Pinnated Grous and Warblers

Pinnated Grous and Warblers


metal engraving/etching
By A. Wilson, engraved by A. Lawson.

text from the plate

1. Pinnated Grous

2. Blue-green Warbler

3. Nashville Warbler

drawn from Nature by A. Wilson

Engraved by A. Lawson


"But what appears to me the most remarkable circumstance relative to this bird is, that not one of all those writers who have attempted its history have taken the least notice of those two extraordinary bags of yellow skin which mark the neck of the male, and which constitute so striking a peculiarity. These appear to be formed by an expansion of the gullet as well as of the exterior skin of the neck, which, when the bird is at rest, hangs in loose pendulous wrinkled folds, along the side of the neck, ... But when these bags are inflated with air, in breeding time, they are equal in size and very much resemble in color a middle sized fully ripe orange. By means of this curious apparatus ... he is enabled to produce the extraordinary sound ... which ... consists of three notes, of the same tone, resembling those produced by the Night Hawks in their rapid descent. ... While uttering this the bird exhibits all the ostentatious gesticulations of a turkey cock ... Now and then are heard some rapid cackling notes, not unlike that of a person tickled to excessive laughter; ... These are uttered by the males while engaged in fight, on which occasion they leap up against each other, exactly in the manner of turkeys, seemingly with more malice than effect."