Francis Charles Moon Reuleaux Reference Collection, 1841-2010

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Francis Charles Moon Reuleaux reference collection, 1841-2010
Collection Number:
F. C. Moon 1939-
6.2 cubic feet.
Forms of Material:
Correspondence, photographs, publications
Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Papers regarding German engineer Franz Reuleaux and the collection of his kinematic models housed at Cornell University. Papers were assembled by Cornell Professor of Engineering Frank Moon during the late 1990's and early 2000's, particularly during research trips to Germany. They include Moon's research notes on Reuleaux and Reuleaux's influence, biography and genealogy; photocopies and transcriptions of letters, essays and drawings created by Reuleaux; Moon's academic papers and professional work on Reuleaux; and research on Cornell's kinematic model collection and other kinematic models. Papers also include material on specific projects, such as the permanent exhibit of Reuleaux's kinematic models at Cornell, and the Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library (KMODDL), an online collection of digitized images and information on kinematics.
Collection material in English


Francis Charles Moon is the Joseph C. Ford Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University.
Franz Reuleaux (1829-1905), a German engineer of Belgian heritage, was an influential figure in machine design and kinematics, or the science of movement. He was known for designing more than 800 teaching models to demonstrate kinematic principles. He contributed to the development of engineering as a professional science, integrating mathematical and scientific principles into engineering design. Born in Eschweiler in Prussia, he studied under Ferdinand Redtenbacher at Karlsruhe, and also studied in Berlin and Bonn. After teaching in Zurich at the Polytechnic School, he taught at what became the Koenigs Technischen Hochschule in Berlin-Charlottenburg Berlin for many years, becoming its rector in 1890. As a prominent engineer, he was a German ambassador at international exhibitions and expositions, including the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition in 1876 and the Vienna Exhibition in 1873.


Papers regarding German engineer Franz Reuleaux and the collection of his kinematic models housed at Cornell University. Papers were assembled by Cornell Professor of Engineering Frank Moon during the late 1990's and early 2000's, particularly during research trips to Germany. They include Moon's research notes on Reuleaux and Reuleaux's influence, biography and genealogy; photocopies and transcriptions of letters, essays and drawings created by Reuleaux; Moon's academic papers and professional work on Reuleaux; and research on Cornell's kinematic model collection and other kinematic models. Papers also include material on specific projects, such as the permanent exhibit of Reuleaux's kinematic models at Cornell, and the Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library (KMODDL), an online collection of digitized images and information on kinematics.

Moon, F. C.,1939-
Moon, F. C., 1939-
Redtenbacher, F. (Ferdinand), 1809-1863
Reuleaux, F. (Franz), 1829-1905
Thurston, Robert Henry, 1839-1903
White, Andrew Dickson, 1832-1918
American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
National Science Foundation.

Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering--History
Machinery, Kinematics of
Machine design--history
Science--study and teaching--digital libraries
Centennial Exhibition (1876 : Philadelphia, Pa.)
Sibley College of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanic Arts

Cornell University

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Moon, F.C. The Machines of Leonardo da Vinci and Franz Reuleaux : Kinematics of Machines from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Dordrecht, The Netherlands : Springer, 2007.
"The Reuleaux Collection of Kinematic Mechanisms at Cornell University”:
Cornell Kinematic Mechanisms images have been digitized and are accessible through the RMC image portal..

Series I. Research
By Reuleaux
Reuleaux biography and genealogy
Series II. Models
Non-Cornell Reuleaux Models
Reuleaux Models at Cornell
Other Models
Series III. Moon’s papers and professional work
Series IV. Multimedia and Photographs


Funded by the Humboldt Foundation and others, Moon researched Reuleaux at archives such as the Deutsches Museum in Munich. This series includes Moon’s notes and correspondence, photocopies of original documents, and secondary source material. For material relating to Moon’s research on models, please see Series 2.
Box 1 Folder 1
Correspondence on Reuleaux
Moon's correspondence with other Reuleaux specialists. Includes a few photocopies of older Reuleaux material.
Box 1 Folder 2
Reuleaux background, correspondence
Correspondence on Reuleaux, photocopy from a biography.
Box 1 Folder 3
Correspondence on Reuleaux
Moon's correspondence with Germans and German institutions, seeking info on Reuleaux and his models
Box 1 Folder 4
Sabbatic Year. Humboldt Stiftung
Correspondence, application, paperwork etc. for the Humboldt Stiftung
Box 1 Folder 5
Reauleux / Thurston
Photocopied bio of Thurston, and a photocopied Thurston report from the Vienna exhibition (1873).
Box 1 Folder 6
Kinematics of Machinery. Kennedy. 2 lectures.
Photocopy of a book: "The Kinematics of machinery. Two lectures. Relating to Reuleaux Methods..." By Alex B.W. Kennedy, C.E. W/ intro by R.H. Thurston. Reprinted from van Nostrand's magazine.
Box 1 Folder 7
Photocopy: Deutsches Museum Vortraege und Berichte. "Naturforschung u. Technik." Vortrag gehalten im Deutschen Muesum am 29. Oktober 1910 von Dr. Otto Thilo.
Box 1 Folder 8
Buch der Erfindungen
Spamer, Otto. *Buch der Erfindungen. Gewerbe und Industrien.* Note on it says it's 1883-1891. Also says "zweite Subskription" (printed) and a note NL069/231.Chapter on clock manufacture "Die Uhrenfabrikation" (269-287)
Box 1 Folder 9
Reuleaux and Chicago Engineering Congress
Excerpts from magazines regarding Reuleaux and the Engineering Congress in Chicago.
Box 1 Folder 10
Reuleaux bio
Photocopy. K. Mauersberer. "Franz Reuleeaux (1829-1905)". In Banse, G. Wollgast, S. (Hrsg.): *Biografien bedeutender Techniker. Volk und Wissen* Volkseigener Verlag, Berlin 1983, 184-192.
Box 1 Folder 11
Sydney and Melbourne, Reichskanzleramt
Photocopies of materials re the Sydney and Melbourne Exhibitions. Includes certificates and letters. Some of it seems to be from the Reichskanzleramt
Box 1 Folder 12
Otto Langen Engine, other images
Images of machines and mechanisms
Box 1 Folder 13
Bragastini re Briefe aus Philadelphia
letter about photocopying mistake
Box 1 Folder 14
Article about Reuleaux "adversary" Alois Riedler in German, by Karl-Heinz Manegold.
Box 1 Folder 15
Thurston: "The Needs and Opportunities of a Great Technical College"
Photocopied article, originally in *Scientific American Supplement* No 913. This is a reprint.
Box 1 Folder 16
Thurston: "On the Necessity of a Mechanical Laboratory; its province and its methods"
Photocopied article. "A paper read before the American Railway Master Mechanics' Association. Reprinted from the Journal of the Franklin Institute, December 1875." Philadelphia: WM P. Kildrake, printer.
Box 1 Folder 17
"Professor Reuleaux: Vortrag" H. Wedding article.
Photocopy of the H. Wedding article: "Vortrag gehalten im Verein zur Befoerderung des GewerbfleiBes" Berlin: Leonhard Simion, 1905.
Box 1 Folder 18
Redtenbacher title page
A photocopy of the title page for Principien der Mechanik und des Maschinenbaues, by F. Redtenbacher. Mannheim: Friedrich Bassermann, 1859.
Box 1 Folder 19
Bibliography: Reuleaux's writings
From the Deutsches Museum in Munich.
Box 1 Folder 20
Carl Reuleaux articles
From the Deutsches Museum in Munich. Includes selection from article by Carl Reuleaux (Franz Reuleaux's son): "Auch eine Alabamafrage..." Berlin: Carl Beelitz Verlag, 1872. Also includes another Carl Reuleaux piece: "Von der romantischen zur schoenen Maschine" (publication information unclear).
