Jones Family

19th century

Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Birds of Ohio, with its sixty-eight hand-colored lithographs, is perhaps the most beautiful and accurate portrayal of birds' nests ever published. It was produced over a period of years (1879-1886) in Circleville, Ohio, largely as a family enterprise.

The project was begun by Genevieve Jones and Eliza Shulze as an artistic study of nests found in the Circleville area. Howard E. Jones prepared the text. After just five plates were issued, Genevieve Jones died suddenly of typhoid fever. As a memorial to her, the family continued the project. Her mother, Virginia, with help from Eliza Shulze and others, completed the illustrations. Howard Jones finished the text, and Genevieve's father, N. E. Jones, financed the complete work.

The charm, artistic skill, and scientific accuracy of this magnificent work drew high praise from ornithologists and artists alike.

In 1997 Dorothy and Kenneth Hill gave their copy of this lovely two-volume work to Cornell University Library. Cornell celebrated the gift as the six millionth volume to be added to its collections.

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