Rathbone Warbler

Rathbone Warbler


metal engraving/etching
By J. J. Audubon.

text from the plate

Rathbone Warbler.

Sylvia rathbonia.


"Kind reader, you are now presented with a new and beautiful little species of Warbler, which I have honoured with the name of a family that must ever be dear to me. Were I at liberty here to express the gratitude which swells my heart, when the remembrance of all the unmerited kindness and unlooked-for friendship which I have received from the Rathbones of Liverpool comes to my mind, I might produce a volume of thanks. But I must content myself with informing you, that the small tribute of gratitude which alone it is in my power to pay, I now joyfully accord, by naming after them one of those birds, to the study of which all my efforts have been directed. I met with the species now under consideration only once, .... All my endeavors to discover their nest, or to procure other individuals, having proved abortive, I am unable to say anything of their habits and history;..."