Great Crested Grebe
plate from book

Great-Crested Grebe
original watercolor

Great-Crested Grebe
from The Birds of Great Britain
by John Gould

Henry Constantine Richter


Henry Constantine Richter was reared in an artistic family whose other members overshadowed him. Richter became an excellent draftsman and lithographer but was never recognized as a true bird artist.

When Elizabeth Gould died, John Gould hired Richter to help with the drawing and lithographic work previously done by his wife. For over forty years Richter prepared precise, scientifically accurate drawings and transferred them to stone. Over the course of his career he was responsible for more than 1,600 hand-colored lithographs, mostly done for Gould.

Shown here is one of Gould and Richter's most appealing bird portraits, the Great-Crested Grebe.

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