HSC Periodicals and Pulp Novels Database

This database allows you to get an overview of the periodicals and pulp novels in Cornell University Library's Human Sexuality Collection. This is not a comprehensive list of the holdings of the Human Sexuality Collections. Many additional titles can be found using the library catalog or within the finding aids of individual collections. You may search the periodicals and pulp novels for specific authors, titles, formats, pulishers, periodical subject descriptors, and keywords. We have added periodical subject descriptors to many of the titles. These do not necessarily match Library of Congress subject headings. For instance, we have used "zine" rather than "fanzine," "African-American" instead of "Afro-American," "HIV/AIDS" instead of "AIDS (Disease)," and "s/m" instead of "sadomasochism." We use words not yet found in the Library of Congress subject headings, such as "gay trekkies," "queer," "pagan," "physique," and "people of color." We applied the term "religious" to any titles focused on religion, so that you can find them all as a group. We did the same with "literary," allowing you to find all titles that primarily contain poetry and fiction. We hope this database and these additional periodical subject descriptors enhance the searching you can do with Cornell's online catalog.

Pulp novels

The Collection offers thousands of pulp novels on gay and lesbian themes, mostly from the 1950s to the 1970s. These have been cataloged as two collections:

The Lesbian popular fiction collection, 1934-1978, 84 volumes, collection #7455.
The Gay men's popular fiction collection, [ca. 1950-1980], 2629 volumes, collection #7456 .

Some heterosexual and bisexual-themed novels may also be found in the Gay men's popular fiction collection. Some titles have been cataloged individually and can be found in Cornell's online catalog. The database allows you to search the books in these collections for specific titles, authors, publishers, series, and dates.


This is a complete listing of magazines, newsletters, newspapers, zines and other periodical literature in Cornell's Human Sexuality Collection. Most of these titles have been cataloged in Cornell's online catalog and descriptions, including information about which issues we hold, can be found there. Being able to search this database gives you a way to search this sub-unit of the Library's entire holdings -- all the HSC periodicals.

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