[Pintail] Dafila Urophasianus

[Pintail] Dafila Urophasianus


hand-colored lithograph
Engraved by Edward Lear.

text from the plate

Dafila Urophasianus

Printed by C. Hullmandel


"Although some difference exists in length between our specimens of this bird and that described by Capt. King and also a trifling one in colouring, we have been induced to place them as one, both having been received from the west coast of South America, placing ours the smallest as the female. Mr. Vigors, however, makes no mention of the orange marking on each side of the bill, which we suspect to be only apparent in old birds during the season of love. The buff colour on the wing also changes to white during certain times of the year in all the Pintails."