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Icones : Icones Librorum Artifices, II

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Continuing the iconography he had begun in the first Icones Librorum Artifices, Baskin made the project into a series with a second Icones in 2000. Jessie M. King was an important member of the arts and crafts movement in Glasgow, Scotland. A gifted book illustrator, textile designer, and decorator of bindings, King was versatile and made no distinction between traditional artistic pursuits and craftsmanship. As a champion of arts and crafts, King believed in the inherent worthiness of the artisan.

Leonard Baskin. Color etching of Jessie Marion King. From: Icones Librorum Artifices: Being Actual, Putative, Fugative & Fantastical Portraits of Engravers, Illustrators & Binders. Gehenna Press, 2000.

Leonard Baskin. Jessie Marion King. Etching plate printed in Icones Librorum Artifices (second series), 2000.

Collection of Lisa Unger Baskin, Courtesy Salander-O’Reilly Galleries, New York.