Jack And Inger Gilbert Papers,1963-2009.

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Jack and Inger Gilbert papers, 1963-2009.
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John J. Gilbert
8 cubic feet.
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Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Thirty-five scrapbooks documenting trips taken by the Gilberts.
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Jack Gilbert graduated from Cornell with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1949. Inger Molmen Gilbert graduated in 1949 with a degree in Home Economics.


Thirty-five scrapbooks documenting trips taken by the Gilberts. Include trips to visit her family in Norway, other European trips, a trip to Alaska by rail through Canada, Florida, canals from Rhode Island to Buffalo, European cruises (including the QE2), Belize, New York City, various Elderhostel trips, South Africa, Newfoundland, Atlantic coast cruise, British Isles cruise, New England islands cruise, cruise to New Orleans, Viking voyage, and a cruise to Hawaii. Also, Reunion memorabilia from the Class of 1949.

Gilbert, John J.,
Cornell University--Alumni and alumnae.
Cornell University.Class of 1949.

Voyages and travel.
Ocean travel.
Railroad travel.

Norway--Description and travel.
Alaska--Description and travel.
Belize--Description and travel.
South Africa--Description and travel.
Canada--Description and travel.
Hawaii--Description and travel.
United States--Description and travel.


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Box 1 Scrapbook 1
Travels to Norway and Great Britain; Visits with family
June 28, 1963 - June 27 1975
Note cards from Jack Gilbert describing all scrapbooks. June 28, 1963 - July 17, 1963 Inger and Jack Gilbert in Norway and Great Britain crossed the Atlantic by ship both ways. Some original bills of sale. June 27, 1973 - August 28, 1973 Inger Gilbert with daughters Ellen and Marta to visit her parents Otto and Gudrun Molmen in their new home in Norway. Flew Air Canada from Toronto and return to Toronto. Some original bills of sale. 1974 Otto Molmen's 75th birthday. Inger Gilbert with her brother Otto G. Molmen in Norway. October, 1974 Otto Molmen goes into a nursing home in Norway. He was later moved to a nursing home in Rinacho, Norway where he died June 27, 1975. Godron, his wife, his children, Inger Gilbert and Otto G. Molmen and many others were at the funeral.
Box 1 Scrapbook 2
Trips to Norway
June 11, 1976 - June 8 1982
June 11,1976 - July 10, 1976 Inger and Jack Gilbert KLM Toronto Amsterdam and Canadian Pacific Air Amsterdam to Toronto. Train Amsterdam - Kobenz- river back to Cochan. Train Koblenz - Hamburg - Copenhagen - Oslo - Rinpehe, Norway. With Godron Molmen, Otto George Molmen and wife, a cousin and wife we took and train, ship, bustrip thru Norway June 28 - July 9. July 20,1978 - August 17, 1978 Inger and Jade Gilbert Pacific Western Airlines round trip Toronto - Copenhagen train and ferry train to home of Gudrun Molmen in Hamderp, Norway. March 4, 1980 - ? Inger Gilbert and brother Otto G. Molmen in Norway to funeral of her mother Godron Molmen. July 4, 1980 - August 11, 1980 A very complicated trip to Norway involving Inger and Jack Gilbert and four of her children, Marie, John III, Ellen and Marta. May 18, 1982 - June 8, 1982 Inger Gilbert to Norway for confirmation of a relative.
Box 1 Scrapbook 3
Trips to Norway, Scotland, Ireland
August 4, 1983 - June 6, 1986
August 4, 1983 - August 30, 1983 Another complicated trip to Norway involving Inger Gilbert, son John J III and wife Diane, daughter Marie, husband Ron and son Erik for a family reunion. May 14, 1985 - June 4, 1985 Inger in Norway. May 17 is Norwegian Independance Day. Also a confirmation of a relative. May 17, 1986 - June 6, 1986 Inger and Jack and daughter Gaol - QEZ round trip Scotland, Ireland for ancestor hunting.
Box 1 Scrapbook 4
Trips to Norway and Alaska
May 15, 1988 - November 19, 1989
May 15, 1988 - May 25, 1988 Inger to Norway by air both ways. August 26, 1989 - Sept 12, 1989 Alaska Trip for Inger and Jack VIARail Toronto - Vancouver - bus and ferry to Victerio. Ferry to Seattle to board Alaska Ferry then back to Toronto from Prin Zupert on VIARail. November 15, 1989 - November 19, 1989 Jack and Inger bus and train including VIARail round trip Motrial to Halifax.
