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Audubon, John James.
The birds of America, from drawings made in the United States and their territories.
J.J. Audubon, New York, 1840-1844.

Box containing 7 pts. of text, 74 plates, 31 cm.

Notes: 500/1: : |a Original publication of this edition in 100 parts in paper covers, each containing 5 plates. The completed work appeared in 7 volumes. The later parts, and v. 6-7 of the bound set, have imprint: NewYork, Philadelphia : J.J. Audubon. Colophon: E. G. Dorsey ... Reference: Zimmer, J.T. Ayer Lib., p. 22. Hill copy 1: Provenance: Harry Gallaway, 1965; S. W. Collins (signatures).

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