First Presbyterian Church Of Galen Records,1838-1896.

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First Presbyterian Church of Galen records, 1838-1896.
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First Presbyterian Church of Galen (Galen, N.Y.)
1 reel microfilm.
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Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library
Records consist of two volumes of church records (1840-1896, 1838-1875) containing annual meeting minutes, minutes of special and session meetings, the Church Covenant and Confession of Faith. A third volume (1875-1895) is a register with lists of elders, deacons, pastors, communicants, baptisms, marriages and deaths.
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This church was organized on July 8, 1814 by the Rev. Frances Pomeroy of Lyons and Rev. Hypociates Roc of Palmyra.


Early records of the church and files of correspondence are missing. Item 1, a record book, contains minutes of annual meetings of the church, 1840-96. Item 2, Volume II of records, contains both rosters and minutes of session and special church meetings, with a copy of the Confession of Faith and Church Covenant. Item 3 is a register containing information on elders, deacons, pastors, communicants, baptisms, marriages and deaths.

First Presbyterian Church of Galen (Galen, N.Y.)
Pomeroy, Frances.
Roc, Hypociates.

Presbyterian Church--New York (State)--Galen.
Presbyterian Church--Membership.

Galen (N.Y.)--Religious life and customs.
Wayne County (N.Y.)--Religious life and customs.

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Baptismal certificates.


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Item 1
Records of the 1st Pres. Society, (1840-96) , no pagination
Annual meeting minutes at which the renewal of the pastor's contract, the election of trustees, the election of officers of the meetings, and the financial condition of the church are discussed. In 1842 the church asked the Home Missionary Society for support. A seat rental floor for 1871 and miscellaneous notes follow the minutes.
Item 2
Records of the First Presbyterian Church Galen Vol. II, Kept (1838-75), information from 1814-75
Page 1
Pastors of the church 1820-1873 with name, date of installation, and other notes.
Page 2
Ruling elders of the church, l8l4-43 with name and date of ordination.
Page 2
Deacons of the church, 1814-43 with name and date of ordination. 3-9 Members, 1814-1831, name, date of admission, manner of admission and other notes.
Page 10
Explanation of the membership list. 11-21 Minutes of session and special meetings commencing on March 30, 1838, deal with membership, election of deacons and elders, church discipline and occasionally with other matters. Specifics follow.
Page 22-23
Confession of Faith adopted January 23, l84l.
Page 23-24
Church Covenant adopted January 23, l84l.
Page 35-30
December 21, 1842 - a trial for heresy in doctrine and violation of the covenant.
Page 44
September 19, 1843 - woman's trial for violation of the covenant (joining Campbellites).
Page 48
Trial of husband of above.
Page 60-62
April 14, 1845 - trial for unchristian-like conduct and intemperance.
Page 64
October 1, 1843 - trial for violation of the 7th Commandment.
Page 68
January 5, 1846 - trial for intoxication.
Page 71
February 5, 1846 - Report to the Presbytery containing statistics, a statement on the state of religion, and reports of renewed in-terest in temperance and lisence law and a joint effort with other denominations to distribute tracts.
Page 76
February 1, 1847 - Report of the Presbytery.
Page 81
April 1848 - Report to the Presbytery.
Page 105-
A long list of changes is made by a church member and responded to by the church.
Page 140
April 21, 1866 - a statement on dancing.
Page 146
Membership statistics.
Page 148
Membership and contribution statistics.
Page 164
April 2, 1871 - 72 new members; Nov. 4, 1873 - "a scheme for the Benevolence of the Church" is presented; Nov. 18, 1874 - A resolution to the youth in the church is presented; Dec. 20, 1874 15 baptized.
21 pp. at end of the Vol.
Restorations, 3 p.; "Baptisms of Adults", 1864-1874, 2 p.; "Infants Baptized", 1864-1874, 9 p.; "Baptism of Children", 18l4-l857
Item 3
The Church Register of the Galen Presbyterian Church at Clyde, Wayne Co., N.Y., June 1, 1875-1895.
Begins on Page 1
The Register of Elders, 1814-95. Contains name, when ordained, dismissed, ceased to act, or died.
Begins on Page 9
The Register of Deacons, l8l4-8l. Information as above.
Begins on Page 15
The Register of Pastors, 1820-30. Information as above.
Begins on Page 18
The Register of Communicants, 1821-95. Contains name, date of admission, how received, dismissed, when and whether, death date, and remarks.
Begins on Page 77
Register of Baptisms, 1875-91. Contains name, whether adult, parent's names, when born and when baptised.
Begins on Page 106
The Register of Marriages, 1875-96. Contains the name, residence, and age of the couple, the date of marriage and names of the witnesses.
Begins on Page 125
Register of Deaths, 1875-77. Contains the name, date of death, age and remarks.