David Petersen papers, [ca. 1980-1992].
Collection Number: 7626

Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
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David Petersen papers, [ca. 1980-1992].
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
Collection Number:
Files on early AIDS/insurance activism and ACT-UP files on health insurance; subject files pertaining to viatical settlements, financial planning, the New York State Health Care Reform bill, and the organizations New Yorkers for Affordable Health Care, and Affording Care.
Petersen, David.
6.3 cubic feet.
Collection material in English


Early member of Mariposa Foundation and later the head of Affording Care, a non-profit organization to help persons with AIDS get health insurance by cashing in life insurance policies.


The following periodicals have been seperated from the collection and cataloged individually:
AIDS Clinical Care, v.3 no.7
AIDS Forum, v.1 no.1
AIDS Patient Care, v.2 no.5
AIDS Treatment News, #159,160
AIDS Update (Dallas, TX), v.8 no.9
BETA, 1994:Dec., 1995: Dec.
The Blade (Washington DC), 1979: Oct. 25
Bulletin of the Philadelphia Lesbian and Gay Task Force, v.2:no.3,5
The Bulleting (Mercer Meidinger Hansen), no.156,159
Center Happenings, 1990:Jan/Feb
The Center Voice., v.6 no.2,6
Center Stage, 1989:Sept./Oct. 1990:Jan.
Cleis Press, Spring 1985 Catalog
Columbus Free Press, v.8 no.12
Community Prescription Service InfoPack, v.4 no.2
The Connection (LI, NY, NJ), v.2 no.14
CRIA Update, 1992: Spring, Summer
Critical Path AIDS Project, v.3 no.6-8
DIFFA On Line, v.1 no.3
Diseased Pariah News, #2
Gay Roots, the Elysian Fields Booklist, no.101-102
GMAD (Gay men of African Descent), 1989: Sept./Oct.
Elysian Fields recent acquisitions catalog, #18
Friends Newsletter, 1992:Fall
Gay Ohio Living Data, issue 2
The Gay Traveller.
Gays on the Hill, v.2:no.2, v.3:no.1
GGBC Newsletter, 1980: June, July 1981:Feb.
GLAAD Bulletin, 1989: Oct/Nov
GLAAD Newsletter, 1989: Fall
GMHC Annual Report, 1989/199
GMHC: The Volunteer, v.7: no.5-6, v.8 no.6, v.9:no.4
Good Times Bookshop, Catalog #1
Gotham, v.2:no.4,8-9,12,16
Hemophilia Outlook, 1993: Winter
High Gear. V.6 no.5
HIV Advisor, v.7 no.2
HIV Education Case Studies, no.4
HIV Frontline, #12
HIV Notebook, 1992:Oct/Nov/Dec, 1993:Winter
Homosexuelle Emanzipation. 1979:Mai/Juni,Juli/Aug.
It's Time. V.5:no.10, v.6:no.2, v.7:no.3,4,6
Living HIV, v.1 no.1
MACT/NY v.11: no.6
Michael's Thing Weekly, v.17:no.38
MOHR, v.3 no.9
Mothers' Voices, v.3 no.2
NAPWA News, v.3 no.4
National Minority AIDS Council Update, 1992: Sept./Oct.
News From Lambda, 1980: summer
The New Voice, issue546.
New York City News. v.1:no.4, v.2:no.4
NGTF Action Report, 1978:Dec., 1979:Feb.
Notes from the Underground, no.1,19-20,22-23,25-26,30-31
Ohio Gay Rights Coalition Newsletter, v.3 no.3
Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop Catalog, Spring 1979
Outfront, v.2 no.1
Outweek, no.42
Positively Aware, 1994:May
Provincetown Directory, 1982
Provincetown Positive, no.12
PWA Coalition Newsline, #57
Spartacus: Good News Letter, no.9
TA: Technical Assistance Newsletter, 1992: Aug/Sept
Walt Whitman Bookshop, Catalog no.2, v.1-2.
The Weekly News, v.3 no.21


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David Petersen papers, #7626. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.

Scope and content

Files from Petersen's involvement with Mariposa; files on early activism related to AIDS and insurance; ACT-UP files on health insurance; and subject files pertaining to viatical settlements, financial planning, the New York State Health Care Reform bill, and the organizations New Yorkers for Affordable Health Care, and Affording Care. Also, four videotapes, one an Early Edition segment on David Petersen, the other three on insurance aspects of AIDS.


