Bambaataa signing his Cornell visiting scholar contact. Photo by Joe Conzo, July 2012.

Ithaca, NY - July 10, 2012

Hip Hop Legend and Pioneer, DJ Afrika Bambaataa Appointed Visiting Scholar at Cornell University

Cornell University Library’s Hip Hop Collection is honored to announce the appointment of DJ Afrika Bambaataa as a visiting scholar for a three-year term.

Bambaataa will visit Cornell’s campus in Ithaca, NY for several days each year to meet with classes, talk to student and community groups, and perform.

This is the first faculty appointment for a hip hop pioneer and legend at a major university.

Cornell University Library is the home of the largest national archive on hip hop culture, documenting its birth and growth by preserving thousands of recordings, flyers, photographs, and other artifacts.

Details and updates, such as schedules, photos, and events will be posted on this space.

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