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Ursus Dalli

There was our ancient glacier bear
  An icy cave his hidden lair,
His coat was blue his mane was white.
  His whole makeup suggested fight.

Through winters dark he slept content
  The summer days in pleasure spent;
He fed on marmots when he could -
  And caught mierotus when he would

One day, o'erheard, Muir stood in trance
  Until the bear's track caught his glance,
Then echoed thru the cave his shout:
  "Tis Ursus dalli without doubt!"

The news to ship I'll quickly end
  And soon this bear will met his end.
For Merriam oft and oft hath said
  That worlds he'd give for dalli's head.

This [?] heard, and in a funk
  Rose quickly from his icy bunk
With bristling hair on back erect
  He on his future 'gan reflect

"Of common death I have no fear
   But such an end would be too drear
When Starks with knives had done his best
   And arsenic vile had done the rest:

"My skin would be the season's plum
   My skull would make the servants hum;
My poisoned flesh the fish would gripe -
   The end of every topo-type.


Reciept for a Trip to Alaska,
Page 65
Mary Harriman

Song of the Glacier,
Page 66
W.M.H. Dall (June 28)

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Page 67
(June 30)

Dr. Fernow's Ode to the Woodpecker,
Page 68
W.M.H. Dall (July 1)

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on Behring Sea
Page 69
Sung, John Burroughs (July 13)

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Sparrow in Alaska
Page 70
John Burroughs (July 4)

To the Lapland Longspur,
Page 71
John Burroughs (July 18)

Song of the Innuit [1/2]
Page 72
W.M.H. Dall (July 12)

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Page 73
W.M.H. Dall (July 12)

How the Octopus was Caught,
Page 74
W.M.H. Dall (July 5)

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Pages 75
W.M.H. Dall

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Pages 75
W.M.H. Dall

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Pages 77
W.B. Devereux (July 29)

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W.B. Devereux (July 29)

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Capt. Doran (July 29)

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Capt. Doran (July 29)

Page 81
Charles A. Keeler

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Page 82
(July 27)

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John Burroughs (July 2)

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Page 84
Dr. Dall (July 5)

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