Box 1 Folder 21
Article that cites Reuleaux and his significance. "Das Mannesmann-Rohr in seiner Bedeutung fuer das Kunstgewerbe." In *Deutsche Bauzeitung,* no 69-70, 29 August and 2 September, 1891 (article split over two issues).
Box 1 Folder 22
German Telegraph
From the Deutsches Museum. Has Reuleaux's name handwritten at the top. * "Wann wurde die erste Telegraphenlinie in Deutschland erbaut?" Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Telegraphenwesens* by Sautter. Berlin, 1901. Sonder-Abdruck aus dem Archiv fuer Post und Telegraphie.
Box 1 Folder 23
Reuleaux's influence: Ads for Machinery
Ads and catalogs selling material influenced by Reuleaux (his name isn't here).
Box 1 Folder 24
Reuleaux: Symbol Notation. Expansion of elements
Notes on Reuleaux's symbol notation.
Box 1 Folder 25
Reuleaux: Briefe aus Philadelphia
Box 1 Folder 26
Munich. Deutsches Museum, Reuleaux Clocks
Notes, online printouts, correspondence, list of references. Some of it seems is from a the Deutsches Uhrenmuseum.
Box 1 Folder 27
Deutsches Museum
Brochures, notes, correspondence on the Deutsches Museum and its collections.
Box 1 Folder 28
Reuleaux--DM, Archival Materials
Notes and material from Moon's research trips to the Deutsches Museum in Munich in 2000-2002. Includes notes, a bibliography, a list of digital pictures taken, list of Nachless (collection) numbers and material about the collection from the archive.
Box 1 Folder 29
W. Goldsmith, A. Dimarogonas, Moll and Reuleaux
Articles by Andrew Dimarogonas and others. Photocopy of work by Moll and Reuleaux: *Constructionslehre fuer den Maschinenbau.* Braunschweig: Friedrich Vieweg und Sohn, 1854; English translation of a few pages. Also includes correspondence with Dimarogonas and Werner Goldsmith.
Box 1 Folder 30
Am Pholosophic Soc., Phil /Reuleaux
Research done at the American Philosophical Society; photocopies of Reuleaux correspondence (English), notes, catalog records. Research seems to be from 2001; material from 1890-1969
Box 1 Folder 31
Translations/Summaries: on Reuleaux
Translated 2003. Material from Lueders (Wider Herrn Reuleaux!, 1877); Koch (Franz Reuleaux und die Grundung der Mannesmannrehren-Werke, 1969) and others; article on Paris expo. Summaries more than translations. Works 1877-1992.
Box 1 Folder 32
DM: lists of models, original letters
Notes, phtographs, lists, photocopies from the Deutsches Museum. Research done in 2001
Box 1 Folder 33
Museums: Sci Museum (London), Musee des Arts et Metiers, Smithsonian.
Photocopies, correspondence, notes. Info on collections.
Box 1 Folder 34
Prof Braune--Hannover--Reuleaux lecture
Powerpoint slides from a lecture on Reuleaux, in German. Given by a Prof Braune in Hannover, sent to Moon.
Box 1 Folder 35
Mechanical Servo Mechanisms History: H.G. Conway
Photocopies of two articles.
Box 1 Folder 36
American Machinist excerpts
Series of blurbs copied from various issues of *American Machinist* that mention Thurston and/or Reuleaux
Box 1 Folder 37
Hans Zopke / Reuleaux
In Cassier's magazine.
Box 1 Folder 38
Museums: London, Smithsonian
Info on various museums with info on Kinematics
Box 1 Folder 39
G. Voigt
About history of Gustav Voigt's home/workshop in Berlin
Box 1 Folder 40
Reuleaux: Phoronomy
Box 1 Folder 41
Book on F. Reuleaux--Notes
Notes from Reuleaux Kinematics book and others (no citations).
Box 1 Folder 42
Willis: Principles of Mechanism
Photocopy of Robert Willis' "Principles of Mechanism: Designed for the use of students in the Universities..." London: John W. Parker.
Box 1 Folder 43
Misc research/articles
Misc. articles on Kinematics, technology and machining
Box 1 Folder 44
Reuleaux's Machines--Lists
. Notes, photocopies of pages
Box 1 Folder 45
American Machinist: Reuleaux Obituary
From Sept. 14, 1905. pp 368-370.
Box 1 Folder 46
Scientific American: A. Gradenwitz /Reuleaux Models
Article from March 21, 1908. "The Mutual Relations of Geometry and Mechanics and Prof. Reuleaux's mechanical Movements."
Box 1 Folder 47
Reuleaux and Sprachverein
"Herr Geheimer Regierungsrath, Professor Franz Reuleaux und sein Treiben im allgemeinen deutschen Sprachverein" Braunschweig: Johannes Heinrich Meyer: 1893. Photocopy.
Box 1 Folder 48
Deutsches Museum Reuleaux article
Photocopied article: "Franz Reuleaux uns die Grundlagen seiner Kinematik." Carl Weihe VDI. In *Deutsches Museum: Abhandlungen und Berichte,* 14. Jahrgang, Heft 4.
Box 1 Folder 49
Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of the Sanderson Mechanism -- Draft
By Raymond Roberts
Box 1 Folder 50
Dubois: Die Schoepfungen Jakob und Alfred Amsler's
Box 1 Folder 51
Misc German articles on Reuleaux, Riedler et al.
Miscellaneous articles and parts of articles in German on Reuleaux and his contemporaries
Box 1 Folder 52
Misc articles, notes and drawings
Box 1 Folder 53
Misc correspondence and notes
Includes a floppy disk
Box 1 Folder 54
Berlin: Severin / Reuleaux
Correspondence with Ing. D. Severin, articles, printed websites. Visited him in Berlin--Reuleaux scholar
Box 1 Folder 55
Germany: Hotel, air travel, etc.
Itineraries, plane tickets
Box 1 Folder 56
Mechanical Engineering Bios (ASME)
Printouts of Mechanical Engineering Biographies (from ASME).
Box 1 Folder 57
On Reuleaux.'s Animal Kinematics
Article on Reuleaux's Animal Kinematics. "Animal Kinematics--A Review of a Study of Franz Reuleaux about Restrained Animal Motions." By Hanfried Kerle and Manfred Helm. in M Ceccarelli (ed): *International Symposium on History of Machines and Mecahanisms, Proceedings* HMM 2000. 181-186.
Box 1 Folder 58
Uncertainties in Kinematic Design. A.F.C. Pollard 1933
Photocopy of 1933 article by Pollard. Actually labeled "Kinematic Design in Engineering."
Box 1 Folder 59
Centennial Expos. Philadelphia, 1876
Images and list of documents, printed from online.
Box 1 Folder 60
H. Zopke. Biography of Reuleaux
Notes on Zopke's writings on Reuleaux.
Box 1 Folder 61
Berlin Biographies: F. Reuleaux, A. Riedler, O. Lilienthal
A piece on Emil Rathenau
Box 1 Folder 62
Remberger Dissertation--Reuleaux
Dissertation (in German) on Reuleaux by Sebastian Remberger. Title: *Franz Reuleaux: Ansichten und Selbstverstaendnis eines Ingenieurs in der deutschen Gesellschaft des spaeten 19. Jahrhundert.*
Box 1 Folder 63
German articles on Reuleaux
Secondary source articles on Reuleaux and his context, all in German
Box 1 Folder 64
Reuleaux research visit, Munich Deutsches Museum
Notes and research on Voigt and Reuleaux. Includes hand-transcribed letters (Moon's transcriptions) from the Deutsches Museum. Includes Moon's research questions. Moon correspondence, arranging meetings during a research trip in May of 2000.
Box 1 Folder 65
K. Mauersberger, T.U. Dresden
Articles by Klaus Mauersberger and others on Reuleaux and technology. Also includes some correspondence with him.
Box 1 Folder 66
Reuleaux-Mitteilungen, Berlin. From Aachen--Dittrich Inst.
