Cornell University Electronic Student Records Systems Project Report

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Appendix F. Relevant Research Projects

Electronic Records

University of Pittsburgh

Functional Requirements for Evidence in Recordkeeping
Anyone who is interested in electronic records should be familiar with this project. This project was the starting point for a lot of current research projects.

Indiana University

Indiana developed a framework to apply the Pittsburgh functional requirements to real situations. The methodology and results are well-documented in the articles.

Indiana University--Electronic Records Project Home Page

IU ER - NAGARA: Crossroads 1996-1

IU Electronic Records Project

IU ER - NHPRC - Policy in Action

IU ER Project - ASIS bulletin

Preservation and Access for Electronic College and University Records
The papers from this conference are interesting. There will be a 2000 conference.

Models for Action

This project reviewed the Pittsburgh project and the UBC project as well as system design methodology. The website contains the scaled down version of the functional requirements, an overview of system design methodology, and other documents.

Minnesota Historical Society

Trustworthy Information Systems Project Home Page

The TIS manual is informative, practical and organized. A number of the appendices contain useful information, though some is specific to Minnesota. The Legal Risk Analysis Tool is good, but with FERPA, the risks of releasing individual information are known and regulated.

Data Warehouses

With the increasing use of data warehouses in universities, this is a good source of explanation and current information on the data warehouse technology.

Designing and Implementing Record Keeping Systems (DIRKS) Manual

The DIRKS approach may assume a role for recordkeepers that is not possible in many environments. The manual provides concise information on system design and a series of steps to improve the recordkeeping compliance of systems.


International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems (InterPARES), is an ongoing project that will be completed in early 2002. The research outline is on the website. It is worth watching but the results are not yet available.

See also: The Preservation of the Integrity of Electronic Records

Student Records

Indiana University: Student Records

As part of its electronic records project, Indiana used the records of the Office of the Registrar as a case study. The website contains the results of the analysis. The information is not quite complete. For example, AACRAO is mentioned as significant but that thread was not completed. The documents are still worth reviewing.

University of Michigan: M-Pathways

The Michigan example is probably beyond the scope of most universities. The websites contain extensive information on the methodology. The archival results are due in December 2000.

School of Information Web Site Archives Proposal

Strategic Data Planning at the University of Michigan

Student Administration Data Warehouse


There is no common preservation metadata standard yet, though the value and utility of metadata for preservation has been widely recognized. These are some of the main initiatives.

Dublin Core: Metadata for Electronic Resources

CEDARS: Metadata for Preservation

Pittsburgh: Metadata Requirements for Evidence

SPIRT Recordkeeping Metadata Project