Not by Bread Alone: America's Culinary Heritage


Food Will Win the War
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Food can define cultural boundaries and reinforce communal identities. This power is perhaps most evident when starkly different food traditions collide.

This guide to Chinese food was written by women of the American Red Cross stationed in Nanking during World War I. It admonishes Americans overseas to use local food products, so as to help save home food imports for the allied armies. In the book’s preface the author, Mrs. J. H. Reisner, rallies her colleagues to do their patriotic duty by adapting Chinese ingredients to Western tastes.

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American Red Cross Book of Recipes for the Use of Chinese Foodstuffs. Prepared for Publication by the Committee on War Time Economy for the Household, Nanking chapter, American Red Cross in China. Shanghai: American Presbyterian Mission Press, 1918.
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