Photocopies from a publication called Reuleaux-Mitteilungen, put out by the Reuleaux Gesellschaft
Box 1 Folder 67
Otto, Langen, Wankel engine
Notes and articles on Otto, Langen and the Wankel engine. Also, general notes on European history.
Box 1 Folder 68
Rotary engines
From the U. at Karlsruhe. Secondary research.
Box 1 Folder 69
Bevan textbook with Reuleaux diagram
Photocopies of diagrams from "The Theory of Machines: A Text-book for Engineering Students" by Thomas Bevan. London: Longmans, 1956. pp 144-149. Originally published in 1939.
Box 1 Folder 70
Felix Wankel
Lookback after his death. Cites Reuleaux's influence on an inventor. From *Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung,* October 1988.
Box 1 Folder 71
Rotary Engines
articles and diagrams
Box 1 Folder 72
A. Stieglitz and Reuleaux
book chapter on Alfred Stieglitz that mentions him studying under Reuleaux.
Box 1 Folder 73
Reuleaux Curved Triangle, Rolling in a square
Moon's notes, drawings
Box 1 Folder 74
German Technical Terms
Glossaries, hand-made lists of terms
Box 1 Folder 75
Kennedy Lectures
Photocopies of book: *The Kinematics of Machinery. Two lectures relating to Reuleaux Methods.* By Alex B.W. Kennedy. Has intro by Thurston.
Box 1 Folder 76
Reuleaux: Hannover German, Prof Braune.
Mix of primary and secondary source articles on Reuleaux, including one by Hans Joachim Braun. Notes. Material on Deutsches Museum collection.
Box 1 Folder 77
Kinematics: History
Secondary source articles on the history of Kinematics. Articles 1953-1997
Box 1 Folder 78
Reuleaux / Notes; History
Notes on Reuleaux, drafts of article on Cornell collection
Box 1 Folder 79
Kinematics of Mechanisms from the Time of Watt (Ferguson)
Photocopy of pp. 185-230. Contributions from the Museum of History and Technology paper 27.
Box 1 Folder 80
Reuleaux and Math
Photocopy from *The Enjoyment of Mathematics: Selections from Mathematics for the Amateur* (Princeton: Princeton U Press, 1957). Info on Reuleaux's curvilinear triangle. Also drawings and notes and a brief article. Gathered 2002.
Box 1 Folder 81
A.B.W. Kennedy--Reuleaux Models
Photocopies of article from 1876
Box 1 Folder 82
E. Ferguson--Museums, Models
Article "Technical Museums and International Exhibitions" by Eugene S. Ferguson. (print-out off internet; not clear where article was published)
Box 7
Corliss Beam Engine
Box 7
Reuleaux on Thomas Calc
Photocopy of a drawing
Box 7
*Von der Bauakademie zur Technischen Universitaet Berlin: Geschichte und Zukunft, 1799-1999*
History of the institution at which Reuleaux taught. Relevant information marked with a bookmark. Additional relevant photocopies of articles slipped into the back. Will need to be foldered seperately
Includes photocopies and transcriptions of original primary source documents created by Reuleaux, such as Reuleaux’s correspondence, publications and drawings.
Box 2 Folder 1
Reuleaux to Thurston letter
Photocopy of letter from Reuleaux to Thurston.
Box 2 Folder 2
Letter Books, Reuleaux:
Typed copies of letters (annotated); also include transcripts by hand, and notes.
Box 2 Folder 3
Letterbooks of Reuleaux
January 2002
Draft of a Moon piece on Reuleaux's letters, coauthored with Moon's his wife, Elizabeth. Consists mostly of the letters themselves, with some commentary and notes.
Box 2 Folder 4
Rx Letterbooks: Transcribed
January 2002
See above.
Box 2 Folder 5
Moon: Reuleaux Letterbooks
Copy of "The Letterbooks of Franz Reuleaux (1829-1905): A Victorian Engineer." Francis C. Moon and Elizabeth E. Moon.
Box 2 Folder 6
F. Reuleaux / Selected Letters
Photocopies of Reuleaux letters from the Deutsches Museum. In German, English, French.
Box 2 Folder 7
Reuleaux Quotes: LdV/Reuleaux Book
Moon's transcriptions of Reuleaux quotes.
Box 2 Folder 8
Reuleaux: The Machine... (from British Library)
Full photocopy of *Die Mascine in der Arbeiterfrage.* F.C.C. Bruns' Verlag, 1885.
Box 2 Folder 9
Reuleaux: Das Zentrifugalmoment.
Photocopy (some pages missing) from Deutsches Museum. In *Verhandlungen des Verein zuer Befoerderung des GewerbefleiBes* 55, 1877, pp. 50-88
Box 2 Folder 10
Reuleaux: Kinematics, 1876. Figures
Photocopies of figures from Reuleaux's *Kinematics of machinery.*
Box 2 Folder 11
Reuleaux lectures on art
Photocopies of articles/lecture on the arts by Reuleaux. (from the Deutsches Museum)
Box 2 Folder 12
Reuleaux lecture: Maschine and Gewerbebetrieb
Reuleaux lecture: "Ueber den EinfluB der Maschine auf den Gewerbebetrieb" in *Nord und Sued: Eine deutsche Monatsschrift.* Breslau: S. Schottlaender Verlag, 1897. Also from DM
Box 2 Folder 13
Reuleaux lecture: Asian art at the Melbourne Exhibition
Ueber asiatische Kunst auf der Melbourner Ausstellung. Verein fuer Deutsches Kunstgewerbe zu Berlin.
Box 2 Folder 14
Reuleaux lecture: Zapfenreibung
From the Deutsches Museum. "Neue Betrachtungen und Versuche ueber die Zapfenreibung." Published in the *Zeitschrift des Vereines deutscher Ingenieure;* vol 35 pg 932. Photocopied article.
Box 2 Folder 15
Reuleaux correspondence (German)
Photocopied Reuleaux correspondence. Includes some drawings. Probably from Deutsches Museum
Box 2 Folder 16
Reuleaux reports on exhibitions
Reuleaux reports on exhibitions (Paris and Chicago). Plus, photocopies from his quotation book (1852). All from Deutsches Museum.
Box 2 Folder 17
Reuleaux's Reisebuch nach Philadelphia
Photocopy of selected pages. In Reuleaux's handwriting. From the Deutsches Museum.
Box 2 Folder 18
Reuleaux paper: Das Bahnercentrik
"Das Bahnercentrik, ein neuer Bewegungsmechanismus." From *Zivilingineur,* Band 4, Heft 1. (n.d.)
Box 2 Folder 19
Reuleaux lecture: Dampfpumpen
Ueber Neuerungen an Dempfpumpen und Dampfpumpwerken. Lecture before the Verein fuer Eisenbahnkunde, 1886. DM
Box 2 Folder 20
Reuleaux lecture: Die Ausstellung in Jekaterinburg
A lecture about a trip to Russia. Not sure where published. DM.
Box 2 Folder 21
Reuleaux publication: Ueber die Parallelraeder...
*Ueber die Parallelraeder und einege verwandte Mechinismen.* Berlin: G. Hickethier, 1876. DM.
Box 2 Folder 22
Reuleaux: Sektor-Geradfuehrungen
Describes a bunch of figures that aren't included. DM
Box 2 Folder 23
Reuleaux paper: Sperrwerke, and drawings
Selected pages from Reuleaux's "Ueber die Sperrwerke und ihre Anwendungen." *Vereins zur Befoerderung des Gewerbfleises* 1877. Berlin: Nicolaische Verlags-Buchhandlung, 1877.
Box 2 Folder 24
Reuleaux: Teledynamic Transmitters
Translated article: "On New Features in Teledynamic Transmitters." *School of Mines Quarterly,* vol 8, no 2, 1887. DM
Box 2 Folder 25
Reuleaux: Regulators, drawings
Copies of Reuleaux notes, drawings, etc. re regulators. Lots of drawings
Box 2 Folder 26
Reuleaux: Gaskraftmaschine. Otto--Lungen.