New Yorkers for Affordable Health Care
Affording Care
Mariposa Education and Research Foundation
New York State Health Care Reform Bill.
Life insurance -- Law and legislation.
Health insurance -- Law and legislation.
Viatical settlements.
AIDS (Disease) -- Law and legislation.
AIDS activists.
Gays -- Law and legislation.

Series I. Personal Materials
Box 1 Folder 1
Petersen resume, ca.
Box 1 Folder 2
Misc. personal materials, including invitations, mailings, etc.
Series II. Mariposa Files
Box 1 Folder 3
Misc. Mariposa mailings
Box 1 Folder 4
Bequest appeal,
Box 1 Folder 5
Financial committee,
Box 1 Folder 6
Mariposa stationary
Box 1 Folder 7
Info. re: forthcoming mailing,
Box 1 Folder 8
Mariposa project/budget,
Box 1 Folder 9
Structing FL? and planned giving,
Box 1 Folder 10
Working file,
Box 1 Folder 11
Financial statements,
Box 1 Folder 12
Mariposa DP? Solicitations,
Box 1 Folder 13
"Notebook contents, 3 ring, till 6/2/79"
Series III. Insurance
Box 1 Folder 14
ACT-UP committee on insurance and access/Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS),
Box 1 Folder 15
ACT-UP Insurance and access,
Box 1 Folder 16
Box 1 Folder 17
Box 1 Folder 18
NY Times Empire/Medicare,
Box 1 Folder 19
ACT-UP insurance, NATCA,
Box 1 Folder 20-24
Box 1 Folder 25
News articles from ACT-UP
Box 1 Folder 26
ACT-UP Insurance Health Access Committee (AUIHAC)/Empire BCBS,
Health Care Changes/Reforms
Box 1 Folder 27
BCBS Rate filing narrative summary,
Feb. 1995
Box 1 Folder 28
Cardone/BCBS correspondence,
Box 1 Folder 29
BCBS materials/correspondence re: NY Times article,
Box 1 Folder 30
"Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield" by David Petersen with Raymond Babin, for Body Positive magazine,
Box 1 Folder 31
Testimonies re: BCBS rate increase request,
Box 1 Folder 31
BCBS rate increase materials,
Box 1 Folder 33
BCBS health care benefits materials,
Box 1 Folder 34
NY state health care changes
Box 1 Folder 35
"Request of : EBCBS To: Department of Insurance of the State of NY for Approval of Community Rate Increases",
Box 1 Folder 36
Information on the rate-making process
Box 1 Folder 37
EBCBS financial report,
Box 1 Folder 38
EBCBS misc.,
Box 1 Folder 39
RAND project memorandum: State Health Care Reform Initiatives,
Box 1 Folder 40
Info. re: Wellstone Bill, including draft of bill and a press release by Sen. Wellstone,
Box 1 Folder 41
National health care reform information
Box 1 Folder 42
National health care reform information from Aetna and BCBS,
Box 1 Folder 43
Medical care, at home care, national health care reform, etc.
Box 1 Folder 25
"The Status of State Regulation of Insurance Practices...", California,
Government Benefits
Box 3 Folder 1
AIDS and financial services, financial help such as Medicaid
Box 3 Folder 2
Association Group Disability
Box 3 Folder 3-4
Box 3 Folder 5
"Medicaid Eligibility for the Elderly in Need of Long Term Care",
Box 3 Folder 6
Disability insurance articles
Box 3 Folder 7-9
Disability information
Box 3 Folder 10
GMHC info. on Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.
Box 3 Folder 11
"Information on Availability of Medicare/Medicaid Manuals", by the USDHHS,
Box 3 Folder 12
Medicaid teach-in materials,
May 1991
Box 3 Folder 13
Medicare information
Box 3 Folder 14
New York State Disability Insurance,
Box 3 Folder 15
Red Book on work incentives
Box 3 Folder 16
Social Security Disability and AIDS/HIV,
Box 3 Folder 17
Social Security, Medicare, etc. misc. info.
