International Periodicals

This is not a comprehensive list of the holdings of the Human Sexuality Collections. Many additional titles can be found using the library catalog or within the finding aids of individual collections.

Titles with LC call numbers are available. Other titles are uncataloged. Ask Reference Librarian for assistance.

1/10 (Moscow , Russia) HQ76.3 .R9

Action (Canada) Gay liberation movement HQ75. A18

Adon (Japan) HQ76 .3 J3 A23

After Stonewall: Manitoba's Critical Journal of Gay Liberation (Manitoba, Canada) HQ75 .A25

Alter Ego (Germany) HQ75 .A458

Alternative to Alienation (Toronto, Ontario)

Amigo (Copenhagen, Denmark) Physique HQ75 .A51

Amphi: gia ten apeleutherose tes homophylophiles epithymias (Athens, Greece) HQ75 .A53

Angles (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ75 .A58

Another Path (in Hebrew)

Anything That Moves

Apollo "gay contact advertiser" (London, England) HQ75 .A64

Arcadie (Paris, France) HQ75 .A66

Argo (Moscow, Russia) HQ76.3 .R9, A67

Asi Somos (Tijuana, Mexico) Gay youth HQ75 .A828

Asian Wind (Tokyo, Japan) Gay liberation movement, Japan HQ75 .A83

Ask Newsletter (Vancouver, B.C.) HN1., A83

ASK Newsletter (Association for Social Knowledge) (Vancouver, B.C.) HN1 .A83

babilonia (Milano, Italy) HQ75.6, I8, B2

Back Chat Newsletter (Toronto, Ontario) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .B12

Barazoku (Tokyo, Japan) HQ76.3, J3, B22

Berdache, Le (Quebec, Canada) HQ75 .B48

Bergensnytt (Bergen, Norway) HQ75 .B49

Body Politic (Toronto, Ontario) HQ76 .B66

Bulletin (changes to, Communiqu'elles) (Montreal, Quebec) HQ1460 .M8 .W87

Bulletin (Gay, Norway) (Norway) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .G2822

Bulletin: Newsletter of the Ontario Libertarian Party (Toronto, Ontario) Politics JC585 .B93

Ca 'S 'attrape!! (Montreal, Quebec) HQ75 .C11

Camden Gay Lib. (London, England) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .C17

Campaign Australia (Sydney, Australia) HQ75 .C18

Caribbean Heat (Santurce, Puerto Rico)

Carousel Capers (Calgary, Alberta) HQ75 .C29

Celebrasian (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .C388

CGRO News (Coalition for Gay Rights in Ontario) (Toronto, Ontario) HQ76.5, C65

CHE: Bulletin of the Campaign for Homosexual Equity (Manchester, England) Gay liberation movement HQ75., C51

CLGRC Forum (Canada Lesbian and Gay Rights Coalition) (Montreal, Quebec) HQ76.8 .C3 .F74

Club 70 News (Admonton , Canada) HQ75 .C64

Come Together (London , England)

Communiqu'elles (formerly, Bulletin) (Montreal, Quebec) HQ1460 .M8 .C73

Confidential Flash (Toronto , Ontario) Gay HQ1 .C74

Connexions (Toronto, Ontario) Z7164 .S66 .C75

Crisálida (Guadalajara, Mexico) HQ75 .C93

Del Otro Lado (from the other side) (Mexico) HQ75 .D33

Dialogue (Hamilton, Ontario) HQ75 .D53

Die Freunde (Hamburg, Germany) HQ76.3 .G4, F88

Dignity/ Dignité (Calgary, Alta) Religious: Catholic BX.1795 .H66 .D57

Directions for Gay Men (Toronto , Ontario) HQ75 .D59

Doi Dien/Face to Face: the voice of Vietnamese lesbians and gays Literary HQ76.2 .V6 .D63

Don (Germany) ++HQ75 .F91

Don (Germany) HQ75 .D67

Don (Paris , France) HQ76.8 .F8 .D67

Emanzipation (Munich, Germany) HQ75 .E53

Eos (Copenhagen , Denmark) HQ75 .E62

Examiner (changes, to Gay Examiner) (London , England)