Photocopy: Otto, H.A. and Eugen Langen. *Atmosphaerische Gaskraftmaschine.* Berlin: 1868. (G. Hickethier pub?) 1-13. Scribbled on front: von F. Reuleaux.
Box 2 Folder 27
Reuleaux Plates
Images of plates of Reuleaux mechanisms. One set labeled as being from "Theoretische Kinematik" (1875).
Box 2 Folder 28
Chapter on Geradfuehrungen from Skizzenbuch der Angewandten Kinematik (1880)
*Geradfuehrungen. In Skizzenbuch der angewandten Kinematik: Eine sammlung von mechanismen nach den Vortraegen des gehimen Regierungsrath Professor Reuleaux.* von den Studiernden der Kgl. technischen Hochschule. Berlin: Verein Huette, 1880.
Box 2 Folder 29
Geradfuehrungen illustrations (Skizzenbuch)
Images/drawings of mechanisms
Box 2 Folder 30
Reuleaux ed: "Einfuehrung in die Geschichte der Erfindungen"
Leipzig u. Berlin: Otto Spamer Verlag. Photocopy includes the forward and pages 523-582, chapters on Watt and the steam engine, and locomotives.
Box 2 Folder 31
Reuleaux letters, notes and drawings
Photocopies of Reuleaux. letters to Thurston. 1880s. Also Reuleaux's lecture notes in German, and Reuleaux's hand drawings.
Box 2 Folder 32
Reuleaux article, Muenzenmayer
"Franz Reuleaux: Kinematik--Aesthetik--Industrie. Konstruktion." 11. Bildnisse beruehmter Konstruktuere.
Box 2 Folder 33
Reuleaux ed. technical dictionary (German-English)
Dictionary of technical terms. From *Der Fuehrer des Maschinisten by E.F. Scholl,* "besorgt" by Reuleaux. Brauschweig: Friedrich Weiweg und Sohn. Pages 536-548
Box 2 Folder 34
A.D. White
Photocopies and transcripts of Reuleaux letters to A.D. White. Photocopies of old articles.
Box 2 Folder 35
Reuleaux sketches
Photocopies of primary source material, including examples of Reuleaux's drawings
Box 2 Folder 36
Reuleaux, F. Smithsonian
Photocopy of a Reuleaux paper in translation: "Technology and Civilisation" (1890). Photocopies of other Reuleaux primary source material. Also, bibliography of writings on machines. Gathered in '99.
Box 2 Folder 37
Cultur u. Technik--English
Copy of translation of Reuleaux: "The influence of the Technical Sciences upon General Culture" (trans Wheaton Kunhardt. From School of Mines Quarterly Vol VII No 1. Oct 1885). Looks like from DM.
Box 2 Folder 39
Reuleaux's Die mechanischen Naturkraefte und deren Verwertung.
Photocopy of piece by Reuleaux. Berlin: Verlag von Hermann Paetel, 1901.
Box 2 Folder 38
Cultur u. Technik--German
Photocopy of Reuleaux's *Cultur und Technik.* Wien: Verlag des Niederoesterreichischen Gewerbevereines, Druck von A. Keiss: 1884. Says: Vortrag Gehalten in Niederoesterrichischen Gewerbevereines.
Box 2 Folder 40
Reauleux, Vol. II
Photocopy and some notes. "Lehrbuch der Kinematik von Prof. Dr. F. Reuleaux. Zweiter Band: Die Praktischen Beziehungen der Kinematik zu Geometrie und Mechanik" (Braunschwieg: Friedrich Vieweg und Sohn, 1900).
Box 2 Folder 41
Reuleaux: On Style in Machine Design Translation
Photocopy of Rx's text in German: Ueber den Maschinenbaustil (Braunschweib: Fridrich Veiweg und Sohn, 1862). Summary in English (not a full translation).
Box 2 Folder 42
Centennial Exhibition--Judges Letter. Reuleaux.
Photocopy of letter (primary source).
Includes research on Reuleaux’s biography and family. Genealogical material includes family trees and information on his ancestors and descendants.
Box 2 Folder 43
Reuleaux Photos
Photocopied images of Reuleaux, Reuleaux-related landmarks, etc.
Box 2 Folder 44
Redtenbacher booklet
From the Fakultaet fuer Maschinenbaue at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
Box 2 Folder 45
Correspondence: Reuleaux painting
Correspondence about a portrait of Reuleaux
Box 2 Folder 46
Dr. Henning Reuleaux
Notes, correspondence, online material for conversations with Henning Reuleaux and others, including Severin and Remberger.
Box 2 Folder 47
Henning Reuleaux: Reuleaux family history
Includes a printed version of Henning Reuleaux fam history, plus a version on CD. Part 3 is on the Reuleaux family in the 1950's.
Box 2 Folder 48
Reuleaux--Family History
Notes, a family tree narrative (in German), correspondence, photographs of models
Box 2 Folder 49
Photos re Reuleaux and family
late 1990's or early 2000's
Photos taken on Moon's trip to Berlin. Includes area where Reuleaux used to live, and Reuleaux relatives
Box 2 Folder 50
Reuleaux at Stevens Tech
Reuleaux gave commencement address at Stevens Institute of Technology. This is a brief blurb about it in *Scientific American* (July 29, 1876. Vol XXV p 69).
Box 2 Folder 51
Henning Reuleaux letter, re Reuleaux fam
Letter (in German) from Dr. Henning Reuleaux, about Reuleaux and his family.
Box 2 Folder 52
Sylvia Reuleaux Pack
Correspondence with Reuleaux's great-granddaughter (American)
Box 2 Folder 53
Sylvia Reuleaux visit 10-10
Correspondence and notes re Sylvia Reuleaux Pack's visit to Ithaca.
Box 2 Folder 54
Ahnentafel der Familie Reuleaux
Family tree for Reuleaux family, Berlin branch. With narrative/history in German. By Christian and Jo Reuleaux.
Box 2 Folder 55
F. Reuleaux Photo: Spindle Collection
In da Vinci/Reuleaux book. Photocopied images of Reuleaux, one printed picture. Also includes photocopy of picture of Reuleaux. (One picture has him with his spindle collection).
Box 2 Folder 56
Rx's house
Correspondence and an illustration, discussing the location of Rx's house in Berlin.
Box 2 Folder 57
Reuleaux Grave in Berlin
Correspondence in German
Box 2 Folder 58
Rx background, connections
articles, notes on Rx, esp. biography. Gathered 1999-2000
Box 2 Folder 59
Marie Reuleaux, Reuleaux Who's Who
Info on Marie Reuleaux, list of people with Reuleaux connections.
Box 7
De nakomelingschap van Antoon Reuleaux
Book and Reuleaux family material
Contains information on kinematic models. These include models designed by Reuleaux and others, those housed at Cornell and those dispersed around the world. Also includes material on projects related to models, including the exhibit of Cornell’s Reuleaux collection and the KMODDL library.
Information about models designed by Reuleaux, especially those housed at other institutions. Reuleaux designated Gustav Voigt and J. Schroeder to manufacture his models, and this subseries contains catalogs of the models Voigt and Schroeder sold. It also includes material on models designed by Reuleux’s mentor, Redtenbacher.
Box 3 Folder 1
Reuleaux / Voigt Catalog / Koch catalog
Koch's catalog is from 1912 (physical catalog, not copied). Voigt's is mimeographed (1926 for the original?)