Box 3 Folder 18
"Social Security and SSI Benefits for Children with Disabilities" brochure
Box 3 Folder 19-20
Veterans benefits
Box 3 Folder 21
"White Paper on Fiduciary Purchases of Long-Term Care Insurance" and Medicare informational brochure
Financial Planning
Tape Recording 7995a7996a tr7995a - tr7996a
IAFP Convention: "Planning for Terminally Ill Clients", by David Petersen,
Tape Recording 7997a tr7997a
"Financing Terminal Illness Through Viatical Settlements", by Life Management, the Lesbian & Gay Information Service
Box 3 Folder 22
Bandfield, Richard
Box 3 Folder 23
Drugs by mail services
Box 3 Folder 24
Viatical settlements
Box 3 Folder 25
Box 3 Folder 26
Fenway Community Health Center
Box 3 Folder 27
Box 3 Folder 28
Disability Bookshop
Box 3 Folder 29
Second-to-Die Life Insurance
Box 3 Folder 30
Long term care insurance
Box 3 Folder 31
Viatical settlements articles
Box 3 Folder 32
Taxation of disability
Box 3 Folder 33
Planned giving
Box 3 Folder 34
Medicare supplements
Box 3 Folder 35
HIV and nutrition
Box 3 Folder 36
NY state Department of Health HIV Home Health Care Program Uninsured Fund
Box 3 Folder 37
Social Security
Box 3 Folder 38
Choice in dying
Box 3 Folder 39
Terminally ill
Box 3 Folder 40
Sex, AIDS, and Ethics
Box 3 Folder 41
AIDS support organizations
Box 3 Folder 42
Infusion care/GMHC seminar series
Box 3 Folder 43
Health Insurance Association of America
Box 3 Folder 44
Divorce and financial planning
Box 3 Folder 45
Body Positive manual
Box 3 Folder 46
Gay & Lesbian Financial Planning Association
Box 3 Folder 47
Body Positive Seminar flyers,
Box 3 Folder 48
Body Positive Seminar
Box 3 Folder 49
Insuring impaired risks
Box 3 Folder 50
New Jersey Medical Insurance continuation
Box 3 Folder 51
Payroll & benefits administration companies- employee leasing
Box 3 Folder 52
US Federation of Small Businesses, Inc.
Box 3 Folder 53
Waiving co-insurance
Box 3 Folder 54
Stonewall Foundation
Box 3 Folder 55
GHI open enrollment
Box 3 Folder 56
Estate planning
Box 3 Folder 57
Medical deductions- Income Tax
Box 3 Folder 58
HIP (Health Insurance Plan)
Box 3 Folder 59
Leaving job, going on disability
Box 3 Folder 60
Estate planning information from Rothschild Law Offices
Box 3 Folder 61
AIDS and financial planning
Box 3 Folder 62
AIDS and finance background materials
Box 3 Folder 63
"Financial Planning for the Terminally Ill", by the North Bay Chapter of the International Association for Financial Planning,
May 1991
Box 3 Folder 64
Living Will and financial planning information
Box 3 Folder 65
Article re: living benefits and the terminally ill, by David Petersen
Box 3 Folder 66
Affording Care Bulletin, v.1 no.1,
Box 3 Folder 67
Cost of AIDS
Box 3 Folder 68
Planners Bookstore Catalog,
Box 3 Folder 69
The Access Program
Box 3 Folder 70
GMHC Legal Services Department debtor/creditor forum outline
Box 3 Folder 71
Petersen's notes on financial planning
Box 4 Folder 1
"That Which Matters... A Financial Guide to Choices", by Peggy Wallace
Miscellaneous Insurance Materials
Box 2
Misc. insurace reseach materials
Box 4 Folder 2
1990 Social Report of the Life and Health Insurance Business,
Box 4 Folder 3
ACLI/HIAA Survey of AIDS related claims,
Box 4 Folder 4
AHCPR (Agency for Health Care Policy and Research) reports
Box 4 Folder 5
AIDS and the workplace, including information on health benefits
Box 4 Folder 6
"AIDS Costs and Utilization: Trends Among 10,438 Cases Insured by EBCBS",
Box 4 Folder 7
"AIDS, Health Insurance, and the Crisis of Community", draft(?), w/ edit notes
Box 4 Folder 8
American Academy of Actuaries- "Risk Classification and AIDS",
May 1986
Box 4 Folder 9
California and insurance issues
Box 4 Folder 10
"Captive Insurance Companies"
Box 4 Folder 11
"The Consumer's Guide to Health Insurance", printed by the HIAA
Box 4 Folder 12
Drafts of articles on insurance and HIV/AIDS, by David Petersen
Box 4 Folder 13
Focus employee benefits management booklets
Box 4 Folder 14
"Funders Concerned About AIDS" information
Box 4 Folder 15
Health Care research and general health-related research miscellany
Box 4 Folder 16
Health Insurance misc.
