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                     << < July 15, 1899 > >>

[Page 53 Continued] Dr. F., Ned T. + Kearney went ashore on St. Matthews Id. at 4 A.M. of the 15th while Dr. F. took up his traps set the night before. On the way to shore I, sitting "at watch" in the bow, saw a couple of gulls which made me say "there are Bonaparte's Gulls here," + Dr. F. said "Pot that, it's a Sabine" -- so I did, + it was. [Page 54]He also got one, + about 6 others were seen.

This was the only bird we got which hadn't been taken at Hall -- the Snowflake was found very common, tho not recorded from here before as more than "probably" There was a fine puffin colony on St. M. with both puffins fully represented, tho they kept pretty distinct in their colonies. Following is the list of birds seen at Hall + Matthews Id's. --

Tufted puffin

Horned Puffin

Parrot Auklet

Little (?) Auklet

Pigeon Guillemot

Cal. Murre

Pallas's Murre

Long Tailed Jaeger


Pt. Barrow Gull

Sabine's Gull

Tern - (probably Aleutian)


Violet Green Cormorant (pel.)

Cormorant (dilop. cin)

Old Squaw



Red Phalarope

Pribiloff Sandp.

Snowy Owl


Snowflake (McKay's)

Lapland L. Spur

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Fulmar;Petrel, Leach's;Petrel, Wilson's

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