. of Cloak, Suit, Skirt and Reefer Makers Union-Reply Memos-Memos on behalf of the Er's Assoc. with opposition to a wage readjustment. Also includes miss notes (in regard to case), memo supplementing the award, letters supplying information to various inquiries. Correspondents: Meyer and various people from the Wage Stab. Bd.
Box 3 Folder 4 1947
Issues wage and progression adjustments, changes in the length of wage progressions, wage increases. Also includes: miss. notes regarding case, correspondence regarding case, other arbitration awards (by Sidney Cohn and Meyer regarding wages and overtime) and supporting evidence (charts of wage pcall's). Correspondents: Meyer, Henry Meyer-attn., Mark Gailinghouse of the Bdway Corp
Box 3 Folder 5 1947
Includes: wage tables, contracts, and copies of BLS and CPI reports.
Box 3 Folder 6 1947
Opinion of the public mbs. of the Bd. of Arbitration. Award of Arbitration; dissenting opinion of the co. mb. Issues: wages, vacations, holidays. Also includes correspondence and miss. notes regarding the case. Chief correspondents: George W. Taylor, Ludus Research Dept., University of Pennsylvania, Meyer, Alfred H. Driscoll, Governor of New Jersey, Allan Weisenfeld, Secretary State of New Jersey and New Jersey State Bd. of Mediation
Box 3 Folder 7
Stenographic transcripts NJ Statutory Bd. of Arbitration between Public Service Coordinated Transport Co. & Amalgamated Assoc. of St., Electric, Railway and Motorcoach EE's of America AFL (5 volumes). Pamphlet- Public Utility Mediation and Arbitration Laws, bit of u exhibits, folder of u exhibits, lists of wages, clauses from past contracts, co. rules.
Box 3 Folder 8 1940-1947
22nd Annual Report of P.S. Corp. of NJ (1940), DOL, BLS reports, miss. notes relating to case, 28th Annual Report of Public Service Corp. of NJ (1946), Public Service Exhibits (Co. Exhibits) regarding wages, maps NY-NY area past agreements (1946).
Box 4 Folder 1 1950
Realty Advisory Bd. on Labor Relations, Inc. (on behalf of various ap't house owners, managing agents) and Local 32-B Building Service EE's Int'l U (1950). "1950 Fact-Finding Bd.: Hearings Realty Advisory Bd. and Local 32-B, NYC."
Box 4 Folder 2 1948-1950
Includes: 1.) Agreements 1948-49 2.) Demands- Local 32-B through the wage scale committee for revision and Amendment of the apt. House Agreement to become effective 1950 3.) Eco Brief in support of the Demands of Local 32-B, Building Service EE's Union submitted by Robert Nathan Assoc. Consulting Eco. 1950 4.) Summary Brief submitted to the Fact Finding Bd. on behalf of Local 32-B, Building SEIU by Robert R. Nathan Association Consulting Eco. (1950) 5.) Tables regarding wage and hourly contract rates, changes in average annual earnings for workers in industries covered by Unemp. Jus. Laws NYS (ND) 6.) Miss. notes relating to the case (ND) 7.) Statement of Jules Backman (Assoc. Prof. Of Eco., NYU) on behalf of Realty Advisory Bd. on Labor Relations, Inc. before the fact bd. (1950) 8.) Reply Brief on behalf of Realty Advisory Bd. on Labor Relations, Inc. (1950) 9.) Memo: to Burton A. Zorn from Backman regarding def. of luxury apt. (1950) and summary of rent stow 10.) Chart NYC- Summary of Income and Expenses Apt. surveyed 1943-47. 11.) Statement on Rent Control submitted by Robert W. Dowling (Pres. Of City Investing Co.) NY before Senate Banking and Currency Committee (1949) 12.) News Release A.) "Realty Advisory Bd. on Labor Relations (1950) regarding rent control B.) Statement of Positions of Realty Advisory Bd. of Labor Relations incorporated regarding current negotiations for a new apt. house labor agreement with Local 32-B, B.S. EIU, AFL 13.) Industry report- hours and earnings (1950) US DOL 14.) Summary Statement and Report Occupancy characteristics of Higher Rental Apts. in Manhattan (Deluxe Apt. Committee) (1950).
Box 4 Folder 3
"Reproduction of the NY State Residential Rent Control Law, reproduced by the Metropolitan Fair Rent Committee." An Act, "to amend the emergency housing rent control land generally, and making an appropriation for the expenses of the temporary state housing rent commission." Booklet: "State of NY," Emergency Housing, Commercial and Business Space Rent Control Laws, printed and distributed by American Banking (only daily banking newspaper) (ND). Paper: "Income Originating in all Real Estate." Operating Cost Study Residential Real Estate NY, NY (Office of the Housing Expenditure).
Box 4 Folder 4 1950
Correspondence (carbons and originals) (1950) chiefly between Meyer, Herbert Wecholer (Columbia University), Burton A. Zorn, Prof. Joseph A. Chamberlain (Legislative Drafting Research Funds Columbia), Louis J. Walinsky from Robert R. Nathan Assoc. Inc. Consulting Economist regarding routine correspondence (including information requests) effect of borrowing in the rent law part our building service report; breakdown of the average annual earnings in service occupations in NYC. Miss. copy of [Building Service Report] (ND), telegrams and clippings (1950), remarks of David Sullivan (pres. Local 32-B BSEIU at meeting State Mediation Bd.) 1950.
Box 4 Folder 5 1942-1950
Before the NWLB "Dispute involving the Realty Advisory Bd. on Labor Relations Inc. and Local 32-B of the B. SEIU Brief statement of the issues in the controversy in accordance with Rule co. of the Bd.'s Rules of Procedures." Also includes: Exhibits The Sloan Decision (1939, defines what buildings shall become signator and operate under the agreement), Demands made by the Union through the wage scale Committee for Revision and Amendment of the Sloan Agreement to become effective 1942, Sloan Agreement Renewal counter proposal from Realty Advisory Bd. on Labor Relations to Local 32-B (1942), The A.S. Meyer Agreement (1942-45) terms agreed at as a result of his award. Also includes: counter proposals, wage scales and hours people work. Building SEIU and Realty Advisory Bd. on Labor Relations, Report of the Arbitrators (1950). (Joseph P. Chamberlain, William H. Davis, Meyer Ch.)
Box 4 Folder 6 1918
(2 volumes), no information as to what they're really about.