U.S. Emergency Board No. 129 Records

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U.S. Emergency Board No. 129 Records, 1960
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U.S. Emergency Board
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Kheel Center for Labor- Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library
Transcript of proceedings and exhibits of the Emergency Board No. 129. Wages, assignment of jobs, and hours case. Long Island Railroad Company and Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, 1953-1960.
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In April 1959 the Railroad Trainmen served notice on all the carriers with which it had contractual relations in which it was requested that the cost-of-living increases be included in the basic rates and the basic rate increased fourteen percent, effective November 1, 1959.
National negotiations were undertaken on this basis, but on November 12, 1959 the Trainmen served twelve demands on the Long Island Rail Road in addition, for local negotiation, and two days later the carriers countered with their demands. Local negotiations were unsuccessful, and the mediation services of the National Mediation Board were invoked, but no settlement resulted. The Mediation Board then certified the controversy to the President, who invoked the emergency board procedure of the Railway Labor Act.
Curtis G. Shake was named chairman and Edward A. Lynch and Lloyd H. Bailer were appointed to the board. Hearings were held in New York beginning April 26, 1960.
The Trainmen presented four issues to the board as follows:
1. All short turn-around passenger rules now providing for 26 days work be revised to read "22 days work" and that said rules continue to contain all provisions now existing.
2. All men in local freight service be given a five-day work week with seven days pay.
3. Yard brakeman's rate for all switchtenders.
4. All assignments not now receiving 95 cents air hose allowance in yard service will be given said allowance under the same conditions that other men are paid.
The Carriers demands were:
1. Payment of standard rates of pay in passenger and freight service
2. Carrier will have the sole prerogative of arranging its runs to meet the requirements of its service.
3. Discontinuance of payments under so-called "make whole" rule.
4. Elimination of time and one-half payments for a second tour of duty within 24 hours in road freight service.
5. Eliminate requirements with respect to the manner in which road crews pick up and dispose of their train and handle their cabin car.
6. Carrier will have the prerogative of transferring Extra Men from one yard to another without agreement.


Transcript of proceedings and exhibit of the Emergency Board No. 129. Wages, assignment of jobs, and hours case. Long Island Railroad Company and Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, 1953-1960.

United States. Emergency Board No. 129.
Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen.
Long Island Rail Road

Arbitration, Industrial--United States--Sources.
Railroads--Employees--Labor unions--United States--Sources.

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