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Audubon, John James.
A synopsis of the birds of North America.
Adam and Charles Black, Edinburgh, 1839.

xii, 359 p., 23 cm.

Notes: Colophon: Printed by Neill and Co. "The figures and descriptions contained in the works entitled 'The birds of America,' and 'Ornithological biography ...' having been issued in the miscellaneous manner which was thought best adapted to the occasion ... seemed to require a systematic index, in which the nomenclature should be correct, and the species arranged agreeably to my present views. This Synopsis, then, will afford a methodical catalogue of all the species ... described ... in the above named."--Pref. Reference: Zimmer, J.T. Ayer Lib., p. 21-22. Hill copy 1: Provenance: REB; Henry W. Arey (bookplates). Hill copy 2: Transferred from the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station Library. Provenance: Joseph N. Sturtevant (signature).

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