The Cornell Hip Hop Collection Resources

Cornell’s Hip Hop Collection:

Guide to the Cornell University Library Hip Hop Collection

Joe Conzo, Hip Hop's First Photographer

Joe Conzo's photographs:

Johan Kugelberg talks about the origins of the collection:

Celebrating the Origins of Hip Hop:

Conference Videos on CornellCast:

Hip Hop Histories: Dedication of the Cornell Hip Hop Collection
Remarks by noted hip hop scholar and journalist Jeff Chang and others.

A Conversation with Hip Hop's Pioneers
Panel featuring Afrika Bambaataa talks about the origins of hip hop.

What Happens When Hip Hop is Archived?
A panel of scholars, collectors, and archivists discuss the archiving hip hop and its consequences for hip hop studies.

Teaching Hip Hop: A Lecture and Discussion
Mark Anthony Neal kicks off audience discussion about teaching hip hop.

Hip Hop Futures: A Lecture and Discussion
Author Tricia Rose addresses the current and future state of hip hop culture.

Hip Hop Communities:

Universal Zulu Nation:

Hip Hop Portal: