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The Newlywed Game. Pawtucket, Rhode Island: Hasbro, Hassenfeld Bros., 1967.

Game shows targeted at adults are still very much in vogue today. Contrary to the reality of demographics in the United States, the hosts of TV game shows are predominantly middle aged or older white males. Female coordinators are typically younger and play supporting or decorative roles. Other racial groups are noticeably absent from either role. Contestants may better reflect the demographics of the population, with the exception of the elderly. Producers of game shows in other countries don’t follow this model. Women host almost fifty percent of Latin American game shows, and co-host most Japanese shows.

ABC’s Newlywed Game first aired in 1966 and ran until 1999. More recent versions of the board game are still available, but the tone of these questions reflects gender stereotyping more typical of the 1950s than the 1990s.



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