Box 3 Folder 2
Schroeder catalog
Box 3 Folder 3
Voigt Catalog
Another copy of the Voigt catalogs, 1 and 2nd Verzeichnis
Box 3 Folder 4
Redtenbacher models
Photocopies of drawings of Redtenbacher models
Box 3 Folder 5
Redtenbacher models
Correspondence and other documents related to Redtenbacher models
Box 3 Folder 6
Reuleaux-Voigt Catalog
Photocopy of catalog from 1907. Also includes color images of models (1999-2000)
Box 3 Folder 7
German articles, Dresden models
Photocopied articles on Rx model collections in Dresden. From Dr. FueBl, DM. Original copy from Dr. Mauersberger, Dresden, Oct 2001. From Sammlungen und Kunstbesitz der Technischen Universitaet Dresden
Box 3 Folder 8
J. Schroeder--Darmstadt, VDI
Photocopy of old catalog listing of models (German). Correspondence. Material on the Verein deutscher Ingenieure.
Box 3 Folder 9
Schroeder Catalog
Photocopy of model-maker J. Schroeder's catalog, with illustrations of models
Box 3 Folder 10
J. Schroeder Catalog
Selected photocopies from Schroeder's 1884 catalog.
Box 3 Folder 11
Schroeder Model Catalog
Photocopy of Schroeder's 1884 catalog.
Box 3 Folder 33
Bovey, ASME, etc. McGill U. Models
Research related to the lost McGill models. Photocopies of McGill course catalog excerpts. Info on Henry T. Bovey.
Box 3 Folder 34
Reuleaux E-mail: McGill U.
Correspondence and notes, trying to track down Rx models that used to be at McGill
Box 3 Folder 35
Rx models: images
Printed photographs and other images of Rx models. Also includes some drawings.
Box 3 Folder 36
Dresden / Hannover models
Info on other Rx model collections. Includes photocopied drawings, articles
Box 3 Folder 37
Voigt Catalog--Translations
Photocopy of catalog, w/ translation notes in English.
Box 7
Redtenbacher Models, Karlsruhe
Copies of oversized drawings of Redtenbacher Models
Box 7
Voigt Catalog of Reuleaux Models
Oversize photocopy of Kinematische Modelle Nach Professor Reuleaux. Also includes an undated original "zweites Verzeichness" of text.
Box 7
Das Deutsche Museum: Geschicte, Aufgaben, Zielen
Book, info on Rx models
Box 7 Folder 2
Kinematische Modelle Nach Professor Reuleaux publication
Records pertaining to the Reuleaux models obtained by Cornell president A.D. White in 1882. Includes material on the history of the collection and its use as a teaching tool. Also includes material on the permanent exhibit of the models in Duffield Hall, known as the Reuleaux Collection of Mechanisms and Machines, and designated a National Mechanical Engineering Historic Collection by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers History and Heritage Committee.
Box 4
Reuleaux and Leonardo da Vinci Model Drawings by J. Hai
Box 3 Folder 12
Old Mechanisms, from Jack Booker
Photocopies of old Voigt catalogs. Includes actual book of Voigt models. Inventory of Cornell's collection.
Box 3 Folder 13
Moon's 1999 report and Appendices
Moon's 1999 report on the Rx collection at Cornell and appendices, including photocopied pages of cards describing the models from the 1940's or 1950's, and including a more current catalog.
Box 3 Folder 14
Display Case Pictures
Photographs, negatives, photocopies of images of Cornell Models. Also notes.
Box 3 Folder 15
Cornell models correspondence and lists
Correpsondence, notes and lists for the models.
Box 3 Folder 16
Bookpress: The Language of Invention
Moon article on Cornell Rx collection
Box 3 Folder 17
CU Model Inventory
Inventory, notes, catalogs
Box 3 Folder 18
Box 3 Folder 19
KMODDL Inventory
Inventory with images
Box 3 Folder 20
Reuleaux Inventory
Also includes relevant articles, including another copy of that Scientific American article.
Box 3 Folder 21
Reuleaux Inventory
Box 3 Folder 22
Reuleaux exhibit photo
Photo of Hunter Rawlings posing in front of the exhibit
Box 3 Folder 23
Reuleaux "show and tell" model list
Moon's handwritten list of Rx models to show
Box 3 Folder 24
Rx models: old pictures
Printed images of the old display of Rx models in Sibley
Box 3 Folder 25
The Reuleaux Collection of Kinematic Mechanisms at Cornell University, official booklet
Official booklet to accompany the Reuleaux Model exhibit.
Box 3 Folder 26
Cornell Collection of Mechanisms and Machines: Reuleaux Kinematic Models brochure
Brochure that predates the permanent exhibit, although it is undated.
Box 3 Folder 27
Cornell Brochures on Reuleaux Model.
Various brochures
Box 3 Folder 28
Reuleaux Endowment Proposal
Correspondence and proposals
Box 3 Folder 29
Reuleaux Catalog: Model Descriptions
Descriptions of the models in Cornell's collections. Secondary stuff. Also includes notes. Two loose photographs.
Box 3 Folder 30
Reuleaux/History/Cornell (No46)
Misc photocopies about the Rx models at Cornell.
Box 3 Folder 31
Cornell College of Engineering Catalogs
Box 3 Folder 32
Use of the RX models at Cornell: Architectural Drawing
Assignment revolving around the Rx collections, for Architectural Drawing 101
Box 3 Folder 38
The Cornell Reuleaux Collection of Mechanisms
Box 3 Folder 39
Reuleaux: Report
Includes drafts and reports on Cornell's Rx Collection. Also includes photocopies of old cards describing the models, and memoranda. Photocopies of primary source articles.
Box 3 Folder 40
Catalog of Rx Models at Cornell University
Also includes drafts, notes, etc.
Box 3 Folder 41
Harvey N. Roehl: wrote cards on Rx Models
Lived 1924-2000. Moon's correspondence with him. Includes copies of his index cards.
Box 3 Folder 42
The Cornell Reuleaux Collection of Mechanisms, corrected copy
July, 1999
Another draft
Box 3 Folder 43
Cornell magazine, Rx blurb
Entire magazine included. Blurb begins page 11. About Cornell's Rx models (quotes Moon).
Box 3 Folder 44
Reuleaux Collection cards
Cards and photocopies of cards describing Rx's kinematic models at Cornell.
Box 3 Folder 45
Cornell College of Engineering Catalogs
Box 3 Folder 46
School versus Shop: Cornell's Sibley College
Photocopy of a book chapter by Monte A. Calvert in The Mechanical Engineer in America, 1830-1910. (n.d.) pp 87-105.
Box 3 Folder 47
Sibley / Reuleaux
1894; 1998
Photocopies from the Sibley Journal of Engineering (1894); a brochure on Hiram Sibley (1998)
Box 3 Folder 48
ASME Heritage Nomination Rx
Box 3 Folder 49
Additional ASME Heritage Info
Box 3 Folder 50
Rx Models and Kids
So cute--fan letters from kids about seeing the Rx collection. Also, materials from a scavenger hunt.
Box 3 Folder 51
Cornell Kinematics Inventory, Helen Ng
Inventory and Notes
Box 3 Folder 52
Reuleaux Collection: Curator, Endowment Notes
Proposals, correspondence, notes, etc., all re Rx models at Cornell.
Box 3 Folder 53
Duffield Display
[keep folder] Correspondence, notes, drawings, designs etc.
Box 3 Folder 54
Lipson / Moon: Printing Rx in 3D
Articles, notes, drafts
Box 3 Folder 55
Lipson / Moon: Printing History in 3D
Drafts, articles, drawings, a CD. Looks like the beginning of what became KMODDL, but I'm not sure
Box 3 Folder 56
Rx ASME / Dedication
Draft of Moon speech, articles, fliers, etc. related to the dedication of the Rx exhibit.
Box 2 Folder 63
Cornell Collection of Machines and Reuleaux Mechanisms correspondence
Box 2 Folder 65
Cornell Engineering - Reuleaux collection slides
Box 2 Folder 68
Double Slider and Ratchet
Records pertaining to the creation of the Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library (KMODDL), an online library about kinematics and kinematic models, created by Moon and his collaborators at other institutions. It includes drafts of tutorials and essays for KMODDL, correspondence, and information regarding the National Science Foundation grant that originally funded the project.
