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Cassin, John.
Mammalogy and ornithology .
J. B. Lippincott , Philadelphia , 1858 .

viii, 466 p., ill. ; + atlas (42 plates), 32 cm. (atlas 57 cm.).

Notes: "Charles Pickering ... copied and collated ... a large amount of manuscript notes on quadrupeds and birds, made on the voyage, and now for the first time published ... From the notes and observations of Mr. Titian R. Peale ... much also has been derived."; Replaces a vol. by T. R. Peale, Mammalia and ornithology, published in 1848 as v. 8 of the United States Exploring Expedition, and later suppressed; Reference: Zimmer, J.T. Ayer Lib., p. 675-676 (under Wilkes, Charles).

Other Authors: Pickering, Charles; Peale, Titian Ramsay

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