Carolina Parrot and Flycatchers

Carolina Parrot and Flycatchers


metal engraving/etching
By A. Wilson, engraved by A. Lawson.

text from the plate

1. Carolina Parrot

2. Canada Flycatcher

3. Hooded Flycatcher

4. Green, black-capt Flycatcher

drawn from Nature by A. Wilson

Engraved by A. Lawson


"Of one hundred and sixty eight kinds of Parrots enumerated by European writers as inhabiting the various regions of the globe, this is the only species found native within the territory of the United States. The vast and luxuriant tracts lying within the torrid zone, seem to be the favorite residence of these noisy, numerous and richly plumaged tribes. *They are particularly attached to the large sycamores, in the hollow of the trunks and branches of which they generally roost, thirty or forty, and sometimes more, entering at the same hole. Here they cling close to the sides of the tree, holding fast by the claws and also by the bills. They appear to be fond of sleep, and often retire to their holes during the day, probably to take their regular siesta. A very general opinion prevails, that the brains and intestines of the Carolina parakeet are a sure and fatal poison to cats. ... I have had an opportunity, by the death of a tame Carolina parakeet, to ascertain the fact of the poisonous effects of their head and intestines on cats. Having shut up a cat and her two kittens ... in a room with the head, neck, and whole intestines of the Parakeet, I found on the next morning, the whole eaten except a small part of the bill. The cat exhibited no symptom of sickness; and at this moment, three days after the experiment has been made, she and her kittens are in their usual health."