Box 4 Folder 17
Health insurance for gays
Box 4 Folder 18
ICLU memo re: Westhoven n. Lincold Food Services Produce case (ERISA related),
Box 4 Folder 19
Illinois comprehensive health insurance plan brochure
Box 4 Folder 20
Information for PWAs regarding insurance
Box 4 Folder 21
Info. from various health insurance providers on health plans
Box 4 Folder 22
INS, IND services info
Box 4 Folder 23
Insurance industry AIDS initiative
Box 4 Folder 24
Insurance industry misc.
Box 4 Folder 25
INS products- National Liberty
Box 4 Folder 26
Insurance issues (mainly NY state)
Box 4 Folder 27-28
Insurance related miscellany
Box 4 Folder 29
Lasher Committee
Box 4 Folder 30
The Lash Group: Health Care Consultants
Box 4 Folder 31
Legislative Report, information on health insurance and high risk pools,
Box 4 Folder 32-34
Life insurance miscellany
Box 4 Folder 35
Low-Load Life Insurance
Box 4 Folder 36
"Medical Records: Getting Yours", by the Public Citizen Health Research Group,
Box 4 Folder 37
"Minimum Standards for Form, Content, and Sale of Health Insurance"
Box 4 Folder 38-42
Misc. HIV/AIDS and Insurance related materials
Box 4 Folder 43
NAIC (National AIDS Information Services) Reference Search Resources Database
Box 4 Folder 44
NAIC misc.
Box 4 Folder 45
New York Study Manual for Life and Accident and Health Insurance
Box 4 Folder 46
NY State Department of Health AIDS Institute Fair Share packet,
Oct. 1991
Box 4 Folder 47
Oregon Health Plan,
Box 4 Folder 48
Position Paper: Access to Health Care
Box 4 Folder 49
"The Practice and Ethics of Risk- Rated Health Insurance",
Box 5 Folder 1
"The Role of Market Forces in the Delivery of Health Care",
Apr. 1988
Box 5 Folder 2
Russell Miller, Inc. insurance materials
Box 5 Folder 3
Search for product
Box 5 Folder 4
Society of Insurance Accountants
Box 5 Folder 5
"Statement of the Health Insurance Association of America on Access to Health Care",
Box 5 Folder 6
Statements/testimonies re: Small Business Health Insurance
Box 5 Folder 7
"Taking the Bite Out of Insurance", by James Hunt
Box 5 Folder 8
Texas info. on HIV medication programs, food stamps, social security, etc.
Box 5 Folder 9
The Bulletin: AIDS Special Report,
Mar. 1909
Box 5 Folder 10
Title II Insurance: "Open Enrollment Requirements..."
Box 5 Folder 11
United Chambers Insured Plans: Group Insurance Certificate Booklet
Box 5 Folder 12
US Healthcare- NY State Plans
Box 5 Folder 13
Wellcare of New York
Box 5 Folder 14
Where to get Health Insurance
Box 5 Folder 15-21
Insurance-related news clippings and articles
Series IV. AIDS and General Health Files
Box 5 Folder 22
8th International Conference on AIDS/3rd STD World Congress Summary Report,
July 1992
Box 5 Folder 23
AAPHR (American Association of Physicians for Human Rights) 11th Annual Symposium Packet,
Box 5 Folder 24
AIDS/HIV resources for Greater Houston
Box 5 Folder 25
"AIDS in Semi-Rural Northern California",
Box 5 Folder 26
AIDS in the workplace
Box 5 Folder 27
AIDS Medical Foundation News Release,
June 1983
Box 5 Folder 28
AIDS related clippings, newsletters, etc.