Box 2 Scrapbook 5
Trip to family reunion in Norway
Summer 1990
Trip for retirement celebration. Inger and Jack, their five children and four spouses and three grandchildren. Family reunion in Norway
Box 2 Scrapbook 6
Trips to New York, Halifax, Outer Banks
September 1, 1990 - October 4, 1990
September 1, 1990 - September 5, 1990 QEZ round trip New York to Halifax (Inger and Jack). September 23, 1990 - October 4, 1990 Family trip to Outer Banks (Inger, Jack, daughter Gael, Ellen and grandson Paul.)
Box 2 Scrapbook 7
Trips to Flordia, Maryland, Europe
February 22, 1991 - June 18, 1991
February 22, 1991 - March 17, 1991 Ingert and Jack drive round trip to Flordia to visit with both of his college roommates and spouses Also visited with two daughters. Visited Chestertown, MD, on the Eastern Shore, where we lived in the 50's. May 3, 1991 - June 28, 1991 Our freighter trip across the Atlantic round trip. In Europe trains, riverboats, coastal voyage.
Box 2 Scrapbook 8
Trip to Europe
May 3, 1991 - June 28, 1991
Trip in Europe
Box 2 Scrapbook 9
Cornell Adult University Trips
October 11, 1991 - November 1992
October 11, 1991 - October 15, 1991 Cornell Adult University (CAU) Trip to Charleston, SC. Gettysburg June, 1992. Another CAU (?) trip in November, 1992.
Box 3 Scrapbook 10
Trips to Norway and Delmar Beach
January 16, 1992 - June 1992
January 16, 1992 - February 5, 1992 Inger round trip to Norway to celebrate 100th birthday of relative. April 23, 1992 - June 1992 Went to Delmar Beach and trip on the ship "Amazing Grace".
Box 3 Scrapbook 11
Trip to New York City
July 10, 1993 - July 25, 1993
History of Long Island City Mansions, The Saga of Long Island, small cruise ship on the Hudson River
Box 3 Scrapbook 12
Trip to New Smyrna Beach, Flordia
January 16, 1994 - April 3, 1995
January 16, 1994 - April 4, 1994 Trip to New Symrna Beach, Florida to visit college roommates. May 19, 1994 rented house on Montauk for family. August 20, 1995 - Sept 1, 1995 Canels of America, Warren, RI to Bethel, NY. December, 22 1994 - April 3, 1995 Sunrise Condos in New Smyrna Beach.
Box 3 Scrapbook 13
Cornell Adult University Trip
August 5, 1996 - September 7, 1996
Cornell Adult University Trip on the ship "Song of Flower"
Box 4 Scrapbook 14
Trip to New York City and Belize
January, 1997 - August 11, 1997
Round trip to New York City for Cornell meeting. Inger, Jack, daughter and grandchildren. March 28, 1997 - August 11, 1997 ACCL small shit cruise to Belize. Inger, Jack, Martha Ohaus and daughter Susan
Box 4 Scrapbook 15
Trips to New Smyrna Beach, Florida, Rochester, New York and New York City, New York
December 29, 1997 - April 24, 1999
December 29,1997 - March 31, 1998 Five pictures of New Smyrna Beach, Flordia. October 4, 1998 - October 9, 1998 visit to Rochester. Big Bands Music and camping. January 28, 1999 - April 24, 1999 visit to the beach of New York City.
Box 4 Scrapbook 16
South Africa Trip and Charleston, South Carolina
January 27, 2000 - March 20, 2000
Trip to Africa, several photos, bills of sale, newspaper and magazine articles. Post cards and small artifacts from trip. Letters to family.
Box 4 Scrapbook 17
Trip from Ithaca, New York to St Anthony, Newfoundland
September 1, 2000- September 28, 2000
Documents relating to Gilbert trip including photographs, trip itinerary, magazine articles. Several photographs relating to a Viking themed tourist attraction in St Anthony, Newfoundland
Box 3 Scrapbook 18
Continuation of trip from Ithaca, New York to St Anthony, Newfoundland
September 1, 2000- September 28, 2000
Mostly magazine and informational clippings related to the Gilbert trip to St Anthony, Newfoundland
Box 5 Scrapbook 19
Trip to North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland
January 4, 2000 - May 6, 2000
Pictures and articles relating to light houses and ships on the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. Pictures and articles related to Gilbert trip to Jamestown, Virginia.
Box 5 Scrapbook 20
Trip to the British Isles, Cornell Adult University Trip
August 12, 2001 - September 9, 2001
