First Congregational Church Of Marion Records,1808-1946.

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First Congregational Church of Marion records, 1808-1946.
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First Congregational Church of Marion (Marion, N.Y.)
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Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
One volume of annual meeting minutes (1808-1829, 1844-1946) and one volume of session minutes (1830-1844) and which include membership lists for this church its predecessor.
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This church was organized in 1808 as the Congregational Church of Williamson. Township boundary changes prompted the new name "First Congregational Church of Marion" by 1825. As a part of the Plan of Union, the church was under the care of the Lyons Presbytery until it fully adopted a Presbyterian governance structure in 1891 when its name changed to "The First Presbyterian Church of Marion." As early as 1835, this church had passed anti-slavery and temperance resolutions making breach of these causes for exclusion from membership.


The records of The First Presbyterian Church of Marion (1808-1946) are contained in two volumes; item #1 is primarily annual meeting minutes (1808-1829, 1844-1946), and item #2 contains session meeting minutes (1830-1844). Both volumes contain membership and subscription lists, and the articles and covenant of faith. Item #1 is paginated to p. 125, item #2 to p. 70.

First Congregational Church of Marion (Marion, N.Y.)
Congregational Church of Williamson (Marion, N.Y.)
First Presbyterian Church of Marion (Marion, N.Y.)

Church records and registers--New York (State)--Marion.
Congregational churches--New York (State)--Marion.
Presbyterian Church--New York (State)--Marion.
Temperance and religion--New York (State)--Marion.
Antislavery movements--New York (State)--Marion.

Wayne County (N.Y.)--Religious life and customs.
Marion (N.Y.)--Religious life and customs.
Williamson (N.Y.)--Religious life and customs.

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Record of the First Presbyterian Church of Marion, N.Y." 1808-1830, 1844-1946
Item #1. Church meeting book. Includes membership lists. The following are items of note:
Page 1-3, n.d.
Membership list with names, deaths, dismissions (some dates) and remarks.
Page 3-8, Feb. 25, 1843
"Names of Actual Members." Names, how and when received, remarks.
Page 15, Nov. 1, 1808
Annual meeting minutes begin. Minutes contain a record of pastor and members present, election of deacons, trustees, clerks and sextons, appointments to committees to visit members, examination and admission of new members, communions and baptisms, public confessions, and passage and adoption of resolutions.
Page 25, Feb. 9, 1855
Confession of faith.
Page 26-31, Oct. 4, 1891
"List of Members at the time of change in Church governance from Congregational to Presbyterian." Names, when and how received, and remarks.
Page 35, Nov. 9, 1844
Annual meeting minutes continued. These minutes are same as above plus setting salaries, hearing trustees' reports, missions contributions, and no additional disciplinary actions after 1880.
Page 55, Sept. 28, 1861
Anti-slavery resolution.
Page 64-65, Dec. 19, 1867
Election and ordination of elders.
Page 67, April 16, 1868
Letter (tipped in): from Lyons Presbytery (Newark, N.Y.) to the First Congregational Church of Marion. Gives a copy of minutes where Presbytery recommends the church retain its identity as a Congregational church.
Page 72, Nov. 12, 1870
A committee of the Presbytery invited to investigate and advise on the church's spiritual welfare.
Page 75, April 22, 1875
Letter (tipped in): from Lyons Presbytery (E. Palmyra, N.Y.) to the First Congregational Church of Marion. Plan of Union expiration; General Assembly tax; Change of governance.
Page 76-77, March 3, 1876
Eleven added.
Page 77, March 24-Apr 8, 1876
Seventeen added.
Page 97, Oct. 4, 1891
Change of church governance and title to First Presbyterian Church of Marion; election of elders.
Page 108, March 1, 1902
Eleven added.
Page 112, Aug. 6, 1904
Incorporation of the Society.
Page 112, April 14-15, 1908
Lyons Presbytery meets in Marion; printed program and agenda (tipped in).
Page 112, Dec. 5, 1908
100th anniversary.
Page 112, March 29, 1911
Building a new church.
Page 112, Dec. 7, 1918
Resolution honoring enlisted men from Marion.
Page 112, March 29, 1930
Borrowing up to $1500 from The First National Bank of Marion.
Page 112, April 6, 1946
Last entry.
Church Book, 1830-1844
Item #2. Meeting minute book. Items of note:
Page 1, Oct. 2, 1830
Articles of faith; changing governance structure
Page 2, Dec. 2, 1830
Election of elders; covenant and confession of faith.
Page 6, 1830
"Members when Organized," with dates, names, and remarks.
Page 18, Feb. 4, 1837
Session minutes begin. In the minutes are recorded elections of trustees, elders, chairperson, and deacons, examination and admission of new members, dismissions and exclusions, charges, testimonies and decisions made in disciplinary cases, appointments to committees, communions, baptisms, and passage/adoption of resolutions.
Page 3, Oct 6, 1832
Delegates appointed to attend a "Consociation" meeting, possibly of the Presbytery.
Page 36, Oct. 14, 1834
Resolution to admit only temperant candidates.
Page 41, April 26, 1835
Temperance resolution adopted.
Page 42, May 1, 1835
Antislavery resolution adopted.
Page 44, Aug. 1, 1835
Changes in governance and congregation.
Page 44, Jan. 30, 1844
Last entry of session minutes. At the end of the volume are a subscription list (1843) with names and amounts, and Annual Meeting minutes (Nov. 16, 1833-Nov. 12, 1837, five entries: election of trustees and financial actions).