the Eastern Sarus Crane

the Eastern Sarus Crane


By H. Leutemann, engraved by J.G. Keulemans.

text from the plate

The Eastern Sarus Crane.


signed: H. Leutemann 1872

"This Crane is distributed as a breeding bird over the greater part of the Burmese peninsula in suitable places. ... Wardlaw Ramsey ... tells us that, although he did not find the nest himself, eggs were brought to him by the Burmese. They described the nest as a pile of weeds and mud, situated generally in the midst of a swamp. ... Davison found that if the young birds were pursued before they were able to fly they were very cunning in hiding themselves, taking advantage of the slightest shelter. When fairly run down in the open, they lay down, trying to bury their heads in the grass, and make no further attempt to escape. They remain perfectly still even when lifted up in the hand."