St. Paul's Episcopal Church Of Havana Records,1847-1938.

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Havana records, 1847-1938.
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St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Havana (Montour Falls, N.Y.)
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Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Two volumes of parish registers (1847-1918, 1848-1888), one volume of vestry meeting minutes (1856-1938), and miscellaneous papers including two affidavits certifying baptisms.
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In 1853 the Episcopalians in Havana commenced construction of a church which was consecrated in 1871. The church society elected vestrymen and wardens on April 10, 1856 and incorporated on June 28th of the same year. Charles Cook was the main benefactor of the church, as the donated the lot for the church and $12,000 for its construction.


Records contain two volumes of parish registers (item #1: 1847-1918 and item #2: 1848-1888), one volume of vestry meeting minutes (item #3: 1856-1938), and miscellaneous papers (no dates) including two affidavits certifying baptisms, a letter from the widow of Rev. D. Willers, and two pamphlets of the "Gospel Messenger," vol. IX, no. XV, and vol. IX, no. 50.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Havana (Montour Falls, N.Y.)
Cook, Charles.

Episcopal Church--New York (State)--Montour Falls.
Church records and registers--New York (State)--Montour Falls.
Anglican church buildings.

Schuyler County (N.Y.)--Religious life and customs.
Havana (N.Y.)--Religious life and customs.


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Item #1
The Parish Register, 1847-1918
246 pages numbered on alternate pages. ".5" is used to represent the unnumbered pages.
Page 1
Statement of commencement of records, and names of wardens and vestrymen, 1847.
Page 1.5-2.5
List of communicants, 1848-1854.
Page 3-31.5
Chronological records, 1847-1866. including records of annual elections of wardens and vestrymen, deaths, confirmations, baptisms, communions, weddings, invitations extended for the pastoral charge of the church, and church collections.
Page 32-48
List of communicants, 1883-1916.
Page 48.5-49
List of marriages including date, place of marriage, and witnesses, 1915-1917
Page 49.5-55
List of communicants, 1854-1882.
Page 55.5-57.5
List of baptisms, 1846-1856 - information given varies.
Page 58
Confirmations, 1848-1854.
Page 58.5
List of baptisms, 1856.
Page 59-59.5
Missing from volume.
Page 60
List of marriages including only the couple's name and place of residence, 1849-1854.
Page 62-63.5
List of burials including date, age, and occasional mention of place of service, 1848-1868.
Page 64-65.5
Lists of wardens and vestrymen, 1847-1858.
Page 66-66.5
List of collections including date, occasion, reason for collection, and amount collected, 1847-1851.
Page 67
Diagram of church with ownership of pews shown.
Page 67.5-70.5
List of baptisms including birthdates, names of parents, and names of sponsors, 1858-1868.
Page 71-72.5
List of wardens and vestry, 1866-1869.
Page 73-74.5
List of burials including name, date, age, and place of death, 1904-1918.
Page 75-76.5
List of confirmations including names of visiting bishops and rectors who presented those being confirmed, 1907-1915.
Page 77-79
List of baptisms including names of parents, sponsors, date, and place of baptism, 1908-1913.
Page 79.5-84
List of confirmations including date, name of rector presenting those being confirmed and sometimes the name of the bishop, 1856-1904
Page 91.5-103
List of marriages including place of residence, place of ceremony and date, 1854-1914.
Page 103.5
List of baptisms including place of baptism, parent's names, sponsors' names, date, 1869-1871.
Page 104.5
List of offerings, 1856-1858.
Page 105.5-122
Lists of baptisms; information given varies, 1872-1881.
Page 123
List of teachers and members of Bible class, 1848.
Item #2
The Parish Register, 1848-1888
Page 1-4
Account of the origin of the church, 1852-1859.
Page 6-9
Records of wardens and vestrymen elected, 1867-1869.
Page 14-22
Lish of parishioners including date, residence, and remarks, 1867-1906.
Page 42-137
Lists of baptisms including date, parents, sponsors, birthdate, officiating clergyman, and remarks, 1856-1919.
Page 144-153
Lists of confirmations including date, officiating bishop, and remarks, 1856-1919.
Page 172-213
Lists of communicants - information given varies, 1855-1900.
Page 222-244
List of marriages including generally the date, place of marriage, officiating clergyman, witnesses, and remarks, 1856-1917.
Page 250-269
Lists of burials including date, time of death, age, place of interment, and officiating clergyman, 1856-1919.
Page pagination stops
List of offerings including object, remarks, and amount, 1855-1888.
Item #3
The Vestry Minutes, 1856-1938
The Vestry Minutes include: a brief history of the church; a copy of the church's deed; an account of incorporation; decisions about pew rents; salaries of officiating clergymen; elections of wardens and vestrymen; payments of debts; a series of letters published in the Havana Journal concerning a misunderstanding between P.S. Ruth and the vestrymen (in particular, Charles Cook); letters of resignation, acceptance, and decline of various church positions; tributes to the deceased prominent members of the church, and treasurer's reports.
Item #4
Miscellaneous Papers
Two affidavits or certificates of baptisms, the first undated and unsigned, the second signed and undated.
Letter [July 14, ?], Mrs. [Downs] to Rev. Mr. McGinnis, re: the birth and death dates of an individual.
Newspaper clippings from the "Gospel Messenger," vol. IX, no. XV, and vol. IX, no. 50.