Box 4 Folder 1
Leonardo in Your Toothbrush Kinematics
KMODDL tutorial, written by Moon
Box 4 Folder 2
Compound Mechanisms and Gruebler's Mobility Critereon
KMODDL tutorial by Moon
Box 4 Folder 3
Beale F3
KMODDL bio written by Javier Lezaun.
Box 4 Folder 4
Braithwaite--Spherical/Disc engine
John Braithwaite
Box 4 Folder 5
Bramah N15
KMODDL bio for Joseph Bramah.
Box 4 Folder 6
Benjamin Bramer
Box 4 Folder 7
Brauer W6
KMODDL bio for Brauer.
Box 4 Folder 8
Cadiat T11
KMODDL bio for Nicholas Cadiat.
Box 4 Folder 9
Cartwright S34
KMODDL bio for Edmund Cartwright, written by Javier Lezaun. Also includes other blurbs on Cartwright.
Box 4 Folder 10
Chubb N13
KMODDL bio for Chubb Locks.
Box 4 Folder 11
Dakeyne--Spherical/Disc Engine
Edward and James Dakeyne
Box 4 Folder 12
Dart I7
KMODDL bio for Joseph Dart and his elevator.
Box 4 Folder 13
Davies F6
KMODDL bio forDavies/Davis.
Box 4 Folder 14
Denison X3, X5, X6
Notes on Edmund Beckett Denison, Lord Grimthorpe, and his clock-making. Includes additional blurbs on Denison.
Box 4 Folder 15
Evans, S5
KMODDL bio for Oliver Evans and his mills and steam engines, by Javier Lezaun. Includes additional blurbs.
Box 4 Folder 16
KMODDL bio for John Farey, by Javier Lezaun.
Box 4 Folder 17
Galloway I9
KMODDL bio for Elijah Galloway.
Box 4 Folder 18
Graham X7, X8
KMODDL bio for George Graham, horologist.
Box 4 Folder 19
Hooke P1
KMODDL bio for Robert Hooke, clock-maker
Box 4 Folder 20
Jurgensen X10
KMODDL bio for Juergensen family of watch-makers
Box 4 Folder 21
Koechlin Z2
KMODDL bio for Andre Koechlin.
Box 4 Folder 22
Maudslay S33
KMODDL bio for Maudslay family of engineers.
Box 4 Folder 23
KMODDL bio for Thomas Mudge, horologist
Box 4 Folder 24
Oldham U1
On John Oldham.
Box 4 Folder 25
Pappenheim I1
KMODDL bio written by Javier Lezaun.
Box 4 Folder 26
Pfitzer T6
Pfitzer brothers
Box 4 Folder 27
Quintenz T9
Box 4 Folder 28
Reichenbach S22
KMODDL bio for Georg Reichenbach.
Box 4 Folder 29
Redtenbacher T12, T13
2003, n.d.
Reuleaux's prof. Ferdinand Redtenbacher
Box 4 Folder 30
Repsold I6
KMODDL bio for Repsold Family.
Box 4 Folder 31
Roberts S14
Richard Roberts
Box 4 Folder 32
Robertson Y12
John Robertson
Box 4 Folder 33
Roberwal T8
Gilles Personne de Roberval. Says Reuleaux probably meant him when he wrote "Roberwal"
Box 4 Folder 34
Root I3
KMODDL info on "Root's blower." Notes written by Javier Lezaun.
Box 4 Folder 35
Schoenemann T4
Theodor Schoenemann: nothing is known about him!
Box 4 Folder 36
Frans van Schooten
Box 4 Folder 37
Schwilgue T3
KMODDL bio for Jean-Baptiste Schwilgue.
Box 4 Folder 38
Sellers Y1 Y2
KMODDL bio for Sellers.
Box 4 Folder 39
Simpson and Shipton F1
KMODDL bio for Simpson and Shipton, rotary engine innovators.
Box 4 Folder 40
Tschebischeff--S19, S 30
Referring to Pafnuty Lvovich Chebyshev.
Box 4 Folder 41
Uhlhorn Z3
Diedrich Ulhorn
Box 4 Folder 42
F5 Wedding
KMODDL bio for Hermann Wedding
Box 4 Folder 43
Whitworth M5
KMODDL bio for Joseph Whitworth and the Whitworth thread.
Box 4 Folder 44
Yale N14
KMODDL bio for the Yale family of lock-makers.
Box 4 Folder 45
Biographical notes, misc
Misc biographical notes on Redtenbacher, Graham and others
Box 4 Folder 46
KMODDL spreadsheet
KMODDL spreadsheet listing models, model numbers, and who writes what (bios, tutorials, etc.)
Box 4 Folder 47
KMODDL Tutorial: Four-bar Linkage Coupler Curves...
Moon's tutorial: Four-bar Linkage Coupler Curves and the Roberts-Chebyshev Theorem
Box 4 Folder 48
Compound Mechanisms and Gruebler's Mobility Criterion: Topological Invariants in Planar Linkages.
A KMODDL tutorial written by Moon
Box 4 Folder 49
KMODDL brochure
Photocopy of a KMODDL brochure: "Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library".
Box 4 Folder 50
KMODDL Books: K Walker
Spreadsheets and correspondence re copyright permissions for digitizing books for KMODDL
Box 4 Folder 51
Reuleaux / Digital Library
Correspondence about KMODDL, NSF
Box 4 Folder 52
Digitized Books. KMODDL
Correspondence, catalog records, lists
Box 4 Folder 53
C.U. Library and Artifact Collections
About KMODDL, also about preservation of the collection
Box 4 Folder 54
Correspondence, lists
Box 4 Folder 55
Reuleaux / NSF Proposal--J. Saylor
NSF Proposal. KMODDL Draft, corresponcence.
Box 4 Folder 56
NSF Education Proposal
Proposal No. 0415374. Correspondence. Drafts
Box 4 Folder 57
KMODDL Testimonials
Correspondence (e-mails)
Box 2 Folder 60
Assorted articles
Date Unknown
Box 2 Folder 62
Building a Digital Library of Mechanical Artifacts
Box 2 Folder 66
K-MODDL Phase 2
Box 2 Folder 67
Assorted K-MODDL materials
Box 2 Folder 70
Dartmouth Scientific Instrument Library Collection
Box 2 Folder 71
Institute of Museum and Library Services grant materials
Box 2 Folder 72
Institute of Museum and Library Services materials
Box 2 Folder 73
Grant proposals and summary
Box 2 Folder 74
NSF grant proposal
Information on models not designed by Reuleaux. Many of these model collections became a part of the KMODDL project.
Box 4 Folder 58
Mechanical Contrivances, India
Photocopied article
Box 4 Folder 59
Steam engine miniatures/models
Issue of *Mechanical Engineering*, vol 114 no 8 from August 1992. Article begins pg 34.
Box 4 Folder 60
Misc Models
Images of models, drawings, etc.
Box 4 Folder 61
Koch photos
2 photos of Peter Koch models
Box 4 Folder 62
Peter Koch catalog (original)
An original of a Peter Koch catalog of models. Includes illustrations
Box 4 Folder 63
Ananthasuresh mechanisms
Drawings of models and material from Suresh G.K. Ananthasuresh
Box 4 Folder 64
Mechanical models: Paris
Articles about collections of mechanical models at the Musee des arts et metiers, Paris. One in french, one in English. Also includes some misc secondary info on Reuleaux.
Box 4 Folder 65
Kinnematik im Tierreiche: articles and Thilo models
Correspondence about Otto Thilo's models based on Reuleaux's Kinnematik im Tierreiche (1909). Also, a secondary article from 1996, and a 1901 article on Reuleaux's K i T.
Box 4 Folder 66
Aachen Photographs
Kinematic models from Prof. Dietrich in Aachen
Box 4 Folder 67
Illinois Gear Collection, Cornell Inventors
Other models. Includes images.
