Louis Agassiz Fuertes and the Harriman Alaska Expedition

This site highlights a journal that Louis Agassiz Fuertes kept during the Harriman Alaska Expedition. In the summer of 1899, railroad magnate Edward H. Harriman funded a scientific expedition along the Alaskan coast. The expedition, intended initially as a family vacation, gathered an illustrious group of scientists, writers and artists, and combined scientific research with leasure activities.

Two versions of Fuertes' journal have been provided.
The map version uses the route of the expedition for navigation.The frames version, recommended for Netscape 4.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher, uses frames and JavaScript to allow you, the reader, to choose and to organize the materials that you will be viewing simultaneously on the screen. Both versions provide access to transcriptions of his journal, journal facsimiles, and ornithological images.

To see the private souvenir album of the Harriman Expedition see the Library of Congress Fuertes Ornithological Artwork site.

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Artwork by Noni Korf Vidal based on originals by L.A. Fuertes.
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