Cornell University Electronic Student Records Systems Project Report

Table of Contents


Preface and Acknowledgements

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

1.1 Scope

1.2 Background

1.3 Report framework

2. Universal Systems Issues

Recommendation 1: Define the context of the electronic student records system

2.1 Recordkeeping Requirements

Recommendation 2: Review and select the recordkeeping approach that suits the setting.

2.2 Long-term Access Issues

Recommendation 3: Carefully identify and establish the preservation infrastructure needed

3. Conceptual Issues for ESRS (Generic Concerns)

Recommendation 4: Monitor developments that affect student records systems

3.1 Retention Guidelines and Records Management Concerns

Recommendation 5: Standardize common schedule items using AACRAO as a base

Recommendation 6: Review the retention issues for course descriptions and syllabi

3.2 AACRAO Transcript and Database Metadata

Recommendation 7: Establish a cooperative project to analyze student records metadata.

3.3 Archival Concerns

Recommendation 8: Define/develop the relationship between the Registrar and the Archives

Recommendation 9: Include policy records in student records documentation

4 Implementation Issues for ESRS (System-Specific Concerns)

Recommendation 10: Study the university’s student records system implementation

4.1 Options

Recommendation 11: Identify the degree audit procedure and documentation

Recommendation 12: Participate in student records system projects

Recommendation 13: Monitor AACRAO’s SPEEDE/ExPRESS developments

Recommendation 14: Evaluate and audit data warehouse implementations

Recommendation 15: Participate in the development and evaluation of system security

4.2 Cornell Example

Recommendation 16: Develop more case studies and share experiences

5 Preservation Approaches and Strategies

5.1 Transcript Options

5.2 Database Options

5.3 Integrated Option

Recommendation 17: Identify the appropriate preservation approach for the setting

5.4 Course Documentation Considerations

Recommendation 18: Establish a policy on course documentation and retention

6 Conclusion



  1. Student Records Terminology

  2. Preservation Storage and Processing Considerations

  3. Electronic Preservation Program Guidelines

  4. Relevant Sources

  5. Meetings at Cornell, 24 July — 4 August 2000

  6. Relevant Research Projects

  7. Student Records Self-Assessment

  8. Student Records and Relevant C&U Chronology

  9. AACRAO Transcript and Database Metadata

  10. Comparison of AACRAO Retention of Records and Cornell's Policy 4.7, Retention of University Records

  11. Degree Audit: College of Arts and Sciences Example

  12. SPEEDE/ExPRESS Process