Box 4 Folder 68
Baumann--Moscow St--Models
Images of models in Moscow; printed webpages.
Box 4 Folder 69
JBM LdV models
One piece of correspondence about L. da Vinci models at IBM
Box 4 Folder 70
P. Brenni / Florence / Models
Images of Schroeder models at the Institute and Museum of the History of Science, Florence. Correspondence w/ Paolo Brenni and others at the museum. Also includes print-outs from the museum's website.
Box 4 Folder 71
Reuleaux / Aachen visit
Photos and e-mails (photos duplicated elsewhere, but the negatives are here).
Box 4 Folder 72
"Mechanism models" and Reuleaux
"Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Getriebemodelle--Ueber die technikgeschichtliche Bedeutung der Getriebe-Prototypen". From the Kolloquium Getriebetechnik, Aachen 2009
Box 4 Folder 73
T.U. Aachen--Models
Includes IGM--Getriebesammlung publication, with a catalog of Aachen's models.
Box 4 Folder 74
U. Porto--Portugal Models
Correspondence, articles, drafts, notes re Porto's model collections (Reuleaux-Voigt).
Box 4 Folder 75
Hauch Collection: Soro, Denmark
Fliers and posters
Box 4 Folder 76
S. Shiroshita, Kyoto Musuem. Reuleaux Models: Voigt, Koch
Articles, correspondence
Box 4 Folder 77
Correspondence. Listing and images of models. Notes.
Box 4 Folder 78
P. Koch Catalog
Photocopy of Peter Koch's catalog of models
Box 4 Folder 79
Deleuil a Paris, Model makers
Photocopy of instrument catalog from 1865. Relevant bibliography, info on Deleuil. Put together 2002
Box 4 Folder 80
Chemnitz Kinematic Models / Volmer
Printed-out images of models, info on Johannes Volmer in Chemnitz and the models
Box 4 Folder 81
Ohio State Models
Printed-out images of models
Box 4 Folder 82
Kyoto--Reuleaux Models
Printed-out images of models
Box 4 Folder 83
Riga Models
Photographs, e-mails, article with notes translating
Box 4 Folder 84
Eth-Zurich Models--C. Glocker
E-mail correspondence
Box 4 Folder 85
J. Schubert (1808-1870) Models--Dresden
Article, notes
Box 4 Folder 86
C. Polhem (1661-1751)--Models
Images, photocopied articles, webpage print-outs
Box 4 Folder 87
One e-mail with links to info on mathematical instruments in Italy
Box 4 Folder 88
Politechnico di Turino models [Schroeder?]
Printouts from the webpage of the Politecnico di Torino, about their kinematic models. Includes images
Box 4 Folder 89
Riga / Moll / Reuleaux Models
Images, correspondence re Carl Moll models in Riga
Box 4 Folder 90
Prauge Models -- F. Peterka
Images, correspondence
Box 4 Folder 91
Chebushev Mechanisms
Info on Pafnuty Lvovich Chebyshev. Article, photocopy of a catalog in Russian, images.
Box 4 Folder 92
Asia Model Collections
Article on models in Taiwan, and a CD Rom
Box 2 Folder 61
Non-Cornell models photographs
Box 2 Folder 75
Rothschild Patent Model Museum
Includes drafts and final copies of Moon’s academic papers on Reuleaux and others. Also includes relevant materials for Moon’s lectures and presentations on Reuleaux.
Box 5 Folder 1
Royal Soc. Paper
Correpsondence and drafts for Moon's paper: Robert Willis and Franz Reuleaux: Pioneers in the Theory of Medicine.
Box 5 Folder 2
Franz Reuelaux's small machines
Moon article in Cornell's ENGINEERING magazine. Magazine itself rather than a draft or typed copy.
Box 5 Folder 3
3-D Printing the History of Mechanisms
Paper co-authored by Moon, Hod Lipson, Jimmy Hai, and Carlo Paventi. In the Journal of Mechanical Design, vol 127: Sept 2005 (1029-1033).
Box 5 Folder 4
History of Dynamics of Machines and Mechanisms from Leonardo to Timoshenko
Moon paper.
Box 5 Folder 5
Coexisting chaotic and periodic dynamics in clock escapements
Moon paper coauthored with Preston D. Stiefel. *Philosophical Transcriptions of the Royal Society* (2006). 364, 2539-2563. Printed article, plus typed version.
Box 5 Folder 6
Elastic Waves and Solid Armature Contact Pressure in Electromagnetic Launchers
Moon paper coauthored with Anthony J. Johnson. *IEEE Transactions on Magnetics,* Vol 42 No 3. March, 2006. Printed version.
Box 5 Folder 7
Chaotic Clocks and the Use of History of Machines in Mechanics
Moon lecture at the Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics
Box 5 Folder 8
Franz Reuleaux: Contributions of 19th Century kinematics and theory of machines.
Printed copy of Moon Paper. *Applied Mechaniccs Review* vol 56, no 2, March 2003. ASME reprint. Also includes typed version from 2002.
Box 5 Folder 9
The Reuleaux Models: Creating an International Digital Library of Kinematics History
Moon article
Box 5 Folder 10
IFToMM report: commission on History of Machines and Mechanisms
A report by Moon.
Box 5 Folder 11
Cornell Association of Professors Emeriti (CAPE): Artifact Collections at CU
"A Compendium of Research and Historical Artifact Collections at Cornell University." Written by Moon. Looks like print-outs of a Power Point
Box 5 Folder 12
The 19th Century Arithmometer of Thomas de Colmar: Inverse Engineering using Kinematic Rapid Prototyping
Draft of Moon paper for IEEE Annals of the History of Computing. Coathored with H. Lipson and T. Kostka.
Box 5 Folder 13
Robert Willis and Franz Reuleaux draft
Typed version of the Willis and Reuleaux paper
Box 5 Folder 15
HMM Papers
Original papers for the History of Machines and Mechanisms conference. Includes lots of powerpoint images.
Box 5 Folder 45
Mathematics Concepts in the Reuleaux Collection of Kinematic Models
Moon paper
Box 5 Folder 46
Franz Reuleaux: Complexity and Chaos
PowerPoint Slides of a Moon presentation: Franz Reuleaux: Complexity and Chaos in the History of Machines
Box 5 Folder 16
Rx: AMR paper
All correspondence concerning Moon's AMR (*Applied Mechanics Review*) paper.
Box 5 Folder 17
AMR/Rx Final
[AMR files]; Final draft of the paper for AMR. Also includes copy of some of the images for the article.
Box 5 Folder 18
AMR: Reviewer's comments
[AMR files]
Box 5 Folder 19
AMR: Revised Copy
[AMR files] also some correspondence w/ reviewer
Box 5 Folder 20
AMR Paper
Lecture note cards, notes, references list. Research/talks, or maybe stuff Moon produces...
Box 5 Folder 21
AMR/ Rx / Revised
August, 2002
Annotated drafts of Moon's paper: "Franz Reuleaux: Contributions to 19th Century Kinematics and Theory of Machines." For Applied Mechanics Reviews.
Box 5 Folder 22
ASME Rx/H and H. Library of Congress.
Printed catalog records from Library of Congress; Info on the ASME History and Heritage Committee meeting in D.C., at which Moon presented on Rx.
Box 5 Folder 23
Essays on Rx Collection--F.C.M.
Frank Moon articles on Cornell's Rx collection and on Rx.
Box 5 Folder 14
Robert Willis and Franz Reuleaux: Pioneers in the Theory of Machines
Moon's paper for the Royal Society 57(2), 209-230 (2003).
Box 5 Folder 24
Willis/Rx Papers Roy. Soc. 1
[Big blue folder has lots of files on Willis and Rx article Moon published.] Keep together. This one: paperwork and correspondence
Box 5 Folder 25
Willis/Rx Papers Roy. Soc. 2
Draft of paper, CD's with text, high quality images of models, etc.