Exode: Gays Cristianos de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain) BR115 .H6, E96

Fab Magazine (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .F11

Fab Magazine (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .F11

Famous Plays of 1931 (London, England) PR1272 .F19

Follow Up: The Gay Sex Magazine (London, England) HQ75 .F66

Freies Leben (Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany) Nudism GV450 .F86

Freund Der/ The Friend (Copenhagen, Denmark) HQ75 .F91

Fugues (Montreal, Quebec) HQ73.3 .C2 .F95

Fuori! (Torino, Italy) HQ75 .F978

G: Gaya Hidup Ceria (G. Lambda Indonesia, English summary) (Indonesia) HQ75 .G12

Gai(e)s du Quebec (Montreal , Quebec) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .G16

Gai Pied (Paris , France) HQ75 .G274

Gai Quebec, Le (Quebec, Canada) HQ75 .G126

GAIA 's Guide (London , England)

Gaibecois, Le (Quebec, Canada) HQ75 .G372

Gay Archivist (Toronto , Ontario)

Gay Calgary (Calgary, Canada) HQ75 .G2775

Gay Christian Witness (Winnipeg, Manitoba) Religious BR115 .H6 .G275

Gay Community News (Dublin, Ireland) HQ75.G2872

Gay Hotsa (Bilbao, Spain) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .G2843

Gay International (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .G2778

Gay International News (London, England) HQ75 .G2779

Gay Journal (Germany) HQ75 .G2845

Gay Journal, The (London, England)

Gay Left (London, England) HQ75 .G278

Gay Liberation Press (Australia) Gay liberation movement HQ75 .G2782

Gay Liberator (New Zealand) Gay liberation movement HQ75., G2783

Gay Man (Germany) HQ75 .G2785

Gay Moods (Calgary, Alberta) HQ75 .G2775

Gay News (London , England) HQ75 .G2801

Gay Rising (Toronto , Ontario) HQ75 .G2912

Gay Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) HQ75 .G2834

Gay Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland) HQ75 .G2837

Gay Tide (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ76 .G284

Gay Times (Montreal , Quebec) HQ75 .G2836

Gay Times (formerly, Him) (Great Britain) HQ75 .H65

Gay Tuk (Toronto , Ontario) HQ75., G2922

Gay Week (London , England)

Gay West (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) HQ75 .G2846

Gaya Nusantara (Indonesia) HQ76.2 .I5, G28

GayOkay (University of Toronto) (London, Ontario) HQ75 .G2848

Gays of Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario) Gay liberation movement HQ75, G57

Gaze (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) HQ75 .G294

GCC News/Nuus- Gay Christian Community (South Africa)

Gem (Brampton, Ontario) HQ75 .G318

Gemini II (Waterloo, Ontario) HQ75 .G32

GLQ: Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies (Yverdon, Switzerland) HQ75 .G56

GO Info (Gays of Ottawa) (Ottawa, Ontario) HQ75 .G57

Gold (London, England) HQ75 .G612

Grapevine (Homophile Association of London Ontario) (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .G768

Grapevine: Newsletter of the Lesbian Mother's Defence Fund (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .G76

Grassroots: Voice of Gay Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) HQ75 .G2834

HALO Newsletter (changes to Grapevine) (London, Ontario) HQ75 .H768

Harpies (Winnipeg, Manitoba) Literary, Women HQ1101 .H29

Herbes Rouge, Les (Montreal, Quebec) PQ3919.2 .R878 .M7

Hermes (Mexico City, Mexico) AIDS, HIV HQ75 .H55

Him (Hamburg, Germany) HQ75 .H651

Him Applaus (Hamburg, Germany) HQ75 .H652

Him (later, changed to Gay Times) (Great Britain) HQ 75 .H65

Hojt Humr (Copenhagen , Denmark) Comics HQ23 .H71

Homo (France) HQ75 .H76

Homo Action (Copenhagen , Denmark) Erotica HQ75 .H763

Homo International Magazine (Sweden) HQ75 .H764

Homologie (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) HQ75 .H765

Homophile, Association of London Ontario (London, Ontario)

