First Presbyterian Church Of Havana Records,1828-1888.

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First Presbyterian Church of Havana records, 1828-1888.
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First Presbyterian Church of Havana (Montour Falls, N.Y.)
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Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Three volumes session meeting minutes (1829-1883) which include membership lists; one volume of trustee and annual meeting minutes (1829-1888); a subscription book (1841-1858) and a list (1853) and miscellaneous receipts, a program and a schedule.
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The First Presbyterian Church of Havana was organized on February 18, 1829 with twenty-one members. The first building completed in 1832 was used until the construction of a new church in 1845.
See The History of Schuyler County p. 178 for details or the accessions folder fo a list of pastors.


Contains three vols. (bound together) of session meeting minutes (1829-1883) which include membership lists (item 1); 1 vol. of trustee and annual meeting minutes (1829-1888); a subscription book (1841-1858) and list (1853 - for the construction of a parsonage); and miscellaneous documents which include receipts for contributions to the Presbyterian Mission House (1878-80), a Sabbath School Program (1853), and a copy of the General Assembly's schedule for 1874-75.

First Presbyterian Church of Havana (Montour Falls, N.Y.)

Presbyterian Church--New York (State)--Montour Falls.
Presbyterian Church--Membership.
Presbyterian church buildings.

Schuyler County (N.Y.)--Religious life and customs.
Montour Falls (N.Y.)--Religious life and customs.

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First Presbyterian Church of Havana records, #6083. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.


Item 1
Records of the First Presbyterian Church in Havana, Tioga County, New York
In three volumes. Contains session meeting minutes which list moderator and elders in attendance, the acceptance and dismissal of members, baptisms and occasional cases of church discipline. Articles of Faith, church covenant and membership lists are also included. Items of note are as follows:
Volume 1st
Page 1
Account of the formation of the church by representatives of the Presbytery of Bath on February 18, 1829.
Page 1-2
Articles of Faith.
Page 3
Covenant .
Page 4
April 3, 1829. Session meetings commence.
Page 9
March 28, 1830. 14 new members.
Page 11
April 25, 1830. 10 new members
Page 14
February 11, 1831. 11 members are granted leave to joint a Protestant Dutch Reformed Church being formed in Catlin.
Page 21-23
December 25, 1832. New Confession of Faith and Covenant adopted.
Page 24
December 25, 29, 1832. 16 new members.
Page 25-26
January 30, 1833. Presbytery examines records and makes several suggestions.
February 28, 1835. Last legible minutes.
Page 37
"A Catalogue of the Members ..." Includes names and if dismissed or died.
Volume 2nd
Page 1-6
Articles of Faith and Covenant adopted December 10, 1835 (see p. 24).
Page 7-21
"Catalogue of members" lists names, how received, when and where to dismissed, died, suspended or excommunicated. (1853-1898).
Page 22
Records commence. February 28, 1835.
Page 24
New Articles of Faith and Covenant adopted. See pp. 1-6.
Page 25
Voted to copy into new book all records after January 27, 1835.
Page 25-26
Pages mis-numbered.
January 1, 1836. Temperance resolution.
Page 74+
January - February 1844. Many new members.
Page 199
April 27, 1856. Last entry.
Page 233-238
"Catalogue of Baptised Children" includes name of child and parents and date of baptism.
Page 263-271
"Catalogue of members" continued from p. 20.
Volume 3rd
Page 3
Minutes commence. May 1, 1857.
Page 40
July 31, 1863. Appeal from two Civil War refugees from Fredericks-burg, Va.
Page 61
March 17, 1868. Methods for conversion are discussed.
Page 79
February 7, 1870. Resolution on supporting missions.
Page 102
March 1876. Resolution on the participation of women in church social meetings.
Page 105
June 15, 1876. Revival?
Page 138
March 16, 1883. Last minutes.
Page 139-231
Blank pages not rebound or filmed.
Page 232-234
Record of baptisms listing name or date. 1862-1882.
Page 2 P.
List of contributions for 1867, 68, 71 and 72. List of collections taken 1861-1866.
Page 243-293
"Catalog of members" lists name, when joined, by letter or profession, where from and memoranda. 1835-1882.
Page 310
Benevolent contributions 1876-1879.
Item 2
Trustee's annual meeting minutes 1829-1888
Contains minutes of annual meetings to elect trustees which record who is elected and resolutions to the board of trustees. Items of note include:
Church incorporates as the First Presbyterian Church in Havana. There will be 7 trustees and annual meetings held on the first Tuesday in February.
March 27, 1829
Plans are made to finance a new church.
July 25, 183
Resolved to hire a preacher.
A minister is hired.
June 21, 1841
Plans are made to buy a lot and build a new meeting house.
December 14, 1863
Resolved to build a parsonage.
July 8, 1870
Plans are made to repair and remodel the house of worship.
Item 3
Subscription book. 1841-1858.
Contains a list of accounts of members due, member's accounts paid, pastor's salary paid and pews rented.
Item 4
Miscellaneous papers
Receipts from the Presbyterian Mission House. 1878, 79, 80.
"General Assembly's Schedule for 1874-'75."
"Sabbath School Anniversary of Havana, Wednesday, July 13, 1853." Program.
Subscription list for parsonage construction. 1853.
Miscellaneous financial documents.