Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity: A Centennial Celebration

The “Seven Jewels”: Students, Then Brothers

Robert Harold Ogle, 1886-1936

Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
Cornell Attendance and Affiliation: Attended Cornell from 1905-1906 as a Special Agriculture Student
Occupation: Professional staff member to the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations
Role in the Fraternity: Jewel; proposed the fraternity’s colors; First Secretary of Alpha Chapter

Photograph of Robert H. Ogle, Founder of Alpha Phi Alpha, 1936 [view]

Document from the Office of the Secretary of State, State of New York. April 11, 1907 [view]

This document gives R. Harold Ogle, directions on how to incorporate an organization in the State of New York. Alpha Phi Alpha was incorporated by that state in 1908. The General Organization (national body) of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was incorporated in 1911 by the District of Columbia.

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