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Moods of Alaska Weather.

A [?] maiden existed
  Whose forelock, all spirally twisted,
Hung down like the tail of a cow
  In the axial plane of her brow

In her conduct all virtues were blended,
 Wheree'er her good angel attended ;
But where imps from the frie not mesurable,
  Her behavior was quite unindurable." -- Koran

The clear celestial arch above
  The Ocean's blue below ;
The Elder smoothel pulsing
  Alaska all a-glow
The sombre green of swelling bills
  Where spruce and hemlock grow
The warmer hue of tufted swards
  Where lusty lupines blow
The pumacles that stab the sky
  Above eternal snow
The curving valleys chisled out
  By glaciers long ago
An ever varied opulence
  Of panoramic show
We throng the deck, we crowd the rail
  We miss no fleeting view
The Arctic day is all too short,
  Our Kodak films too few.

The steamer stops the boats are launched
  We scramble for a place
Like boys and girls when school is out
  Across the strand we race.
To birds and beasts and spermophiles
  We eagerly give chase
And even "flowers that bloom in spring"
  Are brought within our case.

When nature smiles a glow of joy
  Lights seek responding face.

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