Lark Finch

Lark Finch


hand-colored lithograph
By Genevieve and Virgina Jones & Eliza Shulze.

text from the plate

Pl. LV.

Chondestes Grammica.

Lark Finch.


"The Illustration ... represents a nest and eggs of the Lark Finch, found May 20th, 1884. It was situated on a hillside in a clover field, in a slight natural concavity, near the foot-stalks of red clover. While driving along a country road on the day mentioned above, I noticed a pair of Lark Finches on the fence, and after I had passed by they flew about a hundred yards and dropped into a clover field. I at once got out and went to the spot, but the birds were not there. I took a few steps to the right, and they then both arose some distance ahead. Instead of flying away, the female hovered over me, and also attempted to draw me from the spot by feigning lameness. After a few minutes search, I discovered her nest. ... When frightened from her nest, the female Lark Finch generally runs a few yards before taking wing, after the manner of the Bobolink. This trick makes it hard to determine just where the treasure is. Different from other Sparrows, the Lark Finch runs instead of hops, and it is not uncommon to see a number running along the road like Quail."