Box 5 Folder 29
AIDS resources, influding "Where to get AIDS/HIV information in NYC" booklet
Box 5 Folder 30
AIDS treatment information and other medical issues regarding AIDS
Box 5 Folder 31
"A New Life" by A. Buonarabo (a poem)
Box 5 Folder 32
Bronx AIDS Forum
Box 5 Folder 33
CDC (Center for Disease Control) and AIDS
Box 5 Folder 34
CDC Natoinal AIDS Clearinghouse Network Contact Support Guide,
Box 5 Folder 35
Citizens Commission on AIDS for NYC and Northern NJ packet
Box 5 Folder 36
Correspondence from D. Petersen to KNME-TV re: info. on PWAs,
Box 5 Folder 37-39
Box 5 Folder 40
Dying and Death (thenatology) materials
Box 5 Folder 41
Flyer for free AIDS drugs
Box 5 Folder 42
Gay health
Box 5 Folder 43
Gay and lesbian health fair
Box 5 Folder 44
GMHC related materials
Box 5 Folder 45
"Helping People Cope: A Guide for Families Facing Cancer",
Box 5 Folder 46
Home care devices
Box 5 Folder 47
Informational articles/packets on AIDS and AIDS treatment
Box 5 Folder 48
"The Male Prostitute, AIDS, and Public Policy..." by Michael L. Feiersten
Box 5 Folder 49
Product release flow chart
Box 6 Folder 1
Manhattan Plaza AIDS Project Information Packet
Box 6 Folder 2
Manhattan Plaza AIDS Project materials
Box 6 Folder 3
Manhattan Plaza AIDS Project- volunteer name and address list,
Sept. 1990
Box 6 Folder 4
Marke Lowe Fisher, including clippings about protests after his death,
Box 6 Folder 5
Medical research
Box 6 Folder 6
Misc. AIDS materials- political, personal support related
Box 6 Folder 7
Misc. HIV/AIDS related flyers, brochures, information, etc.
Box 6 Folder 8
National Association of People With AIDS (NAPWA)
Box 6 Folder 9
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Box 6 Folder 10
"Network Contact Support Guide", by the CDC,
OCt. 1992
Box 6 Folder 11
New HIV/AIDS treatments
Box 6 Folder 12
New York Physicians for Human Rights
Box 6 Folder 13
The NYC AIDS Fund, 1990 Grant Recipients
Box 6 Folder 14
"Positive Survival with AIDS: A Clinical Study of Longterm Survivors",
Box 6 Folder 15
"Protease Inhibitors: Current and Future Use",
Jan. 1996
Box 6 Folder 16
Survival trends in AIDS
Box 6 Folder 17
Scientific American issues on AIDS,
Box 6 Folder 18
US General Accounting Office Health Reports,
Nov. 1992
Series V. Miscellany
Box 6 Folder 19
Anita Bryant Ministries public opinion survey
Box 6 Folder 20
Avanti market research
Box 6 Folder 21
Berkowitz + Callen articles
Box 6 Folder 22
BWMT (Black and White Men Together)
Box 6 Folder 23
Condom Card
Box 6 Folder 24
CURE (Congress United for Rights & Equality)
Box 6 Folder 25
Drafts of letters re: the Internal Revenue Code
Box 6 Folder 26
Entertainment (club flyers, etc.)
Box 6 Folder 27
Flyers/mailings from misc. GLBT organizations
Box 6 Folder 28
Gay and Michigan, incl. "Sexual Orientation Report and REcommendations" as adopted by the Michigan CRC,
Box 6 Folder 29
Gay background
Box 6 Folder 30
Gay market
Box 6 Folder 31
Gay Market Report and related materials,
Box 6 Folder 32
Gay money
Box 6 Folder 33-34
Gay-related news clippings
Box 6 Folder 35
"Gay Teachers: A Disesteemed Minority in an Overly Esteemed Profession", by Joshua Dressler
Box 6 Folder 36
Gay trust
Box 6 Folder 37
GGBC (Greater Gotham Business Council) materials
Box 6 Folder 38
Info. from the Small Business Service Bureau
Box 6 Folder 39
Lesbian and Gay Law Students of NYU Law School press release,
Box 6 Folder 40
Market research questionnairre
Box 6 Folder 41
Minutes of the Task Force for the Hearings of the NYC HRC on the quality of life of NY gay citizens,
Sept. 19, 1979
Box 6 Folder 42
Misc. pamphlets/brochures
Box 6 Folder 43
National Association of Social Workers
Box 6 Folder 44
National Register of Lesbian and Gay Unions
Box 6 Folder 45
NGTF related materials, including call for co-Executive Director applicaitons
Box 6 Folder 46
OutLoud: The Lesbian and Gay Cultural & Business Expo,
Feb. 1994
Box 6 Folder 47
Pert Chart
Box 6 Folder 48
Paper: "Sexual Identity and Self Concept", by Paul C. Larson,
Box 6 Folder 49
RentSmart: A Consumer Guide to Residential Leases
Box 6 Folder 50
SAGE (Senior Action in a Gay Environment)
Box 6 Folder 51
Statement from Craig Rodwell re: Segal sculpture in Christopher Park,
Box 6 Folder 52
The Wall Stree Project,
Box 6 Folder 53
"Twinkie Power" bumper sticker