Homosexual Sexuality HQ75 .H762

I.H.W.O. (Copenhagen , Denmark) Z 6944 .H6, I25

IGA Newsletter (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) HQ75 .I615

Impul's (Moscow , Russia) HQ76 .3 .R9, I34

In Touch (Ireland) Gay liberation movement, Ireland HQ75.I35

Incognito Magazine (Paris , France) HQ75 .I36

Informales (Madrid, Spain) HQ75 .I43

International Journal of Women's Studies (Montreal, Quebec) women HQ1101 .I62

International Man (Aseda, Sweden) Erotica HQ75 .I613

Is (Toronto, Ontario) PR9194.52 .E75 .E71

Justice Weekly (Toronto, Ontario) HV7231 .J96

Kom Ut! (Stockholm, Sweden)

Kontakt (Munich, Germany) HQ75 .K82

Kreis Der/Le Cercle/The Circle (Geneva, Switzerland) HQ75 .K92

Lambda (Barcelona, Spain) HQ75 .L198

Lambda: Giornale Di Controcultura Del Movimento Gay (Torino, Italy) HQ75 .L195

Lambda News (Toronto , Ontario)

Latitudes (International Lesbian and Gay Association) (Washington, DC) HQ75 .L35

Lesbian and Gay Heritage of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75.6 .C2 .L62

Lesbian Organization of Toronto Newsletter (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .N554

Libertarian Womens' Network Newsheet (UK) Politics, Feminist HQ1101 .L69

Lolitas (Denmark) Erotica

Long Time Coming (Montreal, Quebec) Lesbian, Feminist H76.3 .C2, L84

Macho Tips (Mexico) HQ75.M15

Makara (Vancouver, B.C.) AP5 .M235

Mal'chishnik (Moscow, Russia) HQ76.2 .R9, M24

Male Annual (London, England) TR675 .M2411

Male Classics (London, England) TR675 .M238

Male Insider (France) Gay male, Erotica

Male Models (Copenhagen, Denmark) TR675 .M244

Male Physique (London, England) Physique TR675 .M242

Man-ifique (UK) Physique GV546.5 .M26

Manner im bild (Hamburg , Germany) TR675 .M27

Masques: Revue des Homosexualites (Paris , France) HQ75 .M41

Mec Magazine (France) HQ75 .M47

Metro Community News (Toronto, Ontario) Religious BR115 .H6 .M59

Mulius (Oslo, Norway) HQ75 .M95

National Gay Rights Coalition (Montreal, Quebec) HQ76.8 .C8 .F74

Nativ Nosef (Israel) HQ75 .N273

Neue Ring, Der (Hamburg , Germany) HQ76.3 .G4, N48

New Leaf for the Merc (Ontario, Canada) Z658 .C2, N53

News Nuus (Gay Christian Community) (Hillbrow, South Africa) BR115 .H6, N55

Newsletter (Agudah li-shemerat zekhuyot ha-prat) (Society for the Protection of Personal Rights) (Israel) HQ75 .N556

Newsletter (Lesbian Organization of Toronto) (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .N554

Newsletter (Sydney Gay Liberation) (Sydney , Australia) HQ75 .N559

North Shore Women (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ1101 .N86

Nouvel Homo (formerly, Homo Paris) (Montrouge, France) HQ75 .H76

Nuestro Cuerpo (Mexico) HQ75 .N96

OG (Oriental Guys) (Sydney , Australia) Gay, Erotica HQ75 .O34

OMPO (Organo del Movimento Politico degli Omosessuali) (Rome, Italy) HQ75 .O56

Ong buom Heterosexual, Erotica, Vietnamese-American +HQ1., O58

Ontarion (Ontario, Canada)

Out! (Auckland, New Zealand)

Out! (Kitchener , Ontario) HQ75 .O934

Out and About (Winnipeg, Manitoba) HQ75 .O935

Outrage (South Victoria, Australia) HQ75 .O94

Paidika (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) pedophilia HQ71 .P14

