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Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral
Le Stryge
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Grotesque Humor
The Troyes Cathedral Corbel

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Gravely Gorgeous: Gargoyles, Grotesques and the Nineteenth-Century Imagination
Schedule of Events at the
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art
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Thursday, June 27.
12-1 pm
Art for Lunch
Tour of the exhibition Gravely Gorgeous with the curator

Saturday July 13
1-4 pm
Gargoyles! Learn more about these fascinating stone creatures, and discover how many there are hidden in buildings at Cornell. It is an afternoon of activities and tours with a focus on the exhibition Gravely Gorgeous. Free and fun for all ages!
Saturday, July 27
8:30 pm
Film on the Facade
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
Inspired by Victor Hugo’s classic novel, Disney brings the heroic adventures of Quasimodo, the gentle and lonely bell ringer of Notre Dame to spectacular life.
Friday August 2
5-7 pm
A Summer Party!
Enjoy new exhibitions and light refreshments on a summer evening.
Stay for the concert by iRsing Sign on the arts quad.
Thursday September 19
12-1 pm
Art for Lunch
Tour of the exhibition with the curator