[Three Warblers]

[Three Warblers]


By J. W. Hill.

text from the plate

J. W. Hill

Lith. of Endicott, New York


fig. 112 the Spotted Warbler (Sylvicola maculosa). fig. 113 the Blackburnian Warbler (Sylvicola blackburniæ). fig. 114 the Black-throated Green Warbler (Sylvicola virens).

"This species is occasionally very rare in New York, or at least in its southern portions ... Audubon states that he never met with this bird south of Philadelphia, and that it must be a northern species; but Vigors observed it in Cuba. It has been observed as high as 551 north, unless Richardson has confounded it with another species. Its history is yet incomplete."