Pan (Hamburg, Germany) PN6071 .H724 .P18

Pan International (Copenhagen , Denmark) HQ75 .P18

Paz y liberacion

Pedestal (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ1457 .P37

People Like Us (Singapore) lesbian HQ75 .P41

Petit Berdache (Quebec, Canada) HQ75 .B48

Pink Power (Berlin, Germany) HQ75 .P649

Pink Triangle (New Zealand) HQ75 .P65

Popular Man (England) Physique

Prairie Woman (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Reporter: politik & debatt & kultur & nojen (Stockholm, Sweden) HQ75.R42

Revolt (Aseda, Sweden) HQ75 .R45

Revolt Mann (Aseda, Sweden) Erotica HQ75 .R451

Risk (Moscow, Russia) HQ76.3 .R9, R59

Rites (Toronto , Ontario)

Rosa: eine zeitung der schwulen bewegung (Germany)

Rouge (London, England) HQ75 .R85

Sabu (Tokyo, Japan) HQ75.3 .J3, A23

Sappho (London , England) HQ75 .S24

Schwuchtel: eine zeitung der schwulenbewegung (Germany)

Search Light (becomes, Search News) (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ75 .S435

Search News (formerly, Search Light) (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ75 .S435

SETA (Helsinki, Finland) HQ75 .S49

Sexual Padagogik (Germany) HQ56 .S513

Shans Kur'er (Rostov-na-Donu=Rostov-on-the-Don) (Russia) HQ76.3 .R9, S52

Shonen (Tokyo , Japan) HQ76.3 .J3, S55

Six by Jim Kepner (The Netherlands)

Sky Magazine (London, England) performing, arts PN1561 .S62

Society for the Protection of Personal Rights (Israel)

Sparticus, International Guide for Gay Men (Berlin, Germany) Entertainment HQ78 .S73

Spectrum (Homosexual Law reform Society Letter) (London , England) HQ75., S742

Speed Info (Moscow , Russia) HQ18 .R9, S74

Square Peg (London, England) literary HQ75 .S77

Standout Magazine (Toronto , Ontario) HQ75 .S78

Swish! (Toronto, Ontario) Zine HQ75 .S97

Tab International (Toronto , Ontario) HQ1 .T11

Tat-Tarbut (Tel-Aviv, Israel) HQ75 .T21

Tels Quels (Brussels, Belgium) HQ75 .T27

Tema (Russia)

Thing (Singapore) HQ75 .P41

Tidlosa Nudism

Tiers, Le (Pointe-Claire, Quebec) HQ75 .T56

Top Guide to Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) HQ75 .T672

Treatment Update (Toronto, Ontario) AIDS, HIV RC607 .A26 .T784

Treize (Montreal, Quebec) HQ75 .C11

Trikon: Indian subcontinent gay support group (Palo Alto, CA) HQ75 .T82

Two (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .T97

Ty (Moscow, Russia) HQ76.3 .R9, T97

U.W.O.H.A. (University of Western Ontario Homophile Association) (Waterloo, Ontario) HQ75 .U95

Uni (Ostervang, Denmark) HQ75 .U58

Unser Dasein (Frankfurt, Germany) nudism GV450 .U59

Vennen (Copenhagen , Denmark) HQ75 .V16

VGC News(Vancouver Gay Community) (Vancouver, B.C.) HQ75 .A58

Voices (Kenora, Winnipeg ) HQ1101 .V88

Wages for Housework Campaign Bulletin (Toronto , Ontario)

Wakakusa (Tokyo , Japan) lesbian HQ75.6 .J3, W14

What's Happening! (Winnipeg, Manitoba) HQ75 .W55

Windsor Gay Unity Newsletter (Windsor, Ontario) HQ76.8 .C3 .W76

Witch and the Chameleon (Hamilton, Ontario) PN3401 .W81

Women Going Places (London, UK) Travel HQ75 .W87

XTRA (Toronto, Ontario) HQ75 .X7

Y Que! (Tijuana , Mexico) HQ75 .Y11

Zenkoku otokomachi mappu (Japan) HQ76.3 .J3, Z54

Zipper (London, England) TR675 .Z79

Zonder Pardon (Brussels, Belgium) HQ75 .Z87