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To his dismay, Bancroft found that Lincoln had written on both sides of the paper. The lithograph process which was to be used to make the facsimile required that the reverse side of the paper bearing writing or printing be blank. It would be impossible to reproduce this copy employing the lithographic process then in use.

Bancroft wrote to the President explaining the situation and asking for another copy. Wishing to make sure that the new copy would be suitable, Lincoln asked Nicolay to write back asking for several sheets of stationery so that the speech could be written on pages of the right size. The sheets were sent to the White House.

Shortly after March 7, Lincoln penned a new copy and mailed it to Bancroft. This version was reproduced in the volume of facsimiles. The descendants of Colonel Bliss, who inherited this copy, sold it at auction in 1949 for $54,000. The buyer, Oscar B. Cintas of Havana, who had been Cuban Ambassador to the United States, later willed the manuscript to the American people. It now resides in the Lincoln Room in the White House.

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Autograph Letter Signed by Abraham Lincoln to George Bancroft. Washington D.C., Februrary 29, 1864.
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