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But now alas, the heavens stretch
  A canopy of cloud;
The landscape sadly vanishes
  Beneath an ashen shroud.
The breath of glaciers rolling down
  Upon the heaving tide
Incites the sullen [?] to
  A wrath intensified
The Elder is a dancing fleat
  Upon an ocean wide

No more the deck is people by
  A photographing throng
No more the arctic deck is praised
  Because it is so long
No more the graphophone recites
  Its tantalizing song
No more the appetite applauds
  The solo of the gong.

The flour sharp grimly turns his [?]
  Upon the lower deck
The bird-fiend virus with wistful eye
  The tempting arsenie.
The snoker spins a gruesome jam
  Of hurricane and wreck
The fossil sharp feels "rocky" in
  The region of his vest.
The bear-less hunter broods upon
  His blood-extracting pest
And deems too frequenct reference
  A more than doubtfull jest

Where Nature frowns a shadow dims
  The color of our dream
The flow of life no longer runs
  A clear unsullied dream
We almost wish we could believe
Things are not what they seem

Kodiak - July 20, 99


Reciept for a Trip to Alaska,
Page 65
Mary Harriman

Song of the Glacier,
Page 66
W.M.H. Dall (June 28)

Song of the Smoker,
Page 67
(June 30)

Dr. Fernow's Ode to the Woodpecker,
Page 68
W.M.H. Dall (July 1)

Smoking Room Ode
on Behring Sea
Page 69
Sung, John Burroughs (July 13)

To the Golden Crowned
Sparrow in Alaska
Page 70
John Burroughs (July 4)

To the Lapland Longspur,
Page 71
John Burroughs (July 18)

Song of the Junnit [1/2]
Page 72
W.M.H. Dall (July 12)

Song of the Junnit [2/2]
Page 73
W.M.H. Dall (July 12)

How the Octopus was Caught,
Page 74
W.M.H. Dall (July 5)

Moods of Alaskan Weather [1/1]
Pages 75
W.M.H. Dall

Moods of Alaskan Weather [2/2]
Pages 75
W.M.H. Dall

Ursus Dalli [1/2]
Pages 77
W.B. Devereux (July 29)

Ursus Dalli [2/2]
Pages 78
W.B. Devereux (July 29)

The Song of the Innuit [1/2]
Pages 79
Capt. Doran (July 29)

The Song of the Innuit [2/2]
Pages 80
Capt. Doran (July 29)

Page 81
Charles A. Keeler

The Taking of the Totems
Page 82
(July 27)

Westward Ho
Page 83
John Burroughs (July 2)

First Lessons of Natural History
Page 84
Dr. Dall (July 5)

To the Captain [1/2]
Pages 87

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