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Although Rodolphe Bresdin is best remembered as the master of the more famous Odilon Redon, Baskin avidly celebrated his work. Not only did he amass a sizeable collection of Bresdin's work, he devoted a Gehenna Press volume to previously unpublished Bresdin letters in 1969. This portrait was part of Laus Pictorum, a collection of fifteen portraits of nineteenth-century artists. This pantheon, or, to use Baskin's term, iconologia, honored his predecessors, many of whom had been neglected in art historical literature.

Leonard Baskin. Rodolphe Bresdin. Color etching later published in Laus Pictorum: Portraits of Nineteenth-century Artists. Gehenna Press, 1969.

Gift of Janet, Class of 1952, and John E., Class of 1951, Marqusee, to the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University