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Studer, Jacob Henry.
Studer's Popular ornithology: the birds of North America.
Published by Jacob H. Studer & Co., Columbus, Ohio, 1878.

2 v., col. ill., 38 cm.

Notes: Vol. 2 has title: Ornithology; or, The science of birds. / From the text of Dr. Brehm. With two hundred and twelve illustrations by Theodore Jasper. Issued in 40 parts. Actual publication dates from Zimmer. References: Nissen, C. Illustrierte Vogelbücher, 473-474; Zimmer, J.T. Ayer Lib., p. 333-334; Yale. Ornithological Lib., p. 279.

Illustrated by Jasper, Theodore

Other Authors: Brehm, Alfred Edmund

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