Box 5 Folder 26
Willis and Rx 3
Correspondence, images, drafts of paper.
Box 5 Folder 27
Willis and Rx / Royal Soc. 4
Correspondence, drafts, an issue of the journal
Box 5 Folder 28
Reuleaux: Misc, Kennedy
Draft of Moon's the Cornell Reuleaux Collection of Mechanisms
Box 5 Folder 29
Reuleaux Triangle
Draft 3 of Moon paper: Reuleaux Triangles and Rollers: Models in the Cornell Kinematics Collection
Box 5 Folder 30
Articles: Triangles, Rotary
Articles for Moon's research on rollers, rotary, Rx triangles
Box 5 Folder 31
Triangles and Rollers: drafts and notes
Drafts 1 and 2 of Moon paper: Draft 3 of Moon paper: Reuleaux Triangles and Rollers: Models in the Cornell Kinematics Collection. Also, relevant notes
Box 5 Folder 32
Rx Triangles
More notes, more drafts. Includes draft 4 of above, and a draft of Moon's The Reuleaux Triangle and Constant Width Rollers: Models in the Cornell Kinematic Collection
Box 5 Folder 33
Reuleaux Triangle/Rollers, Wankel Engines
Notes, research, drafts. Includes draft of Moon paper: Franz Reuleaux: The Man Who Deconstructed the Machine.
Box 5 Folder 34
Reuleaux Triangles and Rollers: Models in the Cornell Kinematic Collection
Handwritten drafts of Moon's article
Box 5 Folder 35
Reuleaux: Book Proposal/outline
Correspondence, drafts of the book proposal
Box 5 Folder 36
Reuleaux: Book Proposal Final
Final draft of the book proposal
Box 5 Folder 37
Reuleaux: Bookpress Article
Drafts of Moon article: "Franz Reuleaux: The man who deconstructed the machine." Also includes a floppy disk.
Box 5 Folder 38
Reuleaux article
Franz Reuleaux's small machines. Looks like it's from some Cornell publication.
Box 5 Folder 39
Bookpress--Paper on Rx
Feb 2000
Box 5 Folder 40
Moon Rx articles
Includes "The Cornell Reuleaux Collection of Mechanisms," "The Reauleaux Collection of Mechanisms at Cornell University," and Franz Reauleaux: "19th Century History of Kinematics and History of Machines."
Box 5 Folder 41
Leonardo Da Vinci and Reuleaux
Overhead projections on Leonardo Da Vinci and Reuleaux from Moon lectures
Box 5 Folder 42
F.C. Moon: Lectures on Reuleaux
Lists of lectures, and fliers
Box 5 Folder 43
F.C. Moon Lecture: "Light in Winter" Dance of the Machines
Lecture outline and narration
Box 5 Folder 44
F.C. Moon Rx Publ
Moon papers, re Rx models, KMODDL, etc.
Box 7
IFToMM Workshop-Lectures: History of Machines and Mechanisms
Includes a schedule for the conference at Cornell, and a Moon-edited publication of relevant papers. IFToMM stands for International Federation for the Theory of Machanisms and Machines. [OVERSIZE / LEGAL SIZE]
Box 2 Folder 69
ASEE Prism
Includes images of model collections, many of which were for the KMODDL project. They include photographs taken of models at the Deutsches Museum and Karlsruhe, and original slides of images of Cornell’s Reuleaux models. Additional formats include CD’s, floppy disks, and printouts.
Box 6 Folder 1
Images: Karlsruhe Models
Box 6 Folder 2
Cornell Model images printouts
Box 6 Folder 3
Cornell Model images 1
printed in color on glossy paper
Box 6 Folder 4
Cornell Model images 2
printed in color on glossy paper
Box 6 Folder 5
Cornell Model images 3
printed in color on glossy paper
Box 6 Folder 6
Cornell Model images 4
printed in color on glossy paper
Box 6 Folder 7
Deutsches Museum: Model images
Box 6 Folder 8
Slides: Cornell Rx for KMODDL
original slides, Moon esp. concerned
Box 6 Folder 9
Envelope 1 (Saturn) Model Photos
[set of 6 envelopes with pictures. Also include negatives]. Pictures of models from the Deutsches Museum in Munich.
Box 6 Folder 10
Envelope 2 (Saturn) Model Photos
Box 6 Folder 11
Envelope 3 (Saturn) Model Photos
Just negatives
Box 6 Folder 12
Envelope 4 (Saturn) Model Photos
Box 6 Folder 13
Envelope 5 (white) Model Photos
Mixture of DM models and Rx landmarks
Box 6 Folder 14
Envelope 6 (white) Model Photos
Box 6 Folder 15
Karlsruhe Models Redtenbacher (ZIP)
Box 6 Folder 16
Hannover Models (Folder); Cornell Models. (ZIP)
Box 6 Folder 17
Germany. Rx/German-American; Redtenbacher Bro (ZIP)
Title further reads London Sci Museum 1876 Int'l Exhibition Rx Models Photos. Cambridge Univ R. Willis Sketches and Drawings.
Box 6 Folder 18
Reuleaux Book/Misc; Rx Catalog/Models (ZIP)
Box 6 Folder 19
Deutsches Museum Models (ZIP)
Includes a list on the outside. Seems to include Karlsruhe Models and Hannover Models as well.; Zip Drive Instruction Manual
Box 6 Folder 20
Kyoto Rx Models 1 (Envelope w/ 5 floppy disks)
Box 6 Folder 21
Kyoto Rx Models 2 (Envelope w/ 4 floppy disks)
Box 6 Folder 22
Kyoto Rx Models 3 (Envelope w/ 4 floppy disks)
Box 6 Folder 23
Reuleaux Brochure (loose ZIP)
Box 6 Folder 24
Floppy Backups: Munich, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Hannover
Box 6 Folder 25
CD: Dresden Models
Box 6 Folder 26
CD: Deutsches Museum Reuleaux Models
Box 6 Folder 27
CD: Dresden: Schubert Models
Box 6 Folder 28
CD: Rx/Clock Lecture PowerPoint
Box 6 Folder 29
CD: Moon's talk: Machine pictures
Rothschild Patent Model Collection Photos #1
Rothschild Patent Model Collection Photos #2
Rothschild Patent Model Collection Photos #3
Rothschild Patent Model Collection Photos #4
Rothschild Patent Model Collection Photos #5
John Syalor Homer speech
Museum project
Explore Cornell: A Digital Library of Kinematics K-MODDL
Box 2 Folder 64
Media and photo notes
Explore Cornell: K-MODDL Reaucellier and Slider Crank, QTVRS and videos
Project: Cornell University Engineering Dept. - Reuleaux A01-E04
Project: Cornell University Engineering Dept. - Reuleaux E05-M02
Box 2 CD-3922
Project: Cornell University Engineering Dept. - Reuleaux M04-O01
Box 2 CD-3923
Project: Cornell University Engineering Dept. - Reuleaux O02-S07
Box 2 CD-3924
Project: Cornell University Engineering Dept. - Reuleaux S08-S37
Box 6 CD-3925
Project: Cornell University Engineering Dept. - Reuleaux S38-V13
Box 6 CD-3926
Project: Cornell University Engineering Dept. - Reuleaux V14-Y05
Box 6 CD-3927
Project: Cornell University Engineering Dept. - Reuleaux Y06-Z07
Reuleaux basic files
Dell Cpt product recovery, Dell Cpt Win 98se
Win 98 2nd Ed.
Clark I
Box 7 TR-17135
Box 7 V-10707
Reuleaux Models, F. Moon Cornell
Rx 3D Printed Models - Model Descriptions
F. Moon paper on R. Willis and F. Reuleaux, text plus figures file
F. Reuleaux: Contributions to 19th C. Kinematics and Theory of Machines
To appear in Applied Mechanics Review, 2003.
Box 7 Folder 1
Jon Reis Reuleaux slides