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Audubon, John James.
The birds of America .
The Macmillan Company , New York , 1937 .

xxvi p., 500 col. pl. on 250 l.: ill., port., 32 cm.

Notes: The colored plates are preceded by a reproduction of the title-page of one of the original portfolios dated 1827-1830, not included in the paging. "This edition ... is limited to two thousand five hundred copies." "Of the ... 500 plates, the first 435 were originally published by Audubon, in London, during the years 1827-1838 ... a set believed to be the finest in uncut state in America ... has ... been followed in making the present reproductions. The final sixty-five subjects were painted at a later date ... They were first reproduced in the octavo Birds of America published by Audubon in New York (and J. B. Chevalier in Philadelphia), 1840-1844. The present plates 436-500 are reproduced from that book."--Note

Other Authors: Vogt, William

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