Liberty Hyde Bailey with Hortorium Specimens, 1949


Exhibition Curator

Elaine Engst

Exhibition Coordinator

Susette Newberry

Curatorial Team

Sarah Gordon, Eileen Keating, Susette Newberry, Eleanor Brown (Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections), and Guy Smith (Mann Library)

Web Design and Development

Kenneth Williams

Banner Design

Susette Newberry

Editorial Review

Margaret Nichols and Susette Newberry

Exhibit Preparation and Conservation

Michele Brown, Pat Fox, Michele Hamill, Peter Schlough, Amy Stecher (Department of Preservation and Collection Maintenance)

Graphic Design

Lorraine Heasley (Communication & Marketing Services).
The “Liberty Hyde Bailey: A Man for All Seasons” poster (and Lorraine Heasley, designer) received an award of excellence from University and College Designers Association's 34th Annual Design Competition (UCDA). The UCDA is a professional organization committed to promoting excellence in visual communications for educational institutions; members include designers and educators. More information (see page 4).

Digital Imaging

Rhea Garen, David Jones, Danielle Mericle (DCAPS)

Administration, Installation, and Events

CJ Lance-Duboscq, Bryan Vliet, and Tom Cotton (Facilities)

Special Thanks

To the staff of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium, especially Robert Dirig, Peter Fraissinet, Lee Kass, and Sherry Vance, and Professor William Crepet, Chair, Department of Plant Biology for their assistance and generosity in loaning materials from their collections