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Gehenna Press's Zapf's Civilité Disclosed represents Baskin's later investigations of twentieth-century type design. Civilité, designed by the prolific typographer Herman Zapf, is based on the typeface Granjon, of 1928, which in turn was a revival of the types of Robert Granjon, who flourished in Paris, Rome and Antwerp in the late-sixteenth century. Robert Granjon is renowned for his caractères de civilité, letterforms based on a graceful French handwriting and intended as a French version of the Italian italic hand.

Leonard Baskin. Zapf's Civilité Disclosed: Adorned with Terse & Pithy Apothegms. Gehenna Press, 1995.

Plate 4, Les Blaysons, engraved by Pierre Firens in Paris in 1626. Leonard Baskin, Culs de lampe. Gehenna Press, 1968.