Jennie McGraw

McGraw Fiske Mansion as seen from the Cornell Campus, ca. 1880.
Albumen print photograph

McGraw Fiske Mansion, Interior, ca. 1882.
Stereoscopic albumen print photograph

The McGraw Fiske Mansion, ca. 1891.
Albumen print photographs assembled in a Christmas card

In 1878 Jennie McGraw commissioned local architect William Henry Miller to design and build a mansion for her own use. Construction began in 1880 and Jennie spent considerable sums in Europe acquiring furniture and works of art for her new home in Ithaca. Sadly, she would never be able to enjoy her home; she died soon after returning from Europe in 1881 never having lived in her new home. In the spring of 1891, Willard Fiske directed that the house and treasures were to be auctioned, and sold the house. Later, Edward and Clarence Wyckoff purchased the McGraw Fiske mansion as a home for their fraternity, Chi Psi. Tragically, a fire destroyed the mansion and claimed the lives of seven in December, 1906.

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