owls and flycatcher

owls and flycatcher


metal engraving/etching
By A. Wilson, engraved by A. lawson.

text from the plate

1. Great Horned Owl

2. Barn Owl

3. Meadow Mouse

4. Red Bat

5. Small-headed Flycatcher

6. Hawk Owl

Drawn from Nature by A. Wilson

Engraved by A. Lawson


"This noted and formidable Owl is found in almost every quarter of the United States. His favorite residence, however, is in the dark solitudes of deep swamps covered with a growth of gigantic timber; and here, as soon as evening draws on, and mankind retire to rest, be sends forth such sounds as seem scarcely to belong to this world, startling the solitary pilgrim as he slumbers by his forest fire, 'Making night hideous'. ...There is something in the character of the Owl so recluse, solitary and mysterious, something so discordant in the tones of its voice, heard only amid the silence and gloom of night, and in the most lonely and sequestered situations, as to have strongly impressed the minds of mankind in general with sensations of awe and abhorrence of the whole tribe. ...Ignorance and superstition, in all ages, and in all countries, listen to the voice of the Owl, and even contemplate its physiognomy with feelings of disgust, and a kind of fearful awe. ... Nothing is a more effectual cure for superstition than a knowledge of the general laws and productions of nature; With all the gloomy habits and ungracious tones of the Owl, there is nothing in this bird supernatural or mysterious, or more than that of a simple bird of prey formed for feeding by night, like many other animals, and of reposing by day."