Red or Common Grouse

Red or Common Grouse
from British oology...
by William Chapman Hewitson

Use of the Mann Collection

Almost all the ornithological literature in Mann Library is accessible on open shelves both to the Cornell community and to visitors. In addition, through the Inter-Library Services network, books may be borrowed or photocopies of material requested by any library in the country for the use of its patrons.

Most of the Mann Library collection circulates to qualified borrowers. Special rules govern the length of time certain kinds of material, such as current journals or books on reserve for course work, may be borrowed. Reference books are limited to building use. Some particularly valuable or irreplaceable volumes are kept in the Mann vault; these may be consulted in the building under the supervision of the circulation staff.

The books in the vault may be recent imprints or older titles. Recent imprints placed in protected status are usually lavishly illustrated limited editions. Some examples are Forshaw and Cooper's multi-volume Kingfishers and related birds (1983+), R D. Parker's Birds of Ireland (1984), R. Low's Amazon parrots (1983), J. C. Harrison's Birds of prey of the British Islands (1980), G. E. Lodge's Unpublished paintings of birds (1983), and C. G. Finch-Davies's Bird paintings (1984). Older imprints in the vault may or may not be heavily illustrated, but their scarcity, fragility, or monetary value dictates special care in handling.

The Mann Library collection includes complete coverage of published and online reference tools pertinent to the subject of ornithology. Bibliographies, indexes, histories, dictionaries, encyclopedias, printed catalogs of collections in other institutions, checklists, and nomenclatures are all acquired consistently. Online access to current computerized indexing services is available to help the ornithology researcher or student. Notable online indexes include Biosis Previews (1969+), Zoological Record (1978+) and, for Poultry Science, AGRICOLA (1982+) and CAB International (1972+).

As mentioned earlier, the ornithology collection in Mann Library is too large to be described in terms of specific titles in a guide such as this one. Without detailing specifics, it is difficult to portray accurately the great variety, depth, and richness of the collection. The prospective student or researcher may safely assume, however, that Cornell offers as strong and complete support for his or her ornithological studies as any library system in the country.

Mann Library encourages the use of its substantial resources in ornithology and welcomes inquiries and visits from any interested person.

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