Student Work

Drafting room, Lincoln Hall.
Photograph. 1900.

In 1906 the college moved from Lincoln Hall to White and Franklin Halls, which only briefly relieved the intolerable crowding. College offices, the library, and lecture and exhibition rooms occupied the third floor of White Hall, with a large drafting rooms on the fourth floor. Studios for freehand drawing, painting, and modeling were housed on the top floor of Franklin.

"Architecture College for Cornell University." Photograph of architectural drawing. Honors Designs, College of Architecture. #14 (1913-1914).

The Honors Books, compiled beginning in 1899, included photographs of the best student work in design for each year.

Cornell University College of Architecture students with Danny King, the janitor. Cyanotype. ca. 1910.

According to Eugene Montillon, "Danny King of the finest characters I’ve ever known...absolutely nothing was ever too much for him, and he was very much beloved by both students and faculty.... And if any student had a problem, they went to Danny King, they didn’t go to their faculty advisor. He was the best philosopher of life and a most helpful counselor that I think I’ve ever known in the University. He was a very, very remarkable character."

The Cornell Architect. The Architects’ Association, Cornell University, 1914-1919.

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