Ornithology Collections in the Libraries at Cornell University:

Overview of Cornell's Ornithology Collections


This guide provides an overview of the extensive ornithological collections in the libraries at Cornell University. Its intent is to offer students, researchers, and scholars sufficient information about the collections to assess the usefulness of those rich resources to their own studies or pursuits. It is not a title-by-title listing of the thousands of ornithology volumes at Cornell. That kind of detailed catalog is provided by national library databases and by the Cornell University Library Online Catalog.

As with many subject collections in a large, old, and diverse research library system, the ornithological holdings at Cornell are housed in several different locations. The collection in each library unit has a different emphasis. Anyone with an interest in ornithology, including those with no formal Cornell affliation, may consult these collections.

The four most important collections, which are described separately in this guide, are:

These four collections complement and supplement each other. Taken together they cover every aspect of the study of birds, and all continue to grow.


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