Hybrid Pheasant

Hybrid Pheasant
from Pheasant drawings by Joseph Wolf...
by Joseph Wolf

Ornithology Manuscript Collections in the
Division of Rare & Manuscript Collections

Use of the Manuscript Collections

All collections are available for research use in the Division's reading room, located on Level 2B of the Carl A. Kroch Library. Some individual collections, however, may have specific restrictions. Material does not circulate, but selected items may be photocopied. Under appropriate security conditions the department will lend material for display at Cornell and at other institutions. About two-thirds of the holdings are stored in an annex facility. For this reason advance appointments are desirable.

Bibliographic access to manuscript collections housed at Cornell is through Cornell Library's Online Catalog and nationally through the archival and manuscripts control (AMC) file of the Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN). Most manuscripts are cataloged at the collection level, and the cataloging records do not contain complete, item level descriptions of every letter, postcard, photograph, text, other document the collection contains. Guides, or indexes to many of the manuscript collections may be consulted in the Reference Room of the Rare and Manuscript Division in Kroch Library. Increasingly, guides also may be accessed online through the RMC Web site.

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