Some pictures, mostly pamphlets and articles relating to the British Isles where the Gilbert's visited.
Box 5 Scrapbook 21
Visit to Scotland
August 24, 2001 - September 9, 2001
Part of the British Isles trip from Scrapbook 20. Focuses on the Scotland part of the Gilbert trip with several photos, information sheets relating to the tourist sites the Gilbert's visited and small personal artifacts from hotels.
Box 5 Scrapbook 22
Trip to New York and New England Cruise
December 8, 2001 - July 5, 2001
Pictures relating to New York City near Christmas time. Playbills and tickets from several Broadway plays. Some pictures from cruise ship to New England and tourist information.
Box 5 Scrapbook 23
Trip to Caribbean
March 3, 2002 - April 5, 2002
Several pictures and documents related to freighter ship that carried Inger and Jack Gilbert. Letters describe their trip and the conditions of their boat. Several bills and reciepts relating to trip.
Box 5 Scrapbook 24
Trip to Montreal and England
April 9, 2003 - August 23, 2003
Tourist information, maps and small items from hotels concerning the Gilbert trip to Montreal. Photographs and items from cruise ship concerning Gilbert cruise on the Queen Elizabeth 2 to England.
Box 6 Scrapbook 25
Trip to Channel Islands and New Orleans
August 23, 2003 - December 23, 2003
Many pictures and informational sheets relating to the various cruise ships the Gilbert's used on their trips. Menus, pictures of wait staff, pictures of boat itself included.
Box 6 Scrapbook 26
Cruise and trip to New York
June 30, 2004 - March 2, 2005
Tickets, bills and photographs relating to cruise "to nowhere" aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2. More pictures and travel information relating to trip to New York.
Box 6 Scrapbook 27
Trip to South Hampton
April 21, 2005 - June 9, 2005
Pictures, tickets and tourist information related to places visited by the Gilbert's in South Hampton.
Box 6 Scrapbook 28
Continuation of South Hampton trip from scrapbook 27
April 21, 2005 - June 9, 2005
Pictures, post cards and mementos of South Hampton trip.
Box 6 Scrapbook 29
Elderhostels in Philadelphia and Canada
February 13, 2006 - May 27, 2006
Mementos and bills from trips and some photographs.
Box 6 Scrapbook 30
Trips to Elderhostels in Georgia and Maryland
April 22 2007 - May 11, 2007
Post cards, tourist information and pictures related to the attractions the Gilbert's visited.
Box 7 Scrapbook 31
"Viking's Voyage" Trip to Iceland
July 7, 2007 - August 11, 2007
35 day cruise on Holland American Line in Deluxe Suite. Postcards, travel information, pictures, maps and personal mementos from trip.
Box 7 Scrapbook 32
Continuation of a "Viking's Voyage" Trip to Iceland
July 17, 2007 - August 31, 2007
More information packets and tourism information, postcards, mementos and pictures of trip to Iceland.
Box 7 Scrapbook 33
Trip to Montreal, New York City and Philadelphia
November 2, 2007 - February 8, 2009
Tourist information and bills of sale related to trip.
Box 7 Scrapbook 34
Trips to Montreal, Victoria, British Columbia, Victoria, Sand Diego, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Chicago and Syracuse
September 18, 2009 - October 23, 2009
Photos, maps, bills, menus, tickets and play bills relating to train trips across the United States.
Box 7 Scrapbook 35
Trip to Elderhostel in Philadelphia, Hawaii and canceled trip to New York City
November 8, 2009 - October 29, 2010
Tourist information, tickets and receipts relating to trips.
Box 8
Cornell reunion memorabilia
1949, 1969, 1974
Pair of white pants labeled "Cornell '49", Cornell jersey labeled "55th of '49" with picture of clock tower, red and white tote bag with the number "32" worn off, red polo with "C49" logo, two red dress shirts with "'49" on front pocket and clock tower on back, white skirt with "Cornell '49" on patch, white t-shirt with clock tower and "'49" on front and class listing within large C on back, Cornell reunion run t-shirt red with bear leaning against C in white, red and white vest with "'49" on back, red and blue striped polo shirt with "49" on front pocket, several hats with Cornell or "49" logos, two kazoos one with Cornell logo, two metal cups for 1969 and 1974 reunions, class of '49 megaphone, red and white pom pom.